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  • Title: BIU Human Network - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: .. BIU Human Network.. English.. Español.. Português.. Français.. العربية.. 中文.. 日本語.. Русский.. Current Students.. Faculty of Arts Humanities.. Faculty of Business Media.. Faculty of Computer Science.. Faculty of Engineering Technology.. Faculty of Life Earth Sciences.. Faculty of Natural Health Sciences.. Faculty of Psychology.. BIU Graduates.. Specialist Expert Diploma.. Bachelor's Degree.. Master's Degree.. Doctor Ph.. D.. Degree.. Doctor Honoris Causa.. Cum Laude Awards.. Graduate's Testimony.. Graduation Services.. Graduation Ceremonies.. Research Work.. Academics Staff.. Academic Board Dean.. Teachers Instructors.. Directors Staff.. BIU Offices.. 中文.. BIU References.. World References.. Professional References.. Top Companies.. International Legalization.. Credit Evaluation Services.. BIU Affiliated Campus..  ...   invite you to meet the human face of BIU.. Bircham International University is a private independent institution of distance learning higher education that offers adult degree programs at professional, undergraduate and graduate levels through sound updated curricula, and an innovative distance learning degree.. Our commitment is to fulfill the needs of the adult professional student.. Bircham International University offers affordable degree programs and an alternative to adults from all countries and cultures who choose not to attend a traditional on-campus university.. Who's Online.. We have 313 guests and no members online.. Social Networks.. Some Thoughts.. Designed by.. Ricardo Miralles..

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  • Title: Current Students - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: Graduate Services.. Current Students.. Bircham.. International University is not for everyone, or for all purposes.. For young adults, distance education degree programs are only recommended as a complement to on-campus education.. For more mature students, who cannot afford to leave their employment or families, and who do not require the social experiences of a campus university, a distance education university can be exactly what they need.. Bircham International University distance learning higher  ...   a different approach to face-to-face education.. In many aspects Bircham International University adult degree programs can offer a better learning experience, however success in online university degrees also require greater self-motivation and self-discipline.. Bircham International University is an alternative to traditional education.. More Articles.. Faculty of Arts & Humanities.. Faculty of Business & Media.. Faculty of Engineering & Technology.. Faculty of Life & Earth Sciences.. We have 314 guests and no members online..

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  • Title: Faculty of Arts & Humanities - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: Current students from the Faculty of Arts Humanities.. This list is updated every month.. If you do not wish to appear on this list.. , contact This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Abdikadir Mohamed Haamud.. Bachelor in Community and Social Development - Social Work.. Abdullahi Farah Warsame.. Expert in International Relations.. Abel Bongue Mbuta.. Master in Philosophy Critical Thinking.. Adel Abbas Al Khodary.. in International Law.. Ademir Gomes de Oliveira.. Master in Humans Rights.. in Humans Rights.. Aguinaldo Maragno do Amaral.. in Philosophy Critical Thinking.. Alberto Kapamba Hungulo.. Master in International Relations.. Alfredo Eduardo Manuel Mingas.. Bachelor in International Relations.. Ana Mª del Refugio Landeros Díaz.. in Anthropology.. Anabela Carmen da Conceição Tchiama.. Bachelor in Education Pedagogy.. André Dende Quionga.. Bachelor in International Law.. Andre Leandro Richter.. Specialist in Arqueology.. Angela Rojas Godina.. Bachelor in Journalism.. Antonia Domingos Monteiro de Souza.. Bachelor in Community Social Development.. Antonio Abel.. Bachelor in Philosophy.. Antonio Francisco Dala.. Master in World History.. Antonio Luis Domingos.. Master in Military Strategy.. Bartomeu Pont Parera.. Master in Philosophy of Education.. in Theology.. Bassam A.. S.. Ashqar.. Master in Journalism.. Benjamim Chimbua.. Bachelor in Sociology.. Benjamin Muoka Mutie.. in Community Development.. Bethy Lilandia Mendoza Merchán.. in Education Pedagogy.. Binocastro Chidozie Agueze.. Boniface Stephnora Nwamaka.. Carlos Chivunda.. Master in Militar Strategy.. Carlos Norberto Monárrez.. in Comparative Religion.. Caterina Maria Rossello Pedrosa.. Bachelor in Art History.. Bachelor in Performing Arts.. Cecilia Caballero Ortiz.. in Sociology.. Cesar Corbacho Martínez.. in International Relations.. Chang Kae Pyng.. Claudia Quimi Carrasco.. in English Language Teaching / TESOL.. Clifton White Jr.. in Philosophy.. Clodoaldo Tavares dos Santos.. Master in Teology.. in Teology.. Cristina Narcisa Cupuerán Tapia.. Expert in Interior Design.. Crystal Jacobs.. Bachelor in Archeology - Ancient History.. Daniel Werner Morduch.. in Philosophy of Mind.. Dareen Omar Adlouni.. Master in Educational Technology.. in Educational Technology.. David Zeferino.. Debra Jean Viguie.. Master in Creative Writing.. Doctor in Comparative Religion.. Délcio Wilkenny R.. de Carvalho Rufino.. Bachelor in Multimedia Design.. Dery Jean Fritz.. in Community Social Development.. Diana Sánchez Sánchez.. Dilma Oliveira Sousa Pereira.. Master in Education Pedagogy.. Eduardo João Roque Santos.. Bachelor in Education Pedagogy.. Elham Shams.. Expert in Film Direction.. Emanuel José Luis Duarte.. Bachelor in Human Rights.. Emmanuel C.. Lelei.. Bachelor in Criminology - Security Management.. Estela Moreno Subirats.. Eugénio Namuele Guli.. in Educational Administration.. Ezequiel Agostinho Mavota.. Fawad Ahmad Alaie.. Fayemi Julius.. Bachelor in Political Sciences.. Felismina Lageslau Soares António.. Bachelor in Social Work.. Felizarda Amaral de Jesus.. Fernando Barbosa Fonseca.. Bachelor in Civil Law.. Fernando Domingo Diez de la Lastra.. Expert in Spanish Language Teaching.. Fernando N.. Sombreiro Joaquim.. Mestrado in Journalism.. Filomena Maria de Oliveira Matos.. Bachelor in Pedagogy.. Francesc Segarra Tomás.. Bachelor in Political Science.. Francis Wambua Mulwa.. Honoris Causa Doctor in Academic merits.. Francisco Antonio Tsimba Baqui.. Francisco Javier Milian Rodriguez.. Francisco Jose Campa Berthon.. in International Business Law.. Francisco Tibúrcio Icambizi.. Bachelor in Social Work.. Garcia João.. Gasominari Jean Baptiste.. Master in Human Rights.. Gema Jimenez Gil.. Bachelor in Interior Design.. Specialist in Design.. George  ...   in History.. in Homeopathy.. Julio Enrique Arias Cabral.. Bachelor in World History - Ancient History.. Kathia Downs.. Master in Interntional Relations.. Lalaina Randresiarisoa Barimanana.. Lesli Ann Marie Arthur.. Lina Challita-Durand.. Specialist in Anthropology.. Lívio Manuel Lopes Pinto.. Loreine Daou.. Bachelor in Education.. Master in Childhood Special Education.. Lorien Frank.. Lubna Omer.. in E L T - English Language Teaching.. Luis Catraio.. Luis Fermin Escobar Dalmau.. Expert in Film Direction and Production.. Luzia Lisboa Pinto Boa.. Master in Educational Administration.. Mabel Patricia Salinas Silva.. Expert in Creative Writing.. Maliti Dyfrig Joseph.. Master in Philosophy - Comparative Religion.. Mamadou Yaya.. Bachelor in International Relations - International Conflict Resolution.. Manlio Fabio Altamirano Fajardo.. in Sociology - Religion.. Manuel Antonio Alfaro Chavez.. Manuel Jimenez Jimenez.. Manuel Julio Canganjo Caxito.. Manuel Loureiro Kimbundo.. Manuel Zangado Cavela.. Master in Sociology.. Maphamotse Getrude Lepheane.. Maria Belen Lucio Alarcón.. Bachelor in Humanities.. Maria Cristina Nacasange Ndembi.. Maria Dorotéia Martins Fela.. Maria Elena Carola Barran Cabrera.. Maria Gabriela Vázquez Moreno.. Master in Museology.. Maria Manuela Vitorino Lenguês.. Mariana de Souza Silveira.. Mario Cacho Pella.. Master in Political Sciences - Military Strategy.. Marta Cortina Hevia.. Martin Antonio Ocando Moreu.. Mason R.. Robison.. Master in Philosophy.. Mauro Ricardo Carrolo Neto.. Meena Kadhimi.. Melisa Inés Arboleda Gomez.. Master in Archaeology.. Michael Kussmaul.. in American Literature.. Michel Anne Demyen.. Doctor in Anthropology.. Mira Sartika.. Master in Ancient History.. Mohamed Abdirahman Ahmed.. Mohamed Abdullahi Sheik Adam.. Bachelor in Military Strategy.. Mohammadullah Mohammad.. Mohammed Rizwan Ahmed.. in Educational Technology - Educational Administration.. Mukuka Katongo.. Munyao James Muli.. Bachelor in Criminal Investigations.. Nader Ahmed Rajab.. Nadine Rupp.. Nasra Osman Aden.. Natalia Cherskih.. Master in Anthropology.. Nathale Rebello Pereira.. Specialist in Creative Writing.. Nikolaos Karagiannis.. Specialist in International Law.. Nsengiyumva Vedaste.. Master in ELT English Language Teaching.. Olga Cecilia Takahashi Morales.. Bachelor in Education Pedagogy - Childhood Special Education.. Oliver Duku Wani.. Osvaldino Silva Lopes.. Patricia Gutierrez Llama.. Specialist in World History.. Patricio A.. Contreras Briceño.. Paulo Eugênio Alves Gomes.. Master in ELT - English Language Teaching.. in ELT - English Language Teaching.. Paulo Julião Mateus.. Paulo Mapelli Siqueira.. in Linguistcs.. Revaz Tateishvili.. Specialist in Art History.. Richard Osei Bonsu.. Expert in Community Social Development.. Robert John Staedel Jr.. Master in Religion.. Robert Umba Di Ndangi.. in International Law - International Finances Taxation.. Roberto Jaime Luis Bernardo.. in Urban Planning Design.. Rocio del Carmen Torres Malasquez.. Expert in Childhood Special Education.. Rodolfo Engrácia Pucuta Sebastião.. Roger Loh Choon Luat.. in Interior Design - Art History.. Ruth Christine Nyalazi.. Sabino José Bernardo.. Bachelor in Portuguese Civil Law.. Sabrina Jackeline Von Stopeck.. Samuel Irungu Njau.. Santos Candeeiro Germano.. Sayed Ghias Sadat.. Master in Executive Management.. Sebastião Gime Puati.. Bachelor in International Relations.. Sentabyo Alexandre.. Sheyla Antonieta Veloso da Costa.. Silvestre de A.. Lopes M.. Sibi.. Master in Art History.. Simona Atzori.. Master in Art Therapy.. Soha Yehia Abou Hussien.. Master in Multimedia Design.. Sostenes Conde Simba Quipioca.. Swamidhason Francis.. in English Literature.. Teresa Namango Kasia Okolo.. Bachelor in Linguistics - Anglistics.. Umubyeyi Véronique.. Wayne Vernon Ras.. Bachelor in ELT English Language Teaching.. Xavier Segunda.. Prev.. Category:..

