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  • Title: A-Tech arlington va us
    Descriptive info: .. A-Tech.. net.. Sound Cards -.. Audio Interface Characterists.. Telephony -.. Line In Use Detector Circuit.. DLS -.. dsl Saga: A Story of Mass Confusion.. Music -.. Equally Tempered Scale w/ Note Frequencies.. High Noon (the movie).. - discussion of its famous song.. Weather -.. Weather Station at Arlington, Virginia, USA.. 38º 54' 16.. 1 N, 77º 07' 11.. 0.. Electric Field Mills.. Sonic Anemometer Wind Vane.. employing a no wind speed of sound reference.. Misc -.. Snake Oil.. Update: 20060617, Lynn Ashley.. Email: la.. at.. a-tech..

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  • Title: Sound Cards - Audio Interface Characteristics
    Descriptive info: Sound Cards.. Audio Interface Characteristics.. Creative Technology Sound Card.. CT4811 SB128/PCI SN: 8521.. BKM USB Headset Adaptor.. NP350.. Notes -.. Except as noted, all measurements were made at 1KHz and with Sliders set to Middle.. All measurements were made on the Left Channel.. For a VERY comprehensive review all most sound cards see:.. Krueger's PC Sound Card Technical Benchmarks.. Lynn Ashley.. 8 August 2003..

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  • Title: dsl Saga
    Descriptive info: DSL Saga -.. A Story of Mass Confusion.. S.. ince the beginning of the digital subscriber line (DSL) trials in 1996 by C P Telco (C P) Bell Atlantic Verizon (or what ever nonsense they are calling themselves this week), I have badgered C P to get DSL.. Their response has always been NO! It should be noted that I wanted the service in Arlington, Virginia, at a location less that two miles from Washington, DC.. In the summer of 1999, I became aware that others, besides C P, were offering DSL using C P's copper.. 03 September 1999.. I placed an order with CapuNet in Rockville, Md for 384K/128K aDSL.. 22 September 1999.. CapuNet emailed me that the order was rejected by C P because the length of Bell Atlantic's line from the Central Office to your address exceeds 18,000 feet.. It appears that a tariff loophole allows C P to refuse to supply a line if the service will not meet the minimum standards for which they would provide service themselves.. I knew that was BS.. The Covad distance calculator said the distance was 11177 feet.. Aerial cable made it easy to drive the obvious cable route to the telco central office (co) to confirm the distance.. So I sent an email to Covad challenging distance as the real reason for rejection of the order.. 05 October 1999.. An email from Covad informed me that they discovered that Bell Atlantic has rejected this order because there is no copper available, not because the line is too long.. This means that the only DSL speed available to you is the 144 Kbps/144 Kbps IDSL.. 08 October 1999.. Faced with higher price for less bandwidth plus equipment that can't be upgraded, I shopped around and placed an iDSL order with Digital Select (dig sel) in Sterling, Va (hq in dc).. They quoted 45 days delivery.. 12 October 1999.. I received an invoice for the 1st month's fee; net 15 days.. 19 October 1999.. I called to check on the status of my order.. I was assured that everything was on schedule and that I would be contacted shortly to confirm installation dates.. 26 October 1999.. Paid $100, first month's fee.. 28 October 1999.. Having still not heard anything, I called the salesman and asked what was going on.. He said he would check and emailed me the following:.. I have not received a loop date yet today and since it is late I doubt I will hear anything.. I will follow up again tomorrow and keep you posted, my bet is that we will receive a date next week.. 02 November 1999.. I was getting impatient and sent a pointed email to the salesman demanding to know what was going on.. I received a phone call assuring me that the iDSL would be installed but providing no real information.. I asked what would happen if there was no installation by the due date of 22 November 1999.. He told me that then the ball would be in your court.. 15 November 1999.. I received a phone call from Covad asking to verify my address.. They seemed confused and told me that my installation had been mapped to Arlington, TEXAS instead of Arlington, Virginia.. Now what? :-(.. 22 November 1999.. Quoted installation due date.. No DSL in sight!.. B.. etween 15 November and 06 December, I called dig sel every few days.. I felt that they had dropped the ball by not following up with Covad and learning that my order had been mapped to Texas.. During this time they continued to assure me that the order was on track but could not provide any specific information.. I considered canceling the order but knew that would reset the installation clock.. 06 December 1999.. I received an email  ...   tech came on 14 December.. 14 December 1999.. The Covad tech had not arrived by 19:00, the latest quoted time.. At 19:05, I received a call from the tech asking if he could still come.. I said yes.. He arrived about 19:20 and was obviously not a happy camper.. It had been a long day and none of his calls had been successful in providing service.. He unpacked a FlowPoint FP144 IDSL Router (model 134) and plugged in the DSL RJ45 and the power which I had sitting and waiting.. He then went outside to the nid and place a tag on the DSL to show that I have been here.. He connected a laptop computer and configured the router for my ip's.. When he did not get what he expected from the router he asked to use my phone to call long distance to Covad in California, since his cell phone would not work here in Arlington, Va (inside a major metro area, 2 miles from the dc line).. Wanting to get this finished, I consented and for the next half hour he waited on hold.. While on hold we talked and he decided to call dig sel tech service on my other line.. He left a message on an answering machine and afterwards claimed that he could not get through to a human.. Finally California Covad answered and nothing transpired.. The tech left at about 20:00 telling me that I would have to contact dig sel the next day and have them fix the problem.. After the Covad tech left, I called the dig sel's main number and entered option 3 for tech support.. A dig sel tech answered immediately and seemed quite willing to help.. Unfortunately, I did not have the information he needed, so it was left until the next day.. 15 December 1999.. At 09:45, I received a call from Covad informing me that he could ping my router and therefore the service was operational.. I had got ip's from the Covad tech the night before.. I configured my machines and had them all working by 10:15.. Just after noon, I saw a C P truck in front of my house and found a tech outside studying the nids.. I asked what he was doing and he said he was installing a line.. I told him that it was a mistake, and that the line had been installed the week before.. He waved his order in my face and said he was there to install a line.. I told him that I was the owner of the house and that he was not going to be installing any lines.. He mumbled; I told him to leave; he did.. Considering his attitude, I should have let him go ahead and install the line.. It would have required a new drop.. At least the previous C P tech had the courtesy to knock and talk before going to the nid.. 17 December 1999.. I received a call from Covad to confirm that their tech would arrive on 20 December.. I told her that if they wanted to give me two iDSLs for the price of one that I would not complain, but that a iDSL had already been installed.. They canceled the second order.. ince installation, the iDSL has generally been pretty solid - both in up time and providing full 144Kbps bandwidth.. At first, Dig Sel used to send advanced notices of most outages but not in the last few years since Primus took over.. Service:.. iDSL 144 kbps up/down.. 16 static IPs (13 usable).. FlowPoint FP144 IDSL Router (model 134).. $100 per month at beginning.. Federal internet taxes have increased several times and now (Jan 2003) it's $112.. 25.. Digital Select is now called Primus - or whatever?.. 20000111.. rev: 20030109..

