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    Archived pages: 674 . Archive date: 2013-10.

  • Title: Badcaps.net - Badcaps Home
    Descriptive info: .. My Badcaps.. net Account.. Create Account.. |.. Log In.. Navigation.. Badcaps Home.. Latest News.. What Causes This.. How To Identify.. Technical Forum.. Badcaps FAQ.. Contact Info.. About Badcaps.. Repair Services.. Repair Details.. Repair Costs.. Corporate Rates.. Warranty Info.. Request Service.. Capacitor Kits.. Premade Kits.. Rubycon Stock.. Nichicon Stock.. Samxon Stock.. Polymer Stock.. Master List.. Soldering Tools.. Browse All.. Order Status.. Recapping Tutorials.. Overview.. Cap Removal.. Cap Installation.. Testing Pointers.. Misc For Sale.. Motherboards.. Processors.. Memory.. Graphics/GPU's.. Controllers.. Complete PC's.. Distributed Computing.. Our F@H Team.. Badcaps.. net Latest News Site Announcements.. September 6th.. ,.. 2013 - Where did the Summer Go?!.. I don't know, but its gone!! The one good thing, at least we have NFL football again.. the one good thing that comes out of the fall/winter months.. Fall and the cooler weather is also a super reason to fix that ailing hardware, and what better way than with a Value Pack from Badcaps.. net, better yet because they're both on sale this month!!.. I do want to say to all the do-it-yourselfers, keep it up! It is really great to see so many of you amateur electronics guys still around today.. I also salute all the professional techs out there.. All you techies out there are the reason that Badcaps.. net is entering into its.. TENTH YEAR.. of business! I couldn't have done it without you, THANKS!.. Premade Capacitor Kits,.. click here.. For the Badcaps.. net Master List,.. For Rubycon Capacitors,.. For Nichicon Capacitors,.. For Samxon Capacitors,.. For Polymer Capacitors,.. Low on cash?.. net is your PC repair solution!! This economy has everyone in a pinch and worried about their financial future! I understand that, and can help! I know that every dollar counts these days, and most just can't afford to shell out hundreds for a new computer right now.. Replacing the bad capacitors on your mainboard is the cheapest and most reliable way to get several years more service out of your system!.. We can repair your PC mainboard for a small fraction of what replacement would cost! The average repair cost is  ...   net can help!! The bad capacitor problem has diminished greatly in the PC motherboard world, but it is not extinct yet! Bad capacitors are more commonly found in your computer's power supply or LCD monitor these days, but you still want to check your motherboard, as they can still be found there many times.. If you find some, fear not, there is a cure!!.. BADCAPS.. NET is cleaning out the attic!!.. The Badcaps.. net 'rummage sale' has been quite successful, most of it is gone from this round.. I have more that I am preparing to add to the site, so keep checking back! I also have a bunch of IT Grade network stuff to add as well.. This is your chance to get some insanely awesome buys on used but working hardware I have on hand.. This hardware consists of unclaimed repairs that have been here over a year, hardware I've taken on trade, and hardware that has been in goodie boxes over the years.. Every piece for sale has been tested and/or reworked/recapped, then cleaned, and is in perfect working condition.. The garbage and non-functional stuff has since been sent to the recyclers.. You may view my hardware for sale.. HERE.. The list of hardware will be progressively added to, so always check back!.. net has.. EXPRESS SERVICE.. Available!!.. Have an emergency repair??? Don't want to wait for the Standard Service? Click.. for details on Badcaps.. net's new Express Repair Service! The average turnaround time for Standard Repair Service is roughly 10-15 days in my shop (weekends excluded).. My new Express Repair Service reduces the turnaround time to no more than 4 days in my shop (weekends excluded)!! Express Repair Service is an additional $25.. 00 per board, and is completely optional.. Full details.. September Specials:.. net Motherboard Value Pack, only $59.. 95!! Sale ends Sept 30th, 2013!.. Click here to order now!.. net Power Supply Value Pack, only $72.. Examples of bad capacitors:.. net.. | Copyright.. 2002 - 2013, All Rights Reserved.. Server has been up for 44 Days, 15 Hours, and 18 Minutes..