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  • Title: Faculty of Business & Media - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: Current Students from the Faculty of Business Media.. Abdikadir Mohamed Salah.. Master in Finance and Economics.. Abdirahman Farah Ali.. in Executive Leadership.. Abdul Khalil.. Master in Business Administration - Management.. Abdullah Habib.. Bachelor in Construction Management.. Abdullahi Guyo Chogorsa.. Master in Security Emergency Management.. Abdullahi Halake.. Bachelor in Security Management - Criminology.. Master in Security Management - Criminology.. Abdurahman Abdo Shafi.. Master in Public Health.. Abner Leopoldo Hernandez Lemus.. Master in Finance and Economy.. Abraão Kamori Celestino.. Bachelor in Operations Management.. Adão Manuel Franco.. Bachelor in Business Administration.. Adel Moh’d Abdel Hameed Salah.. Master in Business Administration.. Adelino Jacinto Correia.. Bachelor in Security Emergency Management.. Aderito Luis Muamba.. Bachelor in Logistics.. Bachelor in Public Administration.. Adib Antoun Alchaa.. Master in Accounting.. Adolfo Rodrigo Moran Mendez.. Adriano Miguel Mendes.. Master in Public Administration.. Agnela Domingos Bondo Sanda.. Agostinho Antonio Lemos.. Bachelor in Human Resourses.. Agostinho Tchieva.. Bachelor in Accounting.. Agostinho Valente Bento.. Bachelor in Public Health.. Ahmed Abdullahi Ahmed.. Ahmed Hussein Abdul-Rahman Al-Maqdi.. Bachelor in Business Administration - Human Resources.. Ahmed Mahamoud Nouh.. Akoi Tor Deng.. Bachelor in Health Care Administration.. Al-Abed Ahmad.. Bachelor in Economics.. Albertina Rosa de Matos Trindade.. Bachelor in Hotel Management.. Alberto Ferreira Destino.. Alberto Filipe Camilo.. Alex Hainaut.. in Business Entrepreneurship.. Alex Santos de Queiroz.. Expert in Catering Restaurant Management.. Alexandre dos Santos Soares.. Bachelor in Computer Systems Networks.. Alexis Geovanni Maldonado Arriaga.. Master in Finance Economics.. Alfonso Young Hassan.. Alma Reina Alvarez Juarez.. Alvaro Marcos Martín.. Specialist in International Commerce.. Alvaro Sandoval Hernandez.. Alvaro Velázquez López.. Aly Yehia Bassiouny.. in International Trade - Shipping / Maritime Management.. Ana del Rosario Martinez Perez.. Ana Lúcia Isidoro.. Ana Lucrecia Maldonado Leal.. Ana Virginia Aguilar De Leon.. Ana Vivian Pazos Avila.. Anas Sobhi Bakkar.. Bachelor in Business Administration - Marketing.. André Antonio Buanga Cala.. in Business Administration.. André Binda Casimiro.. Master in Economics.. in Economics.. Andre Guerra Pedro Domingos.. Andrea Cecilia Meza Morales.. Andres Bregni Ibarra.. Andrey Fedotov.. Diploma in Business Economic Consulting.. Anie Silvi Alvarez Samayoa.. Antonio Alberto Zau Lulu.. Antonio Barroso Cesar Manuel.. Antonio Correia Chiteia.. Antonio de Jesús Zapata Castañeda.. in Business Management.. Antonio Dinis Conde.. Antonio Fontes Pedro.. Master in Human Resourses.. Antonio Mario Mutunda Ayala.. Antonio Sabalo Tomás.. Antonio Visconde Francisco Pereira.. Anwar Shah Yosufi.. Master in Bank Management.. Ariel Castañeda cabrera.. Arnaldo Puati Tomas.. Doctor in Human Resourses.. in Pedagogy.. Artavazd Osipyan.. Atikul Islam.. Specialist in International Trade.. Augusto Gabela Colile.. Master in Health Care Administration.. Aura Lisseth de la Cruz Citan.. Barbara Mamussinda Cohen Borges de Sá.. Bassey Bassey Elijah.. Belmira Ventura Cauende.. Benjamin Ovídio Catengue Simão.. Master in Environmental Management.. Bernardo Cumbo Bulezi.. Master in Financial Management.. Bernardo Domingos Lumango.. Berner Eduardo Fajardo Montes.. Billy Boy Del Pinal.. Bjorn Cassar.. Master in Maritime Management.. Boudriat Smail.. Boutaour Rabie.. in Real Estate.. Byron Estuardo Ramirez Pelaez.. Byron Rigoberto Barrera Ardon.. Cardoso Armando Francisco Narciso.. Expert in Telecommunications Engineering.. Bachelor in Business Economic Consulting.. Carlos Amilcar Pineda Cruz.. Carlos André Manuel.. Carlos Augusto José Frades.. Carlos Donar Palencia Cadenas.. Carlos dos Santos Novais.. Carlos Ferraz Bernardo Francisco.. Carlos Javier Dominguez Pérez.. Carlos João Januario.. Expert in Security Emergency Management.. Expert in Finance Economics.. Carlos Manuel C.. F.. de Mesquita Borges.. in Finance Economics.. Carlos Romero Macajola.. Carlos Vinicio Lopez Navarro.. Carmen Gabriela Lopez Rojas.. Celina F.. da Esperança B.. Muabi.. Celma Cristina Carmelino Figueiredo.. Bachelor in Financial Management.. Charbel Al Kazzi.. Master in E-business and E-commerce.. Chelo Ngadjole Hermann.. in Public Health.. Cherif Ali.. Christian Eduardo Puaque Muñoz.. Christian Escoffie Aguirre.. Christine Evangeline Medwintto.. Specialist in Accounting.. Cinira Eduina Grilo Tavares.. Clara Jimenez Bermudez.. Claudia Eugenia Guitierrez Salazar.. Claudia Eugenia Gutierrez Salazar.. Claudia Liliana Molina Calderon.. Claudio Sungo Puati Tomás.. in Organizational Psychology.. Cliff Nwagbara.. in Maritime Transportation - Port Management.. Clifford Delva.. in Public Administration.. Cristian Roberto Ruiz Carranza.. Daniel Alberto Ceballos Mendizabal.. Daniel Antonio Quimbundo.. Bachelor in Sale Product Management.. Daniel Samuel Luemba.. Daniel Setim Kandie.. Bachelor in Security Management.. Daniel Sicilia Pasos.. Daniele Combatti Alberico.. Master in Business Administration - Management Techn.. Daubert Voltz.. David Alberto Argueta Mayen.. Bachelor in Business Administration.. David Alejandro de Silva Alonso.. Expert in Marketing Communication.. David Andree Larrañaga Chinchilla.. David Grunstein.. Master in Construction Management.. Dennis Francisco Yojcom Aju.. Diana Simpalean.. Master in Entrepreneurship Management - Executive Leadership.. Diego Barranco Guillen.. Dolores Elizabeth Citan Villagran.. Domingas Helena Nascimento Salvador.. Domingos Gaspar.. Domingos Pedro Soares.. Master in Econometrics.. Domingos Saca Zau.. Donald Mauricio Solano Monge.. Master in Marketing Communication - Advertising Creativity.. Dulce Maria Conceição Quimuanga.. Durwin Arnoldo Orozco Gómez.. Master in Project Managment.. Edeno de Angelis Rosa Mbambi.. Edgar Adolfo Monterroso Sowa.. Edgar Ernesto Aguilar.. Edgar Estuardo Carrera Oliva.. Edgar Estuardo Fuentes Najera.. Edgar Guillermo Rubio Cortez.. Edgar Leonel Salazar Garcia.. Edgar Noe De Leon Rodas.. Edin Eliud Beza Beza.. Edin Gerardo Beza Ponciano.. Edma Rossana Soares de Morais.. Edna Lorena Berdúo Prado.. Edson Antonio Carlos de Carvalho.. Master in Petroleum Industry Management.. Eduardo Andre Motta Ubico.. Eduardo Augusto Armas Ovando.. Eduardo Lando Casimiro.. Elena Chekh.. Eliseu Felicio Albano Muhongo.. Eliseu José Inácio Muamba.. Bachelor in Maritime Port Management.. Eliud Muthee Nthiga.. in Outdoor Recreation Management.. Elizabeth Dawn Sutton.. Master in International Business.. in International Business.. Elizabeth Mafo Sapato Ayala.. Elizabeth Taveras.. Elsa Sara dos Santos Lialunga.. Emal Wardak.. in Health Care Administration.. Emile Boutros Hanna.. in Bank Management.. Emilia Elsa Cristina Bambi.. Emiliana das Dores P.. M.. Vasconcelos.. Master in Marketing Communication.. in Marketing Communication.. Emmanuel Pereso Aliceu Jovo.. Expert in Organizational Communication.. Enric Mumbru Moline.. Bachelor in Executive Leadership Coaching.. Master in Coaching - Business Consulting.. Enrique Morales.. Bachelor in Real Estate.. Enrique Pérez Treviño Kukutschka.. Bachelor in International Business.. Erasmo Ernesto Vasquez López.. Bachelor in Finance Economics.. Erick Enrique Ovando Cárdenas.. Ernesto Manuel das Vitórias Conde.. Estanislau Costa.. Master in Urban Planning Design.. Estuardo Augusto del Cid.. Estuardo Benjamin Ayala Solares.. Euclides Nguinamau Bala Filipe.. Evaristo Chimbondo Cachipua.. Evelyn del Carmen Sandoval Caceres.. Evelyn Sucelly Barrios Portillo.. Ezequias Martins Nimi.. Fabiola Marckwordt Juárez.. Faustino João Adelina.. Fausto Filipe Fernandes André.. Bachelor in Occupational Safety Health.. Fco.. Javier Virués Ortega.. Feliciana da Cruz Bento.. Felisa Herrera Peral.. Specialist in Business Protocol Etiquette.. Fernando  ...   