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  • Title: B24.NET - WWII B-24 Liberator Bomber & WW2 POW Stalag Luft Camps of USAAF Army Air Force
    Descriptive info: .. We continue to update our rosters.. If you are a 392nd BG veteran or have a 392nd BG loved one that is not listed on the Aircrew Photo section or the Ground Crew Echelon Roster section, please let us know by.. clicking here for the form.. This website is composed several sections.. and is the work of many WWII.. researchers.. representing of over 60 man years of research on the 392nd Bomb Group and the POW Stalag Lufts of Europe.. We continue to update this site on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.. The 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association:.. This section contains the Group Officers, Roll of Honor, Photos, Books, Videos, Patches, Stories and Diaries of WWII and the complete record of Oversea Burials.. Wendling, Station 118, USAAF:.. This air base located near Norwich, England was the home of  ...   mission link contains the mission summary, Crew Loading Lists and the mission crew losses (MACRs).. Aircrew Photos:.. An incomplete roster with over 2,500 identified airman in crew photos.. Ground Crews:.. This section contains an incomplete roster listing over 3,000 ground crew echelon.. Aircraft:.. The aircraft disposition page contains a complete listing of the 392nd BG 402 aircraft with links to their history and photos.. The Stories of our 392nd Veterans:.. First hand accounts and diaries of the missions and life during WWII at Wendling.. POW Research:.. This is the internets largest and most complete research on the WWII POW Stalag Lufts in Europe.. This research also includes the history and first hand documentation of the 57 day, 500+ mile, forced "Death March" from Luft 4 of 6,000+ airmen.. Copyright © 1999-2006 392ndBGMA All Rights Reserved Hosting provided by.. Gulf Coast Internet Services..

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  • Title: B24.NET - WWII B24 Liberator Bombers
    Descriptive info: 392nd Crusader Email Form Query.. Please support our research efforts to preserve the history and legacy of the 392nd Bomb Group:.. You can support our research efforts by joining the 392ndBGMA.. You will receive four newsletters with stories, photos and research information not normally contained in this website.. Click here.. for details.. The following form should be used for searching/requesting information about a 392nd BG person.. If the person was NOT with the 392nd BG.. , then refer to the.. ".. Research Resources.. " link to obtain resource information and links to assist you in your search.. FIRST:.. The following search input form can be used for searching this website for entries of a 392nd BG airman.. It will not only search all of the "Loading Lists", but also the "Mission Reports", "MARCs", "Oversea Burials", "Non-MACR Casualty Listings" and the "Roll of Honor".. Be patient - it takes time to search all the records!.. If the search finds a page with that name, it will tell you where and the number of times it is found.. You may click on one of the page(s) to go there.. After you get to that page you can do a Ctrl F  ...   name is a common name like "Smith" you might want to add the first initial.. The format would be: Quote LastName Comma Space FirstInitial Quote Example: "Smith, P".. If you are trying to track a paticular aircraft, enter in quotes: A/C Space AircraftLastThreeDigits Example: "A/C 262".. SECOND:.. If you need additional information, it is unlikely we would have it, but you can always ask by filling out and submitting the form below.. Please note that we only have records pertaining to the 392nd BG.. We do not have any POW records outside of the 392nd BG.. If you are looking for information for a crewman from another group or POW info, we suggest that you "google" that group to find their website.. We also have all the bomb group forums and other 8thAAF research resources under our "Resources" link.. Click here to go that link.. Your Name.. Your Email address.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. Name of person in the 392nd BG.. Rank.. Squadron #.. 576th.. 577th.. 578th.. 579th.. ??? Date of Death.. Date of Birth.. City/State of Birth.. What is the question or information you are looking for.. Please list other information that you think would be helpful.. Enter The Security Code:..

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  • Title: B24.NET - WWII B24 Liberator Bombers
    Descriptive info: THE RESEARCHERS.. The following people have contributed their research to the WWW.. B24.. NET website.. They are all active with the 392nd Bomb Group and have graciously given of their time and resource materials to make this site possible.. Col.. Robert E.. Vickers, Jr.. Vickers entered the service in November 1942 and received his commission and pilots wings in early 1944.. He flew 30 combat missions over Germany in World War II.. He later served in combat duty with the Strategic Air Command during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, building up more than 10,000 flying hours as a command pilot during his Air Force career.. His decorations include the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Meritorious Service Medal along with several Air Medals and Air Force Commendation Medals.. He has held a number of key positions in SAC and with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington and is a distinguished graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.. he has a masters degree at George Washington University, Washingtonn D.. C.. His last assignment was Chief, Command and Control and Senior Deputy Inspector General, Headquarters, US European Command, Stuttgart, Germany.. Bob's contribution to remembering the men and women of the 392nd has been published in his books:.. The Liberators from Wendling.. and.. Remembrance of the Missing.. He and his wife make their home in Albuquerque, N.. M.. Jim Marsteller.. My name is Everette D.. Marsteller, nicknamed Jim after my uncle, S/Sgt.. Everette (Jim) Morris.. I am a farm boy born to Dale and Betty Marsteller on September 30, 1946, and have lived my entire life on the rolling hills of our Southern York County farm in Pennsylvania.. Married 32 years to my wife, Karen we have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.. I am retired and keep busy and enjoy photography, singing and playing guitar with some local gospel groups.. I am a member of Centre Presbyterian Church near my home in New Park, sing in the choir.. After graduating from high school I became interested in the cattle business and the possibility of working with my father, unfortunately the war in Vietnam was intensifying and Uncle Sam had other ideas for my future.. I enlisted in the military and received A.. I.. T.. at the United States Field Artillery Training Center in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.. Entering civilian life I worked 20 years for International Harvester Company in the trucking industry as a fleet salesman.. In the early 90 s I returned to the farm to help my retiring father in the cattle business, and with my brother started a lawn and garden business.. For the fun of it I played rhythm guitar for the Slate Ridge Bluegrass Band, performing at local fairs and churches.. The highlight of my musical career was playing on stage in Nashville, Tennessee at the Operyland Hotel.. Everything became secondary after the death of my grandparents, and the.. search.. began concerning the circumstances of the death of my uncle in WWII, flying with the 392nd Bomb group.. That was 18 years ago, and the search continues today.. Jim, was elected to the 392 BGMA Board of Directors in October, 2001.. Editor's note:.. Editor's note: Jim has spent over 17 years of research on the Books crew where his uncle was KIA, March 18, 1944 on the Friedrichshafen mission.. His research also includes 4 other crews who crashed on that date.. Jim is widely known by the men and women of the 8th A.. A.. F.. as a primary researcher.. Jim and his wife, Karen, live in New Park, PA.. Jim Goar.. Jim was Base Transportation Officer at the Wendling base.. Jim is semi-retired as a real estate broker and an active board member of the 392nd Memorial Association.. He also serves as the editor of the 392nd BGMA newsletter.. Jim is a resource person for this website and provides guidance and encouragement for all of us.. He resides in Frankfort, IN.. Ben Jones.. My interest in the USAAF and the 392nd all started in my childhood years.. I grew up in the county of Norfolk, home to many an airfield, some dating back to the first world war.. Robert Walthew, a very good friend of mine grew up in the village of Beeston, where most of the sites for Wendling were built.. Together as kids we would play in all the old abandoned buildings and look for wreckage from some of the aircraft that had crashed in the area, of which there were plenty.. We would meet the returning veterans as they toured the former base and show them the items we had found.. I became known to the boys of the 392nd as 'the kid on the bike', because Robert and myself would follow their tour bus from site to site on our bicycles.. This was the beginning of it all.. I had come from a long line of military blood.. My grandfather was in the early days of the Royal Air Force, flying Vickers Vimy aircraft on the Northwest Frontier in India, and Hawker Harts during the Royal Review in 1935.. My grandfather on my mothers' side was a chief engineer at Westland.. ( manufacturer of aircraft such as the Lysander.. ) My father was an officer in the Fleet Air Arm flying early jets in the 1950's and 1960's off carriers, and my sister is now an officer in the Royal Navy.. So my interest in the military and history simply grew from this.. I attended several of the 392nd reunions, my very first one being in Hilton Head South Carolina in 1989, as a guest of the late J.. D.. Long.. It was at a reunion in England in 1992 that I met Jim Marsteller, who was to become a very dear friend and was the start of many exciting adventures together, many of which are on this website.. Collecting has always been another hobby of mine, and so I would display my collections of memorabilia at the reunions which always attracted great interest.. Now married and serving in the military, I carry on our family tradition and try to preserve the memory of all those veterans  ...   1943 and was in the Ordinance section of the 576th Squadron at Wendling.. Following the war, he took the BS degree from Greenville College, Greenville, IL and the MS degree form the University of Illinois.. He taught English, Mathematics, and Science before becoming Principal of the high school at Brownstown, IL.. In 1952 he left the education field and worked in accounting and finance as internal auditor.. He worked at such diverse construction sites as skyscrapers, petrochemical plants and nuclear power plants in over 15 states and Canada.. His wife Maria is deceased.. They have three sons and a daughter, and five grandsons and one granddaughter.. Tom makes his home in Southbury, CT.. Annette Tison.. Annette is the primary researcher on the April 29, 1944 mission to Berlin.. After several years of research on The Wyatt crew, including her uncle, 2Lt Douglas N.. Franke, Annette Tison has completed of the most intense and complete documentation of any mission that the 392nd bomb group flew.. Her in depth detailed results which can be seen in her recent article.. by clicking here.. Annette is responsible for the research and recording of all 285 Aircrew Loading Lists.. This project consisted of entering over 60,000 crew names by mission and squadron.. Her regular trips to the National Archives provides in depth answers to those requesting information from our guestbook.. Bill McCutcheon.. Bill is our quaility control research person who checks all of our links and entry data for accuracy.. He has assisted with revising the Roll of Honor and with compiling the new mission pages.. Bill is a retired U.. S.. Forest Service Research Engineer and former officer in the National Federation of Federal Employees.. He lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin, with his wife, Gloria.. The have two daughters.. Bill is the son of 392nd BG, 576th Sqdn.. , navigator.. James McCutcheon.. John Gilbert.. Carsten Kohlmann.. Born in 1972 in Schramberg/Germany, where my family lives until today.. History was always interesting for me since I can remember back in my life.. I started also very early in my youth to have a special interest in local and regional history especially in the time since WW I and began in the age of 14 with my first research projects and visited first time also the town archive and spoke with eyewitnesses.. In 1987 I published my first article in one of our local newspapers and told the story of a small church to its 50th anniversary.. Following that I researched the Third Reich - especially about the subject of persecution, resistance and the Weimar Republic with the local history of the workers movement and their fight against faschism in Germany.. My interests include the local and regional history of WW II with all different aspects like daily life, war experiences, slave labour in the factories and especially the air war with the air raids and plane crashes in our region.. Together with Jim Marsteller and Ben Jones began a combined research about the crashes of some B-24-Bombers around Schramberg with two meetings of our team in 1993 and 1996 and we were especially at the last visit surprised of our findings with fotos and wreckage parts.. In the meantime I've studied also history and european ethnology at the Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen, which is about one hour away from my hometone Schramberg.. I'm writing at the moment my final study with a research about the war of thirty years (1618-1648) in a region of the Black Forestr, which is part of a greater research project about War experiences - war and society in modern history.. I'm trying to answer the question, which role religion played in the war of the thirty years, because this war was named very often in literature and popular opinion as a war of religion.. Therefore I collect informations about the history of monasteries, pastors and individual persons from the old files of the 17th century, which is not very easy, but very interesting.. After the end of my final study it is planned to continue with a dissertation about the same subject in a greater research area in the Black Forest.. After my dissertation I would be interested to work in an archive or a museum, but let us see, what the time will bring and offer for possiblities.. Bob Books.. Bob is the one who has designed, built and continues to maintain this website.. He is the Gold Star Son of 392nd Bomb Group pilot,.. Dallas Books.. , KIA, March 18, 1944, 392nd mission #53, the Friedrichshafen mission.. This site was put online March, 1999 as a tribute to the Books Crew using the research of Jim Marsteller.. Shortly after in April of that year, additional material from Col.. Robert Vickers was added and researcher Ben Jones joined the team.. Then POW researcher Greg Hatton joined the team in June and brought a wealth of his POW research to the site.. In October of 1999, the 392nd BGMA adopted the site as the official site of the 392nd Bomb Group.. The site continues to develop with additional researchers, historians and resources.. The website now attracts over 350,000 visitors annually.. Bob has built the websites for the.. 8th Air Force Historical Society.. and the.. Heritage League.. of the 2nd Air Division and serves as a consultant for.. Bob has been employed as an electronic engineer working in the fields of rocket guidance and navigation, Apollo stabilization control systems, telecommunications development and design, real estate, business consultant and several positions in chemical coatings technology, manufacturing and marketing.. He has spent several years in Central America as a short-term missionary working primarily with the Mayan Indians.. Currently Bob enjoys sailing in the Gulf and riding one of his Harleys.. Bob with his wife, Carol, make their home in Pensacola, FL.. They have one married daughter, a great son-in-law and 2 grandchildren living in Menomonee Falls, WI.. Any technical questions, corrections, missing links, etc.. regarding this site should be sent using the 392nd questionare form (.. no need to fill in the form boxes regarding the airman.. ).. Click here for the form.. Left to Right Jim Marsteller, Greg Hatton, Ben Jones..

