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  • Title: Bad Language | Writing, marketing and technology
    Descriptive info: .. Navigation.. Bad Language.. Writing, marketing and technology.. Home.. Free eBook.. Popular Articles.. How to write.. How to name things.. How to do marketing.. How to blog.. How to interview.. How to do PR.. Writing tools.. How to freelance.. Reviews.. Miscellaneous.. Contact.. Search.. Who is the intellectual revolution for?.. By.. Clare Dodd.. Hat tip to.. Enokson.. for the photo.. Matthew.. wrote recently about.. what he sees as the exciting and impending future that is the intellectual revolution.. As I read the post, however, I was filled with horror at the prospect, and rather than an augmented and improved utopia, all I could see was a restrictive and inhuman dystopia.. So it got me to thinking who is the intellectual revolution really for?.. What freaked me out.. Of course, not everything Matthew imagines is bad: always-on ubiquitous data sounds super handy.. And recommending local coffee shops or events that would be of interest to me based on all my big data would be lovely.. But knowing when I want my coffee? That s where things get disconcerting.. There are some days (despite my.. well-documented addiction.. ) that I simply don t fancy coffee.. Algorithms can t map personal whim, and if they can, that leaves me pretty depressed about the concept of serendipity.. And the future goes downhill from there:.. Research assistant on every desk.. Pre-collated and pre-formatted information suggests selection.. It means what I am shown has been filtered, and the world will just get gradually smaller as I sink into my self-referential bubble.. We re already seeing it with Amazon recommends and the loss of bookshop browsing.. 70 senses.. A sensor that detects the smile of a loved one? What use is that without the human emotion and relationship behind it to enjoy that smile? I m not saying there aren t use cases, such as for the blind.. But on a day-to-day basis I d rather gather and interpret my own input.. The inference engine.. These systems will act as gatekeepers and filters on information telling you what you want and need.. No, no and no.. If I don t know what I need, how can a machine? I want to be able to explore and make connections between disparate data that I had no idea were related in the first place.. Digital things, physical data.. No matter how much you love technology, there always needs to be a place where you can escape.. The day you say, no phone, no emails, no sensors or algorithms.. Otherwise the line between human and passive consumer becomes worryingly blurred.. It s nothing to do with being a geek.. Reading all that, you might assume that I m just not a big fan of technology.. Wrong.. I love technology, gadgets and general geeky wizardry.. But only when it s in its place and I can choose how it helps me, not vice versa.. And maybe, just maybe, that s because I m a woman.. This might be all about how and why we gather information.. According to.. research in the Harvard Business Review,.. there is a distinct difference between how men and women approach purchasing decisions, both in a B2C environment, and B2B.. The article quotes a study from 1984, entitled, Gender differences in information strategies for a Christmas gift :.. It found that females appeared to comprehensively acquire in-store information, whereas males appeared to heuristically limit their search to a smaller subset of in-store information.. Taking this as their starting point, the authors began to examine how female buyers in large enterprises reacted to sales pitches and presentations, and concluded that,.. Women tend to treat proposal presentations as opportunities for exploring possibilities, while men work to narrow down options and close in on a decision.. Now, importantly, the article was not suggesting that one method was better than another, nor were they assuming this difference was down to nature or nurture.. But whatever the origin, this difference seems to exist, and that brings me back to the question of who is this intellectual revolution for?.. Designing for your own desires.. A lot of what Matthew saw as the amazing possibilities of the intellectual revolution were precisely about the collation, filtration and prioritisation of information.. All mechanisms for narrowing down on a decision, and restricting searches to subsets of criteria.. And I wonder.. It s well documented that the.. IT industry is still heavily dominated by men.. Are they in fact designing a future purely for themselves? I mean, take the recent story of.. Microsoft s stress-busting bra.. I was angry about this concept for a number of reasons.. Largely the fact that it s based on the idea that women don t know when they are emotionally eating and need external interference to control their own bodies.. But now I wonder if it was just a general consensus that having that information analysed and controlled for you is automatically preferable to those who were behind its design?.. We ve had enough decisions made for us, thanks.. The problem is, not only do women make decisions differently (if research is to believed) but there is also a vast difference in experience between the genders in who has been making the decisions up to now.. Women are still fighting to get control over their minds, bodies, lifestyles and careers.. We have had centuries of people (and I mean people of both genders acting under the patriarchy) deciding what we need to know and when.. Basically, we ve had enough decisions made for us, and to have technology step in and add another barrier to freedom of thought and expression is simply not helpful.. It s time for technologists to step out of their nerdy-boy bubble, and realise we don t all think alike, and we certainly aren t all on board with being thought for.. Please share:.. LinkedIn.. Facebook.. Twitter.. StumbleUpon.. Google.. Continue Reading.. 