Ricardo Mendez Hernandez.. Luz Rossanda Portales Alfaro.. Luz Viviana González.. Luz Viviana Gonzalez Soto.. de la Concepción Martín del Castillo.. Mª Cristina Lucchese Seda.. Master in Public Relations - Business Protocol Etiquette.. Machana Chandrashekhar Vithal.. in Archive Record Management.. Madalena do Rosario Chingombe Seche.. Mailyn Rocio Morales Lopez.. Malek Bassam El Koussa.. Manolo Rodas Rivera.. Manuel Alejandro Arevalo Regil.. Manuel Francisco Barros Chinsito.. Bachelor in Executive Leadership.. Manuel Jose Guirola Sarti.. Marcellin Kitambala.. in Human Resources Management.. Marcia Giovana Afonso.. Marcos Fernando Fuentes Aragon.. Marcos Mabiala.. Master in Public Policy Administration.. Marcos Vicente Martinez Salazar.. Maria Alejandra Cordova Mansilla.. Maria Alejandra Secaida Flores.. Maria Alicia Garcia Morales.. Maria Alvarado Figueroa.. Maria Cristina Olivares Leon.. Maria Cruz Albarran Martin.. Maria de Fátima Lembe Capita.. Maria del Mar Saborit Verdaguer.. Maria Filomena dos Santos Cabeche.. Maria Helena de Amorim Wesley.. Doctor in International Relations.. Maria Imaculada Bernardo.. Maria José do Nascimento Vieira Dias Soares de Meneses.. Maria Jose Ochoa Ovalle.. Maria Jose Sosa Murga.. Maria Rosalia Vasquez Rodriguez.. Maria Ximena Contreras Noguera.. Marie Jouvence Bresil.. Mario Faz Bem da S.. Bambi.. Mario Rene Garcia Paredes.. Marleny Consuelo Morataya.. Marlon Fernando Garrido Alvarado.. Marta Liliana Arevalo Gonzalez.. Martin Alejandro Machon Guerra.. Mathe Pay Pay, Thomas.. Master in International Trade - International Business Law.. Mauricio da Silva Dias.. Bachelor in Petroleum Industry Management.. Mauricio Daniel Guzman Choxom.. Mauro Roger Pinto.. Maynor Margarito Marroquín Ruiz.. MBA Toukour Mohamadou.. Micheline Anis Dagher.. Bachelor in Management.. Miguel Angel Hurtado Najarro.. Miguel Estuardo Vasquez Cambran.. Miguel Ignacio Kolomi.. Miguel Jesus Ramirez Sanchez.. Mikala Mi Kouenzi Mikala Dominique.. Milagros Raquel Murillo Mora.. Miriam del Rosario Lechuga Martinez.. Miriam Esperanza Ramirez Alvarado.. Mirna Lucrecia Morataya Garcia.. Moh’d Kassem Izat Alhazzam.. Mohamed Abdullahi Farah Adan.. Specialist in Executive Leadership.. Mohamed Ramadan Abdel Maqsiud Gad.. Master in Urban Planning.. in Urban Planning.. Mohamed Warsame Ashkir.. Mohameed Aly Mostafa El Azab.. in Crisis Management.. Monica Gabirela Garcia Gamarra.. Mounir ELMORCHIDI.. Moustapha Kaboré.. Muamar Abdul Rahim Issa.. Mukiza - Ntezimana Jonas.. Munyaneza Patrick.. Master in Bank Management - Finance.. in International Business - Finance.. Musa Mahmud Abdulrahman.. Mushinzimana Simeon.. Naike Franco Garcia.. Bachelor in International Business - Protocol Etiquette.. Naimat Mohammed Suleiman Ahmed.. Specialist in Total Quality Management.. Najmul Hoque Yahia.. Master in Business Administration - Sales Marketing.. Ndayambaje Jean Bosco.. Ndongala Ndo Joao.. Nelson Antonio Saldaña Mejia.. Nelson Licinio Jordan y Jordan.. Nelson Samuel de Almeida.. Néstor Pérez Martin.. Neusa Ginga Mateus de Matos.. Neves Morais Chilala.. Nicholas O.. Ongondo.. Nicolas Humberto Rodriguez Quiroa.. Nilton Casimiro Miguel.. Niyikiza Marie Rose.. Noé Africano Pedro.. Norma Judith Prillwitz Bezares.. Nsekampoze Theophile.. Nuno Miguel Dos Santos Da Silva Costa.. Nyirahabiyambere Lydie.. Nzaire Phillip.. Nzeyimana Nadege.. Nzuzi Passi Atorga.. Obadimu, Obafemi Gregory.. Olga Teresa Pedro Alberto Artur.. Bachelor in International Trade.. Oliver Wilhelm Bloss.. Olivio Bongue Gambo.. Ondimba Edouard.. Orlando Manuel da Cruz.. Osberto Mencos Kong.. Osvaldo Gaspar Cosme.. Otto Eugenio Rolando Paiz Balcarcel.. Ousman Sonko.. Oziegbe Charles Ohaimire.. Pablo Antonio Monroy Figueroa.. Pablo Manuel Gonzalez Diaz.. Pascoal Silvestre Macosso.. Paulo Cesar Oliveira Trigueiro.. Paulo Deco.. Paulo Hernany Fernandes de Andrade.. Pedro Alfredo De Ojeda De León.. Pedro Claver Puati.. Pedro Domingos Capemba.. Pedro Inácio Pondo.. Pedro Nicolau R.. Nduli.. Pelagia Nhangui Muanda.. Pontiano Mulenga.. Specialist in Public Policy Administration.. Rafael Brás Lopez.. Master in Political Science.. Rafael Fernandes Francisco.. Rafael Ichiada.. Rahmatullah Ibrahimi.. Rami Matar.. Specialist in Business Administration.. Renato Barbosa Kissela Liuanhica.. Bachelor in Finance Economy.. Master in Sale Product Management.. Rhustdeane Pillay.. in Business Management and Consulting.. Roberto Carlos De León Cach.. Bachelor in Business Administation.. Roberto Jose Valmaseda Arriaga.. Roby Emmanuel Cancinos Marin.. Rocío Repolé Dominguez.. Rodolfo Madrid Marroquín.. Rodrigo Alexander Fierro Dalgo.. Rogério de Oliveira Junior.. Romy Wichmann.. Specialist in Customer Service.. Ronaldo Marcelino Mayen Gonzalez.. Rosa Cristina González Velásquez.. Rosário de Fátima de Oliveira Gomes Lemos.. in E-Business E-Commerce.. in Total Quality Management.. Roula Samih Ftouni.. Rovny Henrique da Silva João.. Roy Mark Rayal.. Expert in Finance Economics.. Ruben Eduardo Escalante Marroquin.. Ruben Jacobo Bastante Rodriguez.. Rui Cristovão Macuto.. Russo Cabeia.. Rutaganda Emmanuel.. Ruth Elizabeth Contreras Anzoategui.. Said Yacin Elmi.. Sajid Ali Khan.. Saleh Omeir Nasser Al Mahadouri.. Salvador M.. Antonio S.. G.. dos Santos.. Sameer Bashur.. Samer Habib.. Samuel Antonio Domingos Bemba.. Samuel Kinuthia Kahura.. Bachelor in Security Management - Criminal Investigation.. Samuel Mavinga Nhangui Tembo.. Samuel Miranda.. Sandra Elizabeth Garcia Ruiz.. Santiago Muñoz Echazarreta.. Bachelor in Catering Restaurant Management.. Sara del Castillo Hernández.. Sawadogo Oussene.. Expert in Accounting.. Sawadogo Salam.. Sebastião Francisco Antonio.. Sebastião Isabel João.. Sebu Gaston.. Seemen Sharifi.. Selce Giovanni.. Sergio Andres Elias Segovia Toro.. in Business Administration - International Business.. Shakila Tani.. Shams Ur Rahman.. Shema Jean De Dieu.. in Financial Management - Accounting.. Silvia Carolina Arroyo Lopez.. Silvia Roversi.. Bachelor in Business Administration - International Business.. Simão Alfredo Sunda.. Simon Aruei Arok.. Expert in Human Resources Management.. Siomy Mory.. in Finance Economics - E Business.. Sireneu Marques Villa.. Sola Aoun Bahous.. Solange Umutoni.. Sonia da Silva Rodrigues Baptista.. Sorayda Porras Pozuelos.. Sow Papa Aladji Doudou.. Expert in Operations Management.. Suaad Abdinasir Saeed.. Suha Hesham Said Makki.. Master in Business Management - Business Consulting.. Susana Veronica Pineda Porras.. Bachelor in Marketing Advertising.. Syed Humayun Bakht.. Syed Mohibullah.. Bachelor in Human Resources Management.. Sylvia Kitoye Bassey.. Sylvia Mc Causland.. Tahseen Wasfi Abuzanouna.. Bachelor in Civil Engineering.. Master in Construction Management - Project Engineering Management.. Teófilo dos S.. Issungo Raposo.. Specialist in Entrepreneurship Management.. Tiago Chimbungo Malila Sense.. Tiburcio da Conceição Antonio.. Titus Bonie Moetsabi.. in Mass Communication.. Tolentino Mauricio Pambo.. Touhidul Alam Khan.. Tusevo Mampuia Remy.. Twagirimana Emmanuel.. Uwamwiza Claudine.. Valeria Carolina Strafe.. Bachelor in Human Resources - Hotel Management.. Vali Antanacio Chenda.. Vicente Brox.. in Graphic Production.. in Business Administration - Executive Leadership.. Victor González Águilar.. Victor Hugo Rivas Tello.. Victor Kanga Stefano Mangunde.. Victor Oswaldo Samayoa Valencia.. Master in Business Adminitration.. Victor Raul Aguirre.. Vivienne Lobulu.. Expert in Business Management.. Wagner Teixeira Costa.. Walter Luis Silva de Aguiar.. Bachelor in E-Business E-Commerce.. Walter Ruben Urizar Carlos.. Wendy Yessenia Yupe Melchor.. Wiktor Hubar.. Xiomara Eugenia Manzana Oquendo.. Yakeli Maribel Panteul Panteul.. Yordany Rene De Leon Guigui.. Yuri Marques de Oliveira.. Zeina Ismail Allouche.. Doctor in Executive Leadership.. Next..

