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  • Title: Baby Name Software-Baby Boy Names-Baby Girl Names
    Descriptive info: .. Baby Name Software.. Home.. First Names.. Name Meanings.. Name Origins.. Business Uses.. Popular Names.. Site Map.. Baby Names.. First.. Name Samples.. About Names.. Choosing A Name.. Choosing Baby Names.. Baby Names For Twins.. Popular Baby Names.. Top 100 Baby Names.. Unique or Common Name?.. Baby Toddlers.. Web Resources.. Links Directory.. Social Bookmarking.. Information :.. FREE stuff for any Mother or Father-to-be!.. See all BabyCenter Bargains.. Click here to order "My Very Own Name", a personalized children's book.. If Only Babies Came With Instructions ….. Baby Gifts.. Original and funky baby gifts from Sprogbox.. Other Sites :.. Anti Aging Super Foods.. Chelation Therapy.. Fort Collins Colorado.. Loveland.. Colorado.. Greeley Colorado.. P.. C Online Banking.. Baby Gifts.. Fort Collins Chiropractor.. Penny Stock Prophet.. Vegan Cupcakes.. CONTACT US.. Baby/First Name Software.. Baby Name Software is an easy to use, easy to understand software.. Installation takes only minutes and is ready to use immediately.. The software both displays and prints over 20,000 first names which are now in the data base.. It also allows you to add as many names as you want and save them.. The prints (See Samples Below) can be framed or displayed and used as wall decor or used in scrap books, card making, book marks and photo albums.. You may also sell the output to others as an in home small business..  ...   characteristics.. Enter first name display and/or print name, meaning.. Gifts.. Single and Double Certificates, framed.. Birth Announcements, Weddings, Anniversaries, New Home.. Business.. Sell Output At Fairs, Carnivals, Street Festivals, Malls.. Use As A Fund Raiser Schools, Churches, Youth Sports.. Scrapbooks.. Names For Special Occasions, Anniversaries, Weddings, Births, Graduations.. Use Full or Just Name, Origin, Meaning.. Card Making.. Birth Announcement, Congratulations, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays.. Custom Name Tags Can Be Made By Modifying the three cup formats.. Cards, Poems, Verse.. Replace Characteristics With Any Writing.. Data Base.. Reference For Other Craft Application, Needlework, Crochet, Sewing Kids Coloring and Learning, Jewelry, Wood Burning.. Plaques, Personalized Products.. Baby Name Software Features.. Prints and Displays One Name and Two Names.. First name formats.. Certificates, Key Chains, Mugs and Baby Cups.. Add First Names.. Build an unlimited data base.. Add First Names, Meanings and Origins.. Save permanently.. Edit all output.. Names, Meanings, Origins, Characteristics.. Edit Characteristics For Humor or Special Occasions.. For Scrapbooks Prints Without Characteristics in 2.. 5 x 2.. 5.. Prints In 12 Different Formats.. 8 x 10 to 2' x 2.. Dozens of Different Size Combinations Possible.. baby name.. /.. baby name meanings.. baby name origin.. baby name software.. first name.. first name software.. /.. baby name blog.. Copyright © 1992/1997/2004/2008 GO4IT Marketing Group Dan Lana Keating All rights reserved.. Last modified: February 28, 2013.. Private Policy Statement..