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  • Title: Lynn's Weather Links for RB
    Descriptive info: Lynn's Weather Links for Rehoboth Beach Area.. Boardwalk Weather Station, DRHB.. On the RB boardwalk north of.. Boardwalk Plaza Hotel south of Henlopen Hotel.. Operated by the University of Delaware.. Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS).. 38° 43' 14.. 7" N, 75° 04' 35.. 9" W.. Current weather conditions:.. http://www.. deos.. udel.. edu/odd-divas/station_current.. php?network=DEOS station=DRHB units=english.. Historic data is available for DRHB.. Select Network:.. DEOS.. Station:.. Rehoboth Beach-Boardwalk.. in the links below.. Monthly summery chart (daily for a given month).. edu/monthly_retrieval.. html.. Daily summery chart (hourly for a given day).. edu/daily_retrieval.. Atlantic Ocean - Weather Station Buoy, 44009.. 18.. 8 miles off the coast due E of Fenwick Island.. Operated by NOAA.. 38.. 464° N, 74.. 702° W.. Includes Atlantic Ocean water temperature.. Current conditions:.. ndbc.. noaa.. gov/station_page.. php?station=44009.. 5 day ocean water  ...   Georgetown Weather Station, KGED.. Sussex County Airport, Georgetown.. 38° 41' 23.. 1" N, 75° 21' 44.. 8" W.. http://forecast.. weather.. gov/MapClick.. php?lat=38.. 7 lon=-75.. 36.. 3 day history chart:.. gov/obhistory/KGED.. Henlopen Keys - Weather Station, KDEREHOB1.. 5 Futcher Dr, RB.. Private weather station.. 38° 43' 28.. 1" N, 75° 6' 4.. wunderground.. com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.. asp?ID=KDEREHOB1.. Dewey Beach - On the Bay - Weather Station, KDEREHOB3.. Sea Gull St, Dewey Beach.. 38° 41' 12.. 1" N, 75° 4' 30.. 6" W.. asp?ID=KDEREHOB3.. Funland and the Boardwalk - Weather Station, KDERHOB4.. 6 Delaware Ave @ Boardwalk, RB.. 38° 42' 52.. 2" N, 75° 4' 34.. 0" W.. asp?ID=KDEREHOB4.. Pine Reach - Weather Station, KDEHENLO2.. 62 Pine Reach, Henlopen Acres,.. RB.. 38° 43' 18" N, 75° 5' 11" W.. Page by Lynn Ashley.. Page created: 20120627..