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  • Title: Faculty of Computer Science - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: Current Students from the Faculty of Computer Science.. Abel Mauricio Quiongue.. Bachelor in Software Engineering.. Adão Joaquim Ferreira Fernandes.. Bachelor in Computer Systems Network.. Adão José Pascoal.. Ahmed Saleh Abdulatif.. Master in Database Computer Programing.. Aires Manuel Poba da Cruz.. Alberto Ngongani Teca.. Bachelor in Computer Science.. Alex Ngabonziza.. Master in E-Business E-Commerce.. André Lango Mambu.. Bachelor in Computer Science Network.. Andre Marcos da Cunha Bartolomeu.. Andrew Austin.. Master in Management Information Systems.. Bachelor in Supply Chain Management.. Andrew Kojo Essilfie Phillips.. Master in Computer Systems and Networks.. Angelo Germano dos Santos Ventura.. Antonio Adão João.. Bachelor in Management Information Systems.. Antonio Sumbo.. Arthur Celestin.. Specialist in Management Information Systems.. Master in Computer Systems Networks.. Avelino Ngueve Cossangue.. Bernardo Casimiro Conceição Cambinda.. Bachelor in Information Technology.. Bernardo Simba Lelo Homem.. Bachelor in Computer Science Networks.. Bernardo Sozinho.. Betogil Fançony de Oliveira.. Buchana Mbonimpa Jean Bosco.. Celio Costa do Amaral Gourgel.. Claudio Baltazar Pipa.. Bachelor in Information Tecnology.. Claudio de Jesus Salvador André.. Claudio Vladimir Diogo dos Santos.. Daniel Vila Rodríguez.. Bachelor in Computer Sciences.. David Paul Jackson.. Diniz Adilson Magalhães Castro.. Edson Agostinho da Silva Sebastião.. Edson Emanuel da Silva Garcia.. Eduardo Alexander Valenzuela Ordinola.. Expert in Artificial Intelligence.. Evaristo Joaquim José Tony..  ...   Systems Networks.. Joaquim Evaristo Sanguela.. Joaquim Maria Wayaha.. Jose Maria Alburquerque Otero.. José Tiago Luis Fuca.. Juarés Silva de Oliveira Duarte.. Expert in Computer Science.. Kawshar Hossain.. Leopoldo Inácio Jaime Francisco.. Master in Computer Engineering.. Magdalene F.. Waithanga Kamau.. Bachelor in Computer Systems Networks - Networks Security.. Manuel Gomes da Conceição Homem.. Manuel Kuarta Gabriel.. Manuel Sebastião Germano.. Manuela N.. da S.. Simão Pitra.. Marcos Roberto Valendolf.. Mohamed Ahmed Al Muzanen.. Master in Management Information Technology.. Moises Francisco Fernandes.. Monzer Al Shaikh Warak.. Muhammad Jahanzaib Khan.. in Computer System Networks.. Nabil Halwani.. Master in Information Technology.. Nelson de Almeida Barros.. Niyikiza Gaston.. Nsuka Madalena Pedro.. in Information Technology.. Odinho da Silva Lutonadio.. Expert in Computer Sciences.. Osvaldo Prosper Orebe.. in Software Engineering.. Pedro Filipe da C.. Marques.. Pedro Gomes Daniel.. Roberto Fernández Fernández.. Bachelor in Computer Systems Netwoks - Telecommunication Engineering.. Roberto Montesi.. Bachelor in Information Technology - Computer Systems Networks.. Romualdo Fernandes Sebo Ngola.. Ruben Dario Coelho Gaspar.. Sabino José Pedro Ventura.. Selemani Umande Omari.. Specialist in Computer Systems and Networks.. Shinga Aubrey Chidyandunge.. Specialist in Sofware Engineering.. Souza Simbota.. Thyago Vieira Coan.. Tunisio João Pedro Nisio.. Master in Computer Systems Networks.. Umutesi Liliane.. Victor Antonio dos Santos Fortes.. Zirarushya Pierre Celestin..

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  • Title: Faculty of Engineering & Technology - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: Current Students from the Faculty of Engineering Technology.. Abdul Qayeum Karim.. in Environmental Engineering - Hydrology.. Adão Guilherme Filho.. Adilson Mangueira Nelumba.. Bachelor in Petroleum Gas Engineering.. Afonso Futa Ngunza.. Bachelor in Industrial Engineering.. Afonso Pedro Esteves.. Ahmad Al Nawam.. Bachelor in Architecture.. Alberto Álvarez-Monteserín Guijo.. Expert in Mechatronic Engineering.. Alberto Manda Lubota Quissita.. Master in Electronics Engineering.. Alcino Domingos Congo.. Bachelor in Petroleum Natural Gas Engineering.. Alex Adonay Ventura Díaz.. Master in Hydraulic Engineering.. Ali Hassan Chahbour.. Ali Hussain Amsalam.. Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.. Allah Ditta Mohammad Inayat.. Diploma in Construction Management.. Alquímedes George Ortiz.. Bachelor in Maintenance Engineering Management.. Amancio Morais da Silva Afonso.. Bachelor in Architecture Architectural Desing.. Ambrósio Nimi Tacula.. Bachelor in Petroleum Natural Gas Production.. André Luemba Casimiro Pobre.. Anselmo Lucamba Alberto Carlos.. Master in Environmental Engineering.. Antonio Alberto.. Bachelor in Industrial Maintenance Engineering.. Antonio Francisco Gomes da Silva.. Master in Civil Engineering.. Antonio Macosso Mataia Sango.. Antonio Omar Sánchez Méndez.. in Civil Engineering.. Antonio Zolama Lima.. Arinaitwe Nkubana Dismus.. Arsénio Afonso Ramos Nguenga.. Ashraf Abdulasalam Alhabeeb.. Asimwe Batsi Ghislain.. Specialist in Petroleum Natural Gas Production.. Ayuba Anza Usman.. Master in Telecommunication Engineering.. Barrett Chitaani.. Bachelor in Building Technology Design.. Belmiro Figueiredo Cipriano.. Master in Electrical Engineering.. Benedito José Baiúa.. Bachelor in Electronics Engineering.. Benito Moreno Bravo.. Specialist in Civil Engineering.. Benjamin Amponsah.. Bachelor in Mechatronic Engineering.. Benvinda Laulinda Massunda.. Master in Petroleum Natural Gas Production.. Brian Shananyumbwe.. Specialist in Geotechnical Engineering.. Bunsi Matri-Kilo Flavien.. Expert in Petroleum Natural Gas Production.. Calisto Magaisa.. Candido Augusto Cid Baptista.. Cândido Clemente João Muhongo.. Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering.. Caputo Francisco Lemos.. Bachelor in Chemical Engineering.. Carlos Alberto Bizama Fica.. Master in Industrial Engineerig.. Carlos Alberto Donado Henriquez.. Carlos Augusto Armando.. Master in Architecture.. Carlos César do Nascimento.. Carlos Eduardo Lício Machado Junior.. Expert in Petroleum Gas Engineering.. Carlos Filomeno Correia Peso.. Carlos Gonzalez Armada.. Expert in Industrial Engineering.. in Industrial Engineering.. Carlos João Miguel.. Carmen Prieto Mendoza.. Specialist in Architecture / Architectural Design.. Chipande Manuel Pinto Monteiro.. Christian Eduardo Pintado Lojano.. Claudio Emanuel José Reis.. Claudius E.. Rouse.. Specialist in Aeronautical Technology.. Constantino de Jesús Zapata García.. Master in Electrical Engineering - Electrical Distribution Networks.. Costa Albino Mucueno Cabitango.. Bachelor in Architecture Architectural Design.. Dadier de Jesus Martins.. Dagoberto Alfredo Bautista.. in Geotechnical Engineering.. Dan Freddy Dany Blackburn.. Bachelor in Building Technology Design - Structural Engineering.. Daniel Almeida.. Daniel Jacobus Greyling.. Bachelor in Materials Science / Engineering.. Daniel Kiplagat Tarus.. Bachelor in Telecommunication Engineering.. Danjela Ibrahimi.. in Optometry.. David Hernández Marcos.. Specialist in Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Aplication Catia.. David Ussuquila Eduardo João.. Derick Etoe Sone.. Despradel Novas Peña.. Bachelor in Electronic Engineering.. Dhahbi Sami.. in Renewable Energies.. Diata Malembe Diabaka.. Specialist in Renewable Energies.. Dimitri Neto.. Bachelor in Robotics Automation.. Dinis Watson Bungo.. Diosdado Muakuku Sabadell.. Domingos Chingalule Kevanga.. Domingos Cristóvão Pascoal.. Domingos Paulo da Silva.. Dongala Antonio Bangala.. Specialist in Petroleum Natural Gas.. Engineering.. Specialist in Occupational Safety Health.. Eddi Saltos Yepez.. Bachelor in Industrial Safety Health.. Eduardo Irmão Luemba.. Eduardo Jacinto Guerreiro de Matos.. Eduardo Numa Luis Paulo.. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering.. Eduardo Rivero San Martin.. Ekoute Songolo Elisee Ludovic.. Eldridge Grantham Sawyer.. Bachelor in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.. Elias Hardawa.. Master in Project Systems Engineering.. Epifánio Luis Antunes de Sousa.. Erasmo da Conceição Mouzinho João.. Specialist in Petroleum Gas Engineering.. Erick Fabian Lopez Rosero.. Bachelor in Environmental Engineering.. Ernesto Domingos José Camilo.. Master in Petroleum Natural Gas Engineering.. Ernesto Gayle.. Ernesto Helder João Sabi.. Ernesto Vuezulo Lelo.. Bachelor in Geology.. Fábio Luiz de Souza.. in Robotics Automation.. Fábio Ribeiro de Abreu.. Fan, Liang Feng.. Felipe Francisco Turcsanyi Ruck.. Master in Industrial Engineering.. Felix Ramiro Cano Arriaga.. Fernando Nelson Tati.. Bachelor in Petroleum Gas Engineerin.. Fils - Aime / Henri - Claude.. Francis Ayawah Akansah.. Francisco Bernardo Santiago Marciano.. Francisco David Barrera Pulido.. Francisco Gaspar Alves Pinheiro Pombal.. Bachelor in Sustainable Agriculture.. Francisco Javier Basanta Albares.. Master in Industrial Engineering - Total Quality Management.. Specialist in Materials Engineering  ...   Al-Atrash.. in Civil Engineering - Transportation.. Kia Benvindo Lázaro.. Master in Petroleum Gas Engineering.. Kiema Larba Bruno.. Expert in Robotics Automation.. Kouakou Kouakou Claude - Eric.. Loukeba Oscar Bandelaire.. Luis da Silva Oliveira Filipe.. Bach/Master in Mechanical Engineering.. Luis Xavier Francisco.. Mabouila Gabriel.. Bachelor in Chemistry.. Majid Golnaraghi.. Manal Marwan Soudani.. Master in Architectural Design.. Manuel Cipriano de S.. Sampaio.. Bachelor in Structural Engineering.. Manuel Gaspar Benedito João.. Manuel José Francisco Dambi.. Manuel Luisa Pedro.. Manuel Sebastiao Martins.. Bachelor in Petroleum Natural Gas Engineering.. Master in Operations Management.. Manuel Soma.. Marcelo Viana dos Santos.. Marco Alexandre Pimenta da Silva Ramos.. Marco Antonio Pernía.. in Materials Science Engineering.. Marco Antonio Touguinha.. Master in Renewable Energies.. Maria da Conceição Machado da Costa.. Maria de Lourdes Domingos.. Bachelor in Occupational / Industrial Safety Health.. Mario David Hidalgo Díaz.. Mario Francisco Garay Miranda.. in Petroleum Natural Gas Engineering.. Martin Casco Vargas.. in Environmental Engineering.. Martin Chase Abrahams.. Martin Garcia Garcia.. Marzena Wrzesien.. in Physics.. Specialist in Genetics.. in Aeronautical Technology.. Matias Bizerra Luis.. Mawungu Fitoko.. Mbonani Simao.. Mbuta Kalunga.. Master in Maintenance Engineering Management.. Mengistu Berhanu Agizaw.. Bachelor in Environmental Health.. Mgbame Idowu Michael Pope.. Bachelor in Geotechnical Engineering.. Michel David Arsenault.. Master in Civil Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering.. Michel Elie Al Hawi.. Master in Urban Planing Design.. Michel Nikolaus Stamoulis.. Specialist in Mechatronic Engineering.. Miguel Angel Casas Salvador.. Expert in Chemical Engineering.. Miguel Angel Ramírez Casero.. Master in Mechatronics.. Miguel Nvambanu Kinavuidi.. Mirza Sarmad Sattar.. Mohammad Abdul Aziz.. Mohammad Quadri Sabri.. Bachelor in Building Technology Design - Architectural Design.. Moises Bueia Bumba Avelino.. Moisés Pires de Souza.. Mónica Passos Pilartes da Silva.. Motchebong Ghinlain Thierry.. Expert in Environmental Engineering.. Muftah Omran Bu Sarira.. Master in Geotechnical Engineering.. Muhammad Usman Mehmood.. Specialist in Integrated Circuits Design.. N'Guyen Van Soc Lynda.. Nascimento Kiassonga Peterson.. Bachelor in Mecanical Engineering.. Ndombele Sinda Serafim.. Nedson Francis Dean Kaunda.. Master in Structural Engineering.. Nelito Manuel.. Specialist in Maintenance Engineering Management.. Nelson Raúl Martins Wanda.. Nelson Ulianov de Carvalho e Freitas.. Nicholas Romano.. Nkurunziza Janvier.. Master in Architecture Architectural Design.. Nomafrica Lindiwe Mhlanga.. Expert in Occupational Safety Health.. Noureddine Benlakhdar.. in Petroleum Natural Gas Engineering - Well Logging.. Nsingui Pedro Vicente.. Nwafor Godwin Chidiebere.. Octavio Alves Macieira Lorenço.. Ondounda Serge Sylvain.. Orlando David Zibia.. Orlando Pedro Muanda.. Osvaldo Hungaiavo Conceição Baptista.. Pablo Miguel Marcet Pokorny.. Pascoal Miranda.. Master in Agriculture Management.. Paulino Caxi Chivinga Da Silva.. Paulo Alexandre Pedeira Gaviao.. Paulo Bakatuseka Mudiambi.. Paulo Bartolomeu Van-Dunem Certo.. Paulo de Azevedo Mateus.. Paulo Isidoro Ferreira Numa.. Paulo Sérgio de Melo.. Bachelor in Petroleum and Gas Engineering.. Pedro Martínez Poveda.. in Building Technology - Architectural Design.. Pedro Miala Morais.. Pedro Muabi Pemba.. Pedro Sivi.. Rafael Fastudo.. Raquel Schossler.. Specialist in Landscape Architecture.. Raymond Mulefu.. Reagan Mbumba Mbumba.. Specialist in Petroleum Technology - Drilling.. René Matias de Conceição e Silva.. Master in Environmental Health.. Renisha Sewpersad.. Reves G.. Timothy.. Rodrigo Pagamento Cassunga.. Rui Alberto Muhongo de Oliveira.. Rui Antonio José João.. Bachelor in Urban Planning Design - Traffic Management.. Samuel Baptista Varela.. Bachelor in Architecture / Architectural Design.. Sanele Adrian Tsabedze.. Specialist in Mechanical Engineering.. Sebastião Manuel Adão.. Sebastiao Manuel Ventura.. in Engineering Management.. Shabnam Yosufi.. Shahzad Afzal.. Master in Computation Engineering.. in Computation Engineering.. Sidney Custódio Ferreira Costa.. Skander Ahmed.. Soares Domingos Antonio.. Expert in Environmental Management.. Syed Jarar Ahmed Shah.. Tabue Achille Leprince.. Expert in Automotive Technology.. Taylor Manuel Filipe.. Master in Telecommuncations Engineering.. Thalsim Abdul Wahid.. Théophile Ndahayo.. Master in Robotics Automation.. Tibério de Sá Mendes.. Tombe Nguefack Jeanot.. Tomé Elias Andrade Quaresma.. Toni Paulo João Antonio.. Tony Ramón Barahona Borja.. Valdemiro de Jesus Barros Martins.. Valter Calenga Matranga.. Victor Maria Pinedo Santamaria.. Expert in Telecommunication Engineering.. Wafaa Asaad El-Madani.. Walter Manuel Luemba Sibi.. William Ndolo Ngotho.. Bachelor in Aeronautical Technology - Aviation Security.. Yao Kouadio Pascal.. Yasin Mohammed Yesuf.. Specialist in Electronic Engineering.. Yibain Evaristus Akoni.. Yiga Francis.. Yousif Mohammed Fahad Al-Hazza.. Yuri Cardoso Francisco Pereira.. Zacarias Cardoso Kwanza Maicula.. Zenaide da Silva Leite Fernando..