1.. What do you think?.. Post a comment!.. Every time you make a typo, the errorists win.. Matthew Stibbe.. Just for fun, here are some classic funny typos that prove you need to do a final round of proofreading.. (And yes, I know I m sitting in a glass house throwing rocks.. ).. And because I’m a historian, I particularly liked this one for lack of basic fact-checking.. Hat tips:.. The Poke.. ,.. AdWeek.. Zazzle.. Infinite Monkeys.. Zombietime.. 0.. PR firms: please add an unsubscribe button to your emails.. I get a lot of.. unsolicited emails from PR firms.. Perhaps because of my.. Forbes column.. or perhaps because of.. or perhaps I got on some spam email list of mug journalists.. Here are some examples of.. subject lines.. from PR-spam emails I have received.. I write about technology, marketing, writing and aviation.. Why would I be interested in any of them?.. Interview Op How-to Burglar Proof Homes and Businesses: Valuable Advice from Security Expert Alan Young.. There’s A Reason Your Cat Doesn’t Bark – How To Find The Perfect Partner The Right Way.. RELEASE: ENTERPRISES GET FAILING GRADES IN CMO COUNCIL SCORECARD OF CUSTOMER SALES INTELLIGENCE.. Highlights from The Nation Blogs: Twice Betrayed, Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma Face Discrimination at the VA.. Thomas Allen Winner of SEAWARD Award Press release.. Justified: The Complete Fourth Season arrives on Blu-ray DVD December 17th.. AOL On Original Series Acting Disruptive Features Felicity Huffman and WhatTheFlicka [featuring ‘fun and easy tips on life, children, family, cooking, beauty, fashion, books and urban mom survival tips’].. Based on my experience at the receiving end, here are.. a few tips for PR firms.. :.. Add an unsubscribe.. button.. to every email so people can stop the flow of unwanted messages.. This is actually in your own interests because if we can’t unsubscribe, we’re going to use spam filtering and your emails will get a bad reputation and become increasingly undeliverable.. (If you have one, make sure it works.. I’ve unsubscribed from several PR firms’ lists only to keep getting emails.. Don’t use block capitals in your subject line.. Jeez, didn’t you get the memo about this in 1996?.. Use sentence case for headlines.. Headlines where you only capitalise the first word and proper nouns are easier to read than headlines where you capitalise every word.. So do that.. Why would you make it harder for journalists to read your story?.. Keep the emails short.. One paragraph and a link is all you need.. A long squeeze email just confirms you’re spamming me.. Yes, you get to bill the client for all those words.. No, I’m not going to read them.. Get to the point.. Don’t waste the first sentence telling me you have exciting news or that your client is a good company.. Tell me the thing.. Actually read the blog or magazine.. If it’s about flying, don’t send stuff about kids’ toys.. Don’t buy bulk email lists.. Try to build real relationships with real people about real shared interests.. This works better for you and your clients in the long run.. A PR that actually delivers relevant stories is a rare treasure.. Be that person.. Never call me to ask if I got the press release.. Luckily this doesn’t happen so much any more but, good grief, it’s annoying.. (PS PR people, if you’ve got something cool about gadgets, flying, writing, marketing or technology, then.. I’m listening.. I did it for science: Writing on the London Underground.. Hypothesis.. For the last couple of months I have been.. commuting into central London.. three or more nights a week.. Normally I work from home so this is a new experience and I wanted to.. make best use of the three or more hours a week.. I would spend on Underground trains.. My hypothesis was that I could actually do my job – writing – while travelling on the Tube.. Materials.. Apple MacBook Air.. Microsoft Word for Mac 2011.. Dropbox.. iPhone.. Canvas satchel as a lap-desk.. Sennheiser headphones.. Method.. To do my job,.. I need.. several things:.. Internet connectivity to access files on Basecamp and Dropbox, and to do my research.. Microsoft Word (I know there are alternatives but I’m hard-wired now).. A full size keyboard.. See my earlier IDIFS piece about.. Editing Word docs on my iPhone and iPad.. Focus, concentration, lack of distraction and motivation to write.. Taking the internet first, I found that I could use my.. iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature to get online.. From Chiswick, the Underground actually travels overground for a few stops before disappearing beneath the surface.. This gave me enough time (just) to sync Dropbox and perhaps pull a file or two down from Basecamp before I was cut off from my internet lifeline.. However, the.. lack