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    Descriptive info: .. EXPLORATIONS OF NEORATIONALISM.. Essays in the Nature and Uses of Reason.. by.. Dennis Anthony.. This website carries collections of essays that I intend to show how we can use Reason to create a comprehensive framework for understanding Reality and essays that explore the nature of Reason itself.. I hope to add new essays every month.. Website last updated: 2013 Jul 02.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffffffffff.. THE MAP OF PHYSICS.. GO TO:.. A collection of essays comprising the preliminary plats of a flowchart that will ultimately show how we may deduce all of the laws of physics from the observation that we exist.. A PLATONIC DREAM.. Essays comprising some small adventures in Number Theory and related topics in mathematics.. THE TABLE OF INTEGRALS.. Essays comprising derivations  ...   of essays on possible engineering achievements that we may see in the future.. ASTROGATION.. Essays comprising notes on techniques for guiding ships through interplanetary and interstellar space.. ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL.. These essays lay out my understanding of the modern theory of life on Earth.. FREYJA'S GIFT.. An experiment in reconstructive mythology, an attempt to recreate a myth of the Norse people.. This story was originally published in November 2000 by Vantage Press, Inc.. (ISBN 0-533-13507-9).. It is currently out of print.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffffffffff.. IT COULD BE VERSE.. A collection of some rather weird doggerel and some of the sappiest poetry you will ever read.. JUST FOR FUN.. This is a collection of some little science fiction and fantasy stories I've compiled over the years..

