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  • Title: Backyard Organics | Organic Lawn Care Services Oshkosh Appleton Green Bay WI
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Why Organic?.. Services.. Products.. FAQ.. About Us.. Testimonials.. Ask an Expert.. Articles.. Contact Us.. Nurturing Healthy Soils.. Creating Safe Landscapes.. Establishing Chemical Free Gardens, Farms, Orchards and Vineyards.. Creating Natural Abundance.. Creating a Sustainable Environment that Requires Less Time, Effort and Cost.. Feeding and Protecting Trees and Shrubs Naturally.. SELF SERVE COMPOST TEA AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS!!.. Compost tea will now be available at our shop every Friday and will be distributed throughout the weekend.. Cost is $15 per 2.. 5 gallon jug (price includes compost tea, jug and extra food pack).. Cost to refill or if you bring your own jug is $4 per gallon.. A cash box will be onsite for payments (Cash or check only) and payments will obviously be based on the honor system because its likely we will not be available.. If you have any questions please send me an email at info@backyardorganics.. net.. Welcome!.. Backyard Organics was born out of one couple s desire to have a safer, healthier lawn for their family and pets.. We have since grown to have a better understanding of the complexities of natural ecology and soil biology and how that relates to a healthy lifestyle.. We are dedicated to providing you and your family a  ...   go chemical-free today!.. Our Services.. Complete Soil Analysis.. Site Evaluations.. Spring, Summer and Fall Applications.. Weed Control.. Top Dressing with Organic Matter.. Over-Seeding.. Natural De-Thatching.. Garden Services.. Tree Shrub Service.. Pest Disease Control.. Deer Protection.. Mosquito Protection.. Tick Protection.. For more detailed information on each of our services.. click here.. You may be surprised how easy, cost effective and worry free an organic lawn can be.. Phone:.. (920) 730-3253 or 888-200-0446.. Email:.. info@backyardorganics.. net.. Free Quote.. Our Videos.. Click to Play.. Description: Hover over the preview window to get a brief description of each video.. VIEW ALL VIDEOS.. Featured in the April 2012 edition of Nature’s Pathways magazine.. Compost Tea.. Compost Tea Now Available Click Here For Details.. Events Calendar.. Click Here For Our Events Calendar.. Shopping Cart.. Your shopping cart is empty.. Visit the shop.. Recent Articles.. Sustainable soils Part 2 – How nutrients and soil biology work together to form sustainable soils and healthy plants.. Sustainable Soils Part 1 Soil Basics.. Scotts Miracle Gro Fined $12.. 5 Million in Pesticide Case.. Building Successful Homeowners through Education.. Healthy Soils with help from Compost Tea.. NOFA.. Backyard Organics, LLC.. | (888) 200-0446 or local (920) 730-3253 |.. 5171 Green Valley Road, Oshkosh, WI 54904.. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Why Use Organic Lawn Care Services? | Residential and Commercial Organic Lawn Care Services near Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay
    Descriptive info: Conventional chemicals used to treat lawns are toxic to humans and animals and have been linked to cause cancer and even death in pets.. Several states have passed laws making it illegal to use chemical pesticides in public areas.. As people become more aware of the damage caused by these chemicals, they will seek a safer solution.. Backyard Organics offers a safe alternative to achieve a thick, healthy lawn without the use of toxic chemicals!.. “Of the 30 most commonly used lawn pesticides, 19 can cause cancer, 13 are linked to birth defects, 21 can affect reproduction and 15 are nervous system toxicants.. ”.. (.. Beyond Pesticides, Quarterly Publication, Fall 2009.. March 6, 2011.. ).. Set aside for a moment the health concerns and look simply at the practicality of chemical treatments.. Once your soil has been depleted of microbial activity (caused by chemical and synthetic treatments) your plants will always be dependent on the synthetic nutrients.. This dependency is costly, has a number of ecological side affects and comes with unpredictable results.. Why not start a program that promotes the idea of nature treating nature for  ...   these 3 factors rather than using a predetermined plan which can be inconsistent and unnecessary be cause it doesn’t address a lawn’s unique needs.. It s all about the soil! Best of all, because our lawn care products are non-toxic, lawns can be used immediately after application!.. Create a healthier lifestyle by providing safe and effective lawn care services and products.. Our products and practices are not only safer for your family, but are also beneficial for the environment.. Organic lawn care begins with the soil and understanding it s biological, structural and textural makeup.. By amending the soil, balancing its PH level, and providing an active blend of diverse microbial activity, we are able to create the healthiest environment for optimal grass growth.. Backyard Organics makes use of all natural products such as compost teas, gypsum, corn gluten, and uniquely blended grass seeds to produce a lush lawn.. Sustainability.. Over time, as you feed your soil organically you will eventually achieve self sustainability which means less time, less effort and less costs to maintain that healthy, safe lawn.. Have a Question?.. Visit our.. Ask the Experts Page..