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  • Title: Badcaps.net Online Super Store
    Descriptive info: Top.. Catalog.. Create an Account.. My Account.. Cart Contents.. Checkout.. Categories.. net Value Packs.. (2).. Premade Kits-.. (50).. Rubycon.. (27).. Samxon.. (7).. Nichicon.. Polymer Caps.. (6).. Hardware For Sale-.. (10).. Systems For Sale.. Manufacturers.. Please Select.. net Cap.. net Har.. net Rep.. Fujitsu.. Sanyo/Oscon.. Soldering Equip.. United Chemi-Co.. What's New?.. Hynix 512mb (2x 256mb DIMM's) PC3200 DDR2 240-Pin.. $6.. 95.. Quick Find.. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for.. Advanced Search.. Information.. Shipping & Returns.. Privacy Notice.. Conditions of Use.. Contact Us.. My Account Information.. NOTE:.. If you already have an account with us, please login at the.. login page.. Your Personal Details.. * Required information.. First Name:.. *.. Last Name:.. E-Mail Address:.. Company Details.. Company Name:.. Your Address.. Street Address:.. Post Code:.. City:.. State/Province:.. *.. Country:.. Afghanistan.. Albania.. Algeria.. American Samoa.. Andorra.. Angola.. Anguilla.. Antarctica.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Argentina.. Armenia.. Aruba.. Australia.. Austria.. Azerbaijan.. Bahamas.. Bahrain.. Bangladesh.. Barbados.. Belarus.. Belgium.. Belize.. Benin.. Bermuda.. Bhutan.. Bolivia.. Bosnia and Herzegowina.. Botswana.. Bouvet Island.. Brazil.. British Indian Ocean Territory.. Brunei Darussalam.. Bulgaria.. Burkina Faso.. Burundi.. Cambodia.. Cameroon.. Canada.. Cape Verde.. Cayman Islands.. Central African Republic.. Chad.. Chile.. China.. Christmas Island.. Cocos (Keeling) Islands.. Colombia.. Comoros.. Congo.. Cook Islands.. Costa Rica.. Cote D Ivoire.. Croatia.. Cuba.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Denmark.. Djibouti.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. East Timor.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. El Salvador.. Equatorial Guinea.. Eritrea.. Estonia.. Ethiopia.. Falkland Islands (Malvinas).. Faroe Islands.. Fiji.. Finland.. France.. France, Metropolitan.. French Guiana.. French Polynesia.. French Southern Territories.. Gabon.. Gambia..  ...   Pakistan.. Palau.. Panama.. Papua New Guinea.. Paraguay.. Peru.. Philippines.. Pitcairn.. Poland.. Portugal.. Puerto Rico.. Qatar.. Reunion.. Romania.. Russian Federation.. Rwanda.. Saint Kitts and Nevis.. Saint Lucia.. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.. Samoa.. San Marino.. Sao Tome and Principe.. Saudi Arabia.. Senegal.. Seychelles.. Sierra Leone.. Singapore.. Slovakia (Slovak Republic).. Slovenia.. Solomon Islands.. Somalia.. South Africa.. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.. Spain.. Sri Lanka.. St.. Helena.. Pierre and Miquelon.. Sudan.. Suriname.. Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands.. Swaziland.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Syrian Arab Republic.. Taiwan.. Tajikistan.. Tanzania, United Republic of.. Thailand.. Togo.. Tokelau.. Tonga.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Tunisia.. Turkey.. Turkmenistan.. Turks and Caicos Islands.. Tuvalu.. Uganda.. Ukraine.. United Arab Emirates.. United Kingdom.. United States.. United States Minor Outlying Islands.. Uruguay.. Uzbekistan.. Vanuatu.. Vatican City State (Holy See).. Venezuela.. Viet Nam.. Virgin Islands (British).. Virgin Islands (U.. S.. ).. Wallis and Futuna Islands.. Western Sahara.. Yemen.. Yugoslavia.. Zaire.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. Your Contact Information.. Telephone Number:.. Fax Number:.. Options.. Newsletter:.. Your Password.. Password:.. Password Confirmation:.. Type the characters you see in the picture below.. Shopping Cart.. 0 items.. Bestsellers.. 01.. 2200uF 6.. 3v 10mm HZ Series.. 02.. 1800uF 6.. 3v 8mm HZ Series.. 03.. 820uF 6.. 3v 8mm HN Series.. 04.. 220uF 16v 6mm ZLH Series.. 05.. 3300uF 6.. 06.. 07.. 1500uF 6.. 08.. 2200uF 16v 10mm PX Series.. 09.. 470uF 16v 8mm MBZ Series.. 10.. 470uF 16v 8mm HN Series.. Reviews.. The kits worked great! Got my hands on 3 old 17 G5 iMac's,.. Languages.. Currencies.. US Dollar..

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  • Title: Badcaps.net - Badcaps Home
    Descriptive info: Server has been up for 44 Days, 15 Hours, and 19 Minutes..