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  • Title: The MAP OF PHYSICS
    Descriptive info: CONTENTS.. Back to Home Page.. Book I: Relativity.. Section A: The Constitution of Reality.. In this section I lay the logical foundation upon which we will build the Map of Physics.. Prologue.. The Rules of Arithmetic.. The Foundation of All Calculation.. Infinity.. Newton's Zeroth Law.. The Fundamental Constants of Physics.. Existence.. Conservation of Linear Momentum.. What Makes a Locomotive Move?.. Conservation of Angular Momentum.. Conservation of Mass.. Conservation of Energy.. Perpetual Motion; The Overbalanced Wheel.. The Shape of Space and Einstein's Postulates.. Revisiting the Finite-Value Theorem.. Einstein's Question.. Maxwell's Theory of Relativity.. Section B: The Lorentz Transformation.. In this section I present my own retelling of Einstein's derivation of the Lorentz Transformation from his postulates.. Inertial Frames of Reference.. Surveying an Inertial Frame.. The Relativity of Perpendicular Distances.. Time Dilation.. An Addendum to Time Dilation.. The Lorentz-Fitzgerald Contraction.. Temporal Offset.. Distance Dilation.. The Lorentz Transformation.. Lorentz Transformation from Light Alone.. The Minkowski Metric.. The Boundary of Space.. Section C: Elaborations of Relativistic Kinematics.. In this section I review some of the applications to which we can put the Lorentz Transformation.. Paradoxes.. Lorentz Inversion.. Tachyons.. Lateral Velocities.. The Rindler-Shaw Paradox.. Revisiting the Boundary of Space.. Why Wormholes Don't Exist.. Section D: Relativistic Dynamics.. In this section I apply the kinematics of Relativity to the dynamics of bodies in motion in order to create a truly relativistic physics.. Relativistic Mass and Linear Momentum.. Relativistic Energy.. The Momentum of Light.. Relativistic Alchemy.. Relativistic Potential Energy.. Four-Vector Kinematics.. The Relativity of Force.. The Relativity of Linear Momentum.. Relativistic Angular Momentum.. Wigwag Clocks.. Section E: Electromagnetism.. In this section I consider the topics of electricity and magnetism as relativistic phenomena.. Deducing The Newton-Coulomb Law.. Maxwellian Deduction of Coulomb's Law.. The Relativity of Electric Charge.. Electricity in Motion.. The Electrotonic Field.. What is Magnetism?.. A Silly Model of Inertia.. Maxwell's Equations.. The Case of Magnetic Monopoles.. Revisiting Magnetic Monopoles.. Dirac's Quantum Theory of Magnetic Monopoles.. The Lorenz Gauge.. Ørsted's Missed Opportunity.. The Wave Equation and Its Solution.. GO TO: Amplitude Modulation of Electromagnetic Waves.. Lorentz Transformation of the Electromagnetic Field.. Revisiting the Force Laws.. Electromagnetic Energy Density.. The Electromagnetic Lagrangian Density.. The Electromagnetic Field Tensor.. Section F: Relativistic Optics.. In this section I will look at how Relativity constrains the motion of light.. We know that it constrains the speed of light, but now we want to see what it does to  ...   Law of Thermodynamics.. The Law of Entropy.. The Third Law of Thermodynamics.. The Ideal Gas Law.. The Carnot Cycle.. The Legendre Transforms.. Langmuir's Evaporation Equation.. The Clausius-Clapeyron Equation.. Section B: Statistical Mechanics.. The Drunkard's Walk.. Maxwell's Distribution.. The Partition Function.. Gibbs' Paradox.. Boltzmann's H-Theorem: Part I.. Section C: Relativistic Thermodynamics.. The thermodynamics of systems in relative motion.. Section D: Radiation Thermodynamics.. The thermodynamics of light, the gateway to the quantum theory.. Kirchhoff's Radiation Law.. Kirchhoff's Law Revisited.. Kirchhoff's Blackbody Radiation.. The Entropy of Light.. The Kirchhoff-Clausius Law.. Adolfo Bartoli's Derivation of the Kirchhoff-Clausius Law.. The Stefan-Boltzmann Law.. Wien's Displacement and Distribution Laws.. Max Planck's Derivation of the Blackbody Radiation Law.. Einstein's Derivation of Planck's Blackbody Radiation Law.. The Photon Puzzle.. Relativistic Radiation.. Adolfo Bartoli's Relativity.. Section E: Physics in Phase Space.. Liouville's Theorem.. The Ergodic Theorem.. The Relativity of Phase Space.. The Principle of Least Action.. GO TO: Relativistic Least Action.. The Relativistic Lagrangian.. GO TO: Least Action in the Quantum Theory.. The Principle of Least Action Revisited.. The Virial Theorem.. GO TO: The Relativistic Virial.. GO TO: The Virial Theorem in the Quantum Theory.. Nöther's Theorem.. GO TO: The Alleged Teleology.. GO TO: DeBroglie's Theorem.. Poisson Brackets - A Tutorial.. Book III: The Quantum Theory.. Section A: Aleatric Fields.. A-1: The Old Quantum Theory.. (1900 - 1924).. The Fundamental Quantum.. Planck's Theorem.. A Single-Slit Experiment.. A-2: The New Quantum Theory.. (1924 - present).. Measurement of Action and the New Quantum Theory.. The Imprecision of Heisenberg's Microscope.. Heisenberg's Indeterminacy Principle to Born's Theorem.. The Harmonic Oscillator.. The Probability Density.. The Dicke-Wittke Postulates.. A Rederivation of the Quantum Theory.. Ehrenfest's Theorem.. The Basic Single-Particle Aleatric Field.. Wave Packets.. GO TO: The Localized Single-Particle Aleatric Field.. GO TO: The Three-Dimensional Single-Particle Aleatric Field.. Schrödinger's Paradox.. Schrödinger's Paradox Revisited.. The Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum.. Section B: Matter.. The Standard Model - Briefly.. GO TO: The Fundamental Particles and Their Decays.. Spin.. Pauli's Exclusion Principle.. Electric Charge.. Neutrinos.. Section C: The Quantum Vacuum.. GO TO: The Heisenberg-Schrödinger Quantum Vacuum.. GO TO: Feynman Diagrams.. GO TO: The Lorentz-Minkowski Quantum Vacuum.. GO TO: The Schwartzschild Quantum Vacuum.. GO TO: The Kerr Quantum Vacuum.. GO TO: The Robertson-Walker Quantum Vacuum.. Book IV: The Map of Physics.. Logic.. The Map of Physics Revisited.. The Efficacy of Imaginary Experiments.. The Correspondence Principle.. The Limits of Reason: Moral Relativity.. The Map of Physics: Language and Reality..