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  • Title: B24.NET - 392nd
    Descriptive info: 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association.. The 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association was formed in 1985.. The Association currently has more than 700 members who, through their donations and interest, support the Memorial erected at Wendling Air Base in England.. On October 7, 1989, it was dedicated in honor of the American men and women who served the 392nd between 1943 and 1945.. To join and support the 392nd BG.. click here.. 392nd Bombardment Group.. The group was activated in January 1943 at Davis-Monthan Field, Tucson, Arizona, equipped with B24 Liberators, trained at Biggs Field, El Paso, Texas and Alamogordo Army Air Base, New Mexico.. The group was moved to England in August 1943 and was assigned to the Eighth Air Force at Wendling Air Base in East Anglia.. The group flew 285 combat missions, suffering 1552 casualties including 835 killed in action or line of duty and 184 aircraft lost.. In February 1944 the group was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation for destroying an aircraft factory in Gotha, Germany.. In June 1945 the group returned to the United States and was inactivated at Charleston AAF in South Carolina in September of the same year.. A Brief History of the USAAF, The Mighty 8th and the 392nd BG:.. by Kim Chetwyn & Robert Vickers.. Brigadier General James Allen of the United States Army Signal Corps authorized the formation of an Aeronautical Division in 1907, although this consisted almost entirely of balloons and airships.. Overall control remained with the Signal Corps until 1918 when, later in that year, the President (Woodrow Wilson) ordered the establishment of a Division of Military Aeronautics.. This became a tactical extension to the United States Army and was re-named the Army Air Corps in 1926.. It wasn't until 1935 that the General Headquarters Air Force (GHQAF), under the command of Hap Arnold, was established as an air defense and tactical striking force.. Fighter and Bombardment Units were separated in 1940.. A reformation of this organization, The Army Air Forces, came into existence in early 1942.. As in many other parts of the world since the end WW I , great attention had been made to training the new air force.. But, as in nearly all cases, little or no attention had been paid to either night operations or those conducted in poor visibility.. The principal heavy bomber in use at this time was the Boeing B-17, later named the Flying Fortress.. It was believed that the protective fire afforded by this heavily armed aircraft when flying in close formation would be sufficient to deter fighter attacks.. Thus it was considered that a daylight strategic bombing role could be carried out over Europe.. The first Bombardment Groups of the Eighth AAF arrived in Britain in the Summer of 1942.. Such was the faith in the defensive armament of B-17 that no plans had been made for escorting fighter cover.. The mistake was realized too late as appalling losses were taken in early missions.. By this time Bombardment Groups of B-24 Liberators had joined the strategic bombing force.. RAF fighter cover was provided together with Defiants with "Moonshine" radar jamming equipment.. However, the range of the fighter escort was insufficient for the selected targets in Germany.. American Fighter Groups flying P-38s and P-47s fitted with external fuel tanks were established to provide cover, but it wasn't until the introduction of the P-51 long-range escort that adequate protection could be afforded toward the end of 1943.. The beginning of the New Year '44 saw some major changes and adjustments in the American side of the European Theater of Operations in key personnel air leader shifts, certain organizational rearrangements, and key bomber and fighter mission tactics.. On the personnel side, Lt.. General 'Jimmy' Doolittle took over command of the entire Eighth Air Force including both Bomber and Fighter Commands and attached units, and earlier in late '43, a separate and new Tactical Air Force, the 9th, had been created as a companion force to the 8th.. Lt.. General Eaker was assigned to take over the Allied Air Forces Command in the Mediterranean area - comprised of the heavy bomber 15th Air Force now being built up in Italy, and the newly re-organized 12th Tactical Air Force.. Now the U.. S.. built forces with these newest command structures were being postured to strike Nazi Germany out of Italian air bases with (4) American air forces, two strategic and two tactical which now comprised both regions , not only across the top out of England, but at the German somewhat soft under-belly.. The newly deployed and versatile P-51 fighter was now thrust into the air war equation with the first planes having arrived in the theater and assigned to the new 9th Tactical AF and the 357th Fighter Group.. Later in very early '44, as part of the vital arguments for long-range escort support for the Eighth's heavies, the 357th would be reassigned under command of the Eighth AF from the 9th "in trade" for the newly formed 358th Group (Reference Source: Roger Freeman's THE MIGHTY EIGHTH documentations) and as such, would the the first P-51Mustang fighter unit to fly under the Eighth AF banner and operate from Leiston Base, England.. The Group would fly its first P-51 fighter sortie under its new command of the Eighth on 11 February 1944.. On fighter tactics doctrine, some new changes would also be instituted early-on after General Dootlittle took over command of the Eighth in January '44.. Reportedly, on his visit to Fighter Command Headquarters soon after he had seen a banner which was mounted in those halls and which read for all to see.. "The mission of the American Fighter plane is to escort (and protect) the bombers.. ," Doolittle allegedly remarked to the Fighter Command's leader at the time, Major General William Kepner, to the effect.. "take that damned sign down and substitute the words.. the mission of the American fighter is to attack and destroy the German air forces.. " History notes that General Kepner was enthusiastically excited by this new philosophy in fighter tactics by reaffirming with Doolittle that he Kepner had in fact just received a "direct" order to change over Eighth AF Fighter tactics - which indeed was "a fact "- and to do so immediately.. History itself tells the rest of the story about the new fighter doctrine and the bomber-fighter escort tactics which would begin to improve the combined air war outlook almost immediately.. The  ...   particularly east of the Rhine in widely dispersed operating areas, its concentrated, lethal attack capabilities once possessed against the 8th's bombers were being eroded steadily day-by-day.. The debilitating factors being faced, especially the massive reduction in aviation fuel supplies and inadequate training for pilots coupled with the relentless attack harrassments almost daily now by the American fighters on and over western area Luftwaffe operating bases, were knock-out blows, It was destined to get much worse for the Germans once tactical bases in France and the Benelux Countries were secured by the Allies after the invasion from which to operate much closer to these enemy forces.. The Germans had the aircraft - undoubtedly more at their disposal than any other time in the war as a result of Speer's tremendous production outputs - but they never could fly them.. Galland stated in his writings.. with the increasing support of the P-51 fighter as escort, we lost more of our fighters.. and in April '44.. the ratio in which we fight today (a report he made to Reich Air Marshall Goering) is about 1:7, U.. S, over the Luftwaffe.. and we have lost more than 1,000 aircraft during the last four months.. (and) we also weakened ourselves by taking away (air superiority) planes from the fighter arm to use them for the wrong purposes.. reconnaisance and front line ground support.. The final proof of the effectiveness of the Allied air offensive which had begun in February '44 against the German Air Force and supporting industry came on D-DAY proper and put to rest the nagging earlier concerns of the senior U.. air leaders in particular.. Air superiority over the Luftwaffe had been achieved and especially over Normandy and inland France.. History records that the Germans had only about (80) fighters in France (around Lille) on invasion day.. Not many were serviceable and a mass withdrawal of their fighters had already taken place earlier and returned to Germany proper where planes were intended for a "reserve" fleet.. As Galland stated later at the end of May, "the reserve fighter fleet had already risen to (450) pilots.. then, the invasion upset all our plans.. On invasion day, it has been recorded that only (2) German fighter planes came down over the beaches on a firing pass.. No known casualties resulted and that was the Allies answer to the air superiority question.. But at the Eighth AF bomber bases, the war would go on and it would have been very