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  • Title: Organic Lawn Care Services | Residential and Commercial Organic Lawn Care Services near Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay
    Descriptive info: We have both Do-it-Yourself products as well as full service applications and will accommodate whatever degree of service works for you.. Our general coverage area for service is from Green Bay to Fond du Lac.. We will explore expansion option depending on demand.. If we do not currently reach your area please don t give up.. We will work with you in any way we can to help you better understand the organic approach, enabling you to get started on your own.. The longer a soil is under chemical control the longer it takes for that soil to be self sustaining.. The sooner you start organics the better and doing something is always better than doing nothing.. A word about compost teas.. Backyard Organics is a firm believer in the benefits in using compost and compost teas and would enjoy having a detailed conversation with you regarding all of its benefits, however, in the meantime, here is what the experts in the industry have to say about compost teas.. Click Here to Learn More ».. Good tea is worth the trouble to brew because it can transform your lawn and garden.. Paul Tukey, author of the Organic Lawn Care Manual.. Compost tea is one of the inputs on the horizon that will change the way we deal with several of the management aspects of growing high quality turfgrass, either in your backyard, on your town’s parks and athletic fields, or on commercial and institutional properties.. Chip Osborne, Osborne Organics.. The use of actively aerated tea, when applied under a proper management regime, returns beneficial biology to the soil.. This in turn rebuilds a soil food weed which, reduced dependency on fertilizers and pesticides, improves plant growth and reduces disease, significantly reduces water use, reduces toxicity, and encourages the healthy establishment of healthy biology.. Dr.. Elaine Ingham, President and Director of Research at Soil Foodweb Inc.. Aerated compost teas are the latest in scientific organic research today.. In many ways, aerated teas offer greater immediate benefits than classic compost, manure, or other homemade foliar teas.. The Garden Web.. Need more? Click the Google logo to search the benefits of compost tea.. Soil Testing.. New in 2013 Backyard Organics will have the ability to evaluate biological activity in your soils using our own lab equipment.. Understanding soil biology is the key to sustainability.. Comprehensive soil testing forms the basis of any successful organic maintenance program.. To fully understand your soil conditions three tests (Biological, Chemical and Textural) would be recommended, however, completing all three tests is typically not economically feasible for the typical home owner.. To balance the necessity of the test and economic considerations, all soil samples are sent to a nationally recognized, independent laboratory (the same lab used by organic farmers nationwide).. The results of the test not only show us mineral, chemical and nutrient profiles of the soil but also provide a clearer textural picture of the soil structure and provide a better indication of what nutrients are available to the plants.. Our formula, used with BYOtea™, is rich with a diverse group of fungi, bacteria as well as beneficial predators (protozoa and nematodes).. Biological testing would provide a benchmark for future progress, however, it would not change our process since we are adding the microbes anyways.. Soil testing is a free service with a year’s service commitment.. Site Evaluation.. A Backyard Organics™ representative will visit your site make notes regarding, square feet of treatable area (turf, gardens, trees shrubs), soil compaction, turf density, thatch, disease/pest indicators, weed presence, and general lawn condition.. If the homeowner is available, we would also like to know if you have an irrigation system, invisible dog fence, if you have treated your lawn in the past with chemicals and any other concerns you may have as a home owner.. Applications – General Process.. Backyard Organics™ uses our own BYOtea™ formular with different variations depending on the season.. The formulas used are based on trial and error studies and experiences taken in part from Universities/education facilities, organic farmers and organic land care professionals throughout the world and have been adjusted to accommodate our soil types found in this part of the state.. For more information on BYOtea™ and the process click here.. ».. Our formulas are brewed in two different phases; the first phase is to extract and activate the microbes from the compost.. The BYOtea™ formula for the first phase generally will remain the same throughout the year and will include nutrients that specifically benefit the soils specific to this region