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  • Title: The Platonic Dream
    Descriptive info: The Platonic Dream.. Essays in Fundamental Mathematics.. Return to Home Page.. On the Set of All Numbers.. These first essays may seem redundant, because I have covered this subject at the beginning of The Map of Physics.. But it well behooves us to begin a series of essays on number theory with a discussion of the subject of the theory and of the object of the theorizing.. When we talk about a set we must begin by defining the set; that is, by establishing the criterion by which we include an element in the set or exclude it from the set.. Having done that for the set of all numbers, we will then develop number theory by examining the logical relationships among the members of the set and of various subsets.. Logical  ...   The Algebra Playbook.. Factoring X.. 2.. +1.. Everting the Doppler Shift.. Cardano's Solution of the Depressed Cubic Equation.. Number Theory.. Pythagorean Triples.. The Bernoulli Numbers.. Gaussian Sums.. More on Gaussian Sums.. Gaussian Sums of Powers.. Enmeshments.. The Theorem of Finite Differences.. Katy's Theorem.. Infinite Series.. Euler's Theorem.. A Minor Point on Infinite Series.. Powers and Roots of The Simple Geometric Series.. Powers and Roots of The Alternating Geometric Series.. Analysis.. Leibniz's Theorem.. The Dirac Delta.. Differentials, Exact and Inexact.. Vector Multiplication.. Vector Differentiation.. Geometry.. Area of an Elliptic Sector.. Coordinate Transformations.. The Enclosure Element.. GO TO: The Levi-Civita Tensor.. A Little Tensor Geometry.. Mathematical Properties of the Riemann Curvature Tensor.. Differential Equations.. The Classical Harmonic Oscillator.. Solving The Wave Equation.. Solving Hermite's Equation.. The Hermite Polynomials.. GO TO: Solving Bessel's Equation.. efefefaaabbbefefef..

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  • Title: The Table Of Integrals
    Descriptive info: The Table Of Integrals.. A compilation of the fundamental integrals with their derivations and examples.. The Fundamentals of Integration.. Lebesgue Integration.. A Minor Caution with the Chain Rule.. The Fundamental Theorem of The Calculus.. Fundamental Forms.. Kinetic Energy, Work done by Gravity.. Diminution of Radioactivity.. Entropy.. Algebraic Forms.. Entropy of Heated Ideal Solid.. Spectral Density of Blackbody Radiation.. Relativistic Astrogation.. Witch of Agnesi: Point Source Illumination of Moving Sphere.. Direct Gravitational Deflection of Starlight.. Revisited.. Electric Field of Infinitely Long Wire.. Gravitational Refraction of Starlight.. Revisited.. The Catenary.. Oscillation Period of Mass on a Spring.. Angle  ...   Energy of a Mass on a Spring.. Electrical Energy from Alternating Current.. Volume Contained in a Cylindrical Intersection.. Energy Dissipated by a Skidding Wheel.. Average Radius of an Elliptical Orbit.. Area of an Orbital Segment.. Angular Momentum of a Thin Spherical Shell.. Volume of a Tubular Intersection.. Exponential Forms.. Resource Depletion.. Definite Integrals.. Loop Integrals.. (integration on the complex plane).. Cauchy's Integral Theorem.. Integrating a Function with a removable Singularity.. Radio Polarization of a Ferroelectric.. Singularities and Their Residues.. Integrating a Function with Multiple Simple Poles.. Integrating a Function with Poles.. Residues of the Dirac Delta..

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  • Title: Lyrics Contents
    Descriptive info: THE LYRICS WITHOUT THE MUSIC:.. The Logic of Relativity.. Introduction.. BOOK ONE.. Special Relativity.. Imaginary Experiments.. The Consequence of Nothing.. The Finite-Value Theorem.. Space Unbounded.. The Unreachable Boundary.. Events in Inertial Frames.. Einstein's Postulates.. Certain Invariances.. The Twin Paradox.. Simultaneity.. The Length Paradox.. Relativistic Dynamics.. Relativistic Mass.. Energy and Its Conservation Law..  ...   Electric Force.. APPENDICES to BOOK ONE.. Mister Anthony's Lecture on Euclidean Algebra.. Mathematizing The Lorentz Transformation.. Moral Relativity.. Ørsted's Nondiscovery of Electromagnetic Induction.. BOOK TWO.. General Relativity.. General Relativity - Briefly.. GO TO: The Relativity of Acceleration.. GO TO: Bennett's Clock Paradox.. Cosmology.. GO TO: Olber's Paradox.. Decoding the Cosmic Background Radiation..

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  • Title: Speculative Engineering
    Descriptive info: Speculative Engineering.. A series of essays on what might have been and what may yet be for the improvement of Humanity.. Civil Engineering.. Autodredging Rivers.. Prime Movers.. Orogeno-Electric Power.. Thorium Fission Power.. Secondary Movers.. Ammonia-Based Fuel Cells.. Handling Antimatter.. Transportation.. California AutoRail.. Getting Into Space.. Inertial Acceleration of Small Bodies.. In Deep Space.. TerraJove.. gabh..