difficult to convince the aircrews going on missions deep inside of the Third Reich at the time that the Luftwaffe was completely dead, especially over and around the big German target complexes.. The 392nd's men never thought so, and now enemy anti-aircraft (flak) battery fire along the routes was becoming even more of a threat.. HISTORY'S FINAL-COUNT-DOWN-ON THE EIGHTH'S AIR WAR.. Immediately after D-DAY, General Eisenhower directed his Allied air staff to move the German Transportation System way up to the very top of the "strategic target priority list".. Transportation now shared the focus for U.. daylight bomber attacks by the 'heavies' and the 9AF Tactical fighter and medium bomber forces took on the same systems along with the enemy's Communication networks.. German oil target strikes remained primary as a top priority right up to the end of the war as well.. As both Galland and Speer had alluded.. the Allied concentration on German fuel output was the 'Achilles Heel' to the Third Reich's air arm and Panzer operations from the late Spring of 1 944 on to the close of the Second World War.. Oil refineries, railroad marshalling yards, communication complexes, railroad train rolling stock and shooting up enemy airfields and training attack priorities grounds -all now became even more concentrated attack priorities under the bombs and guns of the U.. forces in particular.. ~ Even the new and revolutionary German jet fighter-type plane, the Me-262, which had been developed by the Germans earlier, never got into any degree of action against the Allied threat.. Adolf Hitler saw to that according to Adolf Galland's final assessments in his book, "THE FIRST AND THE LAST".. Albert Speer in his memoirs and interviews later also corroborated all of these conclusions concerning Hitler's tyrannical and most often ill-advised decisions on Germany's war mechanisms, which at this time in late '44 were dying quickly.. Sporadically, the Luftwaffe did get slim opportunities to come up and fight, particularly in December '44, against the bomber forces.. But, this would be the last of any serious threat by the German air forces as Allied operations determinedly moved eastward across France and the Benelux countries preparatory to crossing the Rhine into heartland Germany in March 1945.. The 392nd meanwhile, and most gravely, would feel one of the very last dying gasps of the Luftwaffe fighters on its 2 December '44 mission to Bingen on the Rhine River, where one of the small nests of enemy fighters along with one at Worms north of Ludwigshafen still remain.. As the curtain rang down on the war for the strategic Bombardment Groups of the Eighth Air Force, the men of Station # 118 at Wendling could reflect back with justifiable pride on the previous nineteen months and sixteen days of combat operations credited to the 392nd since the Liberators took to the air on their first mission, September 9th, 1943.. The bombing record of the fourth oldest B-24 Group to be assigned to the Eighth would go down as an excellent one - ranking well above the average in comparison with all other bomber units.. But, the persistency and determination with which its aircrews had fought their bombers through to attack some of the toughest targets in Hitler's Nazi Germany had also cost a grisly toll of men and aircraft.. Those who never returned would not be forgotten by their comrades who, through God's fortune, did come back from it all.. Though the statistics of war can only stand as cold, impersonal epitaphs in an attempt to describe the way it was, they can never depict nor describe the real meanings of war - those locked very personally in each one's self.. But the statistics, impersonal as they are, must stand as the only measure of achievement and regrettably, the tragedies of war that was a very personal, individual thing to all the young men involved over fifty-some years ago.. |.. B24.. NET Home Page.. 392nd BGMA Home Page.. Top of this page..

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  • Title: B24.NET - Wendling WWII B24 Liberator Bombers
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  • Title: The 285 Missions of 392nd Bomb Group
    Descriptive info: 392nd Bomb Group Missions Introduction.. This section of the 392nd's history provides details on each of the 285 combat missions and 6 diversions flown by Group personnel.. Starting 1 January 1944, the 392nd began compiling and submitting monthly Squadron and Group histories in compliance with USAAF requirements.. Information about efforts flown in 1943 is not as complete as for those that would follow, but the following is known:.. During these first missions, combat losses were heavy indeed.. During the 21 combat operations flown in 1943, a total of 20 aircraft were lost.. Of the original 35 aircrews assigned, only 18 remained on December 31, an attrition rate of almost fifty percent.. On 1 July 1943 (during stateside training), there were 85 pilots and copilots assigned to the unit.. A short six months later, only 35 remained.. Of the 50-pilot cadre lost by the 392nd, 19 had been transferred to other units, 29 were missing-in-action (MIA), and 2 had been killed in a crash during training.. By December 31, 1943, replenishment aircrews had been assigned which brought the total number of crews to 66.. By the time the war ended, approximately 4,000 men had flown combat operations for the 392nd.. They were supported by nearly 3,000 ground personnel whose outstanding efforts-sometimes  ...   the Missing" and "The Liberators from Wendling"; the 392nd's historical records and tactical mission folders; The National Archives in Washington D.. ; 392nd Bomb Group veterans; and files and data from numerous other sources including researchers in Europe.. Greatest Losses On One Mission.. These 15 missions accounted for more than half of the Group's total losses throughout the entire War.. DATES MISSIONS WERE FLOWN HAVE THE GREY DATE BOX.. Put mouse on the date, when it turns red, click on date to go to that mission page.. 1943.. June 1943.. Sun.. Mon.. Tue.. Wed.. Thu.. Fri.. Sat.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. September 1943.. 6.. 9.. 15.. 23.. 26.. 27.. 29.. December 1943.. 1.. 5.. 7.. 11.. 13.. 16.. 20.. 22.. 24.. 30.. 31.. July 1943.. October 1943.. 2.. 4.. 8.. 14.. 18.. 31.. August 1943.. 25.. November 1943.. 3.. 1944.. January 1944.. 21.. April 1944.. 10.. 12.. 19.. July 1944.. October 1944.. 17.. February 1944.. May 1944.. 28.. August 1944.. November 1944.. March 1944.. June 1944.. September 1944.. December 1944.. 1945.. January 1945.. April 1945.. February 1945.. May 1945 - Trolley Flights.. March 1945..

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  • Title: B24.NET - WWII www.B-24.net 392nd BG Aircrew Photos
    Descriptive info: AIRCREW PHOTOS OF THE 392ND BOMB GROUP.. Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers.. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd  ...   airman form boxes empty.. We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.. CLICK ON THE LETTER OF THE AIRMAN'S LAST NAME.. [.. A.. ] [.. B.. ] [.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. ]..

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  • Title: b24.net - 392nd Ground Echelon Personnel Roster
    Descriptive info: 392ND BOMB GROUP GROUND ECHELON PERSONNEL.. We have listed the names of over 2,500 men and women who served in the ground echelon of the 392nd Bomb Group.. The names come from military orders, the books Liberators from Wendling and 20th Century Crusaders, issues of the 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association NEWS, squadron rosters, diaries, personal recollections, and names written next to photographs in the 392nd archives.. Ranks are as they appear on the source document and do not reflect subsequent promotions.. If you have corrections or additions, please contact the 392nd Bomb Group at.. CLICK ON THE LETTER OF THE GROUND ECHELON's LAST NAME.. Abbreviations used in this roster:.. LFW = Liberators from Wendling, the history of the 392nd Bomb Group by Col.. MOS = Military Occupational Specialty.. SO = Special Orders.. 20thCC = 20th Century Crusaders by Ian L.. Hawkins (anthologist) and Bill  ...   Supply & Maintenance Co.. (Avn).. 806th Chemical Co.. (AO) Detachment "A".. 586th Army Postal Unit.. 2974th Finance Detachment (later, the 208th).. 2101st Engineer Fire-fighting Platoon.. 1287th Military Police Company, Detachment "A".. 264th Medical Dispensary.. American Red Cross.. "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, as I know every man who has had the opportunity to fly with the 2nd Air Division planes, would thank you if it were possible.. The flying personnel know what your efforts have been to supply them with the means to perform their part of the team's work, the long hours with little glory, and they are grateful.. As your Commanding General, I wish to offer you my sincere congratulations, and to commend you on a job well done.. --Maj.. Gen.. Kepner, Commanding, 2nd Air Division From an address on 8 April 1945 during "Salute the Ground Man Week"..