of continuous internet connectivity meant that it was hard to do original research on the Tube.. Because of this, I quickly found myself choosing to work on one or two pieces that I had already researched (such as turning an outline into finished copy) or things that didn’t need much research (such as blog posts).. I tried to sit at the end of the carriage or next to a glass partition to minimise the chance of a fat-elbowed neighbour and, being English, to reduce my elbowy impact on other passengers.. Typing is not a narrow activity.. I’d perch my MacBook Air on my satchel and, by filling the satchel with hats or a scarf, I could prop it up to a usable height and angle.. I typed at my normal speed.. Headphones blocked out some of the background noise and helped me concentrate but the.. jolting of the train and the visual distraction.. makes it less than ideal.. Typically, I’d write a few hundred hasty words on each trip.. Generally, I finished pieces off back in the office, adding polish, proofreading and adding  ...   only tackle one thing at a time.. You trim, you carve the words such that all that’s left is the most important concept communicated in the simplest, most direct way.. Neil deGrasse Tyson on.. the art of the soundbite.. Astronomy, statistics, gender and sexuality.. These are huge topics, each of which contains hundreds, probably thousands of concepts, ideas and assertions.. They key to making sense of them is not to try and consider them all at once.. Start with the simplest, and most important idea.. Explain.. why it matters.. , and only once you are sure that is fully understood should you begin to build upon it with the next idea.. Building an argument or theory is the same as building a house, it needs.. good foundations.. They love what they do.. This is something you cannot learn or fake.. Those best placed to communicate complex ideas are those that.. adore the subject and want to share their joy.. with others.. Of course in business writing things are not always so passionate and intense, but that does mean you cannot care.. I enjoy writing about technology not only because it fascinates me, but also because I honestly believe that.. people can benefit from knowing about it.. The same goes for writing, marketing and feminism.. You can only write convincingly about things that you are committed to communicating about.. They have no airs and graces.. might have a Masters Degree in Economics from Oxford but he doesn t talk or write about his field in a way that suggests he is any better than his audience.. The best communicators understand that while they have more knowledge and experience in a particular field, it does not mean they do not have more to learn and they build that open-mindedness into the way they communicate.. It is important to put your audience at ease, and make them feel included in a conversation that is open to everyone, rather than lectured at or pontificated to about an elite and exclusionary topic.. They have the keys to artful communication.. Ultimately, these inspirational few exhibit four key attributes that every writer should strive to emulate when communicating a complex (or even a simple) idea:.. Knowledge.. Clarity.. Commitment.. Humility.. Top 10 Word hacks for writers.. Katelyn Piontek.. Every writer has a preferred method for putting words on the page.. These days, many writers rely on Word.. and with these Word hacks you can.. make the writing process more pleasure than pain.. Add words to your dictionary.. I hate when the red line appears below my own name or a technical term each time I type it.. To.. add a word or words to the dictionary.. , open the Spelling Grammar tool, click Options.. Under Proofing, click Custom Dictionaries.. From there, you can add all the character names, fictional places or technical words you want.. Shortcut to save.. Losing all or part of your work is frustrating.. To avoid this, hit Ctrl+S.. (or Command+S on a Mac) periodically or anytime you walk away from your screen.. Switch between open documents.. Ctrl+F6 (Command+` ) allows you to switch between open windows.. if working with multiple documents.. This helps if you need to.. reference another document.. while you work.. 4.. View documents side by side.. You can.. look at the details in early chapters of your book while continuing the story.. in another document.. Under the View tab or.. in the Window category, press Split.. 5.. Insert a hyperlink.. To include a link in an article,.. take the shortcut.. Highlight the words and.. hit Ctrl+K.. (Command+K) which will quickly open the box to insert a hyperlink.. 6.. Change your default font.. Word automatically defaults to Calibri.. To change this,.. hit Ctrl+Shift+F (Command+D), select your font of choice.. and press Default.. 7.. Pick up where you left off.. When you open a document,.. return to the last place you worked by hitting Shift+F5.. You can also use this shortcut to cycle through the most recent changes you made.. 8.. Check readability.. Sometimes,.. the passive slips into your work.. or.. your style gets away from you.. Follow.. the steps to display readability statistics.. 9.. Highlight a portion of text.. Place your cursor in the text and hit Ctrl+Shift+Home (Command+Shift+arrow left) to.. highlight to the beginning.. Ctrl+Shift+End (Command+Shift+arrow right) will.. select text through to the end.. Ctrl+Shift and the arrow keys will highlight smaller sections.. 