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  • Title: Badcaps.net - Latest News
    Descriptive info: L a t e s t N e w s U p d a t e s.. October 14, 2009.. After about a year of contemplating this, I finally decided it was time to set up a dedicated shopping cart backend for ordering capacitors.. The old system was very effective, but also very primitive.. and it was time for something a bit more streamlined.. Capacitors and capacitor kits can now be easily and quickly ordered through this new backend, and it sure makes my life a lot easier!! A special thanks to Petey for all your help in setting this up.. This is just one more step along the way to insure that Badcaps.. net is able to provide you with the best prices, service, and most importantly, QUALITY!!.. July 24, 2007.. Well, after over 3 years of the old site design, I felt it was time to put a new face on things.. Along with the new design, I also built a dynamic content management system, and will be adding a bunch of new features, articles, and how-to's to the site as well.. 90% of the work is done, the remaining 10% left is the really time consuming stuff, so stay tuned!!.. December 21, 2006.. Wow, I haven't added to this in quite some time.. I guess today is as good as any!! Badcaps.. net is happy to announce that we now carry Samxon brand capacitors as well as our Rubycon caps.. Rubycon prices have risen a bit over the last year or so, and I was afraid I would be forced to raise the price of repair services.. For those on a tighter budget, taking advantage of the lower cost Samxon caps has allowed me to maintain the same low cost for Standard Grade repair service! Rubycon caps are still available and ALWAYS will be for those who want them.. Some of you may be scratching your head at this, thinking 'why would Badcaps.. net of all places promote a lower-cost cap?' The answer is simple: Samxon caps have been tested by me personally over the course of the last year, and I have found them to be excellent quality! I have had zero failures with them, they hold ESR well within tolerance of their specs over time, and they're less costly.. Samxon is more of a 'generic' variety versus the big name brand like Rubycon.. I just felt it would be better in the end for the customer to have more of a selection.. You can now choose whether you want your board recapped with Rubycon or  ...   WOOHOO! Much has changed over the first year so far.. What started off as just an info site has evolved into far more than I ever imagined! I was honored to find out that Tech TV gave Badcaps.. net several endorsements and plugs on 'Call For Help' and 'The Screen Savers'!! We're walking in tall cotton now! Thanks to all of YOU, Badcaps.. net has become what it is today!.. October 19, 2003.. com became available, so I registered it.. Maybe I should grab the.. HMM.. October 07, 2003.. Badcaps now has forums! If you have a question, comment, suggestion, or idea, head on over and register! The bigger the community gets, the better this site and services will get!! Check the forums out.. September 16, 2003.. I've finally set up a dedicated server and DNS for this site and this site ONLY!! No more slow access and DNS errors!! Thanks for your patience! I am finally finishing up the incomplete sections of this site!! It should all be wrapped up by the end of this week! I also decided to dress this site up a bit.. I was bored the other night and started tinkering with Photoshop.. Two days later, this was the results.. I had not planned on doing this, but the 'tinkering' turned out far better than I ever imagined!.. September 14, 2003.. This site finally got a dedicated server and DNS!! No more errors and downtime!! It's sure nice to host my own sites.. :).. July 07, 2003.. The new site layout was decided upon and implementation began.. June 04, 2003.. Work began on new perspective layouts for this site.. June 02, 2003.. net made Capacitor Kits available.. May 24, 2003.. Yes, I know this site STILL isn't totally finished yet.. I've been really REALLY busy lately, and have neglected the site a little.. I'm working on this ASAP!! I'll hopefully have everything wrapped up this weekend (with the exception of all the pictures).. May 04, 2003.. net received its first board for rebuilding as a direct result of this site!! Ok, this posting was kinda like pinning up that first Dollar bill on the wall.. HEH.. April 25, 2003.. I publicly posted this site in a few search engines, newsgroups, and forums.. Within a couple days my inbox was flooded with inquiries, questions, and just about anything capacitor related.. April 22, 2003.. net was registered and construction began on the site.. Thanks to all that helped fuel this idea and make it become a reality! You won't have to worry about recapping your boards anymore..