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  • Title: B24.NET - WWII Aircraft Dispositions
    Descriptive info: 392.. nd.. BOMB GROUP AIRCRAFT DISPOSITIONS.. Sorted By Last 3 Digits Of Aircraft Number.. SERIAL NO.. SQDRN.. CALL LTR.. AIRCRAFT NAME.. Date In.. 392ndBG.. Date Out.. FINAL DISPOSITION.. MISSNS FLOWN.. 41-29002.. (H) 578.. EC -.. 30-Apr-44.. 21-Sep-44.. MIA 21-Sep-44 over the North Sea;.. See MACR 10206.. 42-7004.. (E) 577.. 25-Mar-43.. 12-Jul-43.. Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot.. 42-100005.. (J) 577.. DC - P.. Old Man Boston Marclar.. 8-Jan-44.. 29-Ja-44.. Crashed 29-Jan-44 at Gissing, England after mid-air collision.. See CNLIM for 29-Jul-44.. 42-7008.. 10-Jun-43.. 24-Jun-43.. Transferred to 302nd BG, Clovis, NM.. 42-7009.. (E) 578.. Transferred to 471st BG, Pueblo.. 42-7010.. (E) 576.. 12-Jun-43.. 42-95012.. (H) 577.. DC - U.. DC - U+.. Trips Daily.. 2-Dec-44.. MIA 2-Dec-44;.. See MACR 11143.. Nose Art.. 63.. 42-95023.. DC - Y+.. 6-Aug-44.. 12-Aug-44.. Transferred to 392nd from 492nd BG after 6-Aug-44 mission.. Flew just 1 mission with the 392nd BG crashed 12-Aug-44 at Maxwell Farm, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England.. See CNLIM for 12-Aug-1944.. 42-95025.. (H) 579.. GC - P.. 8-May-44.. 16-Jun-44.. Crash landed 15-Jun-44 at Eye, Suffolk, England due to battle damage.. See MACR 5900.. 42-7026.. 29-Jun-43.. Transfer to Pueblo.. 42-95027.. DC - B+.. 9-May-44.. 23-Jun-44.. MIA 23-Jun-44 ;.. See MACR 6215.. 42-110027.. (J) 576.. CI - E.. 17-Mar-44.. 21-Jun-44.. MIA 21-Jun-1944.. See MACR 6158.. 42-110028.. (J) 578.. (J) 579.. EC - Z.. GC - Z.. 28-Mar-44.. 7-Jul-44.. While returning early from an operational mission on 4 May 1944, this plane was landed before the nose wheel was fully extended.. The nose wheel gave away and the aircraft overshot into a field beyond the end of the runway.. MIA 7-Jul-44:.. See MACR 07218.. 42-95031.. (H) 576.. CI - P.. Mary Louise.. 16-Feb-45.. Had a landing acident on 19-Jan-45, then crashed 16-Feb-45 at Pudding Norton, near Fakenham, England after being abandoned.. See the Mission Summary for 16-Feb-45.. The crew chief was S/Sgt Eugene S.. Goldsby.. See Photo.. 71.. 42-95033.. 3-May-44.. 11-Jul-44.. MIA 11-Jul-44.. See MACR 7497.. 42-7035.. 19-Mar-43.. 26-Mar-43.. Transferred to Alamogordo.. 42-95035.. GC - S.. Call Me Later.. 18-May-44.. 29-Jun-44.. Crash landed 29-Jun-44 at Wendling, England.. See Mission Summary for 29-Jun-44.. 42-95037.. GC - M.. Sally.. 22-May-44.. Crash landed 29 Jun 29 1944 at Frettenham, England.. See CNLIM for 29-June-44.. See Nose Art.. 42-29038.. (E) 579.. 5-Jul-43.. 11-Jul-43.. 42-7039.. 16-Mar-43.. 42-95040.. DC - O+.. Silver Streak.. 29-Apr-44.. Returned to USA June 1945.. In Oct 1944, the 465th Sub Depot Sheet Metal Dept.. had to patch up 392 flak holes scattered throughout her structure ("an all-time record job" per that unit's history).. On 20-Mar-45, she was strafed on her hardstand by a German intruder plane.. See the Mission Summary for 20-Mar-45.. 77.. 42-7041.. 23-Mar-43.. Transferred to 330th BG, Alamogordo.. 42-95041.. 6-Jul-44.. MIA 6-Jul-44 in the North Sea.. See MACR 7496.. 42-95045.. CI - H.. 5-May-44.. 29-May-44.. Shot down by anti-aircraft fire Southeast of Neubukow/Mecklenburg at 1240 hours;.. See MACR 05213.. 42-7049.. Transferred to Pueblo.. 42-29052.. 31-Jul-43.. Crashed 31-Jul-43 near Topeka Army Air Base, Topeka, Kansas.. See Non-Combat Accident Report 31-July-43.. 41-29056.. 1-Jul-43.. 7-Aug-43.. Transferred to Topeka.. 42-110058.. DC-Y.. Lyndy.. 4-Apr-44.. Transferred July 44 to another bomb group, perhaps 453rd BG.. 57.. 41-29058.. 8-Aug-43.. Transferred to 331st BG, Caspar.. 41-79059.. 11-Aug-43.. Transferred to Fairmount, Nebraska.. 41-29060.. 6-Jul-43.. Transferred to Caspar, Wyoming.. 42-95060.. 19-May-44.. MIA 19-May-44;.. See MACR 4925.. 42-5461.. (B17F) 577.. 20-Jun-43.. 42-7061.. 42-110061.. DC - W.. 30-Mar-44.. 8-Apr-44.. MIA 8-Apr-44;.. See MACR 3937.. This was the first mission for both the plane and crew.. 41-29061.. 15-Jul-43.. Transferred to Tucson.. 42-110062.. CI - A.. MIA 29-Apr-44;.. See MACR 4445.. Please see The Berlin Bombing Mission article.. 42-7063.. 21-Mar-43.. 42-7065.. 44-40067.. 2U - P+.. Big Fat Mamma.. Loaner from the 466th BG to the 579th BS; returned to 466th.. 42-95070.. CI - F.. Rap 'Em Pappy II.. 3-Aug-44.. Crashed 3-Aug-44 in the North Sea after being abandoned.. 42-7071.. 28-May-43.. 15-Jun-43.. Crashed after mid-air collision; See the mission page for.. 42-7072.. 42-7075.. 42-95079.. DC - E+.. Puss 'N Boots.. 1-Jun-44.. Came to the 392nd from the 467th BG, where it was named Kathleen.. See Kathleen Nose Art.. See Puss 'N Boots Nose Art.. 70.. 42-52083.. GC -.. Out House Mouse.. 16-Dec-43.. 4-Jan-44.. MIA 4-Jan-1944.. See MACR 1911.. 42-95092.. 8-Jun-44.. 5-Jul-44.. Mid-air collision with B-24H 42-28731 of the 576th BS at 1130 hours on 5-Jul-44 while returning from a practice mission.. Crashed and burned in cornfield at Foxley, Norfolk.. See CNLIM for 5-July-44.. 42-110096.. DC - W+.. Good Conduct, later becoming Sharp Character.. 9-Aug-44.. Transferred on 9-Aug-44 to 492nd BG.. The names were on opposite sides of the plane so it may have gone by both names.. See Good Conduct Nose art.. See Sharp Character Nose Art.. 42-110097.. CI - M.. 7-Aug-44.. Transferred 7-Aug-44 to 389th BG.. 36.. 42-52097.. DC - O.. Lonesome Polecat.. 25-Feb-44.. 9-Apr-44.. Likely served with the 448th and 93rd BGs before being assigned to the 392nd.. MIA 9-Apr-44;.. See MACR 3944.. 42-100100.. EC - T.. Double Trouble.. 30-Jan-44.. Two crewmen became POWs on 18-Mar-44;.. See MACR 4256.. See MACR 4444.. The Berlin Bombing Mission.. 42-100102.. Texas Refugees.. 24-Feb-44.. MIA 24-Feb-44.. See MACR 2950.. 42-51103.. GC - E.. 1-Oct-44.. 42-95103.. GC - V.. Berlin Bitch.. 11-Jun-44.. 13-Jul-44.. Crashed 13-Jul-44 at Wrangle Common, Lincolnshire, England.. See CNLIM for 13-July-44.. 42-110105.. See MACR 4446.. 44-40105.. GC - B.. 23-Apr-44.. 24-Apr-44.. MIA 24-Apr-44;.. See MACR 4292.. 42-7106.. 19-May-43.. 25-May-43.. Had a landing accident at Alamogordo.. 42-51106.. 31-May-44.. Transferred to the 392nd from the 466th BG.. MIA 11-Jul-44;.. See MACR 7495.. 42-51107.. GC - Q.. 26-Jul-44.. 2-Aug-44.. Crashed 2-Aug-44 at Lymbridge Green, Elmsted, Kent, England, after being abandoned.. See the mission summary for 2Aug44.. 42-100117.. Delayed Action.. 18-Mar-44.. MIA 18-Mar-44;.. See MACR 3329.. 42-51118.. Transferred in Aug 1944 from 492nd BG to 392nd.. 48.. 42-95118.. Alfred V.. 5-Jan-45.. Returned to USA June 1945.. See plane landing.. See Nose art.. 42-51121.. Niagara Special.. 16-Jan-45.. Transferred from the 492nd BG to the 392nd.. Crashed 16-Jan-45 near Conflans-En-Jarney, France, after being abandoned.. See The Legacy of the Niagara Special.. 58.. 41-29125.. CI - D.. Tar Heel Baby.. Transferred after arrival to 446th BG (707th BS).. 42-51125.. DC F+.. 3-Jun-44.. 20-Jun-44.. MIA 20-Jun-44;.. See MACR 6156.. 42-51126.. Umbriago.. 7-Oct-44.. Crash landed 7-Oct-44 on the Continent and salvaged 16-Nov-44.. See Mission summary for 7-Oct-44.. 41-29127.. Li l Gypsy.. 10-Dec-43.. See MACR 3517.. 41-51128.. GC - T.. Tovarich.. 18-Nov-44.. Named by M/Sgt Stephen Dergo in honor of his Russian ancestry.. 42-7128.. 42-7129.. 41-29129.. 19-Dec-43.. The Neff crew, aboard 41-29129, had a landing accident upon returning from the Gotha mission on 24-Feb-44.. See MACR 5096.. See Landing accident.. 43.. 41-29131.. CI - K.. Spirit of '46, later Flying Patch.. 12-Feb-44.. 26-Nov-44.. Originally assigned to the 446th BG, then to the 389th BG, then to the 392nd.. See CNLIM for 24-Feb-44.. ,.. mission page for 8-Mar-44.. mission page for 12-Jul-44.. MACR 8847.. Flying Patch Nose art.. Designated as War Weary on 18 Sep 1944.. Transferred 26-Nov-44 to Greencastle, Ireland.. M/Sgt Hubert H.. Lee was the crew chief.. 87.. 42-7134.. 6-Jun-43.. 41-29135.. Last Frontier.. 13-Nov-43.. 20-Dec-43.. Crashed 20-Dec-43 at West Bradenham, England.. See CNLIM for 20-Dec-43.. Nose art drawing.. 42-95135.. GC - D.. See MACR 6157.. 42-7136.. 26-Jun-43.. Transferred to 34th BG, Salinas.. 42-95136.. 15-May-44.. MIA 29-May-44;.. See MACR 5212.. 42-7137.. 42-95137.. Merry Mac I.. 13-May-44.. Crashed 29-May-44 at Thorpe, near Norwich, England.. See mission summary for 29-May-44.. Named by the Schafer crew.. 41-1138.. (D) 576.. 13-Feb-43.. 27-Mar-43.. Transferred to Davis-Monthan Field.. 42-7138.. Transferred to 19th ??, El Paso.. 42-7145.. 20-May-43.. 42-51145.. GC-A.. 40.. 42-7146.. 