of the state.. The purpose of the second phase is to prepare the “tea” for microbial soil growth in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible.. The BYOtea™ formula for the second phase will change depending on time of the year and the purpose of the application.. Our standard BYOtea™ formula is balanced with equal parts of fungal and bacterial dominated compost which allows it to benefit many different soil types and structures as well as benefit many different plant types including turf, flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.. The compost used is organically certified and undergoes continuous testing to insure that the quality, quantity and diversity of microbial activity is at its optimal level.. The compost that Backyard Organics™ uses is the best we could find in the Midwest.. In addition to superior compost we also add natural/organic ingredients that add the full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and nutrients which aid in naturally fertilizing the soils and promote sustainability.. For more specifics please refer to the application descriptions below.. We strive to  ...   Winter formula BYOtea™.. When to Apply: October November.. Product Description: Winter is the time we focus on long term fungal microorganisms and fungal foods which act as an energy source during the winter months and the start to the following spring season.. A live, active diverse blend of beneficial nutrient cycling bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa.. The winter formula places a greater emphasis on establishing beneficial fungi and long term fungal food.. - Mow low without scalping.. Weeds are not an indication of a healthy soil.. There are beneficial weeds such as clover, which naturally add nitrogen to the soil, however most are a symptom to an issue.. Backyard Organic s goal is to root cause the issue rather than continuously deal with symptoms.. This service may include total eradication, spot weeding, pre-emergent control, soil modification, over-seeding, and proper mowing techniques.. No lawn care plan (chemical or organic) can permanently eliminate weeds.. We will, however, provide you with a safe, earth-friendly means of controlling them.. Backyard Organics™ does not provide chemical treatments however, if necessary, we will coordinate the efforts needed with a lawn care professional that uses synthetic products for weed control.. Top Dressing with Organic Matter/Compost.. Ideal soils have a minimum of 5% organic matter, a small percentage but a critical component to a sustainable soil.. Top dressing with compost is the quickest way to add organic matter to a deficient soil.. We recommend a top dressing application of 1/4 of compost with grass cut to 2 inches.. Backyard Organics top dresses with only premium compost and/or top rated granulated worm casting compost.. Granulated.. Compost.. All of the benefits mentioned above and more.. We use only compost that has been tested for not only nutrients but microbial activity as well.. Our compost is rich in all the things found in our compost tea but with the added benefit of having organic matter as well.. Applying quality compost as a top dressing is one of the most labor intensive application but provides the greatest benefit.. Aeration.. Backyard Organics using one of the best commercial grade aerators on the market which allows air and moisture to penetrate to the roots.. Some would say the most important step in producing a healthy lawn.. Over-seeding.. All grasses have a life cycle and replenishing the old with the new is a great way to choke out weed growth.. Backyard Organics uses a proprietary blend of grasses along with Mycorrhizae fungi, that can handle soils and conditions of all type.. We recommend over-seeding with aeration however its not absolutely necessary.. Over-seeding with Mycorrhizae Fungi.. Mycorrhizae fungi encourage disease resistance, water retention, and overall plant vigor which would help expedite the growing process.. We combine the benefits of Mycorrhizae with our proprietary seed blend for outstanding for fast and effective results.. Garden (Flower Vegetable) Service.. In many ways, aerated teas offer greater immediate benefits than classic compost, manure, or other homemade foliar teas.. The bottom line here for gardeners is that if you do not have enough compost to apply to your yard and garden to increase the beneficial microorganisms, use compost tea.. This will quickly get their numbers up to levels that will provide all the help you need in getting rich, vigorous plant growth.. Our Teas provide a balance between fungal and bacterial microbes, the nutrients to feed the biology and the necessary predators to jump start your garden.. Then your job is to plant and harvest healthy, vigorous flowers and vegetables.. We recommend at least 2 garden applications per year (early spring and fall).. Deep Root Fertilization.. In nature, trees and shrubs