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  • Title: Badcaps.net - What Causes This
    Descriptive info: W h a t C a u s e s T h i s D i s a s t e r ?.. How did this happen?.. The reason this problem exists is because of a large-scale industrial espionage foul-up.. Some companies decided to steal an electrolyte formula from another competitor.. Little be known to them, the stolen formula was incomplete and flawed.. They didn't discover this until it was too late and they had manufactured and distributed literally MILLIONS of these flawed capacitors.. It was way too late for any kind of recall, and even today, these crappy components are being used in new boards.. As I mentioned before, I believe this problem runs much deeper than simply an industrial espionage screw-up, as that incident was exposed years ago, and the problem still exists today.. Nowadays, it just boils down to corporate bean counters cutting corners to save money by using shoddy components.. The cause.. This inferior and flawed electrolyte formula was used by a number of component manufacturers that sold to many different, reputable, and well known motherboard manufacturers.. This problem isn't isolated to one particular brand of motherboard, and not even isolated to motherboards alone.. I won't mention brands, but a VERY popular monitor manufacturer has been plagued with RMA's on some of their monitors that were built using these inferior capacitors.. This problem has been reported in computer motherboards, monitors, televisions, radios, and stereo equipment.. Through my experiences owning a service center, I've personally seen and serviced a large number of  ...   your board.. From a physical standpoint, the capacitor can display a number of symptoms and even have catastrophic failures.. Catastrophic failure is a rare phenomenon, but it does happen.. The reason is this.. A capacitor canister is completely sealed and air tight.. When the electrolyte dries it turns from a liquid state into a gas.. This gas expands with heat and builds great pressure inside the canister, the theory is the same as a pressure cooker.. Of course the obvious happens when that pressure builds too much, and the capacitor will vent.. This is what causes the capacitor to 'bulge' or swell up.. In a catastrophic failure, the capacitor may actually burst or explode.. It can sound like a firecracker going off or sound similar to air escaping from a car tire, depending on how high the pressure has built.. A physically failing capacitor has an ammonia-like odor (at least that what I thought it smelled like).. Capacitors that has swollen up are easy to detect, but one that has burst are even more noticeable.. It will usually blow from the top and spew its innards throughout your computer case.. The innards are mostly paper and any remaining electrolyte, but it sure can leave a mess.. Once again, catastrophic failure is a rare phenomenon.. It's not dangerous either, as long as you practice common sense safety precautions! If you suspect bad caps, don't put your face near them while the system is powered up, and don't eat the paper or electrolyte that they blow out!..

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  • Title: Badcaps.net - How To Identify
    Descriptive info: I d e n t i f y i n g - P h y s i c a l D e f e c t s.. Identifying Bad Caps.. Are you wondering whether your board has the bad capacitor plague? Here are some things to look for on your board that are tell-tale signs of bad capacitors.. The board in the following photo's is an Abit KT7 Athlon motherboard.. This particular board is a rather bad one, yours may not look quite as nasty.. Click the thumbnails in the right column for full size view.. The full pictures open in a properly sized popup window, so you may need to disable any popup blockers to view.. Don't worry, there is NO advertising on this site!! The item you click on is what's displayed!! No unwanted garbage!.. Ok, from looking at those photo's, I'm sure you get the idea.. Look for swelling on the tops of the caps, and also along the base of the caps.. Take note of the brownish crap oozing from the bases, that is electrolyte.. In some cases, you may also catch a whiff of a strange odor permeating the room, and this time it wasn't those refried beans you had for lunch.. The smell kinda reminded me of an ammonia-like smell.. Whatever it may smell like to you, the aroma is very distinctive!!.. You may also notice that the capacitor isn't sitting flush to the board.. If they're tilted and pointing in every which direction, that is  ...   Please note that these symptoms can occur even if your capacitors are not showing the physical signs demonstrated above.. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen.. Most of the time, there will be physical signs of failure.. System Faults:.. Motherboard fails to POST.. Memory Test Fails.. System randomly and/or constantly reboots itself.. Fails to fully boot (or even install) Operating System.. System randomly and frequently freezes.. Random frequent 'Blue Screens of Death'.. BSoD or hard freeze under heavy drive activity (Either RAID, SCSI, or standard ATA).. CPU temps abnormally higher than usual under typical or less load.. *CPU VCORE other system voltages are erratic or far out of tolerances.. Resetting the system after a freeze and the system will not repost.. (You have to completely power down then power back up.. *CPU VCORE System voltage issues can also be associated with a faulty power supply.. Before you decide your caps are bad, ALWAYS try a known good and high quality power supply.. If your capacitors display any of the above symptoms, there's a chance that you've got the plague.. The more sporadic and random that the symptoms occur is usually a good sign of bad caps.. However, you should double check any and all drivers and other hardware FIRST! Some of these symptoms can easliy be mistaken for other computer problems! Although, if you've already done that and your system is still acting like this, there's a good chance that you may be faced with breaking out the 'ol soldering iron!!..

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  • Title: Badcaps Forums - Salvation For Your Hardware!