10.. Page Break.. To start the next chapter on a new page, use Ctrl+Enter (fn+Command+enter).. This also creates a break to keep formatting on the previous page separate.. If.. writing is part of your daily grind.. , knowing the shortcuts and tricks of the Word program will sharpen the way you use the tool.. So,.. pour the tea.. and.. gather your thoughts.. You’ve got the edge.. over your word count now.. The intellectual revolution, how technology will make you smarter, happier and better.. When I arrived at university in the late 1980s, I had a Mac, a laser printer, an account on CompuServe and a mobile phone.. I think I had better IT equipment and better connectivity than my college.. It was an early taste of the digital, ubiquitously connected, online world we live in today.. Now, I bet that every student at Pembroke has a smart phone, a laptop and a fast internet connection.. As.. William Gibson.. says: ‘the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.. I believe that we are in the middle of another revolution that is only visible in hazy outline.. I call it the intellectual revolution.. Over the next 20 years, technology will augment human cognition, understanding, analysis and even our intuition, making us better versions of ourselves.. Here are my predictions and some of the present-day examples that inspire me.. Utterly ubiquitous data links.. There’s already Wi-Fi on the London Underground.. There’s a planetary internet.. We’re on 4G but what will 20G look like? Unlimited data, anywhere without even thinking about it.. Always on, always connected with no meaningful bandwidth limitations.. Personal cloud.. Computing, storage and, in future, inference and analysis, will not be confined to a single device or even a local area network of devices.. You’ll have dozens or hundreds of systems working for you like an entourage.. They’ll be everywhere and nowhere: in data centres, in your earrings, in your pocket, in light switches, embedded in the street.. Today’s smartphones, Google Glass, digital watches and public cloud services like Amazon EC2 point the way.. Big personal data.. Sure, right now multinational companies have vast interlinked databases of information and legions of data scientists create queries and reports to mine the information to get insight.. But this kind of technology, and especially smart analysis, will be available at low cost to civilians.. Your personal cloud will know when you need a fresh cup of coffee before you do and it’ll know where to get the best cup.. Almost everything that is knowable will be available instantly.. Yes, this was the dream of the internet but now technology will automatically pull the information we need and assess it for accuracy and consistency before presenting in the precise format we need.. Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha and iStockPhoto are all examples of efficiently collated sets of information but they are just harbingers of what’s coming.. Instead of the traditional six senses, technology will give us dozens.. We will move through our lives in a cloud of sensors that perceive, analyse and synthesise information.. There will be a sensor that will detect the smile of a loved one.. Today, military and bizjet pilots get a head up display that lets them see in the dark.. Soon, we’ll have glasses that do the same.. And more.. AI is always about twenty years away but it’s a reasonable assumption that we’ll have AI-like capabilities sooner than that.. In fact we already do – Google Translate is an example of something that looks like AI but is largely driven by very large volumes of data and clever algorithms.. These systems will act as gatekeepers and filters on information telling you what you want and need and letting you skip what’s irrelevant.. The boundary between the real and virtual world will blend.. Physical things will have digital analogues – like present-day surgical robots.. Digital things will be manifest in the real world, especially as human senses are augmented.. I’m incredibly excited about the possibilities.. But to really live in the future, we need to embrace it now.. We’re all geeks now.. Or should be.. 10 essential PowerPoint hacks.. Knowing the hacks of any common program changes the way you work and increases the flexibility of what you can create.. Navigate the creative and editing process in PowerPoint and.. nail your next presentation.. with some of these hacks and tips you didn’t realise were quite literally at your fingertips.. Shift key.. The shift key.. performs many essential functions.. As you manipulate images, hold the shift key to.. avoid skewing the images.. , to.. select multiple objects.. or to.. move items in a straight line.. across the slide.. Alignment.. The audience will notice if your images are not aligned.. Rather than guessing, select multiple objects, go under the formatting tab and.. find the align tool in the Arrange group.. Preview.. You can also avoid switching between edit and preview.. Hold down the Ctrl key and click the ‘slide show view’.. to.. display a preview window.. File size.. A PowerPoint file size can be too large to upload or email.. Fix this by selecting an image, the formatting tab, and.. ‘Compress Picture’.. in the Adjust group.. Create an invisible hyperlink.. Insert