are fed through the decomposition of forest litter.. This benefit is not provided by the home landscape.. Our deep root fertilization provides a needed feeding with nutrients and organic soil conditioners, keeping plants healthy and helping them to resist disease.. Soil Soak Fertilization.. As a soil drench, BYOtea™ develops a biological barrier around roots to prevent root disease-causing organisms from being able to find the roots.. The tea also provides nutrients for the roots to improve plant growth and improves nutrient and moisture retention.. Foliar Fertilization.. The availability of essential nutrients from the soil may be limited by root uptake.. Factors affecting nutrient uptake are soil temperature, soil moisture, nutrient imbalances and general energy deficiencies.. Foliar feeding can help maintain the nutrient balance within the plant, while this imbalance may continue to occur with soil nutrient uptake.. A site evaluation will be necessary to determine the appropriate fertilization method.. How Does Compost Provide an Alternative to Pesticides and Fertilizers?.. Good quality compost tea and compost is the cornerstone of organic gardening and landscaping.. The simple.. truth is that healthy, vigorous plants resist pests and diseases.. The best way to raise healthy plants.. is to have healthy soil, and the best way to have healthy soil is to use compost teas and compost.. Non-toxic methods.. Our program uses only non-toxic methods for treating and preventing pests and disease by relying on the following processes and do-it-yourself techniques:.. • Aerating to reduce plant stress.. • Monitoring moisture because inadequate moisture levels can weaken plants and make them susceptible to pest problems.. • Compost teas have been shown to suppress powdery mildew.. • Manually removing infected tree and shrub branches.. • Manually removing weeds.. Natural and Organic treatments that protect food crops as well as ornamental trees and shrubs.. Deer protection is available as a service and/or do-it-yourself products.. Apply as needed.. Natural and organic treatments.. Preventive and repellent for turf, woods and natural borders and shrub beds.. Available as a service and/or do-it-yourself products..

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  • Title: Natural and Organic Herbicide and Pesticide Products | Residential and Commercial Organic Lawn Care Services near Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay
    Descriptive info: Natural Repellents.. Natural Herbicides.. New This Year!.. Compost Tea for the Do-it-Yourselfer.. Once the microbes become active within compost teas, their oxygen consumption increases dramatically which reduces the shelf life to less than 24 hours (without aeration) before the oxygen in the compost tea is depleted and becomes anaerobic.. Backyard Organics has developed a formula and delivery system that can be used by the typically gardener, whenever they need it without piles of compost  ...   up sites where freshly brewed compost teas will be available on a weekly basis.. Bring your own container or use the jugs provided at each site.. 2.. 5 Gallon jugs $15.. Bring your own jug $5/gallon.. Compost tea will soon be distributed as a self serve service at the following locations;.. Backyard Organics Shop Location.. Stuarts Oshkosh.. Stuarts Fond du Lac.. Gardens of the Fox Cities Central Appleton.. If requiring more information please email us..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions | Residential and Commercial Organic Lawn Care Services near Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. Q.. What s a simple way to test soil structure?.. The ribbon Test.. Here is how.. A quick and easy way to test soil structure is to try the ribbon test.. Simply place a small soil sample in the palm of your hand and rub back and forth with 2 fingers.. If the soil begins to break down prior to achieving ½ inch in length you likely have predominately sandy soils.. If the soil breaks down at 1 ½ inch you have a loam soil.. If the soil breaks down at 1 ¾ inch or longer you have a clay soil.. Knowing this information will help you better understand the current capabilities of your soil and what is required to achieve a healthier soil, however by itself, soil structure is only a part of the big picture in achieving our goal.. Why turn thatch into organic matter rather than rake it up?.. When applying our Early Fall application we add additional microorganism that are specifically built to break down dead plant material (thatch) into organic matter.. Why? Check out the following results of a study done using the same microorganisms on farm fields.. A couple years ago a study was done that measured organic matter on several farms which have used microorganisms for a number of years, including a research farm near Princeton, IL.. With permission from neighbors, we pulled samples from biologically farmed fields and adjoining conventionally