    Descriptive info: Badcaps Forums.. User Name.. Remember Me?.. Password.. Register.. FAQ.. Members List.. Social Groups.. Calendar.. Search.. Today's Posts.. Mark Forums Read.. Welcome to the Badcaps Forums.. You must.. register.. before you can post, click the register link to become a member! You may browse this forum as a guest, but you will not be able to view attachments (images other members uploaded) or post replies/new threads.. PLEASE NOTE that the Badcaps.. net tech support forum and the Badcaps.. net store are two separate entities! Registering for this forum does not create a store account, and visa-versa!! Creating a store account does not create a forum account.. If you need to create a store account to order capacitors, click.. !.. The Administration has removed the block on free email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail, as I have implemented some stronger anti-bot countermeasures to keep them out.. Beware that Yahoo Mail is notorious for "losing" account activation emails, I've seen some messages take 6 hours to get through Yahoo.. If you use a Yahoo account and don't receive the activation email within a few hours, contact the forum administrator for help.. Forum.. Last Post.. Threads.. Posts.. Battling the Bad Capacitors.. Frequently Asked Questions.. All new members, PLEASE READ HERE FIRST!.. How to run the self test on a.. by.. tom66.. 08-31-2013.. 06:49 AM.. 41.. 538.. Announcements Related News.. (2 Viewing).. Site announcements, capacitor-related news, and anything relavant you might think of.. Got News? POST IT!!.. New Members - please post.. u271D.. Today.. 01:20 AM.. 185.. 5,552.. General Capacitor Questions Issues.. (4 Viewing).. Questions and answers for identifying whether your device has bad capacitors.. Also post general capacitor-related questions and issues here.. Average lifespan of a polymer.. theOracle.. Yesterday.. 07:09 PM.. 1,832.. 18,584.. General Topics.. General Computer Discussion.. (3 Viewing).. Have just a general computer question, post it here.. This can be anything from an OS issue, hardware issue not related to capacitors, upgrade question, or so on.. Choosing a Desktop.. ivtec.. 12:33 PM.. 2,743.. 40,261.. Network Design Troubleshooting.. Post your computer network questions, ideas, gripes, and so on in here.. This can be any type of network, whether its cabled, wireless, or whatever.. An inflexibility with Wi-Fi.. shadow.. 05:06 AM.. 137.. 1,583.. Off Topic / Lounge.. Discuss anything.. This is an open forum for off topic discussions.. Speak your mind, but keep it civil! Excessively gross, vulgar, racial, or otherwise objectionable content is not allowed.. where did AOL go?.. Uranium-235.. 12:35 AM.. 2,812.. 39,463.. Custom Tweaks, Modifications, and Revisions.. If you've customized  ...   Supply Design and Troubleshooting.. Technical discussion for power supplies.. This covers PC supplies, and any other related power supply issue.. FSP300-60THA - FSP 3528.. 05:40 PM.. 1,970.. 30,044.. Audio Equipment Discussion.. Technical discussion on audio equipment troubleshooting and installation.. This can be anything from a home/car stereo, guitar amp, and so on.. Onkyo HT-R591 keeps clicking.. rievax_60.. 12:30 AM.. 485.. 4,819.. Equipment Usage, Soldering, Techniques, and Reviews.. (9 Viewing).. Technical discussions concerning soldering techniques, usage of test equipment, how it works, what's best, and some pointers in using it all.. Re: talk to me about BGA.. c_hegge.. 11:03 PM.. 630.. 7,502.. Motherboards with Bad Capacitors.. Abit - Asus - Aopen.. Post your Abit, Asus, and Aopen motherboards with bad caps in this forum.. Asus P4P800-SE no boot no.. Ranmamez.. 07:23 PM.. 409.. 3,895.. ECS - EpoX - Gigabyte.. Post your ECS, EpoX, and Gigabyte motherboards with bad caps in this forum.. Epox 8rda6+ pro no more.. 09:33 PM.. 310.. 3,482.. MSI/Microstar.. Post your MSI/Microstar motherboards with bad caps in this forum.. Msi pm8m3-v.. trodas.. 09-24-2013.. 04:40 AM.. 235.. 2,244.. Soyo - Shuttle - Supermicro.. Post your Soyo, Shuttle, and Supermicro motherboards with bad caps in this forum.. Shuttle XPC SD30G2B (FD30.. momaka.. 09-21-2013.. 12:13 PM.. 90.. 722.. Major Manufacturers Boards.. Post your boards made by the major PC manufacturers with bad caps in this forum.. This includes integrated boards such as Compaq, HP, Dell, IBM, Gateway, etc.. Fried Toshiba Satellite U500.. Claudio Silva.. 09-25-2013.. 11:58 PM.. 355.. 4,186.. All Others Motherboards.. (5 Viewing).. Post all other motherboards with bad caps in this forum.. If your board doesn't fall under any of the above brands, list it here.. no post Pcchips T18 after.. mrmazda.. 09-22-2013.. 12:59 AM.. 340.. 3,012.. Other Devices with Bad Capacitors.. This includes power supplies, add-on cards/graphics cards, monitors, home/car/commercial electronics, and just about anything with bad caps that's not a motherboard.. Philips 19PFL5522D/05 LCD TV.. Pentium4.. 09-29-2013.. 04:25 PM.. 724.. 6,154.. View Forum Leaders.. What's Going On?.. Currently Active Users.. : 155 (21 members and 134 guests).. Most users ever online was 658, 10-29-2006 at 06:48 PM.. balotzki1972.. ,.. dj_ricoh.. flocko.. gps31.. Hombre.. jimmyplumb.. kostasha.. lobsterlobster.. marekk.. multiplexer.. newbie1.. nickovic111.. SIDMX.. sukabojoku.. tejos.. timbotim.. wibble.. Badcaps Forums Statistics.. Threads: 30,574, Posts: 374,956, Members: 91,875.. Welcome to our newest member,.. Forum Contains New Posts.. Forum Contains No New Posts.. All times are GMT -6.. The time now is.. 02:14 AM.. -.. net Forums.. net Technical Forums © 2003 - 2013.. Powered by vBulletin.. Copyright 2000 - 2013, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd..