8-Jun-43.. Crashed after mid-air collision;.. See the Mission page for 15-Jun-43.. 42-51150.. GC - U.. I Walk Alone.. 22-Mar-45.. Was transferred to the 392nd BG from the 467th BG.. Crashed 22-Mar-45 at Whitehouse Farm, Horstead, England;.. See CNLIM for 22-Mar-45.. 42.. 42-95151.. DC - C+.. Monotonous Maggie.. The plane was named by 2/Lt William Scott, bombardier on the Anundson crew.. When he and other friends were at home, a younger girl named Margaret would annoy them by riding her bicycle nearby.. Someone told her, "Don't be monotonous, Maggie.. " An artist friend of Scott's made the original drawing, and the crew paid to have someone paint Maggie on their plane.. Returned to USA June 1945.. 88.. 42-52160.. Ski-Nose.. 8-Feb-44.. MIA 7-Jul-44;.. See MACR 7218.. Sgt Ralph E.. James was one of her mechanics.. 41-29163.. EC - F.. 14-May-44.. Designated as War Weary and transferred to Station 505.. 42-95164.. DC - P+.. Lady Eve.. 7-May-44.. 28-Jan-45.. MIA 28-Jan-45;.. See MACR 11995.. 42-7165.. 42-51169.. DC - G+.. The Chiefton.. Transferred from 576th to 577th Sqdn.. See Plane.. 42-40170.. (D) 578.. 23-Feb-43.. 1-Apr-43.. 41-29174.. DC - R.. Ambling Okie.. 17-Nov-43.. See MACR 3320.. 42-51186.. 4-Aug-44.. 10-Jan-45.. Transferred from 579th to 578th Sqdn on 20-Dec-44.. Crash landed 10 Jan 1945 at Seething, England due to engine failure;.. See Mission summary for 10-Jan-45.. 42-100187.. Pallas Athene 'G.. Jane'.. 1-Feb-44.. 8-Dec-44.. Declared War Weary on 18-Sep-44; transferred to Green Castle on 8 Dec 1944.. On 30-Jul-44, while on a non-operational training mission, the pilot made an extremely low landing approach and hit the tops of trees.. He pulled up in time to maintain flight and landed the plane safely.. The right vertical stabilizer, fuselage, and nose were damaged.. She was christened 2-Feb-44 by a bevy of WACs from Second Air Division Headquarters.. Per Stars Stripes, 14-Feb-44, she was The first heavy bomber in the ETO to be named in honor of the WACs.. The crew chief was T/Sgt Lowell Hale; also in the ground crew was Cpl Harry Kruse.. See Christening Photos.. 42-7190.. 16-Jul-43.. Transferred to 400th BG, Pueblo.. 41-29192.. DC -.. The Sky Shark.. Transferred to the 392nd from 389th BG.. See MACR 2945.. 42-51194.. CI - W.. My Prayer.. Returned to USA Jun 1945.. The crew chief was M/Sgt Edward L.. Falada, the air mechanics were Sgt Floyd C.. Stradford and Cpl Charles Terzoglio, and the Flight Chief was M/Sgt Rufus P.. Carter.. 91.. 42-95195.. 14-Oct-44.. MIA 14-Oct-44;.. See MACR 9485.. 42-7199.. 11-Jun-43.. Transferred to Clovis, NM.. 42-7200.. 22-Jun-43.. 42-51205.. Star Swinger.. 35.. 42-51207.. DC - A+.. See MACR 11140.. 42-7208.. 42-7211.. 42-7212.. 21-Jun-43.. 42-51212.. 8-Jul-44.. 21-Jul-44.. Crash landed 21-Jul-44 at Deanland airfield, Sussex, England.. See mission summary for 21-July-44.. 42-95222.. CI - Q.. 10-May-44.. 5-Aug-44.. Crashed Aug-5-44 at Sparrow Green, Gressenhall, Norfolk, England after take-off.. See CNLIM for 5-Aug-44.. 33.. 42-95223.. DC - F+.. Little Lulu.. 19-Jul-44.. 20-Jan-45.. MIA 18-Jan-1945 during a practice mission;.. See MACR 14350.. 37.. 42-95229.. GC - R.. Rap 'em Pappy.. See MACR 7216.. 42-51235.. Lassie Come Home.. 17-Sep-44.. 7-Jan-45.. Crashed 7-Jan-45 between Hellimer and Francaltrof, France, after being abandoned due to multiple engine failure.. The crew chief was M/Sgt Art Knipe.. See mission summary.. 42-51238.. GC - F.. DC - T+.. Little Joe.. Transferred from 579th to 577th in early Dec 1944.. Returned to USA, June 1945.. 72.. 42-51240.. Windy City Belle.. This plane was maintained by M/Sgt Ernie Barber.. Frequent pilot 1/Lt Donald Wood was from Chicago, hence the name.. 42-95241.. Jolly Duck.. 22-Feb-45.. MIA 22-Feb-45;.. See MACR 12658.. The John McCormick Story.. The crew chief was M/Sgt Cleon Barber.. 42-95243.. MIA 29-May-1944;.. See MACR 5211.. 42-7248.. 42-51249.. Sweat N Duck.. 25-Sep-44.. See plane.. 73.. 44-50249.. (L) 579.. GC - N.. 6-Mar-45.. 42-95250.. 42-7251.. 42-7261.. 42-100261.. Sweet Chariot.. 5-Feb-44.. 4-Jun-44.. Crashed 4-Jun-44 at Silk Willoughby, near Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England after being abandoned.. See mission summary for 4-Jun-44.. 39.. 42-51268.. GC - J.. Pleasant Surprise.. 23-Sep-44.. 1-Jan-45.. MIA 1-Jan-45;.. See MACR 11239.. 49.. 42-7272.. 42-95272.. GC - G.. CI - C.. Pursuit of Happiness.. 14-Feb-45.. Was at the 458th BG, then the 492nd before being transferred to the 392nd.. Crash landed 14-Feb-45 between Wendling and Shipdham, England, due to being out of gas.. See the mission summary for 14-Feb-45.. The crew chief was S/Sgt Donald MacRae.. 141.. 42-7274.. 13-Jul-43.. 42-7275.. 42-7278.. 42-50279.. Envy of 'em All.. 13-Sep-44.. Transferred from 492nd BG to the 392nd.. MIA 13-Sep-44;.. See MACR 8848.. 61.. 42-7283.. 44-70283.. UC-64A (578).. 11-Aug-44.. 42-50284.. Shoo! Shoo! Baby.. Declared War Weary on 30-Jul-1944.. On 15-Nov-44, while running up the engines to taxi out for take-off on a night training mission, the nose wheel strut broke.. The engines were stopped immediately.. Corrective action was taken by the 465th Sub Depot.. 42-50287.. DC - V+.. Suffered a take-off accident on.. MIA 23-Jun-44;.. See MACR 6523.. 42-7287.. 30-Jun-43.. 42-7288.. 25-Jun-43.. 42-7290.. 42-7292.. Transferred to 396th BG, Tucson.. 42-7293.. 5-Aug-43.. 42-95293.. American Beauty.. 4-Nov-44.. MIA 4-Nov-44;.. See MACR 10350.. 42-7295.. 44-40295.. 493rd BG to 487th BG to 392nd BG.. Had a taxiing accident 12-Aug-44 at Thorpe Abbotts (Station 139), England, while on a non-operational mission;.. See mission summary for 12-Aug-44.. 44-40297.. Silent Yokum.. Tansferred to 392nd from 453rd BG after 11-Apr-45.. 0.. 42-95299.. 16-Jul-44.. Returned to USA 3-Jun45; the crew chief was M/Sgt Walter S.. Meeker.. 42-7300.. Transferred to HQ 296th, Colorado Springs.. 42-51302.. CI - N.. 2-Jan-45.. 2-Mar-45.. MIA 2-Mar-45;.. See MACR 12854.. 42-7305.. 42-100308.. Our Gal.. 9-Feb-44.. On 15 Apr 1944 at 1300 hours, this plane was part of a three-ship formation and was given landing instructions for runway 19.. It peeled off from the formation.. While landing, the plane hit some prop wash and the right wing dropped.. The pilot hit the throttles but had lost enough altitude that the aircraft's fuselage hit a fence approximately four feet in height about 120 feet from the downwind end of the runway.. The plane was able to make a normal landing.. Repairs were quickly made by the 465th Sub Depot as it flew the 20 Apr 1944 mission.. Declared War Weary and transferred 6-Aug-44 to 445th BG, 702nd BG.. 34.. 44-49308.. 42-50313.. EC - W.. Wabash Cannon Ball.. 18-Aug-44.. Received from 492nd BG after 18-Jul-44 per their website.. 42-50323.. DC - D+.. Heaven Can Wait.. See MACR 11138.. 42-100334.. (J).. Patches.. Transferred about Feb 1944 to 93rd BG.. ?.. 42-50337.. Oombriago.. 31-Dec-44.. Crash landed 30 or 31-Dec-44 on the Continent.. 67.. 42-50338.. On 10-Jun-44, this plane's brakes failed while it was being taxied to the hangar.. Some damage to the #1 prop and left wing resulted.. See MACR 6985.. 43-639.. 579.. LC4 Cub.. 1-Sep-43.. 2-Jan-44.. Transferred to 20th Combat Wing, Station 104.. 42-100340.. Chubby.. 11-Feb-44.. 20-Feb-44.. Crash landed 20-Feb-44 at Pagleshan, Essex, England.. See mission page for 20-Feb-44.. 42-51340.. 22-Mar-44.. 25-Mar-45.. Crashed 25-Mar-45 at Skeyton, England after a mid-air collision.. See CNLIM for 25-Mar-45.. The crew chief was S/Sgt Donald Musselman.. 65.. 42-50343.. GC - C.. Tondelayo.. See MACR 6154.. 42-100344.. DC- W.. See MACR 2951.. 42-51345.. Crashed 16-Jan-45 at Ivinghoe, Bedfordshire, England after being abandoned.. See mission page for 16-Jan-45.. 42-100346.. Late Date.. 2-Feb-44.. Received extensive battle damage; judged uneconomical to repair.. Salvaged at the 392nd BG.. 42-51357.. CI - J.. 13-Aug-44.. 56.. 42-50358.. Pleasure Bent.. 11-Sep-44.. MIA 11-Sep-44;.. See MACR 8849.. 42-100371.. Doodle Bug.. 27-Feb-44.. See MACR 4476.. 44-49385.. 42-50387.. CI - T.. Birdie Schmidt ARC.. 15-Feb-45.. MIA 15-Feb-45;.. See MACR 12379.. Crew chiefs were Moorehouse and Haluko.. The plane was named for Birdie Schmidt, the American Red Cross Program Director at the 392nd BG's AeroClub.. See Birdie Schmidt Larrick - The Way It Was.. 42-50390.. DC-A+.. On.. , her right main landing gear collapsed.. Was severely damaged on.. 20-Mar-45.. when strafed by a German intruder plane.. 42-50409.. CI - S.. May have been nicknamed Section VIII per a 392nd BG press release;.. See Mission page for 23-Jun-44.. The crew chief was M/Sgt Fisher.. 104.. 