a square and format it to ‘no fill’ and ‘no line.. ’.. Select the shape and press Ctrl+K.. Paste the link into the address space and click ‘OK.. ’ This is.. a great solution.. if you don’t want any of the text to appear different from the rest of your message, but need to include a link.. Control the show.. Start the show by pressing F5.. and use.. N to advance.. If your audience raises a question about the slide you just finished, use.. P to go back.. Open a hyperlink.. Rather than taking your cursor for a stroll across the page in full view of the audience,.. tab to the link you want to open and push enter.. Jump to any slide.. If you refer back to a point you already made,.. enter the slide number and hit enter.. Familiarity with your presentation and a spare printout can come in handy.. Make a point.. Bring the attention of the audience away from the slideshow and back to you.. To make the screen black,.. press ‘B’ or the period key.. A flawless ending.. Clicking past the end slide is.. an easy blunder.. If you.. duplicate the last slide of your presentation and leave a blank one at the end.. , you have more time to stop.. The audience won’t see the show revert back to the program.. Many of us take the basic knowledge of PowerPoint for granted.. Learning the shortcuts, hacks and extra functions will.. take your presentation skills to the next level.. 86.. Next.. Free updates weekly.. Email Address.. Subscribe via RSS.. About.. is CEO of.. Articulate Marketing.. Articulate Training.. Turbine.. , the easy, online way to deal with office paperwork.. He writes about flying on.. Golf Hotel Whiskey.. Forbes.. POPULAR POSTS.. How to write faster - learn Teeline shorthand.. How to get the job you really want.. 50 words that will improve your writing.. Want to write well? Open with a punch, close with a kick.. How to interview someone.. 10 surprisingly simple tips for writing better headlines.. Is a company singular or plural? Part 2.. Seven website mockup tools.. Translation vs.. Transcreation.. 2013 Bad Language.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Free eBook - 30 Days to Better Business Writing
    Descriptive info: Free eBook 30 Days to Better Business Writing.. Better business writing starts here.. To do your job, you have to write: emails, press releases, brochures, website copy, reports and proposals.. So better business writing is good for you, your career and your company.. 30 Days to Better Business Writing.. pulls together all the tips, insights and rules that the author, Matthew Stibbe, has learned and honed over the last ten years while working as a freelance journalist and Writer-in-chief at.. He has written for some of the world s best magazines including Wired and Popular Science and for top companies including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Symantec, LinkedIn, eBay and HSBC.. Professional writing lessons.. That’s why 30 Days to Better Business Writing doesn’t go back to the beginning.. There are no grammar lessons or subject-verb agreement exercises.. Instead, all it asks for  ...   for your work.. How to analyse good and bad writing and learn from it.. Avoiding corporate claptrap and writing like a human being.. Eliminating obstacles to clarity.. Insider tips to avoid writer s block and increase focus.. Picking the best possible words.. Giving good feedback.. How to write a better case study.. How to write a betterpress release.. How to write a better email.. How to write better web copy.. Coming up with great names.. Bad writing costs money, better writing earns it.. This book will help what you already do, but better.. Buy now and download the PDF instantly.. Buy a copy.. (and make me happy!).. PDF direct from me at.. (Best price! Just £5.. 50.. Kindle format from Amazon.. UK store.. US store.. Printed copy from.. Lulu.. Read free online.. Issuu.. Scribd.. How to be a freelance journalist..

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  • Title: How to write | Bad Language
    Descriptive info: Archive | How to write.. Tips and tactics for more productive, more compelling writing.. Some classic signs, newspaper designs and posters with the odd typo that render them accidentally hilarious.. Don t make the same mistakes!.. I get dozens of spam emails a week from PR firms.. PR people read this and find out how to use emails more effectively.. Is it possible to do real writing work on the London Underground? Matthew Stibbe ran a four-week experiment to find out.. Read the article for more.. You ve been told to write a report and there you are staring at a blank screen.. Follow these quick tips that simplify report writing and feel a lot better.. Writing is not  ...   out just how it is they communicate so well.. Change the way you write in Word by learning the tips and tricks that make it easy to navigate your own writing.. Every writer should learn these Word hacks.. Agonising over attribution.. Should there be a footnote there? Have I stolen that idea? This post looks at the perils of attribution in non-academic and commercial writing.. Good headline proving elusive? Let us teach you the the secrets of catchy headlines.. Book review: The Art of Nonfiction by Ayn Rand.. A case for the quality and usefulness of Ayn Rand s The Art of Nonfiction , and my favourite tips for those who still can t bring themselves to read it.. 23..