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  • Title: Badcaps.net - Badcaps FAQ
    Descriptive info: F r e q u e n t l y A s k e d Q u e s t i o n s.. QUESTION:.. Is my motherboard worth repairing?.. ANSWER:.. That all depends, but I have to say for the most part YES.. For example, it only costs about $65.. 00 to recap a motherboard.. Tote up what it would cost to replace one!! If your board is part of a server array or has proprietary characteristics, it is well worth repairing.. Also, many fail to consider all the hidden costs of upgrading their PC's core components.. For example, compatible RAM, new CPU, new hard disks, case, power supply, and the biggest bite in the ass, new Operating System.. If you're running a legit OEM copy of Windows, you must purchase a new license if you change cores, as you will not be able to legally reactivate the old OEM license when you reinstall it on the new core.. All that can easily add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars!.. Is my power supply the reason my motherboard has this problem?.. That's possible, but most likely not the true root of the problems.. Low-end power supplies can emit what's known as 'ripple', which is caused by poor filtration amongst the PSU's rectifier and regulation modules.. Ripple is A/C oscillation slipping through your PSU (Power Supply Unit) to your motherboard's regulation circuits.. Motherboard regulation circuits, also known as VRM's (Voltage Regulator Modules), were designed to further regulate the clean voltages from the PSU, not filter out 'dirty power'.. Dirty power thus causes unnecessary stress on its polarized component, such as capacitors, ultimately resulting in premature failure.. If your board has poor quality capacitors, the faulty power supply just sped up the inevitable, your board would have failed anyway.. With ANY computer system, I strongly recommend a sufficient power-rated and quality brand power supply.. I can't emphasize this enough!.. I think my computer was struck by lightning or a power surge, will this cause my capacitors to fail?.. Yes, lightning and power spikes are a leading cause of component failure amongst computers and many other electronic devices.. However, of you think that lightning has struck your computer, the damage usually goes much deeper than just fried capacitors.. I've personally seen lightning destroy motherboards, power supplies, video cards, and most commonly modems.. My capacitors are not bulging, but my system has become unstable and displaying many of your listed symptoms.. Are my capacitors  ...   offer a limited warranty on the actual components.. The full details of this warranty are outlined.. I use very high-end replacement capacitors, and to be honest, I've never had a board come back on me with failing capacitors again.. My motherboard was unstable out of the box when I bought it new.. Did I get a new board with bad capacitors?.. More than likely NO, your capacitors are not bad.. Before you jump to the conclusion that your capacitors are bad, there are TONS of other factors that will make your motherboard unstable.. First and foremost is power supplies! Also make sure you have the latest drivers for everything, and that the motherboard and all your peripherals are compatible with each other.. Usually, your board will gradually go from perfectly stable and then become unstable as time goes by if the capacitors fail.. Think of capacitors as batteries, they weaken with age.. Normal electrolytic capacitors will last for many many years before becoming weak, but when they're manufactured with poor materials, they fail very prematurely, resulting in the headaches that brought you here to read this.. My motherboard is still under its factory warranty.. If I send it to you, will my factory warranty be voided?.. Yes.. Although I am a very skilled technician, I am.. NOT.. an authorized service representative for any manufacturer.. If your motherboard is covered by the vendor in which you purchased it or by the manufacturer, send it to them!! If I service it, the factory warranty will be voided!!.. I sent in my motherboard and noticed that not all of the original Rubycon or Panasonic caps were replaced, why?.. On many systems, such as Dell GX and SX systems, it is not necessary to replace them all.. If they used Panasonic or Rubycon caps initially, there's only a few in problem areas of the system that will cause you any issues, those are the ones that will be replaced.. I do check the others just to be sure, and if they're the least bit questionable, they are replaced.. If your system has Nichicon brand HM and/or HN series caps with date codes of 2003~2005, they will all be replaced regardless, as those particular era series caps were part of a faulty run by Nichicon.. Rest assured, even if all the caps aren't replaced, I'm confident enough in their performance and my experience that they will pose no problems, and I will cover them under my warranty..