farmed fields with the same soil types.. Our soil samples were segmented into (a) the top three inches, (b) three-to-six inches, and (c) six-to-12 inches.. Soils were tested by Midwest Laboratories, and.. in every instance the organic matter was higher on the biologically farmed field than on the neighboring conventionally farmed field.. The first set of samples we pulled at our farm compared our biologically farmed soil with the conventionally managed soil to our south, and showed our soil had:.. · 23% more organic matter in the top 3 inches.. · 26% more organic matter in the 3-to-6 inch profile.. · 10% more organic matter in the 6-to-12 inch profile.. The difference across a line where a fence once stood was amazing! Our side was dramatically higher in carbon content.. So, we checked another side of the farm.. This time we compared our soils to the conventionally-farmed soils adjoining our west boundary.. These tests showed we had:.. · 40% more organic matter in the top 3 inches.. · 49% more organic matter in the 3-to-6 inch profile.. Even more dramatic! Averaging these two sites, the biologically farmed soil has 3.. 9% organic matter compared to 2.. 9% on soils without.. microorganisms.. added.. The difference is 1% organic matter.. ·.. 1% organic matter = 20,000 pounds of organic matter per acre.. 1% organic matter also translates into the soil’s ability to store another 10,000 gallons of water per acre.. That’s about one-third of an inch of extra rainfall captured each time it rains.. We usually run low on soil moisture three or four times between summer rains, and an extra third of an inch of stored moisture delays severe moisture stress by one-to-three days each time..  ...   ultimately facilitate re-growth and recovery.. • Mow only when absolutely necessary.. If a mowing event is needed, avoid mowing during the hottest part of the day (this benefits the turf as well as the operator).. For full UMass article, visit:.. http://extension.. umass.. edu/turfmanagement-updates/dry-conditions-turf-dormancy.. How can I eliminate Creeping Charlie/Jenny?.. A: Field bindweed (creeping Jenny) is very difficult to control because of its extensive root system.. In turf situations, where cultivation is not practical, a post-emergent herbicide is recommended.. Small infestations of bindweed in non-turf areas sometimes may be controlled by covering the area with mulch and not allowing any green plant material to emerge.. Field bindweed control is best achieved when plants are actively growing and in the seedling to flower stage of growth.. Multiple applications may be required for complete eradication.. The reason for it not appearing to be as bad last year is probably linked to your persistence the previous year, which weakened the energy reserves of the plant s root system.. I really think your best approach is to follow a combination approach of spraying anything that comes up with Roundup and covering the area with a black tarp for this growing season to hopefully starve the plant to death!.. Update!! 20 mule team borox (laundry soap) has shown some positive results against creeping Charlie.. Are all Corn Gluten products the same?.. A.. No.. We use Corn Gluten Meal which has 60% protein making it much more affective as a pre-emergent while adding up to 10% Nitrogen.. The cheaper corn gluten products are typically only 18% protein.. Its the protein that is the catalyst to the pre-emergent affect and the nitrogen source.. What ingredients are used in our liquid applications and is there manure in it?.. We have a compost special made for us by an organic herb farm in Central IL, so it has lots of plant residues from many different herbs.. We see this giving our compost tea a unique habitat for the microbes not only those that are native to the compost, but also the ones we specifically add to increase diversity.. By keeping manure out of it, we have not had any issues with pathogens, and our supplier routinely checks for E Coli, Coliform, and Salmonella.. If they did find any in our QC checks, they would dump that batch and not sell it.. Since this is the same product used with commercial produce and fruit growers, they don’t take any chances with those pathogens.. This is one of the things that sets our liquid application apart from home-brewed compost teas or any product utilizing manures, where the chance of containing these pathogens is much greater.. How important is the timing of the applications?.. Timing is critical for the pre-emergent application due to the seed germinating process, however not so much with the remaining applications.. Production farmers are using compost teas weekly so applying once a month will not harm your plant life and applying any amount of compost tea/extracts is better than applying no application.. Is the organic approach affective on weeds?.. Yes, but it may take time.. Please refer to our article.. Controlling Weeds Organically.. for more details..

