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  • Title: Mobile, Web Application & Software Development Company India, USA
    Descriptive info: .. facebook.. twitter.. linkedin.. Home.. About.. Services.. Domain Expertise.. Tech Expertise.. Outsourcing.. Clients.. Contact.. What Can Aalpha Do For You?.. Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt.. Ltd.. is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company that provides a complete range of solutions for all your business and technology requirements.. Check out this video to find out how Aalpha can help your business to grow more in this fast paced and competitive business world.. Best Mobile Solution Development For Your Business.. Need Mobile Solutions for iOS, Android, Blackberry and others? Aalpha offers world class mobile development solutions to meet your demand in different platforms be it Android, iOS, Blackberry or others.. For best in class quality features and popular mobile solutions, use Aalpha.. Get Everything Done.. Aalpha provides world class outsourcing services at low costs, helping you grow your business.. Flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined ODC models for business transformation and lower operational costs.. Start smooth, risk-free and well-managed engagements with Aalpha.. The Quality That Speaks For Itself.. Standards of service are at par with the industry.. Some of the best IT specialists including certified Rational Software specialists and automated testing tools and techniques set Aalpha apart from the rest.. Cut  ...   integrated technology solutions.. Aalpha’s mission is to maximize the return on customers' technology investment.. To achieve this, we develop, deploy, and host customized, scalable technology solutions that integrate seamlessly into our customers' existing environment.. We pride ourselves on the fact that almost all our customers have experienced a faster time-to-market and an attractively low total cost of ownership.. SERVICES.. Software Product Development.. Web Development.. Offshore Development Center.. Quality Assurance/ Testing.. EXPERTISE.. Sliverlight.. Sun J2EE/ JAVA.. PHP/MySql.. AJAX/ RIA.. CASE STUDY.. Sales Force Automation System.. eComm - Apparel Manufacturer.. Internet Pharmacy eComm.. Custom Chocolate Manufacturer.. Quick Contact.. Enter Comments.. Testimonials.. Awesome company totally supportive.. Andy Ghozali, Owner, Ghozali Consulting Group Limited.. More Testimonials.. Our clients include big name brands and small businesses alike.. bausch and lomb.. weir.. police.. acc.. crest.. revenue.. About Us.. Overview.. Team.. Infrastructure.. Careers.. Outsourcing Benefits.. Why Outsource to Aalpha.. Custom Software Development.. Cloud/SaaS Development.. Database Solutions.. E-commerce Solutions.. Mobile Solutions.. -.. Andriod.. Blackberry.. Iphone/Ipad.. Social Media App Development.. Finance & Insurance.. Health Care.. Hospitality & Travel.. Online Commerce.. Professional Services.. ISV/ Technology/ Software.. Clients List.. Success Stories.. Testimonials.. Ruby on Rails.. Web 2.. 0.. Adobe Flex/ Air.. 2013 Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt.. |.. Site Map..

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  • Title: Aalpha Information Systems – IT Consulting Company
    Descriptive info: SEE ALSO.. Cloud/ SaaS Development.. About Us.. Overview.. Aalpha Information Systems is a fully integrated IT Consulting and Software Development Company, providing Consulting, Development, Customization and Integration services in enterprise applications, eCommerce and Mobile solutions, to companies of all sizes and to clients worldwide.. Our expertise in a wide range of technologies and industry-specific knowledge provide our customers with substantial improvements in the efficiency and performance of their businesses.. We are a client-centered and quality-conscious organization offering a complete portfolio of software development, web development and independent testing services.. We make it our business to understand your enterprise and its direction, the complexities of your trade, your processes and operating philosophy and your priorities.. This way we can offer you technology solutions that provide business value and are tailor-made for your business needs.. Apart from our total customer commitment, what sets us apart is:.. Client Focus.. We are the  ...   time.. We have received excellent evaluations from our clients for on-time delivery, correctly implemented functionality and usability.. Honesty.. We build lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and partners through open and honest communications.. We earn trust and respect through integrity in all our actions.. Confidentiality.. We guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security in every project.. All clients' information remains strictly confidential.. ISHIR will never sell or disclose any client information under any unauthorized circumstances.. Continuous Improvement.. Regular training in key development technologies, software engineering practices, management methods, QA standards, R&D on new technology products, conducting architecture workshops, continually evaluating our own processes and methodology, mentoring tech leads to meet the requirements for changing technology and improving team capabilities.. 2012 Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt.. RSS 2.. 0 Valid.. 2nd Floor, Diamond Corner, Opp.. Sawai Gandharva Hall, Deshpande Nagar, Hubli-580029, Karnataka, India.. Phone:.. +91-836-4262222.. +91-9845619104.. Email:.. contact@aalpha.. net..