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  • Title: Faculty of Life & Earth Sciences - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: Current Students from the Faculty of Life Earth Sciences.. Abdul Rahman Pakteen.. Abdulhameed Omer Ali Al Shoukry.. Alberto Boaventura.. Bachelor in Geography.. Ali Salissou.. in Ecology.. Anthony Atanga Kutwa.. Specialist in Food Science.. Arthur Ndong Ovono Dieudonne.. in Applied Mathematics - Finite Elements.. Calvin M.. Cloete.. Expert in Chemistry.. Carlos Antonio Oliveira Rodrigues.. Bachelor in Etology.. Celso Barbiero Alves.. Bachelor in Genetics.. Clara Ines Pinilla Moscoso.. in Ecology Environmental Health.. Cynthia Jean Wright.. in Biology Life Science.. Daniel, Vincent Ntiense.. Master in Geology.. David Miguel Torres Ojeda.. Bachelor in Microbiology.. Dean Christiaan Tait McBride.. Expert in Applied Mathematics.. Edwin Omar Rodriguez.. Master in Marine Biology - Fisheries Management.. in Marine Biology - Fisheries Management.. Cum Laude in Fisheries Management.. Specialist in Environmental Management.. Emma Ruth Baldwin.. Master in Ecology - Wildlife Management.. Enkhbayar Banzragch.. in Botany Plant Science.. Erika Lara Chan.. Expert in Zoology Ethology.. Eva Mª Morón Manchado.. Bachelor in Biology.. Evelyn Weeden.. Specialist in Astronomy.. Fayez Seifeddine.. in Applied Mathematics - Math Education.. Francesc Caralt Rafecas.. Bachelor in Biology Biochemistry - Botany.. Francisco Manuel Gaspar.. Francisco Martins da Costa.. Gerardo Luisemilio Telon Rodriguez.. Master in Livestock Animal Science.. Gilbert Duane Masona.. Master in Microbiology Immunology.. Habibur Rahman.. Bachelor in Environmental Science.. Hermenegildo Martins Ferreira da Costa..  ...   Optics.. Lorenço Emanuel da Cunha Paulo.. Luiz Fernando Leal Padulla.. in Ethology.. Maicon Santiago Aliaga Machado.. in Astronomy - Astrophysics.. Maria Camila Corredor Londoño.. Specialist in Ethology.. Maria Teresa Parra Gamero.. Bachelor in Pure Sciences.. Marisol Corridori.. Bachelor in Zoology.. Mark Stephen Fensom.. Specialist in Meteorology.. Michael T.. Combs.. Expert in Botany Plant Science.. Mohamed El Sayed El Sonbaty.. Master in Applied Mathematics.. Mosa Jacinto.. Osman Mohamed Ali.. Expert in Ecology Environmental Health.. Pablo Jesús Sesma Valles.. Specialist in Applied Mathematics.. Expert in Physics.. Specialist in Computation Engineering.. Patricia Solange Pires Candeiro.. Bachelor in Earth Science Geology.. Paulino Antonio Garcia.. Pedro Ernesto Meléndez Russel.. Phortune Dina Tjivikua.. Master in Microbiology.. Prosper Dzisah.. Ramón A.. Antelo Reguengo.. Expert in Biochemistry.. René Maqueta Sabino Correia.. Rinaldi Anwar.. in Applied Mathematics.. Saad G.. Hussain.. in Molecular Cell Biology.. Saleh Jebril Abdullah.. in Environmental Science.. Sarah Reagan.. Master in Ethology - Equine Ethology.. Sebastiao Caetano Cristovao Nogueira.. Specialist in Geology.. Sellaya Dit Tran Van Tai.. Master in Genetics.. Sherifa Ahmed Hamed Omran.. in Molecular Biology.. Silvio Francisco do Vale.. Master in Sports Training.. Stavros Kaniklides.. Bachelor in Oceanography Marine Science.. Master in Marine Biology.. in Ocean Science.. Stephen Charles Mosongo.. Bachelor in Agriculture Science.. Toini Angula.. Waldemar Sérgio Tavares.. Yerecê da Silva Pereira..

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  • Title: Faculty of Natural Health Sciences - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: Current Students from the Faculty of Natural Health Science.. Abdulakeem Miftahudeen Ogunlana.. in Human Biology.. Abigail Gillian Wilson.. Master in Scientific Nutrition.. Adriano José dos Santos.. Bachelor in Naturopathy.. Alceu Ferreira Nunes.. in TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine.. Alessandra Petraglia de Freitas.. Specialist in M.. T.. C.. Ana Celdran Ferrera.. Bachelor in Natural Psychotherapy.. Artemis Michaletos.. Bachelor in Kinesiology - Aromatherapy.. Aspirante Guia Manuel.. Bachelor in Natural Health Science.. Ayses Dunya Portela.. Expert in TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine.. Begoña Vega Ramirez.. in Naturopathic Medicine.. Bibhuprasad Bhattacharyya.. Carine Pieterse.. in Naturopathy.. Caroline do Nascimento Franco.. Bachelor in Ayurveda.. Clovis Jose Ferreira Junior.. Bachelor in Sports Training.. Colleen M.. Bland.. Craig Martin Canedy.. in Sensory Therapy.. David Queiroz de Sousa.. Dorothy Ann Dexter Fulton.. Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine.. Elisa Maciel Costa.. Elsio Dinis Correia da Silva.. Bachelor in TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine.. Emil Marinov Enchev.. Master in Naturopathy - Nutrition / Diet Therapy.. Eva Maria Plaza Fernández.. Specialist in Homeopathy.. Fernando Guedes José Balanga.. Bachelor in Human Biology.. Festus Madu Afamefule.. Francisco Javier Lorente Ortega.. Specialist in Psychotherapy.. Gabriela Segura Ten.. in Natural Health Sciences.. Gilit Steiner.. Gilvânia Climaco da Silva.. Specialist in  ...   José Augusto Maciel Torres.. José Sam Victorio.. in Coaching Leadership - NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming.. Josimar Candido dos Santos.. in Kinesiology.. Kelly Susann Jordan.. Specialist in Ayurveda.. Keyona N.. Glenn.. Expert in Natural Health Science.. Lahlou Mariam.. in Scientific Nutrition.. Marcos Mazzuka P.. in Anti-Aging Therapy.. Maria Azul Sallovitz.. Expert in Scientific Nutrition.. Maria Casellas Robirola.. Specialist in Yoga Therapy.. Master in Naturopathy.. Maria Cicera Aranha.. Specialist in Iridology.. Maria del Pilar Mendez Castro.. Expert in Nutrition.. Maria Dolores Gómez Corral.. Melodie Idaszek.. Bachelor in Natural Health Sciences.. Miemsie Davel.. Master in Scientific Nutrition - Herbology.. Mirisse Galbokka Hewage Thilakaratna.. Mlungisi Patrick Msibi.. Master in Human Biology.. Paula Gómez Patiño.. Expert in Sensory Therapy.. Ray Dela Cruz.. in Natural Health Science.. Rim Eisa.. Specialist in Clinical Nutrition.. Rolando Leal Martinez.. in Holistic Sciences.. Rosivaldo Silva Santos.. Rui Miguel Alves Santos.. Expert in Homeopathy.. Samir G.. Taleb.. Sidónio Malamba de Carvalho Inácio.. Master in Sport Management.. Tani Elena Eyzaguirre Pinto.. in Natural Medicine.. Turki Nasser Garip Al-Solagi.. Master in Manual Therapy Massage.. Valdeci Almeida Sousa.. Valia Alexieva Popova.. Expert in Nutrition / Diet Therapy.. Vasco Domingos Jundo.. Virgilio Junquera Moreso.. Bachelor in Homeopathy..