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  • Title: How to name things | Bad Language
    Descriptive info: Archive | How to name things.. Naming companies, products and services is hard.. Really hard! These articles will help you with first-hand experience and valuable lessons from the real world.. How to choose a great name.. Choosing a great name for your company or products is crucial.. A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but a bad name can make a business flounder.. You do what? Job title inflation up 27%.. I have written about inflationary job titles and inflationary language before but it just gets worse and worse.. And perhaps I’m sitting in a glass house throwing stones because I call myself CEO and Writer-in-chief but now the BBC has given us a delightful list of ridiculous titles, including: Director of first impressions (= Receptionist) Environmental [ ].. What name should I use for my business?.. Dear Uncle Matthew, I notice you trade under Articulate Marketing – and what a great name that is, by the way – rather than Matthew Stibbe.. Just wondering what you think the pros and cons are.. I imagine that the Stibbe brand was well known when you left journalism, so you must have been sacrificing [ ].. Scientifically proven marketing.. Laura Connell.. A well placed scientific fact or useful statistic can make a huge difference to the credibility of your marketing.. My pet hate is bad science in writing – especially marketing that masquerades as science.. One of the worst offenders are the moisturising creams  ...   was supposed to be a magazine but [ ].. Monkey-picked iron goddess of mercy tea.. I just got back from a wonderful week in San Francisco.. I have a lot of new things to think about (which is why I love going there).. But the first thing that comes to mind is the challenge and fun of picking a good product name.. I visited the Samovar Tea Lounge in Zen [ ].. Version numbers 2.. 0.. Great article on Technologizer about the history of version numbers in product names.. Ever wondered why Windows 7 is so called? What is the best version number ever? Read and find out.. (More posts soon – I just have to finish my book!).. How to name your space station.. NASA ran into problems with a public competition to name a new module on the International Space Station.. It offered website visitors a shortlist of names to choose between but allowed them to write in their own choices.. According to Space.. com, comedian Stephen Colbert encouraged viewers to write in his own name.. When voting ended [ ].. Trademark guidelines make for unclear copy.. In many big companies, intellectual property protection trademarks and registered marks drive product naming.. I ve worked on several projects in November that suffered from overwrought names.. Some examples (not necessarily from my work): Intel® Centrino® Pro™ processor technology The 2007 Microsoft Office system Adobe® Acrobat® 8 Professional software The problem is that there [ ].. 16..

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  • Title: How to do marketing | Bad Language
    Descriptive info: Archive | How to do marketing.. Articles, advice and tips on marketing from the front line.. Based on the experience of Matthew Stibbe and Articulate Marketing.. Not only do you need to know how to give great presentations, but you also need to know the essential PowerPoint hacks for efficiency and effectiveness.. How to write a buyer persona.. Buyer personas can make or break your inbound marketing.. Get them right and you ll know how to create content that speaks directly to your customers needs.. The art of the restaurateur and the art of business.. For a restaurateur a great dining experience means the meticulous repetition of inspiration, creativity and process.. Could this be the art of all business?.. 18 ways to improve your website landing page.. A landing page talks your customers language and presents them with a clear call to action.. It s  ...   sell.. Writing and design: a communicative combination.. Writing and design have always had a complex relationship when comes to effective communication, but perhaps the real secret is to see them as one.. Ten commandments for compelling case studies.. Great case studies tell engaging and relatable stories to potential customers.. Bad ones don t get read.. Follow these steps to get your case studies read.. 25 ways to improve your presentations.. TED Talks, Steve Jobs and stand-up meetings have raised the bar for presentations, so here are 25 tips to help you communicate clearly and cleverly.. Infographics are the new PowerPoint.. Kill.. Infographics have the power to communicate complicated data clearly and cleverly.. All too often they do just the opposite.. Best of the web: marketing.. Six links to thought-provoking articles and videos on marketing from across the web.. This is what inspired us this week..

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  • Title: How to blog | Bad Language
    Descriptive info: Archive | How to blog.. Tips, advice and hard-won experience about how to create, write, market and sustain a blog; whether for personal or business reasons.. 10 instant-win tips for better online content.. Your online content affects the perception customers and other businesses have of you.. Take the time to instantly improve online content with these tips.. Shameless click-bait images on Slate.. Slate s gratuitous click bait imagery adds nothing to healthcare debate.. Nine business clip art fails.. Avoid these classic clip art clichés.. Do you really need a picture of shaking hands or shiny office people on your website?.. How to manage multi-author WordPress blogs with Edit Flow.. If you have a WordPress blog and you have more than one contributor, you *need* Edit Flow.. It’s freaking awesome.. This post has screenshots and a brief description of the functionality in this free plug-in.. How to write your first blog post.. Writing your first blog post? Don t panic.. Learn how to  ...   and people can find other articles by you.. It also gives you analytics for your content in search.. On the face of it, [ ].. The half life of a Tweet.. Bitly looked at the half-life of 1,000 popular links and found a mean half life of 2.. 8 hours for a Tweet and 3.. 2 hours for Facebook post.. (YouTube videos have a half life of 7.. 4 hours.. ) A half life in this context means “the amount of time at which this link will receive half of [ ].. HP Blogging Video.. When a blog falls in an empty forest.. There are around 1.. 1 billion Internet users.. 55 million people (5 percent) have blogs but only 0.. 1 percent of users post on a daily basis.. The participation gap In most online communities, 90 percent of users are “lurkers” who never contribute, 9 percent of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account generate most [ ]..