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  • Title: Electric Field Mill
    Descriptive info: Electric Field Mill.. An Electric Field Mill is an electro-mechanical device which measures the strength of a static electric field.. One or more electrodes are alternately exposed to and then shielded from the field to be measured.. The electric current which flows to and from the electrodes is proportional to the strength of the electric field.. Most modern electric field mills use a rotating slotted disk to alternately expose and shield the electrodes.. This generally results in a beam like coverage above the electrodes.. A less used design employs electrodes mounted on opposite sides of a rotating shaft.. This arrangement provides an arc-like (circular) coverage which is perpendicular to the length of the shaft.. Some Electric Field Mill links -.. Section 6.. 4 has a text book style description of Electric  ...   Principle of Operation for an Electric Field Mill used in atmospheric research at New Mexico Tech:.. Electric Field Meter -- E100.. Description of a Field Mill used at University of Alabama, Huntsville:.. CAMEX-4 MIPS Field Mill.. (description).. Electric Field Mill Fabrication.. (construction).. Description of a homemade Electric Field Mill construction project:.. My Fieldmill Voltmeter Project.. - construction calibration.. Measuring Hi Voltages.. - theory.. Scientific American.. Amateur Scientist Electric Field Mill construction article:.. Detecting the Earth's Electricity.. One page article describing field mills used to measure atmospheric electric fields at Kennedy Space Center:.. Some commercial Electric Field Mills:.. Ambient Weather - BOLTEK EFM-100 Electric Field Monitor.. Campbell Scientific, Inc.. - CS110 Electric Field Meter.. John Chubb Instrumentation -.. JCI 131 Electrostatic Fieldmeter.. Mission Instruments - EFS 1001 Electric Field Mill.. 20060306, Lynn Ashley..

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  • Title: Sonic Anemometer and Wind Vane
    Descriptive info: Sonic Anemometer Wind Vane.. A discussion of determining wind speed and direction by measuring differences in the atmospheric speed of sound.. This approach differs from most sonic anemometers in that it uses a no wind speed of sound reference to nullify the effects of temperature, humidity and pressure.. Implementation:.. Sound impulse source at.. C.. Sound pickup sensors at.. N.. ,.. E.. R.. D.. = distance C to N.. = distance C to E.. = distance C to R (windless ref).. D = D.. = D.. T.. = time for sound to cross D.. (windless ref).. Speed = distance / time.. Wind Speed = (Speed of Sound w/ Wind) - (Speed of Sound w/o Wind).. = North··South component of Wind Speed.. = East··West component of Wind Speed.. = (D / T.. ) - (D / T.. ).. Wind Speed along Bearing = (S.. ^2 + S.. ^2)^½.. Bearing = arctan (S.. / S.. Notes:.. Using Speed of Sound w/o Wind (D.. / T.. ) as a reference nullifies the effects of temperature, humidity, pressure and elevation on the wind speed calculations.. The windless path (C-R) must be open to the atmosphere so that its temperature, humidity and pressure are ambient, but it must be protected from all winds (especially vertical).. It is only necessary to know the precise distance between the sound impulse source and one pickup sensor.. would probably be the easiest, both mechanically and computationally.. The times to transit  ...   can be measured easily and accurately, they and the reference Speed of Sound w/o Wind (D.. ) can be used to compute humidity.. Considerations:.. The following should be explored to determine if the magnitude of their effects will require computational adjustments:.. temperature expansion/contraction of the support structure causing changes in the distance between the sound source and sensors (D).. precipitation on the speed of sound.. The frequency and power of the sound source must be high enough to prevent falsing and/or interference by environmental noise.. The lowest sound source frequency is in part determined by the distance from the sound source to the pickup sensors (D) and the highest wind speed to be measured.. It is claimed that bats use multiple frequencies up to 150KHz, thus establishing the probable lowest frequency limit for the sound source.. Pros:.. No moving parts, except high reliability sound transducers.. High accuracy.. Simple calibration.. With proper design, measurements are not affected by frozen precipitation.. Cons:.. Support.. arms.. for the N E sensors may have susceptibility to wind, ice and bird damage.. Possible susceptibility to noise interference in high noise environments.. Background:.. I first developed this concept in the late 1980's, when building my first weather station.. I was day dreaming about how to measure wind speed accurately and with minimal calibration difficulties.. This method occurred to me because, time, and to a lesser degree, distance, can be easily measured accurately.. Copyright © Lynn Ashley, 2004.. 20040117..