42-52411.. CI - B.. 28-Feb-44.. MIA 18-Mar-1944;.. See MACR 3325.. This plane was named Jungle Princess II by the Clover crew (who had crashed the first Jungle Princess on 1 Jan 44); they had not yet had her new nose art painted when they were shot down on 18-Mar-44.. 42-52415.. DC - S.. DC - S+.. Fairy Belle II.. 19-Apr-44.. 15-Oct-44.. Crash landed 15-Oct-44 at Field 56 near Brussels, Belgium; it had to be salvaged.. See Mission Summary for 15-Oct-1944.. 41-21417.. 41-28423.. Crashed at Alamogordo.. 42-5424.. (B17F) 579.. 27-Jun-43.. Transferred to 330th BG, Biggs Field.. 41-28425.. 41-29427.. Ready-Willing and Able.. 19-Mar-44.. Was originally assigned to the 467th BG but was transferred to the  ...   presumably Bronko.. 42-7556.. Exterminator II.. 13-Sep-43.. 5-Dec-43.. While being loaded with bombs for the mission on.. , this ship caught fire on its hardstand.. The bombs stacked under its wings exploded and the plane was completely destroyed.. 41-29560.. Rat Poison.. 17-Oct-44.. Transferred from 579th to 577th on 18-Dec-44.. Crash landed 1-Jan-45 in a cornfield near Mons, Belgium, 6 miles from Harveng.. See Mission Summary 1-Jan-45.. 42-7560.. Blanid's Baby (pilot's side) and Little Joe (copilot's side).. 29-Oct-44.. Designated War Weary on 30-Jul-44.. Suffered a take-off accident on 29-Oct-44 at Wendling, England, during a practice mission.. On the take-off, the pilot could not pull the stick back due to binding elevator controls.. Power was cut and brakes applied, but a/c went off the end of Runway 01 into a field, hitting a ditch about 300 yards from the end of the runway.. The ditch was about two feet wide with a bank about three feet high on the far side.. The nose wheel collapsed and the landing gear buckled.. The a/c slid to a stop approximately 50 feet beyond the ditch, damaged beyond repair.. The nose art photo shows the name "Blanid's Baby" on the pilot's side while the.. crash photo.. shows the name "Little Joe" on the copilot's side.. 42-7561.. Mac's Sack II.. 17-Sep-43.. See MACR 1554.. 44-50568.. Fearless Fosdick.. 42-7570.. Our Baby.. MIA 2-Feb-44.. See MACR 2531.. 42-50571.. Dirty Gertie & My Achin' Back.. 21-Apr-45.. This plane may have had both names.. Pilot Side (Dirty Gertie).. Copilot Side (My Achin' Back).. 44-50571.. Return to USA June 1945.. 44-49577.. The Gremlin's Roost.. 20-Feb-45.. 42-7285.. (E) 5779.. 42-50586.. See MACR 6155.. 42-7588.. On 4-Dec-43, the pilot landed this plane on runway 08 going northeast.. He proceeded to the end of the runway and turned right to taxi to the dispersal area.. While taxiing the ship, the #4 propeller hit the roof of a civilian vehicle, cutting into the roof.. No one was inside the vehicle at the time.. MIA 30-Dec-43.. See MACR 1677.. 44-50589.. 42-50593.. Lady Diana.. See MACR 8851.. 42-52593.. Crash-landed 9-Apr-44 at Beccles, England.. 42-7596.. Sheila.. 7-Jan-44.. Crash landed 7-Jan-44 at Wendling, England upon return from mission.. The pilot landed too fast and too far down the runway.. The plane ran off the runway and through a ditch, causing the right gear to collapse.. It had to be salvaged.. Sheila originally belonged to the 44th BG, 701st Sqdn.. 42-7598.. The Flak Ducker.. 18-Dec-43.. MIA 6-Mar-44;.. See MACR 3183.. 42-7599.. Mack's Sack III.. 16-Nov-43.. See MACR 3945.. 42-50604.. MIA 6-Aug-44;.. See MACR 7390.. 42-52604.. See MACR 5214.. 42-52605.. 11-Mar-44.. 22-Apr-44.. MIA 22-Apr-44;.. See MACR 4171.. 42-7605.. MIA 31-Dec-43.. See MACR 1676.. 42-52607.. 8-Sep-44.. MIA 8-Sep-44;.. See MACR 8604.. 41-29608.. 6-May-44.. 20-Oct-44.. On 24-Aug-44, the plane was being flown on local operations on an airspeed calibration mission.. While taxiing the aircraft on the perimeter runway, the #4 prop sliced through the roof of the jeep, breaking a piece of the metal framework which was then thrown by the prop into the side of the fuselage.. Many wire leads to the radio equipment were severed and the #4 prop was damaged.. It also had a taxiing accident on 19-Oct-44.. (see photo).. The a/c was scheduled to take off at 1920 hours on Runway 31 on a practice mission.. Due to darkness, the a/c was only visible to Flying Control by its navigation lights.. After starting his takeoff, the a/c contacted the Control Tower that he was unable to take off.. While still transmitting the message radio contact was abruptly cut off and all visible lights went out.. Upon sending the Alert Crew out to locate the aircraft, it was discovered that the a/c had turned left onto Runway 26; the pilot said he had turned off at the first intersection to clear the runway as soon as possible.. The plane then taxied through three bays of fresh cement (15 ft.. wide and 56 ft.. long), newly laid during the day.. After the left main gear wheel and nose wheel had run through the cement, the nose wheel was sheared off when it hit the existing edge of the concrete bay.. The a/c then came down on its nose, causing considerable damage to the nose section and fuselage.. 42-50615.. Battle-damaged during mission to Oberpfaffenhofen on.. The crew bailed out over England and the aircraft crashed near Old Buckenham Airfield, Norfolk (453rd BG).. 42-52615.. Sally Ann II.. Ditched 11-Sep-44;.. See MACR 9811.. 41-28617.. Declared War Weary on 18-Sep-44 and transferred 15-Oct-44 to Greencastle, N.. Ireland.. 42-7618.. 3-Oct-43.. 5-Oct-44.. 42-50623.. GC - O.. Idiot's Delight or Ediot's Delight.. 28-Dec-44.. MIA 28-Dec-44;.. See MACR 11118.. 42-7624.. Flying 8 Ball.. 9-Mar-44.. Crash landed.. at Beccles, England.. Pilot 1/Lt James Muldoon was awarded the DFC for his skill in bringing the badly damaged plane back to the UK.. 42-7626.. Ramblin' Okie, later Liberty Belle.. 2-Oct-43.. 13-Dec-43.. Ditched in the North Sea on 13-Dec-43.. See MACR 1732.. 42-50636.. 27-Feb-45.. Transferred from 579th to 578th Sqdn.. Crashed 27-Feb-45 on the Continent, (21-Mar-45 transf to SBD).. 50.. 42-7637.. The Queen of Peace.. Interned 4-Jan-44 at Smedstorp, Sweden.. See MACR 1910.. Per the Fall 1996 issue of the 2ADA Journal, pilot 1/Lt Robert L.. Egan named her; it had something to do with a commitment Egan made to his mother before going overseas.. He had the ship christened by Father McDonough, Catholic chaplain at Wendling.. 42-52639.. CI - R.. 28-May-45.. Declared War Weary on 18-Sep-44.. Had a landing accident on.. 15-Jan-45.. Eventually salvaged by 3rd Strategic Air Depot.. 42-52642.. DC - Q+.. Short Round.. at Wendling England; the left landing gear was not locked down and collapsed on touch-down.. The catwalk was torn out.. 42-7646.. Transferred 12-Dec-43 to the 482nd BG.. 42-50647.. GC - A.. Liberty Belle.. 22-Jul-44.. Transferred from 577th to 576th Sqdn 8 April 1944.. 42-52649.. DC N.. DC - N+.. Pregnant Peg II.. 30-Jul-44.. "On 30 July 1944, while on a practice mission, pilot 2/Lt Whiteaker peeled off from the formation and lowered the landing gear.. When checked, the diagonal brace was broken.. Instructions were given by the tower at Wendling to land at Station 376 (Watton).. Landing was made on a rough grassy area.. Whiteaker managed to keep the airplane straight until the right wheel buckled inwards after hitting a large hole.. Thereupon the right wing went down, turning the airplane to the right and damaging it beyond economical repair.. 42-50650.. 1-Jul-44.. Returned to USA June 1945; per Olin Levell's records, the crew chief was M/Sgt Joseph J.. Jackson.. 41-28651.. See MACR 3324.. 42-52654.. Nightlife Nellie.. MIA 11-Apr-44;.. See MACR 3934.. 42-7658.. Poco Loco.. 5-Jan-44.. See MACR 2949.. 42-50659.. Yankee Doodit.. 15-Mar-45.. Ditched 15-Mar-45;.. See MACR 14178.. The crew chief was M/Sgt Berman Fausnaugh.. 68.. 44-50663.. 8-Apr-45.. 42-50670.. GC - K.. 42-52670.. 14-Mar-44.. On 16-Jun-44, this plane was on a non-operational mission to slow time an engine.. The plane was cleared to fly from Wendling to Barkston Heath, Lincolnshire.. The pilot came in on the wrong runway at Station 483; he overshot and ended up on the nose.. The pilot stated that his compass was off and he had bad brakes.. No one was hurt.. 44-50671.. Frosty.. 42-50673.. MIA 18-Sept-44;.. See MACR 10660.. 44-50684.. 5-Apr-45.. 41-28688.. 8-Mar-44.. See MACR 4362.. 41-23689.. (D) 579.. GC - X.. Minerva.. 12-Sep-44.. Was originally assigned to the 93rd BG.. On 13-Nov-43, had a take-off accident.. About halfway down the runway the manifold pressure on 2 engines dropped and the a/c could not take off.. The ship went across a road at the end of the runway and out into a field, striking a pole with major damage to aircraft.. She served as the 392nd's assembly ship.. Declared War Weary and transferred to Warton.. 