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  • Title: Browser Tools - Your Browser Will Love Them!
    Descriptive info: .. Browser Sentinel - Malware Protection.. Browser hijack protection for experienced users.. Monitors vulnerable zones of a computer that are often abused by malware;.. Provides a user with exhaustive information about every object in a zone;.. Provides a user with the means to counteract malware activity in the zones.. With Browser Sentinel an experienced user can effectively fight against malware,.. spending minimum time and resources.. The user is always aware of activities in vulnerable.. zones of the computer and thus can immediately neutralize suspicious items as they appear.. Picture Ace - Picture Downloader.. Saving pictures from the web is a snap!.. Save images with one click!.. Save a large image with a single click on its thumbnail image!.. Save all images on a web page or a whole web site!.. Save any types of file from a web site automatically!.. Are you tired of saving images with Internet Explorer having to enter file name each time?.. Picture Ace is a complete solution for downloading images from the Web.. No more Save As dialogs, just one click and the image is on your hard drive!.. SurfLogger - Internet Surfing History.. Your internet surfing history in one click!.. Save detailed web browsing history!.. Provides a user with exhaustive information about visited website.. Save website address, webpage, date,  ...   complete set of printer parameters and print jobs parameters.. Aurora Password Manager.. Sure way to store and protect your private data.. Filling Web Forms.. Strong 256 bit AES encryption.. Supports multi-user work.. IE Privacy Keeper.. Simple, fast and efficient browsing history cleaner for.. Internet Explorer.. and.. Mozilla Firefox.. Get File Size.. Find out the size of a file or an image's dimensions before actually downloading it.. Flash and Pics Control.. Easily turn on/off downloading of pictures and Flash movies, disable Java Script, Java Applets and Cookies.. Flash Saving Plugin.. Save Flash movies right from your web browser, examine.. Flash movies cache.. SWF Opener.. Handy player for the Flash movies you saved on your hard drive.. Full screen mode, timeline controller and more.. Picture Ace Lite.. Save pictures from the web without the annoying.. Save Picture As.. dialog.. Easy Go Back.. Adds mouse gestures to.. Navigate back and forward by simply using your mouse.. Word, Excel, Access, Zip, Outlook Password Recovery.. Largest collection of password recovery solutions for Office applications.. One Minute Password Recovery.. for Word and Excel password-protected documents! Instant password crack service for Outlook, Access, Act! password-protected files.. My Password Manager.. -.. keep all your passwords safe!.. Home |.. Downloads.. |.. Newsletter.. Tell a friend.. Support.. Copyright 2002-2011.. BrowserTools.. net.. All rights reserved.. Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: Download IE Privacy Keeper, Flash Saving Plugin, etc.
    Descriptive info: Browser Sentinel.. Picture Ace.. Secret Explorer.. Where Is My Space?!.. User Tracker.. SurfLogger.. English.. German.. Russian.. Dutch.. French.. Italian.. Word, Excel, Access, Act!, Outlook Express.. Instant password crack service.. for Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, Act! password-protected files.. All of Our Software.. You can download all of our software in one zipped archive.. Unzip the archive after downloading and install the programs you need.. File Size.. : 9 MB.. File Type.. : ZIP.. Contents.. : Browser Sentinel, Picture Ace, IE Privacy Keeper, Get File Size, Flash and Pics Control, Flash Saving Plugin, SWF Opener, Easy Go Back, Picture Ace Lite.. more info.. Protects your browser by monitoring vulnerable zones of a computer that are often abused by malware.. Version.. : 2.. 1.. : 1.. 6 MB.. : Executable.. Runs On.. : Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7.. License.. : Try-before-you-buy (free 30-day trial).. UI Language.. : English, Russian.. Install & Uninstall Included.. Are you tired of saving images with Internet Explorer and having to enter file name each time? Picture Ace is a complete solution for downloading images from the Web.. 5.. 9.. 8 MB.. : English.. Fast, simple and efficient browsing history cleaner for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.. Allows you to selectively  ...   language please.. contact us.. Picture Ace Lite allows you to save images from a web page without entering a file or a folder name.. Just right-click on an image and select Save Image, Picture Ace Lite will save the image to the predefined folder.. 2.. : 427 KB.. Find out the size of a file (or image dimensions) before actually downloading it.. View web server response headers.. : 3.. 0.. Last Updated.. : 09/02/2010.. : 531 KB.. Easily disable/enable Flash animation, pictures, cookies, Java Script, Java Applets and ActiveX right from Internet Explorer.. 4.. : 488 KB.. Allows you to save Flash animation right from Internet Explorer (or any IE-based browser).. Comes with SWF Cache Viewer - a tool for browsing cached Flash animation in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.. : 567 KB.. Easy-to-use Flash player for opening Flash movies saved on your hard drive.. Allows viewing movies in full screen mode and control playback with buttons or a timeline controller.. : 613 KB.. Adds mouse gestures to Internet Explorer.. Navigate back and forward by simply using your mouse, open a link in a new window by clicking the middle mouse button.. : 500 KB.. Home.. | Downloads |..