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  • Title: CT4811 Sound Card
    Descriptive info: CT4811 Sound Card.. Creative Technology Ensoniq Audio PCI Mixer.. Microsoft Volume Control (mixer).. Slider Position Definition:.. The Windows Mixer is also called the Microsoft Volume Control.. Moving any slider on either the Ensoniq or the Windows Mixers causes the corresponding slider on the other mixer to also move to the same relative position.. A spot check of the Right Channel showed identical results.. Nominal LINE Level for component stereo equipment is about 200mV.. This is about 27dB below clipping for the sound card's Line Input.. MIC Input Characteristics -.. Mic Input Z:.. 2040 ohms @ 20Hz 1KHz.. 1420 ohms @ 20KHz.. Mic Input R:.. 2180 ohm.. Mic Boost:.. +20dB gain.. With Mic Boost.. dis.. abled, clipping is at 0.. 955V input with Mic Slider Position = Middle.. Input Z R are the same with or without Boost.. Mic Input Connector:.. 1/8 inch (3.. 5mm) stereo phone jack.. Tip contact is Mic Input.. Ring contact is +5V mic bias.. Sleeve contact is ground..  ...   Mid.. 2.. 1.. 0 Min.. V output.. 366.. 972.. 818.. 688.. 578.. 408.. 289.. 101.. dBV output.. --------------.. +2.. 75.. -0.. -1.. -3.. -4.. -7.. -10.. 0.. Microphone Boost Enabled.. Output measured at Left Line Output.. Line Output Slider Position = Middle.. LINE Input Characteristics -.. Line Input Z:.. 12.. 9K ohms @ 20Hz 1KHz.. 9.. 3K ohms @ 20KHz.. Line Input R:.. 13.. 63K ohm.. Line Input Connector:.. Tip contact is Left Line Input.. Ring contact is Right Line Input.. The Line Input jack is blue.. Line Input Level.. Line Input.. Slider.. Line Input = 0.. 400 V.. 34.. 27.. 91.. 35.. 44.. 60.. +7.. +10.. +11.. +12.. +13.. 566.. 404.. 341.. 287.. 242.. 171.. 120.. 042.. -5.. -9.. -12.. -18.. -27.. LINE Output Characteristics -.. Source Z: 133 ohms.. Clipping: 4.. 6V (+13.. 25 dBV) output.. Line Output Connector:.. Tip contact is Left Line Output.. Ring contact is Right Line Output.. The Line Output jack is green.. 28 July 2003..

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  • Title: MagicVOX  USB Headset Adaptor
    Descriptive info: MagicVOX.. USB Headset Adaptor.. NOTES -.. MagicVOX NP350 USB Headset Adaptor.. i-bkm.. com/english/product02.. htm.. MagicVOX is a simple USB Sound Card.. with three connectors:.. Headphone Output.. USB connector.. Volume Control Slider Position Definition:.. Ref: 0.. 001V = 0 dBmV; 0.. 010V = 20 dBmV; 0.. 100V = 40 dBmV.. A spot check of the Right Channel showed virtually identical results.. MICROPHONE Input -.. 960 ohms @ 20Hz.. 945 ohms @ 1KHz.. 311 ohms @ 20KHz.. Mic Bias:.. 1440 ohm  ...   contact has no connection.. The Mic Input jack is marked:.. Clipping: Input Level for clipping vs.. Microphone Slider Position.. Speaker Slider = Middle.. Levels: Headphone Output Level vs.. 10mV (20dBmV) Mic input.. HEADPHONE OUTPUT-.. Headphone Output Source Z: 25 ohms.. Clipping: 380mV (+ 51.. 6 dBmV) output.. Headphone Output Connector:.. Tip contact is Left Headphone Output.. Ring contact is Right Headphone Output.. The Headphone Output jack is marked:.. Levels: Headphone Output vs.. Speaker Slider Position.. Mic Slider = Middle..

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