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  • Title: How to interview | Bad Language
    Descriptive info: Archive | How to interview.. How interview someone.. How to give a good interview.. Advice for journalists, recruiters, job candidates, writers and PR professionals.. The keys to great content: interviewing and listening.. Learn how to make the most of interviews and create great content by listening effectively.. Dutch writers and journalists.. I met René van der Meer last year when I was in Amsterdam.. He writes Aanhetwoord.. com, a website about journalists, the working methods and ambitions.. It’s a great resource for Dutch writers and I was very pleased when he published the interview he did with me.. Of course, we mostly spoke in English during the [ ].. I ran a computer games company for more than ten years.. I read thousands of CVs and did hundreds of interviews.. Now, I’m writer-in-chief at a technology marketing company, Articulate Marketing.. This article is based on first-hand experience as a hirer and as a professional writer.. I hope it will help readers maximise their chances [ ].. 25.. Quotable quotes and nameable names.. I m starting a new feature on Bad Language an agony column.. This is inspired by guilty pleasure Dear Prudence on Slate.. If you have any pressing problems, please send them to me and I ll do my best to answer them.. Feel free to add your own advice and comments to this post.. (And Digg [ ].. How to be a really lousy interviewee.. The most popular search term on Google  ...   PR companies this week, I had to mention something that happened to me in April.. I was writing a supplement for The Independent about eBay.. I had put out a request on ResponseSource to find companies who used eBay in their business and a certain PR firm got in touch [ ].. Interviews matter.. Interviews are the foundation of good reporting.. They are the best way of understanding a complicated situation and seeing it from someone else s perspective.. A wise, old editor of mine used to say report it out.. She meant go talk to people, don t rely on your own opinions and judgment.. It s a good [ ].. 39.. When is off the record really off the record?.. In my fulltime journalist days, I was only asked once to treat a whole interview as off the record.. When my article came out, the interviewee rang me and complained bitterly that he wasn t quoted in it at all.. This story popped into my mind when I saw this cartoon on the super iScatterlings blog.. [ ].. Tony Benn interviews the interviewers.. I m watching a fantastic program on Channel 4.. Tony Benn, the left-wing politician, interviews four of Britain s top TV and radio journalists.. He talks to Jon Humphrys about interrupting interviewees.. I do sometimes get a bit irritated, and a little bit annoyed, and then, if I interrupt unfairly, and I do sometimes, I overdo it [ ]..

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  • Title: How to do PR | Bad Language
    Descriptive info: Archive | How to do PR.. How-to advice for PR professionals, primarily about writing and communication, from a former journalist.. Earth to PR people: stop spamming!.. PR companies still seem to rely on bought-in mailing lists, tired formats and spam.. Why? Here are some tips for better impact and coverage.. 10 rules for perfect case studies.. Case studies work.. They persuade prospects that your products and services are credible and fit for purpose.. In sales, they can make the difference between a blind date and a sure thing.. But most case studies are done badly.. And writing them is like having teeth pulled.. I have written hundreds of case studies for [ ].. The right ways to use technology in marketing.. This guest post is contributed by Grant Dobbins, who writes on the topic of graphic design degree.. He welcomes your comments at his email id: grant.. dobbins @ gmail.. com.. Competition is what drives business; it eliminates cartels and monopolies and establishes an equal platform for merchants to sell their goods and services.. It [ ].. It doesn’t matter how good your marketing is if it’s…killing your profits.. This is a guest post from Articulate intern, Laura Connell.. This week’s theme: “It doesn’t matter how good your marketing is if …” Expensive marketing, no matter how cleverly conceived or well-written, can kill your profits.. Adidas  ...   the same text has nearly trebled in the last seven years.. Something should be done.. I don’t really understand how writers get away with this.. Journalists automatically discount [ ].. 13.. Search engine marketing for beginners.. Nearly every business has a website and we all know that Google (and to a much lesser extent Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines) help people find products and services they want.. The challenge is to make sure that when people look for a business like yours, they actually find your business and not a [ ].. Apple iPad: can you have too much hype?.. As Apple’s new slate nears its launch date finally appears, the level of hype is rising almost exponentially.. I think there is a real risk that no matter how good the iSlate is, it will not be good enough to live up to the speculation.. Mark Morford captures the risks of over-expectation and techno-lust perfectly [ ].. Inside the newsroom: Why doesn t the media cover my company?.. Mark Macias takes us inside the newsroom in this guest post.. As an Executive Producer with WNBC-TV and Senior Producer with WCBS-TV, Mark Macias has vetted story ideas from reporters, producers, publicists and viewers.. He is the author of Beat the Press.. It’s the one question every news junkie wants to know.. How do the [ ]..