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  • Title: Astrogation
    Descriptive info: Astrogation.. The Art and Science of guiding spaceships through the endless void.. Book I: Interplanetary Astrogation.. The Constants of Astrogation.. Spherical Trigonometry and Celestial Coordinates.. Galactic Coordinates.. Coordinate Conversion Equations.. Earth's Orbit.. Appendix - The Years.. Appendix - The Perpetual Calendar.. Appendix - Calculating Perihelion Passage.. Orbital Longitude by Newton's Cycloid Method.. Plotting a Heliocentric Gravity Turn.. GO TO: Executing a Heliocentric Gravity Turn.. Book  ...   System.. Book III: Interstellar Astrogation, Hyperspatial.. GO TO: The Relativity of Hyperspace.. Book IV: Destinations.. GO TO: Mercury.. GO TO: Jupiter.. The Astrogators' Guide to Stellar Location and Orientation.. The Astrogators' Guide to Stellar Motions.. The Astrogators' Guide to Magnitude and Luminosity.. Alpha Centauri.. GO TO: Barnard's Star.. Alpha Canis Majoris (Sirius).. Alpha Canis Minoris (Procyon).. Epsilon Eridani.. GO TO: 61 Cygni.. Tau Ceti.. Gamma Virginis..

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  • Title: Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Contents
    Descriptive info: Endless Forms Most Beautiful.. There is grandeur in this view of lift, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.. Charles Robert Darwin (1809 Feb 12.. B.. 1882 Apr 19).. Origins.. These essays examine the origins of the modern theory of evolution through analysis of several key contributions to the literature on the subject.. Natural Theology.. On the Origin of Species.. On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely From the Original Type.. Living Chemistry.. These essays look at the sine qua non of the modern theory of evolution, at chemistry gone wild.. The Law of Entropy I: Abiotic Organic Synthesis.. GO TO: The Miller Experiments.. The Genetic Code..  ...   GO TO: Descent With Modification.. Just So Stories.. Social Darwinism.. GO TO: Eugenics.. History of Life on Earth.. GO TO: The Linnaean Classification.. GO TO: The Cambrian Explosion.. The Devonian Era (Age of Fishes).. Tiktaalik.. The Mesozoic Era (Age of Reptiles).. GO TO: The Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinction.. The Cenozoic Era (Age of Mammals).. Human Evolution.. GO TO: Why Humans Don'.. t Have Claws.. How An Ape Got Up And Walked.. Five Questions on Human Sexuality.. The Calvin Throwing Hypothesis.. Creationism.. These essays take a look at one of the funniest intellectual scams in human history.. Though the consequences of getting people to believe the Creationists'.. crap may be tragic, the crap itself is hilarious.. If you need any further proof that we descended from a bunch of hooting, howling apes, well, here it is!.. Only a Theory.. The Word of God.. Were You There?.. Some Scientific Tests of Creationism.. efefef..

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  • Title: FREYJA
    Descriptive info: Table of Contents.. Back To Home Page.. Apologue.. Glossary.. Prologue; A Kenning from the Lost Edda.. Chapter One; On the Wind Roof of the World.. Chapter Two; Trouble in a God's Heart.. Chapter Three; Courting the Runes.. Chapter Four; Buzzards or Eagles?.. Chapter Five; Dining in Asgard.. Chapter Six; The Art of Flight.. Chapter Seven; A Wedding in Trollhavn..  ...   Hopes.. Chapter Ten; Freyja's Gift.. Epilogue; A Skald's Gladness.. Preamble to the Appendices.. Appendix I; The Norse Creation Myth.. Appendix II; The Lay of Thrym.. Appendix III; The Binding of Fenrir.. Appendix IV; Choosers of the Slain.. Appendix V; And Then?.. GO TO: Addendum I; Only if You Know a Little Norwegian.. GO TO: Addendum II; Analysis of the Pseudomyth..