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  • Title: Custom Software Application Development
    Descriptive info: Our Services.. Custom Software Development.. Cloud/ SaaS Development.. Database Solutions.. Ecommerce Solutions.. - Android.. - Blackberry.. - Iphone/ Ipad.. Social Media App Development.. Software Product Development.. Web Development.. Offshore Development Center.. Quality Assurance/ Testing.. Our Services.. Aalpha Information Systems offers a full range of life-cycle Software Development services, from requirements gathering and definition, through the delivery and deployment of solutions.. Our custom software development professionals bring years of experience in developing commercial software applications, products to meet both  ...   their productivity and time-to-market with our custom software development strengths, and customer product and market knowledge.. Aalpha Information Systems development services include:.. Requirements gathering and definition.. Prototype design and build.. System design.. Application development.. Testing and quality assurance.. Deployment.. Full-cycle development and individual stages.. Best price/quality ratio with proven project management, quality assurance and risk management.. Focus on solving business problems rather than selling specific skills or products.. Full compliance with business requirements through visual modeling and iterative prototyping..

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  • Title: Financial Services & Insurance industry
    Descriptive info: Finance & Insurance.. Health Care.. Hospitality & Travel.. Online Commerce.. Professional Services.. ISV/ Technology/ Software.. Microsoft.. NET.. Azure.. BizTalk.. Domain Expertise.. Financial Services Insurance industry is today facing the most complex economic and competitive challenges in its history.. Globalization has spurred more consolidation and convergence across the whole industry.. For both sectors, consolidations, mergers, and failures are escalating, while cross sector competition continues to mount.. Add to this the highly baffling changes in consumer behavior, whose consumption and purchase patterns are rapidly transforming.. Leading, competitive enterprises are compelled to explore newer methods to improve bottom-line operational efficiency and drive top-line growth, and still meet and exceed customer expectations..  ...   customer management.. At Aalpha Information Systems, we understand that our customers, in financial services insurance, endeavor to realize business transformation using the web.. And we know how to leverage the advent of newer channels for service delivery, for aligning to dramatic shifts in markets, impacting product integration, management of online distribution, online privacy and security and enabling individual transactions as well as complex online marketplaces.. Our IT consulting and software services span a variety of engagement models, based on their requirements.. We offer deep experience in all stages of the Insurance business cycle.. For more information on our expertise and potential break through solutions for you, contact us..

