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  • Title: Baby Swings Guide | Baby Swing Reviews
    Descriptive info: .. Baby Swings Guide.. Your Review Authority.. Welcome to Baby Swings Guide we do the research for you.. We find out the good points and the bad points of the more.. common affordable Baby Swings on the market so you don't have to.. Feel free to read the in depth reviews.. so you can make an informed decision on what Baby  ...   First Years.. Some of the most popular selling affordable Baby Swings.. More to come soon.. Thank you for stopping by.. We wish you the best of luck in finding.. the perfect Baby Swing for you.. We hope in some small way we have.. helped you make the best decision for you.. Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved.. Home.. Contact.. Privacy.. Terms.. Site Map..

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  • Title: Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Baby Swing Reveiw
    Descriptive info: BABY SWINGS GUIDE.. YOUR REVIEW AUTHORITY.. We find out the good points and the bad points.. of the more common affordable Baby Swings on the market so you don't have to.. Feel free to read the in depth.. reviews so you can make an informed decision on what baby swing best suites your needs.. Bright Starts Comfort Harmony Portable Baby Swing Review:.. Available on Amazon from 53.. 54$ here:.. The.. Bright Starts Baby Swing.. is all that you need to soothe your baby.. You can let your baby sit or lay down on this swing for a while as it moves in a rocking motion.. The difference is that this baby swing is affordable.. This baby swing has a soft removable head and feet pillow and a soft seat cushion to make your baby feel comfortable.. These kinds of baby swings have a three point harness so you can leave your baby in the swing without worries.. These baby swings have an automatic swing adjustment system so it will automatically swing harder when the baby becomes heavier.. These baby swings have some toys hanging overhead and a toy tray that will keep your baby amused.. You can select up to six songs from these swings and you can  ...   Features:.. Oversized seat with cushioned foot pillow and removable head support.. 2 full-body recline positions for baby’s comfort.. Quiet operation.. 6 swing speeds and swing timer with 3 settings: 15, 30 and 45 minutes.. 6 melodies with volume control and auto shut off.. Here is a review by Carrie Balda.. This swing is pretty good so far.. My 3 month old, who is pretty big (90th percentile) fits in the swing perfectly.. Not sure how much longer it will last though, if she grows any more, her feet will dangle over the edge! I would recommend this swing for newborn - 4 months old.. It is super quiet (we used to have a Graco, and that one was LOUD), and the settings are very easy to use.. It wasn't bad to assemble either (I did it all by myself.. no hubby around!) you just need a screwdriver.. I have the Pink Pastel one, and I love the colors and design.. It is also very soft and comfy for the baby.. My little one also loves the toy bar, and I love that it is so flexible so I can take her in and out of the swing easily.. Review is paraphrased for size:.. Read the complete review here..

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  • Title: Cosco Beginnings Baby Swing Reveiw
    Descriptive info: Cosco Beginnings Gentle Motion Baby Swing Circle Safari Review:.. Available on Amazon from 72.. 99$ here:.. Cosco baby swing.. is an inexpensive yet functional swing.. You can turn this swing on without needing to push it.. You can select up to 5 swing speeds.. This baby swing is very easy to set up.. You can also carry it at ease because these baby swings are very light.. These baby swings have a soft cushion in which you can easily remove and wash.. There is a three point harness attached to these baby swings so you can secure your baby in it.. You can also move the seat of these baby swings according to your desired recline position.. These baby swings come with a food tray so you can feed your baby in it.. These baby swings could be powered with four D batteries with 100 hours of motor life..  ...   Gentle Motion Baby Swing.. Circle Safari Features:.. Open-top frame and carry handles.. Three-position reclining, three-point harness.. Machine-washable seat pad.. Pivot-forward snack tray.. Five swing speeds.. Here is a review by TommysMom.. I guess we're in the minority here, but our child has loved this swing! The loud motor sound that people are talking about could be attributed to the fact that the motor is supposed to simulate womb sounds, very relaxing and engaging for my child's attention.. This swing also seems to hold quite a bit of weight.. my friend's 5 year old child sat down in it when I wasnt looking and was able to hold him.. When you use this swing, be sure to spread out the legs completely, otherwise the motor will stall and not rock correctly (sometimes creating a stand-still).. Some added toys would be nice, otherwise, we love it!.. Review is paraphrased for size:..

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  • Title: Fisher Price Baby Swing Reveiw
    Descriptive info: Fisher-Price Cradle Baby Swing Review:.. Available on Amazon from 103.. Fisher Price Baby Cradle Swing.. is an ideal swing to soothe and comfort your baby.. You can adjust the motor speed of this baby swing and put the swing motion in sideways or back and forth.. Plus, you can choose from different designs of these baby swings.. This baby swing has a motor in which you can adjust the swing speed.. This baby swing is quieter than other brands.. You can also adjust the seat of these baby swings so that the baby can lie on the seat or on a sitting position.. This baby swing has a harness that goes on the waist and the groin so you can be sure that your baby will not fall.. This baby swing also has a built-in head pillow and cushion seat so that your baby will feel comfortable playing or sleeping on it.. You can select nine different tunes from these baby swings: three lullabies, three happy songs, and three natural sounds.. Can be found for 31% off retail here.. Rocks Side to Side or back and forth.. Very quite  ...   volume control and folds for storage.. Side to side cradle motion and head to toe swinging motion.. Large dome mirror, soft clouds with lambs entertain baby from above.. Ten tunes and three nature sound effects.. Here is a review by cmd0430 “cmd0430”.. I had originally bought the Graco 6-speed swing, but unfortunately, the motor burned out on it after only two months of use.. But that's fine, because it gave me an excuse to go buy the Baby Papasan Cradle Swing!.. Things I love about this swing are:.. 1) The motor is EXTREMELY quiet.. As mentioned previously, I had the Graco 6-speed swing, and the clunk click clunk click noise it made was unnerving.. The Papasan Swing motor is so quiet that I can barely hear that it's even on!.. 2) The mobile is soooo cute! Not only does the whole thing rotate, but each individual leaf and bird/bug actually moves, too! The leaves flap up and down, and the bird/bugs rotate and spin, as if they are actually flying! My baby coos at the mobile, and I think she likes the shiny mirror on the underside of the mobile..