41-28692.. See MACR 3318.. 42-50697.. We'll Get By.. Transferred from the 579th to the 577th Sqdn, then in May 1945 to the 467th BG.. Photos.. dropping bombs.. nose art.. attached.. 41-28700.. YMCA Flying Service.. 4-Feb-45.. Transferred February 1945 to the 492 BG (per May 96 NEWS).. 42-52704.. Son of Satan II.. 18-Apr-44.. MIA 18-Apr-44;.. See MACR 4053.. 42-50709.. E for Easy.. 16-Oct-44.. This aircraft had a landing accident upon return from the mission of.. 3-Feb-45.. MIA 24-Mar-45;.. See MACR 14177.. 42-50710.. Transferred to the 445th BG before September 1944.. 41-28731.. CI - V.. Transferred from the 467th BG before flying any missions.. Crashed.. after mid-air collision during a practice mission.. 41-28742.. Old Glory.. 15-?-44.. See MACR 3319.. The Books crew had decided to call it Old Glory but it was shot down before any nose art could be painted.. 44-50753.. DC Q+.. Short Round II.. 42-52754.. DC - ?.. 11-Apr-44.. See MACR 3935.. 42-50758.. Two crewmen bailed out on 13-Jul-44 and were killed;.. See MACR 7840.. MIA 12-Sep-44;.. See MACR 8852.. 41-28759.. See MACR 4462.. 42-94764.. Bad Penny.. Crash landed 12-Sep-44 Manston, Kent, England, while on a non-operational flight.. 42-52770.. Ruptured Duck.. 27-Jan-45.. 41-28772.. EC - Q.. El Capitan.. Transferred from 579th to 578th, likely after 18-Sep-44.. 42-94772.. See MACR 7371.. 41-28783.. 8-Aug-44.. Transferred to the 44th BG.. 42-50785.. See MACR 11139.. 42-63787.. DAS.. 9-Oct-43.. Transferred to 482nd BG at Alconbury.. 41-28788.. I'll Be Back.. 42-109789.. Mairzy Doats.. Two men bailed out on 12-Apr-44 and were killed;.. See MACR 4379.. Transferred to 445th or 492nd BGs.. 44-40789.. Transferred to Station 505.. 42-109792.. (?) 579.. Wicket Widget III.. Transfered to 389 BG, returned to USA June 1945.. 42-50792.. Bomb Boogie (Tail Wind?).. 27-Oct-44.. Returned to USA June 45.. 41-28801.. 26-May-45.. Transferred May 26, 45 to the 467th or 446th BG.. 42-50804.. Pleasant Surprise II.. mid-air collision during assembly over Hall Farm, Buxton Lamas, England.. 42-50813.. near Luneville France.. 42-109814.. Jive Bomber.. 2-Mar-44.. 26-Mar-44.. MIA 26-Mar-44;.. See MACR 3486.. 42-109824.. The Arsenal.. See MACR 3330.. 42-109826.. Late Date II.. See MACR 3331.. 41-11828.. (D) 577.. 24-Feb-43.. 41-28829.. EC - (?).. My Everlovin' Gal.. Transferred (?) to 44th BG (prior to Apr 9, 44).. 42-109835.. See MACR 3936.. 42-94838.. Rebel Gal.. 15-Nov-44.. Per b24bestweb, was One of the original 489th BG aircraft and of its 89 sorties, 72 were flown with the 489th.. Returned to USA June, 45.. 89.. 41-28841.. DC - Z+.. The Philly Filly.. 9-Feb-45.. MIA 9-Feb-45;.. See MACR 12216.. Oddly enough, the number on the hull is 433.. 41-28852.. Declared War Weary 18-Sep-44.. Transferred sometime prior to 16-Jan-45 to maintenance depot; transferred to SNBD on 29-May-45.. Mentioned in 465th Sub Depot history.. 42-50861.. 29-Dec-44.. Crash landed on the Continent,.. 41-23865.. Per 579th history, #865 was the 579th's first plane, being received in Feb.. 42-94867.. DC - R+.. See MACR 11142.. 42-50868.. DC X+.. See MACR 11996.. 41-11871.. Transferred to Sub Depot Demming, NM.. 41-28875.. Heavenly Body.. Overshot runway when landing on.. and was salvaged.. 109.. 42-94886.. (H) 787.. 6L - U.. No Feathered Injun.. MIA 18-Sep-44;.. See MACR 10120.. ON Loan from 466th BG to 579th Sqdn.. 44-49886.. 26-Feb-45.. 41-28891.. EC-L.. June 1945 returned to US.. 42-109896.. Gypsy Queen.. Transferred to 453rd BG.. 46.. 42-94897.. Big Time Operator.. 1-May-44.. Declared War Weary on 18-Sep-44; transferred to the 576th Sqdn on 18-Nov-44.. Crash landed 6-Dec-1944 at Wendling, England during a non-operational mission.. The crew chief was M/Sgt Arthur Madonna.. 42-94898.. Marion later, Terri Ann.. 9-Dec-44.. According to an article in the Spring 2003 issue of the 2nd Air Division Assn Journal, #42-94898 was originally assigned to the 489th Bomb Group.. She arrived in Prestwick, Scotland, on 3-May-44 and flew her first mission on 31 May.. On 18-Sep-44, she flew the low-level supply mission to Groesbeck, Holland; it was "shot up pretty bad, lost one engine, most of the hydraulics, and had several severed control cables.. We overcame the control cable problem and landed on the emergency field at Woodbridge, England.. The plane was repaired and returned to the 489th.. " The 489th flew its last mission on 10-Nov-44 and was returned to the States to take B-29 training and eventually be sent to the Pacific.. Most of the 489th planes were then sent to the 392nd BG, including #898.. While at the 392nd, nose art depicting a beautiful girl was added to the left side.. At one time, she was named "Marion,", and then "Terri Ann.. " She suffered a take-off accident on.. She survived the war and was flown back to the US on June 1, 1945 with 2/Lt Myers of the 577th Sqdn as pilot.. She was taken first to Willow Run and there was declared excess.. Her last flight was to Altus, Oklahoma on September 12, 1945; on October 24, 1945 she was scrapped.. 41-28899.. Crashed in UK, 28-Dec-44.. 42-51899.. 11-Oct-44.. 42-50901.. YMCA Flying Service (copilot's side) and Wimpy's Queen (pilot's side)".. This plane was assigned to 2/Lt B.. R.. Shaw's crew when they arrived at Wendling early in 1945.. At the request of the crew chief, Sgt Detty, the ship was named "The YMCA Flying Service.. " The crew, however, had planned to christen any ship permanently assigned to them with the name "Wimpy's Queen" in honor of Nerissa Shaw, Lt.. Shaw's wife.. ("Wimpy" was Lt.. Shaw's nickname.. His given name was Beverly and you either called him Ray or Wimpy but Never Beverly.. ) The compromise was to have the "YMCA Flying Service" name painted under the copilot's window and "Wimpy's Queen" under the pilot's window.. After this plane was flown back to the US in June 1945, it may have been flown around the country as part of the Air Corps' effort to increase the sale of war bonds.. See Wimpys Queen nose art.. See YMCA Flying Service nose art.. 42-94906.. Dragon Lady.. Was transferred from the 489th BG where it was named Homesick Lass.. 42-94907.. Transferred from the 467th BG.. See MACR 7247.. 42-94912.. Black Widow II.. 41-28916.. CI - O.. The crew chief was M/Sgt Earl Havins.. 41-11926.. 23-Jun-43.. Crashed 22 miles northwest of Deming, NM.. The crew had to bail out due to engine failure.. 42-99938.. CI -C.. Dixie Dumper.. 10-Jan-44.. at Tibenham, England.. The plane came from the 492nd BG where it was named The Dixie Dumper because most of the crew was from the South.. The nose art showed a scantily clad gal holding a sack of bombs.. 42-99945.. EC - O.. Pink Lady.. See MACR 3327.. 42-51958.. (J) 577 (J) 579.. DC - S+ GC - O.. 42-94961.. Alfred IV.. MIA 4-Dec-44;.. See MACR 11141.. 42-94966.. Madame Shoo-Shoo.. MIA 7-Oct-44;.. See MACR 9755.. 42-99976.. Pocatello Chief.. MIA 15-Mar-44;.. See MACR 3184.. 42-99979.. Kentucky Baby.. 21-Apr-44.. On 3 Mar 1944, this plane was being ferried from Wendling to Neaton (Station 505) so that battle damage repair done at Wendling could be inspected and further repairs made.. After landing at Station 505, the right main landing gear collapsed, allowing the right wing to drag and causing a ground loop.. Damaged in the accident were the right vertical stabilizer and rudder, bottom of fuselage, nose gear and tire, tail bumper gear, #4 engine, and the right main landing gear.. The right wing panel was buckled and the #3 and #4 props were bent.. at North Tuddenham, Norfolk, England.. 42-99981.. BTO.. See MACR 3328.. 42-6982.. Tempermental Duchess.. Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot.. 42-99989.. DC - V.. Son of Satan.. 23-Jan-44.. at Gravesend, Kent, England.. 42-99990.. Short Snorter.. 3-Jan-44.. in a field near Manston, Kent, England.. The nose art was based on the Mobil Gas "Flying Horse" insignia, painted on the left nose section.. It flew 128 consecutive missions without an abort.. The crew chief was M/Sgt Stephen A.. Dergo, who was awarded the Bronze Star for his fine work.. 47.. 41-28991.. Gravel Gripper.. 28-Jul-44.. Returned to USA June 1945; the crew chief was S/Sgt Earl E.. Bagwell.. 59.. 42-99992.. GC - ?.. Transferred to the 389th BG, probably in March 1944.. 42-6995.. DF-292.. Oxford.. 21-Oct-43.. Transferred to Station 547.. Note: The sorties flown were derived from the personal records of M/Sgt W.. Hoyt Barfield, the Group's Dates in and out were taken from information in the 392nd BG's files at Maxwell.. Last Updated July 26, 2011..