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  • Title: Baby Name Software-Name Meanings-Name Origins-First Names
    Descriptive info: Meanings.. Articles :.. Our First Name Blog.. Choosing a Name.. Baby Toddlers Articles.. Free Baby Toddler Article Directory.. First Name Samples.. The Baby Name Software has over 20,000 baby names in it's database.. These names come from all over the world.. We have French, Irish, Scottish and Wales.. Included are American, English, African.. Muslim, Hebrew, Spanish, Latin and Italian baby names.. We have names from China, India, Pakistan, Japan and Hawaii.. We also have American Indian and Biblical baby names.. All of the database baby names have origins and meanings which are the oldest we could find.. You can, with the Baby Name Software, change the origin the meaning if you wish.. Below are some samples.. of names, meanings and characteristics.. All characteristics in the BABY NAMES database are positive.. You can edit the characteristics too.. Below are samples as the software displays them on you computer.. Steven.. Greek: crowned.. This man is a dynamic person.. A person who is determined to get ahead.. He tries to learn and grow from his experiences.. Has an adventurous streak.. When the going gets tough, he gets going.. Can be quiet, but always pleasant to be with.. He is handsome, and the ladies will enjoy looking.. Someone who loves is home and family.. Michelle.. French form Hebrew: who is like the Lord.. She likes all sports.. She is noted for her good manners.. Loves to explore the world around her.. Finds the best qualities in others.. She is wise and humble person.. Finds the mark and goes straight for it.. Her friends hold her in high regard.. She is wise in what she says to others, and  ...   whirlwind when he gets going.. Someone who enjoys peaceful times with his family.. Tries his best to be tactful in most situations.. Someone who will give with joy and joy is the reward.. An eager and assertive personality.. He plays his hunches, with good results.. Able to deal skillfully with problems.. Is quick to smile and laugh.. Carlos.. Spanish from Old German: man.. His goal is service to others.. He gives his all to family and friends.. He knows the secret to success.. Persistence, persistence and more persistence.. Much thought and hard work go into what he does.. Looks for the good in his surroundings.. This person is outgoing and has daring.. This person seeks the goodwill of all.. Shanika.. African: leader.. People will admire her old fashioned ways.. A person who is going a long ways.. Always faithful and loyal to her friends.. Is pleasant and easy to get along with.. She can make other people laugh a lot.. Slow to anger, quick to smile.. Will be exacting in work and play.. Someone who will try hard to bolster others' self esteem.. Diane.. Latin: divine.. Marks and sets her own path.. Is successful in family dealings.. Loves to work with positive and talented people.. It takes time to learn and she has the patience to do it well.. Other people admire her knowledge and foresight.. The loving purpose that drives her is giving.. Believes what you give out, comes back.. Sample Baby names With The Letter.. A.. B C.. More Samples Available On Our Blog.. Another Blog With Lots Of Name Samples.. Baby Name Samples To Baby Name Software.. Last modified: August 07, 2012..

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  • Title: Baby Name Meanings-First Name Meanings
    Descriptive info: Baby Name Meanings-First Name Meanings.. Baby Name Software.. Name Samples Blog.. More Information.. C.. ONTACT US.. Baby Name Meanings.. Below is a sample list of baby name meanings from around the world.. Each of the 20,000 baby names in our data base has a name origin, first name meaning and a list of personality characteristic associated with that name.. See sample of baby names.. Each of the female baby names, name origin and name meanings below were picked at random from scrolling our data base.. You can print and display all first names in eight different formats.. More Baby Name Meanings.. Order Baby Name Software.. Girl Baby Name Meanings.. Aida,.. female Hindi: beginning.. Aarika, female Russian from Scandinavian: ever powerful.. Bridey, female Irish Gaelic: strength, power.. Camilla, female Latin: female ceremony assistants.. Deiene, female Basque from Spanish: the annunciation.. Electra, female Greek: bright amber hair.. Florence, female Latin: in bloom.. Gizi, female Hungarian: a pledge.. Hela, female Scandinavian: goddess of shadow.. Iwona, female Polish from Old French: yew bow.. Jagoda, female Slavic: strawberry.. Kaulana, female Hawaiian: famous one.. Lehana, female African: one who refuses.. Manaba, female Native American, Navaho: war returned with her coming.. Natsuko, female Japanese: summer child.. Opai, female Sanskrit: gem.. Pilar, female Spanish: pillar.. Qubilah, female Arabic: concord..  ...   male Islamic: living.. Barry, male Gaelic: sharp pointed.. Casper, male Persian: he who guards the treasure.. Deajon, male American: variation of John, God is gracious.. Edward, male Old English: wealthy defender.. Flann, male Irish Gaelic: ruddy, red haired.. Garth, male Scandinavian: keeper of the garden.. Henrique, male Portuguese from Old German: estate ruler.. Isaac, male Hebrew: laughter.. Jendayi, male African: give thanks.. Kepa, male Basque from Greek: stone.. Liwanu, male Native American Miwok: bear growling.. Marcus, male Latin: warlike.. Nikki, male Japanese: two trees.. Olorun, male Yoruba Nigeria: belonging to the god Olorun.. Peter, male Greek: rock.. Quirin, male Old Nordic: magic stone.. Rafel, male Spanish from Hebrew: God has healed.. Styopa, male Russian from Greek: crown.. Twano, male English Gypsy: small or tiny.. Ushah, male Iranian: dawn.. Vaino, male Finnish from Old English: wagon maker.. Westley, male Old English: western meadow.. Ximon, male Spanish: obedient.. Yadid, male Hebrew: friend or beloved.. Zaid, male African: increase.. More Name Samples.. Last modified: August 15, 2012.. Copyright © 1992/1997/2004.. Go4it Marketing.. , Baby Name Software.. Dan Lana Keating All rights reserved.. Contact Webmaster.. publisher@babynamesoftware.. net.. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.. Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders..