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  • Title: About Us | Residential and Commercial Organic Lawn Care Services near Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay
    Descriptive info: Our Story.. Backyard Organics, LLC was born in 2004, was incorporated in 2006, and was the first company of its kind in Wisconsin.. We are also the first Wisconsin Organic Land Care business accredited by NOFA, one of two organizations in the country that accredit ORGANIC LAND CARE Professionals (AOLCPs).. The business was born from one couple’s desire for a safe and healthy lawn for their family, which contin ues to be our driving force today.. The meth ods used then and now are based on the lat est information established by various organic farmers, scientists, and associations and are guided by the principles of NOFA.. Today, Backyard Organics, LLC is owned and operated  ...   families, pets, and the planet while maintaining a sustainable natural ecosystems.. Our Promise.. We will continue to educate ourselves and our clients on the benefits of organic land care and the business will be run with a purposeful commitment to our clients, our community and our environment.. Doing well is the result of doing good.. That is what capitalism [should be] about.. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.. Backyard Organics is also actively involved in the following programs and committees:.. Sustainable Neenah.. Sustainable Fox Valley.. Gardens of the Fox Cities.. Master Gardeners of the Fox Valley.. Community Gardens of the Fox Valley and Oshkosh.. Habitat for Humanity Fox Valley.. Adopt a Gardens Neenah.. Neenah Historical Society..

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  • Title: Backyard Organics Customer Testimonials | Residential and Commercial Organic Lawn Care Services near Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay
    Descriptive info: Thank you for all of the great work.. Backyard Organics is by far the best lawn care service with whom my wife and I have ever worked! We continue to recommend you to our neighbors.. Pete and Diana S.. Thanks for the great service in 2012.. I’ve been very pleased with the outcome of using the organic process.. Barbara H.. We moved into our home six years ago and struggled with our lawn on a consistent basis.. We tried fertilizing it ourself, brought in new soil and reseeded, and also had a local lawn care company service our yard for a few years.. Nothing seemed to help, in fact, each year the turf got worse and worse.. Our front lawn was thinning out to more mud and weeds than grass.. We have mature trees and a very shaded front yard, so after consultation with a few other lawn companies, it was suggested we cut down the trees, which we didn t want.. to do.. Then we did a websearch for an organic lawn care company and found your company s information.. It sounded like what we were looking for, a company that would improve the quality of our turf while protecting the health of our children and our dog.. After one season of service from Backyard Organics, we actually have grass in our front yard! We cannot believe the difference we have seen in only a few short months of time.. In the past, our front lawn rarely needed to be cut, and now it is growing constantly.. We feel that all of our concerns have been addressed in a quick and professional manner.. We could not be happier with the improvement we have seen in our lawn! Jason and Jamie.. Thanks Todd, I loved the natural smell.. Actually a treat from all the chemicals in the neighborhood - Kay.. I luv u guys Greta J.. Most effective products that we ve tried, and we ve tried a lot!.. I cannot believe how much thicker my grass is and am enjoying the barefoot experience Betsy P.. Hey Jim, I used that weed killer today and WOW that works fabulous! I am happier than a pig in poop JI went and sprayed hard to pull weeds in all my flower beds and then checked on them a few hrs later and DEAD!TO top it off, the air in my yard smells AWESOME! LUV IT! I am really going to promote this stuff to all my like minded friends!So glad you told me about it.. Lisa.. The grass came in nice a green and, now that the dandelions are mostly gone, the lawn looks the best it has in years.. Sean.. This is the third year that we have used your services.. Our lawn keeps looking better each year.. Last year our lawn