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  • Title: Badcaps.net - Contact Info
    Descriptive info: C o n t a c t B a d c a p s.. n e t.. Motherboard Repair.. If you wish to request repair services for your motherboard, please read all the information outlined under Repair Services and Warranty information.. Once you do that, fill out the web form with your information.. You will have a live response within 24 hours.. If you have questions, include them in the remarks box on the web form.. If you would like to obtain a Cap Kit for your motherboard, you may order online via the links below.. You may also mix and match any and all brands into the cap kit that meets your needs.. Premade Capacitor Kits.. Rubycon Mix Match.. Samxon Mix Match.. Polymer Mix Match.. The old order system has been permanently removed, as it's no longer needed with the new online store.. However, if you need something not shown in the store or have any questions regarding ordering or about the products themselves, don't hesitate for a second to contact me.. Just click the feedback link below and complete the form.. FAQ Forums.. If you have a question about recapping your board, or any others, please consult the.. page.. If  ...   hundreds of emails come in asking questions, sharing success stories, and tips to improve things.. I also received a lot of questions from people with motherboards other than VP6's plagued with bad capacitors.. The majority of the motherboards happen to be Abit, but not all.. Just the same, I decided to expand things a bit and create a central location for information, how-to's, replacement parts, and repair services all in one location.. Since the launch of this site in April of 2003, the response and feedback from all of you has been remarkable! For the full story, read more.. I hope you've found the information here useful! If you did, a kind word in the forums and newsgroups would be appreciated!! The more that know of this sites' existence, the more that won't be scratching their heads and wondering what's wrong with their computer.. Please use our web form links above to contact Badcaps.. If the web form submission fails, MAKE SURE that you have entered a valid email address! An invalid email address WILL cause the submission to fail! If for some off the wall reason your web form submission failed, and you entered valid information, you can email me directly..

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  • Title: Badcaps.net - About Badcaps
    Descriptive info: net Facility is located near Salem, Missouri.. I purchased this in 2005 as the repair end of Badcaps.. net needed to expand.. The 10' x 10' room I was previously using just wasn't cutting it anymore.. The structure is 40' x 60' with 16' ceilings, with an office and service lab that are heated and air conditioned.. As 'big' as Badcaps.. net may appear.. bear in mind, it is and always has been a 1-man show.. I have no employees, no secretary, no partners, no financial backers, and the best part, no boss to answer to.. with the exception of you, my prospective customer! Anytime you are in contact with Badcaps.. net, you are dealing directly with the owner, CEO, master tech, and janitor.. I get all the fancy job titles.. net Facility, located near Salem, Missouri.. net was established in late 2002 to counter the bad electrolytic capacitor issue that has been plaguing computer hardware since around the turn of the century.. More than likely, if you're even reading this, you know what this site is about.. Incase you don't, just keep reading.. The bad capacitor issue really began to blossom into the mainstream as a 'real world' problem around 1999, and continues on to the present day.. It now being 2010, I am STILL seeing later model boards with this problem.. The tale behind why the capacitor problem exists in the first place is because of a large-scale industrial espionage foul-up.. Some component manufacturers decided to steal an electrolyte formula from another competitor.. However, it's been going on way too long to simply blame on an industrial espionage boo-boo in my humble opinion, as this problem is still extremely common, and hasn't slowed down.. Personally, I think it all boils down to shoddy components that are manufactured by shoddy component makers.. Most all the information about this problem is scattered in bloated forums, newsgroups, and unreliable (here today, gone tomorrow) websites.. That in itself is enough to make you throw your board in the trash! I've gathered a lot of information, along with my own knowledge and experience, and created a central location to post it.. Hopefully this will bring your search to an end!.. net's mission in life is not to make it's owner a millionaire (although, that would be nice).. It's purpose is to help those on a tight budget be able to repair their computer in a reliable yet very inexpensive manner.. So far, I have succeeded.. Back when I started this, I was pretty much broke as the next guy.. I was  ...   