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  • Title: Baby Name Origins First Name Origins
    Descriptive info: Baby Name /First Name Origins.. The origin of a name is the country or area of the world where the name originated.. There are many duplicate name origins.. For example Dan has both a Hebrew origin and an Irish origin.. Both origins also have different meanings.. The Hebrew meaning is God is my judge.. The Irish meaning is Wild Man.. Baby Name Software allows you to change the origin to anything you want before printing so you can show the origin you wish if there is a conflict The software has over 20,000 first names and allows you to add as many names, origins and meanings as you like.. The software will automatically add characteristics for you.. You can add or change characteristics anytime you wish.. Order Baby Name Software.. This $6.. 95 software can return $1000's from your kitchen table or home office.. Rikki.. Old German: peaceful ruler.. Likes to meet people and gets along well with others.. She is a very observant person.. An enlightened woman.. When the going gets tough, she gets going.. Has a divine nature.. Has a positive mental outlook on life.. She likes to travel.. Much thought and hard work go into what she does.. Frank.. Latin: Frenchman.. One who can be trusted and relied upon.. One who understands that little things are important.. He is very serious about life.. He likes to drive with the wind in his face.. This man shows wit and wisdom.. He speaks well, with great sincerity.. This man never quits.. He is good with tools.. Jane.. Hebrew: God is gracious.. Lives an orderly life.. Her fellow workers hold her in high regard.. She cares deeply, but has a hard time showing it.. Like a mountain brook, she has clean, clear thoughts.. She tries to stay positive all the time.. She enjoys good music.. --.. Paul.. Latin: small.. He gives much of himself to others.. A free spirit, always looking for adventure.. One who can make do  ...   Nigel.. Irish from Irish Gaelic: champion.. He likes to concentrate on the positive.. He is a good communicator.. He walks the walk and talks the talk.. He is a conscientious person.. Is adventurous and fun-loving.. He has worked hard for his education.. He strives to serve others in all his actions.. Loves life and shows it.. Miranda.. Latin: admirable.. When she gets going, she can be a whirlwind.. Thinks good and divine thoughts.. She wants others to be happy and shows it.. One who has a lot of common sense.. She works toward being peaceful.. Likes to be agreeable.. A person who is understanding and thoughtful.. Abdul.. Arabic: servant of.. He is honest with himself and others.. A man who can easily receive prosperity.. He is one tough guy, meets his trials well.. He is willing to listen to differing opinions.. His path through life is smooth.. He is a solid and real person.. He is a winner.. Emily.. Latin: clan name from emili.. A loving woman.. A classy lady.. A compassionate woman.. Thinks for the benefit of those around her.. Her friends respect her thoughts on any subject.. Someone who will turn no one away.. She is one who can turn on the charm.. She is a calm and confident lady.. Yera.. Basque:name for the Virgin.. She's at her best when things get hectic.. Loves her work, but would like to be home more.. Likes to complete tasks as quickly as possible.. She will be the one to organize the family reunion.. A woman who highly values her independence.. Tries to learn from her mistakes.. Works well under pressure.. She can show anger, but not easily, and not for long.. Makemba.. Congolese: goddess.. Her promise can be counted on.. Shows class and style in any situation.. Likes to find that quiet place inside herself.. She listens with a compassionate ear.. Family and friends listen when she speaks seriously.. Loves nice things, but they don't rule her life..