was lush and beautiful.. We like the option do it yourself for some of the services.. Thank you for all your hard work and for bringing safe, healthy lawns to the Fox Valley.. –.. Cindi A.. This will be our third year with Backyard Organics.. We have noticed a very marked improvement in our lawn since we started with Backyard Organics in 2007.. We strongly believe that the improvement is due to the resourced approach that Backyard takes to lawns.. They are giving our lawn what it needs, rather than just dumping fertilizer on it.. We also like the fact that our lawn is getting what it needs with products that are green and safe for our environment.. Lou B.. Our lake project is located in the Oklahoma Panhandle.. It is an extremely dry region that only receives 17-18 of precipitation.. This difficult site is compounded by  ...   , Vienna,Virginia.. Maggie our collie, wants to thank you for a very healthy lawn, and I second it.. Also each new customer will improve our environment.. Helen D.. I wanted to update our results with the Natura Bulb 2-step system that we tested on our spring bulb plantings.. Seventy thousand.. bulbs were treated, 85% of them tulips.. Normally in early spring when the tulips pop out of the ground we have a terrible time trying to keep the deer away from this food source.. We applied one Mycrotab 5-5-5 bulb tablet with the fall planting, and then sprayed the newly growing tulip in early Spring.. The deer not only stopped browsing the tulips, but moved away from all the sprayed areas.. We had less than 5% overall damage to the tulips.. The most amazing part was that by using the Bulb 2-step, we also reduced non-germinating tulip bulb loss, to almost zero, and we only only had to apply the spray once all season! Thank-you for thinking outside the box and making a great product even better.. Cullen Gardens Minature Village Plants, Whitby, Ontario.. Thank you for providing an organic alternative for our lawn care and ultimately for the care of our family and pets that use the lawn.. I so appreciate your company in our own back yard.. We have used organic lawn products for over eight years but have had to mail order all the supplies.. Since you have examined our lawn I am able to have tailor made care with just a local phone call.. Alicia G.. As you know, we applied the ML2 [Mycrotabs] tablets and repellent spray to over 40,000 native plants that we installed at the Grizzly Creek Rest Area in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado for the Colorado Department of Transportation.. These products were used to enhance survival and discourage the numerous deer in the canyon from feeding on our plants which were indigenous to the canyon and therefore prime forage for the deer.. The work was completed last fall and we have not seen any damage to our plants as they came out of dormancy and are filling out quite successfully.. Under similiar conditions I would definitely use your products again!.. Randall Blake Inc.. , Littleton, Colorado.. I can breathe easily knowing that my children can safely play on our lawn without being exposed to harmful chemicals which can negatively affect their immediate as well as future lives.. Being able to control their immediate environment is a huge relief!.. Tatyana D.. I purchased two of your products at the Appleton Farmers Market and am thrilled with the results.. Celia.. Z.. We were thrilled to see our lawn doing so well after just two years.. It has taken some time and money, but our lawn looks just as good, if not better than the other synthetic lawns in the neighborhood.. People have actually stopped to ask what we use.. I am always happy to tell them it is safe, natural and will not run off into Winnebago contributing to the toxic algae blooms, or harm my vegetable garden.. April F.. I am happy we switched to your company for the maintenance of our property.. I ll be honest.. I was cautiously optimistic at first.. You told me it would work, so I went along with it.. You have met and succeeded my expectations.. Our lawn is better than ever and our trees and landscaping are kept well groomed.. I have noticed the little things you doing and appreciate it.. You sweep our parking lot, pick up litter and kill the weeds coming through the little cracks in the pavement.. I will gladly renew our contract with you.. Kevin D.. , Owner, Remax Valley Realtors..