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  • Title: It Could Be Verse
    Descriptive info: It Could Be Verse.. This file collects all of the various poems and song lyrics I have devised over the years.. I include it just for the simple pleasure that it may give you.. Pensive.. 1959 May 18.. Astrodite.. Supergirl.. Linda Lee.. Adrift.. In a Kryptonese Temple Garden.. Raakteek's Great Hunt.. The Neanderthal Testament.. The Reformation Rag.. The Theory of Sacred Relativity.. Christalization.. The Blessing.. The Curse.. Teleblasphemy.. The Most Vile Blasphemy.. Avarice.. Islamic Women.. Moonfall.. The Ruba'iyat of Isaac Newton.. Principia Poetica.. A Contemplation of Ghosts.. Seeds.. Self-Transcendence.. The Virtues.. The Dream.. Ode to a Glitch.. Homage to a Glitch - a slightly better version.. Q.. E.. D.. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.. Darwinian Short-Cut.. Perspective.. Hologrammatically, We Are.. Random Thoughts.. So Light.. Shaman.. Binary.. Supernova Maria.. For Columbia.. In Eternally Fading Twilight.. The Spider.. 1984.. Rome.. This small set of poems are actually different versions of the same poem, one to which I keep returning, trying to overcome the feeling that I haven't quite got it right.. Voidquest.. Aetherlogue.. In the Quiet Among the Stars.. Aetherlogue II.. Humorous.. Bizarro's Poem.. The Pest.. Superman's Family: I.. Donald at the Gong.. Dribs and Drabs.. The Squawk Box.. English.. Table Manners.. Norway's Revenge.. An Irish Delight.. Monkey Business.. Interpretation.. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.. The Funniest Joke in Taxonomy.. Intelligent Design.. Splenn D'Ifferess.. The Secret.. The Squeamish Terrorist.. The Finicky Cannibal.. On the  ...   County Website (H).. Union Pacific (P).. Live Free or Die (P).. Politically Incorrect.. On rare occasions we feel a need to color outside the lines, to transgress the bounds of decency that the human collective (aka Society) has drawn around our public behavior.. These poems constitute a minor study of that need, presented in the hope that they may shed some light on it and perhaps enable us to create ways of either eliminating it or satisfying it in a way that does not disrupt the smooth social intercourse that makes human society at all possible.. I will avoid posting anything excessively obscene, but remember that obscenity, like beauty, lies entirely in the eye of the beholder.. The Privatized Hermit Kingdom.. The Insane Clown of Tripoli.. The Joy of an Arab Spring.. Midway.. Farting.. The Sound of Farting.. The King's Petard.. The Gassy Pig and the Big Bad Wolf.. Le Grand Petard.. Graffiti.. The Street Artiste.. The Ballad of Diarrhea.. A California Disgrace.. The Rapist.. Gunman.. Ann Coulter.. Bernie Madoff with Other People's Money.. The Vile Asswipes of Wall Street.. Plunderpig.. Drill, Baby, Drill.. The Antarctica of Sex.. Schadenfreude.. The Hypocrite.. Noah's Ark.. I'm a Family Values Christian.. Pedophile Priests.. Wahhabi Men.. The Jihadi Scam.. The Talibandit.. Talibanned.. Why Perverts Love the Taliban.. Oh, Fatima.. The Suicide Bomber.. The Suicide Bomber, Yet Again.. The Bomber's Reward.. Irjaf, Jihad's Evil Twin..

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  • Title: Just for Fun
    Descriptive info: Just for Fun.. A collection of little science-fiction and fantasy stories that I have accumulated over the years.. Extrapolation.. ; Chance favors the prepared mind, Louis Pasteur told us, but prepared for what?.. For the Thoroughly Modern Shaman.. ; If certain people had been just a little more disease-resistant.. Quetzalcoatl's Angels.. ; Nah, this'll never happen.. The Wasp.. ; Hi ho, hi ho, to Dubyastan we go!.. On Bohr's Wave Theory of the Atom.. ; What?! You don't recognize this? Are you sure you're in the right Universe?.. Fruit of The Difference Engine.. ; Oh, how we stumble when we lack vision!.. Two Recipes;.. How to make two delicious entrees, one of which will kill you to death..  ...   empirical-inductive gem nonetheless.. Eve;.. Oh, the terror of leaving the cradle!.. The Night Before Supable;.. with apologies to Clement Moore.. The Secret of the Grail;.. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.. -- A.. C.. Clarke.. But only if the people are sufficiently retarded.. -- El Subversivo.. Cycle;.. Deja vu with a vengeance.. Excessive Use of Farce;.. a truly, hideously bad science-fiction pun.. Sunday, the 28th of January, De Anno Domini 1900;.. The best laid plans of mice and men need to beware of side effects.. Transcribed from a reading by the recipient.. Word Ladders;.. A variation on a theme by Lewis Carroll.. A Bible-licious Fable;.. How an oppressed people maintain their morale until they defeat the oppression..

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    Archived pages: 499