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  • Title: Business Uses For Baby Name Software
    Descriptive info: Makes A Great Little Home Business.. Our Baby Name Blog.. Our Sponsers :.. Luxury.. chocolates.. Gift Baskets.. Business Uses For Baby Name Software.. Baby Name Software can be used in numerous ways as a small home business or can be used along with other products such as mats and frames as a full service gift shop.. Below you will see what these certificates and other products have sold for since we started this business software in 1992.. These prices are average around the country and each business person can charge what ever they wish.. The investment in the first name software is less than the retail price of one double named certificate.. Single Certificates $5.. 00-$8.. 00.. Double Certificates $8.. 00-$12.. Baby Cups $5.. Key Chains (3 types) $5.. 00-$10.. Mugs $5.. Steins $5.. Software Includes Suggested Supply Sources.. Package Includes Business Ideas.. The software can be used by parents to raise money for  ...   the area.. Next the neighbors and finally the community as a whole.. First Names are a popular gift item for anniversaries, weddings, birth announcements and more.. All of this can be done from kitchen table or small home office.. This product is being sold around the world from home based business on the beaches of Australia to store front locations in Georgia.. We were very successful selling this product as just certificates and as matted and framed gift items in everything from very large fairs to small community festivals.. It is still being sold in this way at all kinds of public functions around the world.. We have heard of fairs in South Africa and small business in Hong Kong.. Everyone likes their name and 1000's buy these certificates ever day.. The investment is so small you will get your money back by producing certificates for one anniversary or Christmas gift.. Buy Baby Name Software..

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  • Title: Top 100 Baby Names
    Descriptive info: Popularity Of Baby Names Around the World.. 100 Most Popular U.. S.. Baby Names 2005.. Link.. Baby Names 200.. 10 Most Popular U.. Baby Names 2000-2001.. Baby Names 2002-2003.. 20 Most Popular Canadian Baby Names.. 10 Most Popular Irish Baby Names.. 10 Most Popular Scottish Baby Names.. 10 Most Popular English Welsh Baby Names.. 10 Most Popular Names By Country.. 5 Top Girls Names By State 2005.. 5 Top Boys Names By State 2005.. 25 Top Boys and Girls Names With Meanings and Origins 2005.. Last modified: September 08, 2009..

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  • Title: Baby Name Baby Names Meanings Baby Name origins and First Name Characteristics Blog
    Descriptive info: Baby Names.. Baby Name Samples.. Names Letter A.. Names Letter B.. Names Letter C.. Names Letter D.. September 2006.. August 2006.. July 2006.. June 2006.. May 2006.. April 2006.. March 2006.. February 2006.. January 2006.. December 2005.. November 2005.. October 2005.. July 2005.. June 2005.. May 2005.. April 2005.. First Name Software.. Sample Display Names.. When you purchase the software you can edit the name, origin and the meanings.. Further you can add all the names you wish to the data base.. You may give away or sell the display names.. All characteristics in the FIRST NAME database are positive.. Baby Names From All Over The World.. Alex.. Greek: helper.. Sets goals and keeps her mind on the track.. Puts her best into even the smallest jobs.. She's a treasured friend and neighbor.. She does not allow the past to influence her present.. Her love would be a great asset to any man.. She is devoted to her family and friends.. Always has a smile in her heart.. Counsels others well.. Walter.. Old German: powerful warrior.. He is a compassionate man.. He is a good and wholesome man.. He has a happy-go-lucky side and a serious side.. He strives to look for new and interesting activities.. A great sense of humor is just one of his attributes.. You smile a lot when in this man's company.. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.. Wapi..  ...   turn on the charm.. Kamal.. Arabic: perfection.. He thinks details are important, but isn't nit-picky.. Enjoys the good things in life.. He is always encouraging to co-workers.. Doesn't let others dictate his life style.. He thinks the world's problems can be solved.. Mu Lan.. Chinese: magnolia blossom.. Her touch and actions have a healing force.. She is very protective of family and friends.. She needs her loved ones, but is still very independent.. Modern technology does not scare this person.. Her love can heal spirits.. You can see the smile in her eyes.. She gives much of herself to others.. In matters of principle she is like a rock.. Shakeela.. African American: wise leader.. A person with a very vivid imagination.. She's an outdoors person.. A scholarly and well-educated person.. She has both a happy-go-lucky side and a serious side.. She is loving, but firm.. A giver of peace.. She knows there is a higher power than herself.. Abana.. Southern Ghana: Born on Thursday.. Someone who is generous with her time.. Doesn't have a suspicious bone in her body.. She can be the life of the party.. She's full of joyful energy.. When you have a problem, call on this lady.. Can be a very direct person.. Zachery.. He is comfortable with change.. He is content with his life.. Loves people, parties and friends.. Baby Name Samples Blog To Baby Name Software.. Buy Baby Name Software Above..