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  • Title: Faculty of Psychology - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: Current Students from the Faculty of Psychology.. Adrian Alejandro Arce.. in Psychology.. Adriana Tanese Nogueira.. in Psychotherapy - Transpersonal Psychology.. Alaa Mohammad Diab.. Master in Organizational Psychology.. Albino Pascoal Pakisi.. Alejandro Valverde Podesta.. Bachelor in Psychology - Social Psychology.. Alfredo Sanchis García.. Bachelor in Psychology.. Amiro Vicente Pires.. Bachelor in Organizational Psychology.. Anacleto Xavier Figueiredo.. in Clinical Psychology.. Antonio José da Costa Grilo.. Bachelor in Social Psychology.. Benson Okpebho.. Master in Criminology.. Bert Maes.. Expert in Psychosomatic Therapy.. Bizimana Ishimwe Justin.. Master in Psychosomatic Therapy.. Blanca Elvia Narváez Rodriguez.. Master in Counseling Psychology.. Bright Ambeyi Oywaya.. Bachelor in Counseling Psychology.. Caroline Wanjiru Muthiga.. Bachelor in Developmental Psychology.. Catarina Pedro Manuel J.. da Cunha.. Master in Clinical Psychology.. Chico Manuel Filipe.. Expert in Organizational Psycology.. Expert in Coaching.. Christine Sanguli Mwakima.. Master in Marriage Family Therapy.. Claudia Clemencia Rojas Torres.. Bachelor in Social Psychology - Social Work.. Clayton Mc Laughlin.. in Counseling Psychology.. Conny Peto Denes.. Bachelor in Transpersonal Psychology - Sexology.. Master in General Psychology.. Cristiane Maciel Dian.. Cynthia Alexandra Torres Andrade.. Master in NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.. Daghfal Roula.. David Kan Kum Fatt.. David Mungai Kiarie.. Denise Milani.. Doctor in Clinical Psychology.. Domingos Simão Kessu Nzumba.. Bachelor in Coaching Leadership.. Donald L.. Nunley.. in Gestalt Therapy.. Eddy Eustache.. Elba Covarrubias Ortiz.. in Social Work.. Eli Rômulo de Araujo Martins.. Bachelor in General Psychology.. Elio Martins Mudender.. in Social Psychology.. Emilie Dieulangard Le Gonidec.. in Cognitive Psychology.. Emily Khalumba Kitagwa.. Fábio Augusto Pinto da Silva.. Fabiola Téllez Téllez.. Specialist in Anatheoresis.. Fátima Duarte Ortiz.. in Psychotherapy.. Fausto Patricio Torres Andrade.. in NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.. Fernanda Garcia Perez.. Master in Cognitive Psychology.. Francisco L.. Padron.. Bachelor in Psychotherapy - Hypnotherapy.. Funso Odesola Johnson.. Bachelor in Criminology.. George Mwongera Mwendameru.. George Stephen Mukenya.. Guy Marc Bonem.. Master in Psychology.. Hadj Brahim Kamel.. Specialist in Clinical Psychology.. Helder Francisco Canguri Bartolomeu.. Hellen Anindo Macharia.. Master in Counselling Psychology.. Henry Oisera Kibagendi..  ...   Specialist in Neurolinguistic Programming.. Specialist in Scientific Nutrition.. Maria del Mar Morales Montaño.. Bachelor in Transpersonal Psychology.. Maria del Rocío Sandoval Martin.. in Transpersonal Psychology - Bioenergetic Therapy.. Maria del Rosario Mainar Gimeno.. Bachelor in Psychology - Coaching Leadership.. Maria Justina Barros.. Maria Manuela João Fernando.. Maria Nydia Henao Giraldo.. María Vara Santiago.. Maria Zita Budi.. in Cognitive Psychology - Hypnotherapy.. Martha Kaimuri Mwongela.. Mary Ida Mutinda.. Master in Social Work.. Mary Makungu Kimathi.. Mary Wanjiku Mbau.. Maya Bechara Bou Hamad.. in Clinical Psychology - Psychopathology.. Mercy Karimi Nyaga.. Mercy Thirindi Marete.. Milkah J.. Rono.. Miriam Wairimu Kuria.. Mohamed Saïd Moussa.. Moises Camota.. Monteiro Guilherme.. Mushashi Christine.. Myrna I.. Alvarez Ojeda.. Nancy María Acuña Fajardo.. in Sexology.. Nelly Nduta Ndirangu.. Nilson Raimundo da Silva.. Noé Abilio.. Nora Gonzalez Espinoza.. Bachelor in Clinical Psychology - Criminology.. Paulina da Silva Feijó.. Philomena Chinyere Afamefule.. Piedad Casas Otoya.. Master in Organizational Psychology - Executive Leadership.. Protasio Mutema Njeru.. Rafaela Consani.. Ramon L.. Escuaín Escanilla.. Cum Laude in Clinical Psychology.. Reinel Ocampo Garavito.. Specialist in Sexology.. Ricardo Ribas Beltran Franco.. Specialist in Organizational Psychology.. Rita Harume Minamida.. Expert in Sexology.. Rosalind Njoka Muketha.. Rui Manuel Vaz.. Salvatore Joseph Angelo Martone.. Doctor in Hypnotherapy.. Samuel E.. Perez Rivera.. Sandra Marcela Hernández de Montgomery.. Diploma in Psychology.. Sarah Aoko Owilli.. Sarah Astrid García García.. Sebbar Keltoum.. Selma de Almeida Silva.. Silvia Lopes Ribeiro.. Silvia Rodriguez Castells.. Expert in Animal- Assisted Therapy.. Susan Njeri Kibe.. Susan Ruturi.. Swapnamayee Manas Ranade.. Master in Cognitive Psychology - Personal Growth Techniques.. in Natural Psychotherapy - NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.. Tomás Arenal Ibañez.. Valeria Cevallos Larrea.. Master in Sexology.. Valérie Gähler - Potier.. Vicente Casanova Gramaje.. Victoria Eugenia Tascón Ospina.. Expert in Calligraphy.. Vidal Manuel Coutinho.. in General Psychology.. Vivian Annette Pagan Hernandez.. Yanira Cruz Pérez.. Expert in Animal Assisted Therapy.. Yolanda Elisabeth Miguel.. Bachelor in Sexology.. Yolanda Ruiz Vega.. Bachelor in Psychology - Psychotherapy.. Zuzel Monné Díaz.. Expert in Psychology..

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  • Title: BIU Graduates - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: A Bircham International University degree involves a great deal of responsibility, both for the graduate and those around him or her.. Learning does not come to the end the day a online diploma is earned.. It is a life-long, enriching process.. The main objective behind the knowledge acquired is to provide a sound foundation to continue building wisdom.. Bircham International University distance learning higher education aim is to provide a broader awareness of the different aspects of any specialization,  ...   Completing an adult degree program at Bircham International University demonstrates an unquestionable level of willpower, responsibility, motivation, and capacity for self-improvement.. These skills are highly appreciated at the workplace and constitute the main reason why many departments of Human Resources highly consider those employees capable of earning a distance learning degree.. Bircham International University wants to congratulate and thank all graduates that trusted our distance learning higher education.. They deserve the best in their future endeavours.. Specialist & Expert Diploma..

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  • Title: Specialist & Expert Diploma - BIU HUMAN NETWORK
    Descriptive info: Specialist and Expert professional diplomas from Bircham International University.. The Specialist and Expert diploma are designed to provide employees with the know-how required by a wide array of professions and specialized tasks.. The difference between the Specialist and the Expert programs relies on the amount of credits required.. SPECIALIST DIPLOMA (15 credits).. Duration ranges from 3 to 6 months.. Program Structure: 100% based on textbooks.. EXPERT DIPLOMA (21 credits.. ).. Duration ranges from 6 to 9 months.. 1 BIU Earned Credit = 1 USA Semester Credit (15 hours of learning) = 2 ECTS Credits (30 hours of study).. If you do not wish to appear on this list, contact This email address is being protected from spambots.. Abdelhak Mhamed Bouzian.. Specialist in Merchandising.. Abel Palmero Díez.. Specialist in Self Defense Instructor.. Bachelor in Self Defense Sciences.. Adão Henrique Saldanha Ribeiro Pizarro.. Specialist in Natural Heath.. Adela Crego Lopez.. Specialist in Nutrition.. Adele Groenewald.. Specialist in Nutrition Diet Therapy.. Africa Sanchez Hernandez.. Specialist in Personal Growth Technique.. Agustin Rivas Barbero.. Specialist in Anatheóresis.. Akram Kaid Al Herwi.. Specialist in International Business.. Alain Awad.. Specialist in Account Management.. Alberto Betancor Orgaz.. Specialist in Fire science.. Alberto Jimenez Fuentes.. Specialist in Fire Sciences.. Alberto José Castilla Fernández.. Alberto Lopez Azorin.. Expert in Naturopathy.. Alberto Repiso Diez.. Alejandro Iglesias Costas.. Specialist in Police Self Defense Instructor.. Bachelor in Self Instructor Sciences.. Alexandra Matta Al-Hawa.. Alicia Alvarez Arcones.. Alma Maria Garcia Recalde.. Ana Belen Garcia Garcia.. Ana Isabel del Rio Sota.. Ana Luisa Romero Vidal.. Specialist in Integral Therapy.. Ana María Amorín Gil.. Ana Maria Quiros Sancho.. Anadima Sanchez Marquez.. Expert in Human Biology.. Andres Diaz Duran Davila.. Specialist in Security Management.. Angel González González.. Master in Psychotherapy.. Cum Laude in Psychotherapy.. Expert in NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.. Expert in Psychosomatic Medicine.. Angel Herranz Redondo.. Angela Suarez Vilaro.. Antoine Raymond Naaman.. Antonio Lopez Garcia.. Specialist in