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  • Title: 392nd BG Stories
    Descriptive info: 392nd BG Stories & POW Stories.. The following stories were complied by the researchers of www.. b24.. net.. These stories and diaries were either submitted by one of the crusaders, their relatives, complied from other publications, or taken as narratives from the crusaders.. There are several more stories under each of the Stalag Lufts in the.. POW Research.. section.. 392nd BG Stories.. March 18, 1944 - Friedrichshafen.. - This is the incredible story of Jim Marsteller's search for information on his uncles death and the Friedrichshafen bomb run.. His uncle, Jim Morris, was the engineer on the.. Books Crew.. , who was killed in action when the B-24 bomber crashed near Hart, Germany, March 18, 1944.. Many authors and historians have commented that his research is one of the most extraordinary efforts ever made on a single WWII mission.. April 29, 1944 - Berlin.. - Annette Tison shares her in depth reseach of the 29 April 1944 mission to Berlin flown by the 8th Air Force on April 29, 1944, with an emphasis on the role of the 392nd Bomb Group.. Franke.. April 29, 2004 - Dedication & memorial to Wyatt crew.. - Annette Tison and family travel to the crash site of her uncle of the Wyatt crew and dedicate a memorial there.. This is a great testimony of individual research combined with placing a memorial to the crew 50 years after the fact.. This story should inspire others searching for information on a loved one lost in the war and what can be done to remember them over a half century later.. M/Sgt.. Ernie Barber.. - 578th Crew Chief - The Diary of Ernie Barber from the beginning to the end of the war.. Ernest Barber.. - (.. as told to Greg Hatton on Sept 16, 1989.. ) Another one of Greg Hatton's great interviews.. Barber was a crew chief for the 578th squadron.. He came to Wendling with the original cadre of the 392nd.. Staff Sgt.. Bert M.. Beals - Nose Gunner.. - The mission Diary Bert Major Beals Jr on the Slayten Crew.. Covers his missions from September 25, 1944 through April 20, 1945.. Submitted by his son, Zachary Beals.. Landon H.. Brent.. - I flew thirty one missions with the 392nd bomb group 578th bomb squadron.. Guy D.. Carnine.. - Colonel Bernt Balchen's B-24 Airline - 578th Sqdn.. Captain Bill Cetin.. - Lead Bombardier, Cassell crew as dictated to Mary (Rocky) Rothrock in January, 2000 This diary begins with Bill's notes on the Friedrichshafen raid on March 18, 1944 and continues with his missions notes through January 16, 1945.. Rocky Rothrock, close friend and post war neighbor, was a gunner with this 579th crew.. 2nd Lt.. John B.. Cihon.. - Nose Turret Gunner - This is the journal of 2nd Lt Cihon being shot down on "Poco Loco", during the Gotha mission, February 24, 1944 and his time in as a POW.. Robert D.. Copp.. - Pilot AC # 27491: "Pregnant Peg" April 29, 1944 - One of the original crews from the 577th squadron and possibly, the only one to complete the tour of twenty-eight missions.. This story is an account of the Berlin raid, April 29, 1944.. This raid lost eight planes out of eighteen for the second highest lost ratio in the 392nd history.. William B.. Dowling.. - 578th Crew Chief - The Story of William Dowling from being drafted to discharge.. Ray J.. Dunphy.. - 578th Navigator - This is an excellent diary of the 392nd missions from December 13, 1943 through July 12, 1944.. Burrell Ellison.. - OUR CREW - Pilot 576th Sqdn.. Excellent written story on the first crew to finish all of their missions in the 576th Sqdrn.. Douglas N.. - Wyatt crew AC# 42-7510: "El Lobo" April 29, 1944 - Douglas' brother, Robert, tells the story and the circumstances of the Wyatt crew who were all killed in the Berlin raid, April 29, 1944.. Lawrence G.. Gilbert.. ) This is a well written account of how the 392nd was formed and it gives great insight of the operational and logistical challenges that could only be told by Col.. Gilbert, the base C.. O.. at Wendling.. S/Sgt.. Oliver Guillot.. - Waist gunner Kaminitsa crew, 576 sq.. Oliver Guillor relates his experience with the 576th, his last mission and life in Stalag 17b.. Submitted by Greg Hatton.. George Graham.. - Co-pilot Kaminitsa crew - Down 29 April 44, There are so many things that I think of now that I had forgotten these past years.. Some days, out of a clear blue sky, I'II think of a thing that happened which I hadn't thought about in thirty years.. I flew 9 missions with Kamenitsa's crew, but I had 22 missions all together.. 1st Lt Gordon L.. Hammond.. - Pilot, 579th Squadron - This "Statement or Report of Interview of Recovered Personnel" provides details on 1st Lt Hammond's last mission (April 22, 1944) and his imprisonment at Stalag Luft III.. Navigator Robert J.. Harron.. - 577th Squadron - Schuster Crew - The Story of Navigator Robert Harron, KIA January 28, 1945, Mission #231, after a collision with 577th Sq.. Dodd's plane over target.. Hyman Hatton.. - waist gunner, Ofenstein crew.. NET POW researcher, Greg Hatton, interviews his dad on September, 1974, a 392nd POW from the Offenstein crew.. One of the best historical documents of life at a WWII POW camp.. Malcolm Hinshaw.. - HEAVEN TO HELL - Malcolm Hinshaw's story about being shot down and a POW.. William Kamemitsa.. -  ...   of Missions of S/Sgt.. Money 8th Air Force, 392 Bomber Group, 579 Bomber Squadron October 4, 1943 to March 18, 1944.. Jack Morris.. - Navigator, 576th Squadron, July 7, 1944 - On their 32nd Mission, flying B-24J 42-94772, the 392nd They were shot down after bombing an aircraft factory in Bernberg.. Jack and crew ended up in POW camp, Stalag Luft 3.. Francis Nashwinter.. - MY MEMORIES - 578th Sqdn, Francis Nashwinter's memories - written 2001.. Leo Ofenstein.. , 392nd BG/576sq.. KIA 29 April 44 - A tribute by his son and brother.. - "In the violent skies over Berlin, two men held a badly damaged B-24 aloft through shear determination.. Because of them, five crewmen escaped the flaming aircraft and had a chance to bail out.. Three generations later, the names Leo Ofenstein and John Wall are still revered by the families of those who survived.. 2nd lt.. David Purner.. , Navigator, Ofenstein crew, Down on 29 April 1944, Mission: Berlin - "When we were hit, I knew where we were - I had just logged a position report because it was a good pinpoint - the weather was clearing up but I couldn't see Hanover.. Diary of Lt.. - This diary starts with his application for cadet training in February 1942, enlistment on April 4, 1942, arrival Wendling on March 24, 1944, shot down April 29th, 1944, captured May 1, 1944 and sent to Stalag Luft III.. Forced march to Nuremberg in January 1945, then to Moosburg in March 1945 followed by the POW camp liberation by Gen.. George Patton on April 29, 1945.. This historical account ends with some vivid reflections of the POW life.. The combat diary of S/Sgt Theodore A.. Rausch.. - 26 TRIPS TO HELL - The 26 missions of the H.. W.. Miller crew from December 1, 1943 to March 24, 1944.. James M.. Ross.. - OUR TURN NEXT - as told to his son, James E.. Ross The complete history of a WWII Crusader from induction to the missions he flew , to being shot down, to being captured, to life in 3 different POW camps and death march survivor, to liberation and discharge.. This is the story for all educators to know the life of a WWII soldier.. Everett F.. Satterly.. - The history of the engineer of James Sibley's crew of the 578th Bomb Squadron.. Birdie Schmidt Larrick - THE WAY IT WAS.. , Reminiscences About the American Red Cross Aeroclub at Wendling by Birdie Schmidt Larrick.. Birdie was the ARC Program Director at the 392nd BG from December 1943 to early 1945.. She was so well-liked that one of the Group's planes was named in her honor.. This story and the many photos that accompany it provide a picture of life at the 392nd that is not otherwise documented.. Sgt.. Bernard Sender.. - 579th Turret Mechanic - Sgt.. Sender tells about the day-to-day life of a aircraft mechanic at Wendling.. Louis M.. Stephens.. - A SHORT SAGA - Our crew flew 7 more missions before being shot down September the 9th 1944 on a mission to Maintz, Germany.. There were two explosions that destroyed JAW-JA-BOY immediately after going over the target.. Bill Riddleberger and I were blown out of the aircraft by the second explosion which was the only way we could have gotten out.. John G.. Thiel.. - Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner, 576th Sqdn - "I was a radio operator gunner on B-24s with the 576th squadron of the 392nd Bomb group flying out of Kings Lynn (near Norwich) England.. I flew 30 missions and we were shot up and crashed on the last mission after dropping supplys to paratroopers in Holland.. We also flew on D-Day.. I have a list with dates etc.. of every mission we went on plus a diary.. I have many stories I could tell.. S/SGT.. JACKSON A.. TUPPER.. - His memories of as the Assistant Engineer on Lt.. Burrell Ellisons Crew in the 576th B.. 1943 - 1945.. Bob Vickers Crew.. - The Niagara Special Legacy - The crash, the crew and the return to France This is the story written by Keith Roberts, Vickers Crew Navigator, about the crash and the events that took place when the crew returned to the crash site in 1998.. John Wall (KIA 29 April 44).. - Mrs.. Carol (Wall) Williams remembers her brother - "My prayer is that this story will not glamorize the event of war.. Words can never express the feelings families have when their young men are sent out to kill or be killed.. no matter how noble the cause may seem to be; for there is no winner as the cream of that generation dies.. Only by living through this period can anyone really feel the pains of war:".. Stanley C.. Zybort.. - Aircrew SGT - The last flight of Zybort and the events of being shot-down and a POW.. - Taking one handful after another throwing the chafe out of the opening.. I plug in my head set and reported to the plane Captain what had happened.. Armetta is out of action.. He looks shell shocked.. In a daze! I'm throwing out the chafe.. Split seconds later the flak hits the plane.. A hole just to the right and slightly below me.. A blast of orange and black fire ball is seen out of the hole.. I bounce up.. I'm hit.. The calf of my left leg burns.. My flight suit is ripped where I was hit.. NET Home.. | |.. POW Home..

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  • Title: Research of WWII B-24 POW Stalag Lufts of WW2
    Descriptive info: WW2 STALAG LUFT RESEARCH.. Here you will find the internets largest and most complete research on the WWII POW Stalag Lufts in Europe.. This area of research also includes the history and first hand documentation of the 57 day, 500+ mile, forced "Death March" from Luft 4 of 6,000+ airmen.. We have focused our research on the seven German Stalag Lufts 1, 3, 4, 6, 7a, 13d and 17b.. The information these sites contain are maps, photos, government records, first hand historal records and stories.. The German system separated officers from enlisted men and sent them out to the various camps, which were know as Stalag Lufts.. These airmen's camps were administered by the German Luftwaffe and the Abwehr.. Once inside the wire, the new Kriegesgefangenen or "Kriegie" was once more among his own.. At Stalag  ...   which contained several Lagers or barracks.. These were segmented into rooms which held upwards of 40 men in triple tier wooden bunks.. In early February, 1944, most camps were evacuated in the face of the Russian advance.. Many thousands of prisoners were "on Road" for periods up to 86 days.. Only Luft I remained intact, until liberated in May, 1945.. The story of how Air Corps prisoners organized themselves for survival while in the hands of the enemy, is surely, one of the greatest chapters in American history.. As a resource, you might find.. www.. to be a help in finding data regarding those who served in the 8th AAF, 2nd AD, 392nd BG.. All mission summaries, MACR's, oversea burials, casualties, aircraft dispositions, roll of honor, stories, maps, photos of crews, planes, support, base, etc.. is there..

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