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  • Title: Baby Name Origins First Name Origins
    Descriptive info: What's In A Baby Name.. What's In A Baby Name.. Seemingly a great deal.. Science tells us that when you are born the odds are 64 million to one that you will have even one thing (like a finger print for example) like anyone else.. That is fairly good odds that you are unique.. When taken as a whole no one has figured the odds that there are two people on the planet at the same time that are identical.. (Since most identical twins are not really identical).. Since your baby is unique you want a unique baby name.. Baby names rise and fall in popularity.. Baby names like Sue and Elizabeth although still used are not as popular as they once were.. Baby names like Heather, Michelle and Kristi are now popular and are waning as we speak.. It is hard to say exactly why names become popular but events and celebrities have something to do with it.. Take Ophra for instance.. There are now hundreds if not thousands of women named Ophra.. A very popular name in the near future will be Diane.. Theresa and it's spellings will also jump in popularity.. There are a variety  ...   recent years (last twenty) has been to take a currently used baby names and see how many different ways it can be spelled.. For example there is a Michelle club on the web somewhere with dozens of different spellings.. Also another favorite way is to combine letters until you find something that sounds neat or cool to you.. Then baby is stuck with it and may or may not think it is as cool as you did at the time.. My oldest daughter, whose name is Michelle, can yell Michelle at work and 20 people will turn and answer.. Guess what the favorite name was twenty and thirty years ago.. n our travels around the country we have found some pretty unusual names.. All of them are in the BABY NAMES Software database.. Furthermore we are constantly adding names and are a long ways from complete.. the baby names in our data base come from America, Europe, Arabia, India, China, and Japan.. Also we have baby names from Russia, Africa, South America, Mexico and many native American baby names.. We have baby names that have been made up with no definitive origin or meaning.. Buy Baby/First Name Software..

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  • Title: Traditional Baby Names Trendy Baby Names
    Descriptive info: Want a traditional or trendy baby name.. Software lists and books of baby names are always fun to read and use, whether you're looking for a name for your soon-to-be-born baby girl or boy, wondering about the popularity of your first name, or just curious about the origins and meaning of names.. It is really interesting to keep track of the popularity of baby names.. over the decades.. In looking through the census data from Social Security baby name lists from 1880 to the present, some interesting things can be seen, particularly in regards to baby names for girls.. For example, in the early 1900's Biblical names, such as Mary, Sarah and Ruth were very popular girls.. There were also many baby names that sounded very old-fashioned to today's ear.. In the 1960's, names like Martha, Alice, Bertha and Minnie were popular.. Today in 2006 Emily, Madison and Samantha are popular.. From the 1920s to the 1950s baby names like Susan, Debbie, Patricia, and Linda were popular but now they have.. gone down in popularity.. These baby names are no longer even in the top 100.. In the 80s, other names such as Jennifer, Jessica and Nicole became popular.. Now these names are still on the list but slip lower each year.. More recently there's been a lot of renewed interest in more old-fashioned baby names like Hannah, Abigail and Ethan.. Some Biblical names such as Sarah, Rachel, Joshua, Jacob, and Samuel are also.. becoming more popular.. And there is just no stopping names like Mary, Joseph, Daniel and others which are perennial favorites.. Today Madison is a very highly ranked baby name for girls (ranking number 3 in 2003 through 2006) There has been no research done to determine why this is.. The name Madison of course is  ...   a few ideas that you can use to choose a baby name.. Also there are other articles on this site to read about baby name picking.. Baby names need to sound good with your last name.. Pick a first name and a middle name that go together well.. I do not know where I saw this one but!! Erasmus Beelzebub Washington).. When naming baby look at the names first letter.. Combinations that spell things like P.. I.. G.. are not good, children can be cruel.. We have heard and printed some very different ones with our baby name software some other names your child's friends may have fun with, are Moon Beam, Syrup or Cornmeal.. I kid you not.. The above goes for trendy names like Saturn, Sunshine and other names made popular by movie and TV stars.. When you kids get to be teens these names may have fallen out of popularity.. Cute names like Dimples which are adorable for baby names but will probably sound silly and will be made fun of when the baby grows up.. 6.. You may want to pick a baby names in honor of favorite relatives, ancestors, or family ethnic favorites.. If your Irish Ian is popular Almost all countries and origins have good favorites.. 7.. You can also look through books of baby names and pick one that has a special meaning that you like.. 8.. Also our software available above right, has 20,000 plus names to look at.. It only costs $4.. 95 and it shows Name, origin, meaning and has personality characteristics for each name.. Your baby will love you for a beautiful name.. There are thousands of names maybe hundreds of thousands when you count all countries, we wish you good luck on your search for the perfect name..