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  • Title: Graco Baby Swing Reveiw
    Descriptive info: Graco SweetPeace Newborn Soothing Center Baby Swing Review:.. Available on Amazon from 138.. 00$ here:.. Graco Baby Swing.. will keep your baby sleeping like never before.. It has three different swinging positions that are unlike other baby swings.. In addition, you can customize the music of this baby swing by adding your own sound choices.. This baby swing has three different swing motions that mimic the carrying motions of the mother like the side motion, front motion and back motion, and an additional vibrating motion.. You can easily snap the seat off these baby swings so you can carry or rock your baby on your own or replace it with any Graco baby car seats.. These kinds of baby swings have a toy tray with a built-in mirror, teether and a pacifier attachment.. There is also a hood on the top of the baby swing with a bee bear toy hanging.. These baby swings have a five point harness that will make your baby secure.. The baby swing also has bear ears head support that fits around your baby’s head for added comfort.. Can be found for 19% off retail here:.. No tools  ...   Soothing Center Features:.. Five point harness.. Accepts all Graco infant car seats.. Two speeds of vibration and low frequency sounds, high-quality music, nature sounds and mp3 plug-in.. Adjustable canopy and built in mirror.. Here is a review by Carolyn Bracey.. First of all, the pros:.. ~ To address other reviews, I hear no difference between the motor noise on this and what I remember my battery powered Graco open-top swing sounding like.. If it uses electricity, it will make some type of sound.. Perhaps varying factors could affect this, I don't know, but mine is almost silent.. ~ I find the music/white noise sounds to be wonderful; rich in sound with decent variation in selection.. Someone mentioned as a con to this product that Flight of the Bumblebee (one of the song choices) was not a soothing song.. It isn't supposed to be; despite the name of the product, not everything on it is there to lull a baby.. There are two music buttons.. One has slow, soothing music.. The other plays upbeat, fun songs which one would use at a non-sleeping time (unless your kid can sleep through anything, like mine thus far)..

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  • Title: The First Years Baby Swing Reveiw
    Descriptive info: The First Years Gentle Glide Portable Glider Baby Swing Review:.. Available on Amazon from 76.. 62$ here:.. First Years Baby Swing.. is a great portable baby swing.. For a low price, you can put your little baby in these kinds of baby swings and be amazed with the results.. This baby swing also has a wide variety of songs which are perfect for your little one.. This baby swing has a smooth guide motion that is very soothing for a baby.. These baby swings have a soft cushion seat so the baby will be comfortable sitting on it.. These baby swings also have an attractive three point harness so you can be sure that you baby will not fall out.. These baby swings include a mobile with an attached mirror on the top and a detachable toy tray to keep your baby amused.. You can easily select songs from these baby swings with three different genres for a total of 18 songs.. Can be found for 4% off  ...   speed setting.. Swing away rotating mobile with soft toys and mirror.. Three types of music, 18 songs in all.. Folds compact for storage and travel.. Here is a review by.. Heather Hodge “luckymommy13”.. Our baby boy is now 10 weeks old.. He had a tough first 6 weeks, allergic to proteins in my breast milk.. The only thing that would soothe him enough to keep him asleep for naps has been this glider.. We have gone through 2 sets of batteries so far(4 D size duracells), but he is in this for about 4 hours every day while he naps at the fastest setting with music and mobile going.. It does fold up, we have transported it with us several times.. The mobile comes off to make moving it easier.. He is now 16 lbs and the glider moves just as well as it did when he was first born and 8 lbs.. Only wish this had an ac adapter.. Can not say enough good things about this glider..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Feel free to contact us at admin@babyswingsguide.. net..

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  • Title: Privacy Policy
    Descriptive info: Privacy Policy for our website.. If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email.. at admin@babyswingsguide.. At our website, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us.. This privacy policy document outlines the types.. of personal information received and collected by our website and how it is used.. Log Files.. Like many other Web sites, our website makes use of log files.. The information inside the log files includes.. internet protocol (IP) addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date/time stamp,.. referring/exit pages, and number of clicks to analyze trends, administer the site, track user’s movement around the site, and gather.. demographic information..  ...   customize Web page content based on visitors browser type or other information that.. the visitor sends via their browser.. DoubleClick DART Cookie.. - Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on our website.. - Google’s use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to users based on their visit to our website and other sites on the Internet.. - Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy at the following URL – http://www.. google.. com/privacy_ads.. html.. Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our site.. Our advertising partners include ….. Google Adsense.. Clickbank.. Amazon.. Among others..

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  • Title: Terms of use
    Descriptive info: Terms of service.. Without going into a bunch of legal talk that no one can understand but lawyers the following is an outline of or.. our terms of service.. As a user of this site you acknowledge that the creators of this site are human.. The creators of this site make an honest attempt to represent what is believed at the time.. to be an educated opinion on the products represented.. You also agree as a user that it is up to you to do  ...   opinion and this site may not share the same opinion as you.. You as the user understand that prices represented and product availability is subject to change at any time.. and while this site will make an effort to keep the information accurate we are human and things.. sometime change before we are aware of it or have an opportunity to make the changes on this website.. We take no responsibility for your decisions.. We take no responsibly in your dealings with third party vendors..

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