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  • Title: Java & J2EE Development Company
    Descriptive info: AJAX/ RIA.. Adobe Flex/ Air.. Tech Expertise.. Sun J2EE/ JAVA.. Aalpha leverages scalable advantage to reduce development cost across slew of Java technologies.. Java developers at Aalpha have been working extensively in web technology areas of Struts, JSP, Velocity, Hibernate, JPA and JDBC in order to provide stable enterprise platform.. Our hands-on experience goes a long way for our clients who build a new web application or migrate from legacy application to Java application.. Our state of the art development centre is well equipped to execute any development work with our highly skilled developers, helping our clients harvest the benefits of Java application development solutions.. Aalpha Java professionals have a flair for professional output; they focus on upgrading their skills, related research and knowledge management in up surging technologies of Java.. We are today veteran players in J2EE development, Java application development, Java framework development, Java mobile game development providing comprehensive security at all levels of development.. We cling to Java development standards at the same develop web applications for our customers and provide highly customized web client solutions.. With steep growth in Java technology for different platform multiple configurations were released JEE(J2EE) for Enterprise Edition, J2ME for Mobile Edition and J2SE for Standard Edition.. The three key components of Java platform are: Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and core libraries, Java 2 SDK and Java Programming Language.. Java web technologies include.. JSP.. JSP, Java Server Pages technology is extension of Servlet Technology.. JSP provides powerful, easy and simple way to create dynamic web pages, HTML or XML pages.. Java code and pre-defined actions can be embedded into static content.. Web based applications that are server and platform independent can be created rapidly using JSP web technology.. Aalpha has demonstrated capabilities in synchronized processing and management of  ...   and entire Java API.. Also, it offers easy access to library of HTTP-specific calls.. Servlet containers are component of web and application server and are available for different servers like Apache and IIS.. Struts.. Struts technology provides basic components to build a java web based applications.. It is developed by Apache software foundation and is a free open source model view controller (MVC) framework and implementation.. This uses Servlets and Java Server Pages technology.. Web projects can be easily changed and customized to fulfill your requirement.. MVC design pattern, help designers to control design changes; business logic and data are kept separate.. A strut is MVC implementation that uses Servlets 2.. 2 and JSP 1.. 1 tags from J2EE specifications.. Request handler, Response Handler and Tag Library are the three main Struts components.. Webwork.. Integration of Payment Gateways.. Webwork is an open source, web application development framework for Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) and model 2 applications that use Pull Hierarchial MVC logic and value stack to provide values to custom JSP tags.. It is built on the top of Xwork and it enhances productivity and reduces development complexity.. Using webwork it is really easy to make controls; reuasble user interface templates for customization and mapping to Java.. Its concepts and constructs set it apart from other web application framework.. Other noticeable feature is that webwork uses existing web APIs in Java.. Velocity.. Velocity is open source Java template engine.. Template engine is a component used in Java application architecture to automatically generate text and format the text according to pre defined specific rules.. At Aalpha we use these template engines to for generating source code, dynamic web pages or documents and for separating logic and data as velocity acts as a view component in MVC architecture..

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  • Title: Aalpha Information Outsourcing Benefits
    Descriptive info: Outsourcing Benefits.. Why Outsource to Aalpha.. Outsourcing.. Outsourcing might not result in an immediate cost savings but the benefits outweigh any concerns.. What that means is firms have to first concentrate on the transition - there's going to be process reengineering, people issues and the technology component as well.. Clearly, though, the bottom-line cost savings make any investments worthwhile.. Reduce operating and capital costs dramatically.. Seek  ...   on a fast track to completion otherwise not possible due to internal technical or staff limitations.. Leverage the time zone differences, and reap the benefits of round-the-clock support.. Enjoy adequate quality expertise on call for a large variety of systems and software requirements.. Leverage scope for hiring out higher volumes of work on your discretion.. Spread the risks involved in development.. Release non-capital resources for core competencies..

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  • Title: Client List of Aalpha Information System
    Descriptive info: Office Location.. Request Quote.. Request Phone Call.. Clients.. Clients List.. Bausch Lomb Inc.. The Weir Group PLC.. Dept.. of Police, Texas, Fairview.. Al Arrab Contracting Co.. Ghazanfar Group LLC.. VIVIDO SRL.. Kampyle Ltd.. Cosmo Time Security Systems.. Kelmac Group.. Ltd.. Yinteract, Inc.. Riedel Communications.. MH | direct.. Happy Watts Limited.. IT Solutions Now, Inc..  ...   Corp.. RemarkIT Limited.. Adabisc.. Crest Foodservice Equipment, Inc.. Safety Sense Management Sys.. My Tech24.. Revenue Driver SRL.. Easy Languages B.. Abitrius B.. Better Cost Control, LLC.. Capsuline, Inc.. eMagine, Inc.. Invoice Studio.. Asset One.. Playful Shark / Jivy Group.. Exworks.. Chain Reaction Company.. Choice Numbers Limited.. Blackpants.. EFECT IT SRL.. B2B Connect.. Business Development Limited..

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  • Title: Aalpha Information System Office Location
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Office Location.. Request Quote.. Request Phone Call.. Contact Us.. Thank you for your interest in Aalpha Information Systems! If you would like to contact us, here s how you can do it:.. Office Address:.. Block #10, Diamond Corner, Opp.. Sawai Gandharva Hall, Deshpande Nagar,.. Hubli-580029, Karnataka.. ,.. India.. New enquiries:.. Partners:.. partners@aalpha.. Phone Numbers:.. India +91-836-4262222/ 4251105.. Mobile: +91-9845619104 (24X7).. Skype Call:..