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    Descriptive info: Archive | Writing tools.. Hands-on reviews of technology and tools that have helped me write better.. Beyond 10 20 30: getting PowerPoint right.. PowerPoint has a bad reputation, but the program doesn’t make bad presentations.. People do.. Learn how to use PowerPoint more effectively with these tips.. I did it for science: Pomodoro and other time management techniques.. Looking to boost your concentration and time management skills? The Pomodoro Technique will work for some, but personally I found it wanting.. The longest words in the English language.. Of all the words we have to choose from, these rarely get picked.. Sad really, but as they are the longest words we have, I suppose you can see why.. Great  ...   Word docs on my iPhone and iPad.. In the interests of science I experimented with editing Word documents on my iPhone and iPad, transferring between devices mid-flow.. This is my report.. Keyboard porn for writers.. Most of us type on a standard keyboard everyday, but have you ever stopped to wonder what indulgent alternatives might be out there for you to play with?.. Tools for writing: the ultimate computer workstation.. The ultimate computer workstation for ruling the universe and writing about it too.. Top writing tool: F.. lux.. F.. lux is a quiet little app that matches the brightness of your screen to the time of day to reduce eyestrain.. It s an absolute must-have writer s tool..

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    Descriptive info: Archive | How to freelance.. Working for yourself? Want to abandon corporate slavery? Find practical tips and experience from a business mentor and self-employed writer.. Top 10 must-haves when working from home.. Working from home isn t easy.. Forget the pyjama-clad, sofa-bound stereotype, and discover the top ten things you really need to work successfully from home.. Monday mornings and how to defeat them.. How to overcome the uphill struggle of a Monday morning, and make the start of your week a little more slick.. Are you Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg?.. Steve Jobs obsessively tinkered and polished Apple’s products (and his yacht, apparently).. Jonathan Ive said that Apple doesn’t do focus groups.. As Jobs once remarked, before Henry Ford, if you asked people what they wanted they would have asked for a more efficient horse.. Mark Zuckerberg built the first version of Facebook in a few [ ].. They have to want it more than me.. I sometimes do free work for causes I believe in.. For example, I’ve been a governor at St.. Anne’s Nursery School in Kensington for nearly a decade.. I think I get more out of it than they do because I find the warmth and energy of the place inspiring.. However, I was recently asked to [ ].. Free business eBooks and guides.. Over the past year or so, we have produced a range of white papers and guides for HP and now they’re available free on  ...   no law that says small firms can only do business with other small firms.. If you can get your foot in the door, working for Fortune 500 companies is the smart way to grow a profitable marketing firm.. This article is about one [ ].. 13 lessons in persuasion: conmen vs.. marketing pros.. 2 million people in the UK fall for mass marketed scams ever year – around one person in every fifteen.. Swindles cost the public £3.. 5 billion every year.. The OFT conducted a report to investigate those who had been conned and concluded that: 20 per cent of the UK population could be particularly vulnerable to [ ].. Do you need a think week?.. The economic downturn brought about a boom in mid-career gap years.. The so called “sabbat-packers” took unpaid leave and did something adventurous thousands of miles away from their recession-struck offices.. The idea behind “sabbat-packing” was improve your quality of life by getting away from your job.. But does it work the other way round? Can [ ].. 11 things to do at the start of a new (business) relationship.. The last week has seen the beginning of a coalition government in the UK.. For me personally, it has seen the start of two new client relationships and the renewal of an older one.. It seems like a good time to think about what makes relationships work and how to ensure that each marriage is [ ]..

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    Descriptive info: Archive | Reviews.. Book reviews that will help writers and anyone in marketing or technology businesses.. Stick with the whiteboard: review of iBrainstorm.. iBrainstorm fails to redefine the nature of collaboration.. Easy to use but it fails to wow.. I d keep hold of your whiteboard and marker pens, folks.. Organised, but not flexible: review of Quip.. A slew of options exist for online collaboration and multi-person document editing tools and here we let you know how Quip measures up in particular.. Battle of the readers: review of Feedly and Bloglovin.. In the  ...   review and verdict.. Distraction-free writing: review of OmmWriter.. OmmWriter provides a peaceful, distraction-free writing environment which is perfect for short work, but ill-suited to longer and more complex pieces.. Venue review: Club Workspace Chiswick.. Following our first ArticulateTalk at Club Workspace Chiswick, here s a little venue review for anyone considering a business-wisdom event of their own.. Book review: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.. Sheryl Sandberg s Lean In is a manifesto for men and for women.. It is a book about personal book about professional business.. This is the Bad Language review..

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