over the years, and the one thing they all have in common is a failed computer with bad capacitors, with a search that landed them at.. www.. badcaps.. As the capacitor problem grows, so does the fly-by-night populous of potential competitors/copycats.. Always remember, this is my sole job!! I don't work a day job and then moonlight this out of my basement or garage at night like so many do these days.. I have a fully equipped shop, large inventory, and the experience to make any copycat run home with their tails between their legs.. I've been in the electronics and computer field for almost 20 years.. wow, where does the time go!! I've seen more than a few copycats come and go over the last few years, some gracefully, some not-so gracefully.. I'm not trying to come across as 'cocky', really, I'm not.. but with the building of any business, it was a rough road and up hill most the way! I'm proud of the achievements and milestones I've made! Badcaps.. net has definitely made its mark on the entire computer industry.. net has been featured on programs such as TechTV's show Call for Help , and many many other reputable and popular internet sites! Badcaps.. net is approaching its EIGHTH year, and was the pioneering site when it came to focusing solely on this problem and creating solutions for it.. The idea was spawned and the groundwork laid in late 2002, and this site was launched in April of 2003.. Never accept anything less than the BEST for your computer's component level repair service or the parts you need to fix it yourself, and the best is BADCAPS.. NET!!.. I want to thank all of YOU for your support and encouragement (even in the face of humility) all these years!.. Thank you for visiting Badcaps.. net!! I appreciate every visitor and potential client.. If there's anything that I can do to help you, please don't hesitate for a second to contact me with your questions.. The bad capacitor problem is now approaching a decade in duration, and its not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon, it looks like all my hard work building this site wasn't in vain, as I get emails from folk on nearly a daily basis thanking me for all the info and effort that's gone into this site.. It really means a lot to me, I thank all of you for your compliments!!.. - Chris P, owner of Badcaps.. Server has been up for 44 Days, 15 Hours, and 20 Minutes..

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  • Title: Badcaps.net - Repair Details
    Descriptive info: M o t h e r b o a r d R e c a p p i n g R e p a i r S e r v i c e s.. Recapping Services.. As the result of many requests, I have decided to offer repair services on motherboards.. The brand or model of your motherboard does not matter, as bad capacitors are not discriminative by brand.. If the caps are bad, Badcaps.. net can rebuild it! The only boards I do not work on are laptop boards.. they are just a disaster and end up costing me more than I can make off them, so I simply do not accept them for repair.. In the column on the right are a few examples of Badcaps.. net reworks.. You will note the high-quality caps, correct sizes, and top-notch workmanship (ok, I'm a little proud of my work)! Some of these photos are over 4 years old, I am in the process of getting some newer photos in higher resolutions and on newer hardware.. Click the thumbnails for full size view.. Professional Recapping Services:.. More Details:.. With every customer I've worked with in the past, one of the first questions they asked me was 'What exactly will you do to my motherboard?'.. I do a complete updating of your board once I receive it.. When it first arrives I clean it thoroughly, removing dust bunnies from the crevices.. Its then connected to my test jig, and run through a battery of stress tests before I do any modifications to the board.. This will answer a number of questions right off the bat, such as:.. 1) Does the board POST (Power On Self Test).. 2) Is the BIOS the most current revision.. 3) Test stability within an operating system.. 4)  ...   latest revision (if necessary), and the abusive testing begins once again.. Using my self booting diagnostics utilities, I run it through a 24-hour constant burn-in cycle.. Once it passes that, I'll look at it closely to make sure that nothing else on the board is failing.. If it can pass my testing, there's not much more that one can dish out that it can't handle beyond the motherboard's design specs.. Note that I DO NOT do any overclocking tests, or support any type of, or make any guarantees of overclocking success.. I'm all for experimenting and overclocking, but I won't guarantee that when your board returns it will overclock any better than it did before.. There are too many factors that equate into a successful overclock, and the motherboard is only one.. However, when your board returns to you it will be as strong and solid as it was when you purchased it new.. Once again, referring back to the VP6, just about every customer has reported their board was far more stable and overclocking friendly than it was when it was new.. I've been in the computer field since 1993, and in the electronics field since 1990.. I owned a PC store for a great many of those years and have more worldly experience in this field than money and college could ever buy! You can rest assured that when your board comes home it will be back in tip-top shape again!! I offer a full warranty on the new capacitors to back this up!.. Notice!!!.. ANY REPAIR NOT PAID FOR WITHIN 60 DAYS OF RECEIVING IT WITHOUT PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE SOLD OR OTHERWISE DISPOSED OF!! I just can't keep these things longer than that, they do suck up a lot of shelf space that other repairs need!!..

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