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  • Title: Software Product Development Company
    Descriptive info: In today's global marketplace, product development gets out of control easily, especially in the high-flux world.. In the face of rapidly changing business environments, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) SAAS vendors need to achieve product leadership by launching high performance products at a competitive price.. They need to deliver products and services that are faster, better, cheaper and more effective at straddling multiple platforms and internet technologies.. While they are grappling with ways to accelerate product development, cut down costs and increase core focus, they are realizing that innovation comes at very high costs.. Aalpha Information Systems delivers a  ...   Development Life Cycle Services from 'Conception to Deployment' for ISVs, SAAS and product development companies, with the following methodology:.. Software Research and Development.. Product Design and Development.. Full Product Testing Cycle.. Customization Services.. Component Design and Integration.. Documentation.. Product Support.. Testing services which span multiple types of testing.. Our IP secure, offshore consulting and software development programs help customers to dramatically cut down software development costs and development time, while enhancing the quality of software products.. We serve ISVs in a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to, start ups, ASPs, application platform companies, technology products etc..

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  • Title: Offshore Website Design & Development Company India
    Descriptive info: Website Design.. The design of your web site is critical.. Often your website may be the first glimpse that potential customers have of your business - that first impression must reflect the strengths and ideals of your company.. At Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt.. we design and develop our website for organizations wanting to use the medium as an integral part of their marketing mix.. We have an in-depth understanding of the design, technological and marketing processes required to help companies define their strategy and deliver website solutions that reap the benefits available on the Internet today.. Unlike other Internet development companies, we do not outsource any aspect of the website design or production process.. We have all the necessary personnel and expertise required to manage our clients' websites in-house, from brief to delivery.. Successful artwork for the Internet is achieved by balancing the needs of strong, eye-catching website design with the  ...   online.. With global clients we can help your business and organization grow online.. Contact us today to find out more about our website design services.. Web Development Services.. Ltd develops Internet strategies for the digital economy - building your brand, increasing revenue, improving customer loyalty, boosting stock value, improving partnerships and increasing communication flow.. Use the Internet to make these happen.. End-to-end solutions for planning, developing, implementing and supporting your e-business strategy.. Leverage the power of Internet coupled with high security, ease of access, low infrastructure requirements, short development cycle, scalability and high adaptability.. We will be your technology partners in taking your enterprise to high levels of efficiency, interactivity, external and internal customer satisfaction, better resource management, convergence of mediums and devices and the list goes on.. These web based applications range from:.. Information Systems.. Portals (B2B, B2C, Verticals).. Extranets/ Intranets.. Business Process Automation.. Content management system.. Ecommerce.. E-business.. Database programming..

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  • Title: Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Center
    Descriptive info: Aalpha Information Systems offers the services of the Offshore Development Centre (ODC).. It is a dedicated team of software engineers who complement your in-house staff remotely and act as required by your project requirements and business needs.. Aalpha Information Systems ODC can perform a variety of services related to software development life cycle.. The process of engagement with Aalpha Information Systems ODC is very simple.. You communicate us for your requirements and constraints concerning the work to be done.. Jointly with you, we define the project metrics, develop the road map, take care of your constraints and tailor up the team of software engineers.. ODC starts its work.. Thus, for a fixed (as agreed upon) period, you have personnel resources and technical infrastructure at your disposal.. Our ODC models are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined based on specific individual needs of our clients.. We follow the right strategy to ensure business transformation,  ...   important advantages to its clients.. Not only we offer some of the best IT specialists in the outsourcing industry; we are also committed to starting smooth, risk-free and well-managed engagements with our clients.. Offshore Development Centre enables you to setup your Development and Back Office support at low cost, and yet have a full control where 'Outsourced' feeling is minimized.. Aalpha Information Systems ODC is much more than hiring developers offshore; it enables companies to nearly replicate their work environment and reduce cultural difference, thus delivering smooth line operations.. This business model is ideal for Product Development, Enterprise Solutions.. As a model requires 5+ team members, process makes sure that knowledge retention practice is in place and ensures hassle-free operations by reducing dependency on individuals.. These risks are reduced to a minimum or totally eliminated by our Offshore Dedicated model where we provide our clients with exclusive full-time dedicated resources on a long-term basis..

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