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  • Title: Ask Experts about Lawn or Garden Care | Residential and Commercial Organic Lawn Care Services near Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay
    Descriptive info: Have a question about your turf, garden and/or soil?.. Send it to us and with the help from our staff, a Landscape Architect, a Horticulture Instructor, and an Agronomist for the Organic Farming Community, as well as the vast network of organic land care professionals throughout the county we should be able to get you an answer to your questions.. Thank you for your time and interest!.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Address (optional).. Phone Number (optional).. Subject.. Your Question.. Please enter captcha text then click Send (required)..

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  • Title: Backyard Organics Articles Page | Residential and Commercial Organic Lawn Care Services near Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay
    Descriptive info: Feb.. 14, 2013 |.. Todd Rockweit.. To understand how soils work in conjunction with plants, you really need to understand cellular biology; however, in this article, we are going to take a much simpler look at how soil nutrients, plant function and soil biology work together to form a sustainable environment.. As indicated in February’s article, most of us [.. ].. Read the rest of this article ».. Jan.. 06, 2013 |.. In a series of articles that will be written throughout this years growing season, I will try to walk you through the process of converting a non-productive and/or chemical dependent lawn, garden, and/or farm into a safe, sustainable environment that requires less time, money and effort to achieve fantastic results.. This month, however, we are [.. Sep.. 07, 2012 |.. CONTACT: Enesta Jones jones.. enesta@epa.. gov 202-564-7873 202-564-4355 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 7, 2012 Scotts Miracle-Gro Will Pay $12.. 5 Million in Criminal Fines and Civil Penalties for Violations of Federal Pesticide Laws WASHINGTON — The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, a producer of pesticides for commercial and consumer lawn and garden uses, was sentenced today in federal district court [.. 28, 2012 |.. Providing low-income families with an affordable home addresses only part of the issue of poverty; in addition to building houses, Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity works to ensure that our first-time homebuyers become knowledgeable homeowners.. Families that partner must demonstrate that they have a genuine need for decent, safe and affordable [.. 09, 2012 |.. For the past year  ...   |.. Very little customization can be done with dry applications (early spring and winter applications), so they will remain the same for 2012.. However, I have asked our agronomist to re-evaluate our wet applications in an effort to improve on the effectiveness of the application.. The result of his findings and numerous conversations with professionals in [.. Creating a Self Sustained Lawn Care Program and Why Bacteria Play a Large Role.. What They Are and A Few Interesting Facts Bacteria are minuscule, one-celled organisms that can only be seen with a powerful light (1000X) or electron microscope (we re talking TINY).. They can be so numerous that a pinch of soil can contain millions of organisms.. Bacteria are tough—they occur everywhere on earth and have even been [.. Balancing Healthy Lawns with Healthy Lifestyles.. Oct.. 24, 2011 |.. This month’s question: A concerned individual recently contacted me with this issue.. “My dog lays in our yard all the time.. Do I really want to expose her to this [chemical weed treatment]?” I was definitely comfortable offering this individual an emphatic “No.. ” We shouldn’t expose our family to any chemicals if we can avoid [.. 19, 2011 |.. Traditional lawn care since the late 1940’s has feasted on a one-size-fits-all approach to weed control that paints every plant with the same broad stroke.. However, the EPA estimates that only 2 percent of the active ingredients in synthetic weed killers, called herbicides, ever reach the target plant.. The other 98 percent goes into the [.. Next Page..

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    Descriptive info: We are always thrilled to hear from new or existing customers.. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!.. Mailing Address.. 5171 Green Valley Road.. Oshkosh, WI 54904.. Shop/Warehouse.. Phone.. Local: 920730-3253.. Toll Free: 888-200-0446.. Todd: (920) 850-7450.. Email.. Map.. View Larger Map.. Backyard Organics, LLC Google Place Page..

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    Descriptive info: Contact us today for a Free Quote for your.. residential or commercial lawn care project.. Please keep in mind that we need an address to provide an accurate estimate on your property.. Street (required).. City (required).. State (required).. Zip Code (required).. Phone (optional).. Your Message..

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