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  • Title: Choosing A Baby Name Is Important
    Descriptive info: Choosing a Baby Name.. Take Your Time.. The worst thing you could do when choosing a baby name is to rush into it.. Settling for second best may affect you and your child for a lifetime! Don't commit yourself to the first name that you fancy.. Keep searching until you find a name that you are 110% happy with.. And don't forget that you don't need to have a name for your baby before birth.. Some parents have been known to wait 2 or 3 weeks before deciding on that perfect name.. What Does it Mean?.. Some parents don't really care for the meaning of their baby's name, where as others base their decision soley around it.. But, in our opinion a quick check couldn't hurt.. Do you really want your big strong boy to have a name that  ...   pronunciation a challenge.. There are some exceptions to this rule, but in general it is best to keep it in mind when choosing a baby name.. Try it for yourself and you'll see what we mean.. Letters like l and s are especially bad.. Say it Out Loud.. Instead of refering to your unborn baby as he or she or the baby , try using one of the names that you like for a week or so.. Saying it out loud and using it in common sentences will give you a better idea of how much you really like the name.. Don't forget, some names look great when written on paper, but sound terrible off the tongue.. This article was written by Sarah Mitchell from.. www.. namestobe.. Find thousands of baby names, their meanings, origins and genders at.. 957..

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  • Title: Choosing Baby Names For Twins
    Descriptive info: Choosing Names For Twins.. Our Sites :.. Creating Impressions.. My Chelation Story.. Loveland Colorado.. Colorado Travel.. Our Sponsors :.. Choosing Baby Names For Twins.. Choosing a baby name for your new born can be quite a stressful decision.. With thousands upon thousands of names at your disposal, you may begin to feel a little over whelmed.. Well, for twins, you can double the trouble! This article is aimed at helping soon to be moms and dads of twins to choose those perfect baby names.. Using anagrams for naming twins.. One way of choosing baby names for twins is to take one name that you like and rearrange the letters to make another name.. A few examples of this are:.. Reva Vera.. Ira Ria.. Mary Myra.. Order Baby Name Software 3 Ways.. f you are a fan of traditional baby names, then your choices are slightly limited with this option.. But, if you don't mind bending the rules a little, then you can play around with this idea forever.. Using synonyms for naming twins.. Another idea for choosing baby names for twins is synonyms! A synonym is a word (or a baby name in our case) that has a similar or exact meaning of  ...   will appear.. Reversing names for twins.. Choosing baby names for twins can sometimes be as easy as spelling a name you like, backwards! As you can imagine, this will only work for a small selection of names, but if you have the time to sit down with a pen, paper and some patients then you will eventually find some that you are fond of.. Aiden Nadia.. Other tips for naming twins.. Some other tips for naming twins are to use names beginning with the same letter, use names that rhyme, or even use names that have no connection between them what so ever.. Sometimes parents get so wrapped up in trying to choose the perfect names for their twins that they forget the fact they have the option of choosing two names that have no connection at all.. Regardless of what option you choose to name your twins, you should take the time to sit down and put some serious thought into your decision.. Best of luck to you!.. Software Download - $9.. CD US Canada - $14.. International CD - $19.. Article written by Sarah Mitchell of NamesToBe.. Baby names and meanings at.. http://www.. com/.. Baby naming tips for twins at.. com/twins-article.. html..

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