Natural Psychotherapy.. Antonio Peñalver Hernández.. Apollinaire Dschoutezo.. Expert in Clinical Homeopathy.. Araceli Vidal Amat.. Aremu Adedoyin.. Expert in Security Management.. Armando Riol Velasco.. Expert in Graphopsychology.. Armindo Pereira De Pina.. Doctor in Naturopathy.. Arturo Martinez Fernandez.. Asuncion Duran Barrera.. Avri Spilka.. Beatriz del Pozo Rajado.. Expert in Natural Psychotherapy.. Begoña Sanchez Sedano.. Expert in Educational Graphology.. Belén Pérez Guerrero.. Expert in Personnel Selection.. Benigno Horna de la Cruz.. in Psychotherapy - Hypnotherapy.. Cum Laude in Hypnotherapy.. Billal Jamal El-Youssef.. Expert in Graphic Design.. Blanca Murga Iznardi.. Blanca Siñeriz Pumarega.. Boris Arcely Lemus Contreras.. Carla Marchetti.. Carlos Alejandro Prado Garcia.. Specialist in Psychology of Personality.. Carlos Fernando Solares Castro.. Carlos Garcia Martin.. Specialist in TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine.. Carlos Lahoz Gomez.. Specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine.. Carlos Levi Leroy.. Expert in Gestalt Therapy.. Carlos Roldán López.. Specialist in Performing Arts.. Carlos Vives Diago.. Carolina Clara Punset Bannel.. Cayetano Sanchez Carmona.. Expert in Financial Analysis.. Cecilia Monteagudo.. César Herrero Hernansanz.. Cha Cheng Siong.. Specialist in Building Technology.. Chentouf Aouatif.. Expert in Toxicology.. Christian Pereira.. Specialist in Aviation Management.. Cilna Birch.. Specialist in Event Recreation Management.. Concepcion Galvez Garcia.. Constancio Criado Morales.. Corina Iglesias.. Cristina A.. Sanchez.. Cristina Margarita Sanchez Ruiz.. Specialist in Chinese Traditional Medicine.. Cynthia Hanan Filian.. Dana Brossmannova.. Dana Mohamad Ali Kahil.. Daniel Tabera del Pino.. Daniela Di Rollo.. David Iranzo Anguis.. David López Peral.. Diogo Martins.. Dolores Criado Lara.. Specialist in Graphopsychology.. Edna Liliana Contreras Marroquin.. Eduardo A.. Najle.. Edward Salem Daoud.. Elena Barrasa Sobron.. Expert in Graphology.. Elena Clara Ruiz Alonso.. Eliane Marco Basiero.. Elkin Alberto Arroyave Ruiz.. Eloy Melendre Carrera.. Specialist in Military Strategy.. in Political Science.. in Police Science.. Emilio Maldonado Poyatos.. Enrique A.. Palau Colomer.. Enrique Arturo Dell Campollo.. Enrique Blay Llaurado.. Bachelor in Psychology - Developmental Psychology.. Enrique Higinio Laborda Andrés.. Enrique Parga Valeiro.. Enrique Velazquez Peñalver.. Specialist in Sport Medicine.. Esteban de la Fuente Rodriguez.. Esther Galvez Garcia.. Evaristo Salas Marin.. Specialist in Graphotherapy.. Fady Haddad.. Javier Santamaria Barranco.. Felisa Durango Gallego.. Fernando Belmonte Muñoz.. Specialist in Iridiology.. Fernando Garcia Castroviejo.. Fernando Legaspi Lage.. Fernando Rodrigo Navarro.. Specialist in Hotel Management.. Fernando Rosel Lana.. Flor Catalina Sánchez Barrera.. Florencio Augusto Gomila Gomila.. Specialist in Theology.. Specialist in Marine Sciences.. Specialist in Christology Mariology.. Specialist in Eclesiology Patrology.. Specialist in Criminology.. Francisca Sánchez Pascuala.. Francisco Javier Huerta Muñoz.. Francisco Jose Perez Plata.. Specialist in Fire Science.. Frone Steluta.. Gabriel Plata de León.. Gabriele Giuseppe Duma..  ...   / Brain Science.. Maite Ciriza Urra.. Malen Moya Sarasola.. Manuel Adame Pascual.. Manuel Alcántara Callejas.. Manuel Anguita Camara.. Manuel Arturo Esquerra Aragón.. Manuel Betanzos Dominguez.. Manuel Gago Avendaño.. Manuel García Marín.. Manuel Gonzalez de Leon.. Manuel Moreno Lopera.. Manuel Vicente Martinez Mantecon.. Manuela Ruiz Rodriguez.. Mara Estellés Contreras.. Marco Antonio Gonzalez Mares.. Specialist in Sports Medicine.. Specialist in Biochemistry.. Expert in Cellular Molecular Biology.. Specialist in Immunology.. Marcos Alvarez Romero.. Marcos Damota Godoy.. Margarita Souviron Lopez.. Maria Alexandra Rosado Arteaga.. Specialist in Clinical Homeopathy.. Maria Antonia Orero Albella.. Specialist in Herbology.. Maria B.. Villar Vazquez.. Maria Calvo Aguiló.. Maria Carmen Menéndez Collantes.. Maria Cruz Larrión Baños.. Maria de la Riera Figueras Martorell.. Maria del Carmen Samblás Martínez.. Maria del Pilar Fernandez Muñoz.. Maria Dolores Fernandez Trivez.. Maria Dolores Puente Callado.. Maria Dolores Sales Aracil.. Expert in Parapsychology.. María Eloísa Cotobal Collado.. Maria Emilia Anton Veira.. Maria Eugenia Toyos Rubiera.. Expert in Protocol Etiquette.. Maria Fernandez Ortega.. Maria Hervas Perez.. Maria Irene Lena Pereira Dos Santos.. in Graphology.. Cum Laude in Graphology.. Maria Isabel Herrero Sombria.. Maria Jesus Angona Fraile.. Maria Jose Arce Ortiz.. Maria Lourdes Sanz Zurdo.. Maria Luisa Cozzi.. Maria Luisa Cruz Fernandez.. Maria Luisa Leal Gonzalez.. Maria Luisa Ranera Nuñez.. Maria Luisa Torres Jaramillo.. Maria Mercedes Pro González.. Maria Navarro Maqueda.. María Nelly Chacín Lanza.. Maria Paula Picardi.. Specialist in Microcredits Finance.. Maria Teresa Garcia Ruiz.. Maria Teresa Izquierdo Mata.. Maria Teresa Puerto Simon.. Maria Victoria Lopez Montero.. Marielle Nakad Corbany.. Marina Laura Sprovieri Hansen.. Marina Lluch Pons.. Marks Pita.. Maroun Daher.. Marta Azucena Reinoso Cernuda.. Marta Sanchez Herrero.. Miguel Angel Gonzalez Fernandez.. Miguel Angel Gonzalez Perez.. Miguel Angel Martin de Heras.. Miguel Angel Morales Gordillo.. Miguel Guerrero Calero.. Miguel Quel Benedicto.. Milagros Esteve Martín.. Miraf Fuller.. Mohammed Kamal Kamel.. Specialist in Energy Systems Engineering.. Mohammed Salah Hussien Basha.. Specialist in Health Care Management.. Montserrat Olesti Calvet.. Mostafa Abd El-Moaty Afifi.. Specialist in Microbiology Immunology.. Mukalalirya Kambale.. Expert in Political Sciences.. in Applied Economic Sciences.. Nacho Blasco Ahis.. Specialist in Police Self Defense Instruction.. Nadia Paola Nicosia.. Nadine Gerges Tawk.. Najib N.. Hobeika.. Nancy Abou Jaoude.. Nancy Patricia Escalante Jerez.. Nayvi Mollet Barbeito.. Neida Consuelo Eberli Castro.. Expert in Antrophology.. Nelly Ghreishy.. Nicolas Alberto Chiriani Giuliano.. Specialist in Animal Science.. in Animal Science.. Nivine Zeidan.. Nohade Antoine Harfouche.. Oliver Gonzalez de Leon.. Omar Mohamed Ali.. Specialist in Parapsychology.. Orume Eboka Divine.. Expert in Mechanical Engineering.. Oscar Doria Fernandez.. Specialist in Advertising Mass Communications.. Oscar Giovanni Pinto Torres.. Oscar Rama.. Expert in Financial Markets.. Oscar Waldemar Castro Lima.. Pablo Sanchez Ballano.. Expert in Atmospheric Sciences Meteorology.. Pablo Tecles Pardo.. Paloma Diaz Mateos.. Paqui Fernandez Peñarrubia.. Pascal George Ngaeje.. Pascal Sawaya.. Pascale Ghanem.. Patricia Guallart de Sanfeliu.. Patrick Ghassibe.. Pedro Cezón Nicolás.. Pedro Gutierrez Martinez.. Pedro Luis Alzola Elezcano.. Pierre Cagninacci.. Pierre Hanna Nasr.. Pilar Martin Anguiano.. Pinelopi Agathangelou.. Specialist in Developmental Psychology.. Placido Carballo Rincón.. Rafael Agusti Torres.. Specialist in Archaeology.. Expert in Anthropology.. Expert in Ancient History Egyptology.. Rafael Cerda Calabuig.. Expert in Psychotherapy.. Rafael Garrido Pérez.. Rajasi Joshi.. Expert in Astronomy.. Rami Hilal.. Raquel Fraga Sanchez.. Raquel Mercedes Miranda Morales.. Raquel Pasan Laso.. Raúl Baza Garcés.. Raymonde Jaccod Bourrat.. Reine Emile El-Halaby.. Rev.. Gnana Dhas.. Specialist in Neuro-Linguistics Programming.. Ricardo Fenollosa Segarra.. Ricardo Igelmo Pérez.. Ricardo Palomares Gonzalez.. Rocio Bedmar Huerta.. Rocio Martin Robles.. Rogelio De Jesus Juarez Roque.. Rongsheng Hu.. Rony Abboud.. Rosa Bueno Carrion.. Rosa Maria Fernandez Rosado.. Rosa Maria Garcia Esteban.. Rosa Maria Garcia Garcia.. Rosario Perez Sanchez.. Ruben Rosa Palacios.. Rui Luis Dias Ribeiro.. Expert in Sensorial Medicine.. Said Ahmarani.. Salam Adnan Hajj.. Salvador Garcia Piñeiro.. Specialist in Industrial Engineering.. Samer Said El Deek.. Samir Ghossein.. in Archaeology.. Specialist in Energy Healing.. Samuel Eduardo Pineda Ruano.. Sandy Ghaoui.. Santiago Fernandez Gallardo.. Sebastian Velez Sanchez.. Shant Zaven Boyajian.. Shaza Abdul Aziz Sabouni.. Specialist in Educational Administration.. Silvia Tielas.. Specialist in Interior Design.. Soledad Maria Maldonado Poyatos.. Soledad Osuna Pavon.. Sophie Mosser.. Master in Neural Science - Parapsychology.. Expert in Neural Science.. Soussane Chartouny.. Susana Sader Yaladian.. Terri O’Reilly.. Tracy Abou Mrad.. Vanessa Alejandra Díaz González.. Verena Frey.. Victor Manuel Rosales De La Roca.. Virginia Fernandez Izquierdo.. Specialist in Graphic Design.. Walter Emilio Barrios Guevara.. Walter O’Niels Rosenberg Gidi.. Wanda Yvette Herrera Divas.. William A.. Lopez Esteves.. Yolanda Jordan Esteban.. Expert in Advertising Promotion.. Zeina Charbel Chami..

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