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  • Title: Tell a friend about our software!
    Descriptive info: E-mail that recommends www.. browsertools.. net will be sent to your friend(s).. Your Name:.. Your E-mail:.. 1st Recipient Name:.. 1st Recipient E-mail:.. 2nd Recipient Name:.. 2nd Recipient E-mail:.. 3rd Recipient Name:.. 3rd Recipient E-mail:.. Message:.. Hi, take a look at this web site: http://www.. | Tell a friend |.. Copyright 2002-2009..

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  • Title: BrowserTools.net - Support/Contacts
    Descriptive info: To contact us you can either e-mail us using your mail client or use the following form (only English please):.. Salutation:.. Mr.. Mrs.. Ms.. First name:.. Last name:.. Your e-mail:.. Please retype your e-mail:.. The product in question:.. Not Applicable.. Your operating system:.. Don't know.. Windows XP SP2.. Windows XP.. Windows 98.. Windows 2000.. Windows ME.. Windows 2003 Server.. Windows NT.. Windows 95.. Browser version:.. Internet Explorer 4.. Internet Explorer 5.. Internet Explorer 6.. Internet Explorer 6 + Service Pack.. Message:.. (if you question is related to a particular web site, please specify its address in the message).. | Support..

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  • Title: SurfLogger - Internet History Logger, WEB Activities Tracker
    Descriptive info: SurfLogger.. SurfLogger - track your internet surfing history including the data submitted to websites.. Download Trial Version Surflogger Now!.. Purchase SurfLogger (Internet History Tracker) Now!.. Surf Logger is a tiny add-on for Internet Explorer that allows you to record detailed web browsing history, including data you submit to websites.. Featuring a complete set of filtering, search, export, and statistics options, Surf Logger comes as a convenient alternative to standard IE History and an effective means of monitoring and analyzing online activity on your computer at home and in office.. Surf Logger captures all web connections and displays them as a list of records.. By double-clicking on a record, you can view an accurate account for each connection, including website address, webpage, date, time of connection, GET and POST parameters.. To quickly find and retrieve any needed record, you can sort records in alphabetical or chronological order or filter them by date and display only matching records.. You can also  ...   time of connection, GET and POST parameters.. Complete set of filtering, search export and statistics options.. What you can use Surf Logger for?.. In addition to its primary function of.. tracking web browsing activities.. , Surf Logger may have other utilitarian uses.. It can be used to recover lost logins, passwords or any other data that you have ever submitted online.. Surf Logger can be used by parents who can protect their children from seeing sexually explicit and violent web content.. Parents can monitor what their children submit online and intervene immediately if something dangerous is going on.. It can also benefit companies concerned with Internet abuse during working hours.. By providing a visual verification of abuse, Surf Logger helps expose employees who are goofing off online all day.. System requirements.. Surf Logger is available for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 and requires Internet Explorer 5.. 0 or higher.. SurfLogger Screenshot (click to enlarge):.. Key Features:.. OS Supported:.. Windows Vista.. Windows Server 2003..

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  • Title: IE Privacy Keeper
    Descriptive info: Info.. Screenshots.. TakeAlong Version.. FAQ.. User's Manual.. Version History.. Instant online password recovery service.. Don't want anybody to know what you were doing on your PC?.. Don't want them to know the web sites you've visited, or the search queries you've made?.. won't let anybody know that!.. Whether you are using.. or.. , IE Privacy Keeper automatically cleans up the browser history once you are done surfing the net.. The program will correctly clean up all.. index.. dat files.. without the need for a Windows restart.. IE Privacy Keeper will also take care of your offline (system) activity.. Opened or deleted documents,  ...   cleanup.. You can keep selective items in the browsing history and hide the program form the list of running applications.. Secure deletion will make any attempts to recover deleted items fail.. Download IE Privacy Keeper now.. to have your computer activity hidden from prying eyes! IE Privacy Keeper is.. absolutely free.. !.. Cleans up Interent Explorer and Mozilla Firefox history.. Keep selected items.. Cleans up your offline activity traces.. Cleans up custom folders and registry keys.. Automatically cleans up when IE or Firefox exits.. Various notification methods.. Secure deletion.. Windows NT SP6.. Browsers Supported:.. 5 and higher.. Mozilla Firefox 1.. 0 and higher..

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  • Title: Get File Size
    Descriptive info: Get File Size.. Analyze disk space usage.. Disk space tracking and reporting utility.. Effecient time-tracking tool for company manager or system-administrator.. Track employees internet and computer usage at your company, to evaluate and improve employee productivity!.. Advanced Printers Activity Logger.. - print tracking and print management tool.. Get File Size is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to find out the size of a file before downloading it.. Get File Size does not require any special skills, just  ...   you the size of the file.. Download Now!.. Moreover, Get File Size will show you the date when the file was last modified, file type, server response time and estimated download time.. Get File Size can also retrieve the dimensions of JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP images without downloading the whole image.. Shows web server response headers.. Works with FTP servers.. Retrieves image dimensions.. Estimates download time.. Windows 7.. Windows Server 2008.. IE-based browsers (Avant, Maxthon, etc.. ).. Opera..

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  • Title: Flash and Pics Control
    Descriptive info: Flash and Pics Control.. Submit Your Photo and.. get Pencil Portrait.. Flash and Pics Control is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to easily enable or disable:.. Flash Animation.. Pictures.. Cookies.. ActiveX.. Java Script.. Java Applets.. The program adds a new button to the Internet Explorer toolbar.. The button makes it much easier to control what content the browser is allowed to download.. Having Flash and pictures  ...   will also considerably reduce a web page loading time.. You might also want to disable ActiveX, Cookies, Java Script and Java Applets when visiting web sites you don't trust, since that will make Internet Explorer much less vulnerable.. Blocks Flash, pictures, ActiveX controls.. Disables Cookies, Java Script and Java Applets.. Ease of use with the IE toolbar button.. Automatic browser restart.. but the button is only for IE)..

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  • Title: Flash Saving Plugin
    Descriptive info: Flash Saving Plugin.. Digital Photo into.. Pencil Portrait.. Flash Saving Plugin lets you easily.. save Flash.. movies right from Internet Explorer.. Finally! There's no need to rummage about in the browser cache anymore! If your browser is Internet Explorer, then a button is added to the Internet Explorer toolbar.. The button displays the names of all Flash movies that are loaded on the current web page.. Click a name and the corresponding Flash movie is saved to the folder specified.. You can view the Flash movies on a separate web page (gallery mode).. In the gallery mode, the URL, the file size and the last modification date are shown for every Flash movie.. Furthermore, the file name modification is possible in the gallery mode.. In the gallery mode, every Flash is displayed with its name and a check-box.. You can select the movies  ...   anywhere on a web page (but not on a Flash movie!) for the context menu to appear.. Selecting the Save Flash item takes you to the gallery mode.. Flash Saving Plugin is accompanied by SWF Cache Viewer - a program that enables you conveniently view and save cached swf files.. Some web sites open Flash movies in a popup window without the toolbar, thus making it impossible to use the button or the context menu command.. That's where SWF Cache Viewer comes in handy.. SWF Cache Viewer can also be used to view Flash movies stored in Mozilla Firefox cache or any folder on your PC.. Save Flash right from the web browser.. Save all Flash on a web page with two clicks.. View Flash movies cache of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.. only with context menu item).. Mozilla Firefox (only browsing the cache)..

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  • Title: SWF Opener
    Descriptive info: SWF Opener.. Pencil Portraits from Photos.. You have saved a Flash movie (SWF file) to your hard drive.. What's next? How are you going to play it?.. Actually, you can play it with Internet Explorer, but if your Internet Explorer starts slowly or you just don't want to bother yourself with "file association configuration", then  ...   you can double-click any swf file on your hard drive to get it played right away!.. SWF Opener comes with SWF Cach Viewer - a program that allows you to conveniently view and save cached swf files.. Playback control.. Timeline controller.. Auto replay.. Full screen mode.. Scale mode selection.. Customizable background color.. Command line parameters..

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  • Title: Easy Go Back
    Descriptive info: Easy Go Back.. Quick Guide.. Easy Go Back is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to conveniently navigate the browser back and forward.. Now you can navigate Internet Explorer back and forward with intuitive mouse movements.. Press and hold down the right mouse button, move the mouse cursor to the left (backward), then release the mouse button: Internet Explorer navigates backward.. Move the mouse cursor to the right (forward) and Internet Explorer navigates forward.. Easy Go Back has a few additional features to make the web surfing even more easier.. Now you can open a link in a new window without  ...   a new window.. When not pointing at a link or pointing at the taskbar, the middle click will open a new browser window.. You can assign your mouse one of the 10 most recently used commands.. Instant Menu - another unique feature of Easy Go Back.. Instant Menu allows you quickly close or minimize the top window, open a new web browser window or switch between Internet Explorer (or Mozilla Firefox) windows.. Easy back and forward navigation.. Opens a link in a new window with one click.. Customizable left, right, up and down actions.. Customizable distance and tolerance of the gestures.. Instant Menu..

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