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  • Title: ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: .. ASRY Bahrain.. ABOUT ASRY.. Divisions.. ASRY Ship Repair Services.. ASRY Offshore Services.. ASRY Consultancy Services.. ASRY Energy Division.. Certifications.. Clients.. Location.. Benefits.. Layout Facilities.. Layout & Facilities.. Interactive Map.. Dock 1.. Dock 2.. Dock 3.. Slipways.. Tugs.. Cranes.. Workshops.. Berths.. Processing Plants.. Training.. Seafarers.. Centre.. Office For Owners.. Fire And Safety Dept.. Medical.. Security.. Services.. Classifications.. New Builds.. Piping.. Steel.. Boiler.. Mechanical.. Onboard.. Electronics.. Instrumentation.. Blasting.. Painting.. IT.. Support.. Technical.. NDT.. Procurement.. Warehousing.. Specialist Contractors.. Customer.. Care.. Agents.. Media.. News.. Downloads.. Publications.. Awards.. Contact.. Careers.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Our.. Story.. Latest.. 28.. 07.. 2013.. ASRY Rolls Out Ramadan Initiatives.. A series of initiatives have been initiated to honour the Holy Month.. More.. In.. Detail.. 10.. 05.. ASRY Gains New Certifications.. Three new global  ...   Most.. Experienced.. Having been established in 1977, ASRY is the most experienced marine repair facility in the Arabian Gulf, with the efficiency and reliability only time and experience can bring.. Maximum.. Flexibility.. ASRY’s variety of facilities, from graving dock to floating dock, to slipways, to 4km of alongside berth space, means maximum flexibility in accommodating ship schedules.. Single.. Location.. Every major repair sub-contractor, classification society, and specialist workshop has an on-site presence at ASRY so that any repair requirements can be met without delay.. Leading.. Turnaround.. Bahrain’s trade policies mean that importing and exporting parts and labour is quicker and more efficient than regional yards, meaning faster turnaround for all repair projects.. About.. ASRY.. Quick.. Links.. About ASRY.. Facilities.. Media Centre.. Site Map.. Webmail.. Contact Us..

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  • Title: About ASRY | ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: ASRY is the Arabian Gulf’s most experienced ship and rig repair yard.. Founded in 1977 in Bahrain, ASRY has over 35 years of experience in marine asset optimisation.. Its leading range of facilities includes a 500,000dwt drydock, two floating docks of 252m and 227m in length, 15 repair berths with a total length of approximately 4,000m, twin 255m slipways, as well  ...   of capabilities is not only the largest in the Arabian Gulf, but also includes jack-up rigs and other offshore assets, due to a dedicated division – ASRY Offshore Services.. Combined with a series of other diversifications including an Energy Division dedicated to the production of unique power generation barges, and a Consultancy Division, ASRY is the Middle East hub for marine expertise..

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  • Title: Divisions | ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: ASRY s primary revenue streams have been organised into four business units that represent the multi-service nature of ASRY.. Ship Repair, once ASRY s sole business, is joined by three other major diversifications, which supplement and enhance the yard s offering.. Ship Repair.. ASRY’s core business is ship repair.. It was established as a dedicated ship repair yard in  ...   Services (ACS) is a division of ASRY, offering independent maritime design, engineering and management expertise.. Offshore.. ASRY Offshore Services (AOS) is the dedicated offshore oil and gas division of ASRY specialising in offshore rig repair and fabrication work.. Energy.. Division.. ASRY Energy Division (AED) is a division of ASRY dedicated to the production of power barges and other vessels..

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  • Title: ASRY Offshore Services | ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: ASRY.. Offshore Services.. ASRY Offshore Services (AOS) is the dedicated offshore oil and gas division of ASRY.. Specialising in offshore rig repair and fabrication work, and established in 2007, AOS is now an integral part of the yard’s capabilities portfolio.. As well as jack-up drilling rigs, AOS can accomodate drill ships, cable and pipe laying vessels, semi-submersibles, offshore support and construction vessels, for either repairs, component construction, mobilising a skilled ‘riding squad’ or surveying.. Small and medium sized rig and offshore vessel construction is also part of the division’s expertise.. CASE STUDIES.. - From top left to right: Hercules 262, Sneferu, Perro Negro 3.. Hercules 262.. This scope required the upgrading of the  ...   of the living accomodation.. Sneferu.. The upgrading of the Sneferu Jack-up rig tp comply with the latest Saudi Aramco specifications was a 4-month job completed with commendation from the client.. The upgrade satisfied Schedule G and the latest Well Control Manual, and included a full helideck upgrade, installation of a new complete deluge system, new well control system, and more.. Perro Negro 3.. One of AOS’s large-scope jobs was completing the 5-year Special periodical Survey and JUR refurbishment of the Perro Negro 3 Jack-up rig for Saipem.. As well as the full special survey, and refurbishment and upgrade to the drilling systems, the scope incuded accomodation refurbishment and a variety of hull repairs..

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  • Title: ASRY Consultancy Services | ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: Consultancy Services.. With 35 years of project engineering and production experience, ASRY has gathered a team of naval architects, engineers and yard managers that are experts at mitigating potential risks while delivering global-standard marine solutions.. Since 1977, a knowledge base has accumulated at ASRY, particularly with respect to charterer requirements, statutory requirements and industry standards, that is second to none in the region.. That knowledge is now accessible to global marine clients through ASRY Consultancy Services (ACS).. Services:.. Prepare clients and their projects to meet all current statutory regulations, environmental and energy-related risk standards, and up-to-date charterer requirements.. Design of vessels and floating structures for offshore and energy markets.. Create Engineering Work Packages for:.. Large conversion projects, e.. g.. FSO’s, etc.. Charter-based modifications, e.. for diving support, oil recovery, helidecks, dynamic positioning, energy efficient propulsion systems.. Retrofits of all kinds, e.. Ballast Water Treatments systems, SCR’s, Scrubbers, hybrid propulsion systems, drives, etc.. Project engineering and client interface for new buildings and renovations.. Consultancy services for  ...   ACS, and constructed by ASRY.. CASE STUDY -.. Tug Production.. ACS project-managed the production and design of four yard-based ASD tugs.. Designed to be highly manoeuvrable with Azimuth Stern Drives (ASD), they exceeded their rated bollard pull and fuel targets by achieving 45T (40T design) and 12.. 4 knots (11 knots design).. The compactness of the design allowed for operations in space-restricted areas of a shipyard.. Pipelay Barge conversion.. ACS oversaw the conversion of the Abouzar 1200, previously a derrick ship to a Pipelay barge, one of the most sophisticated group of offshore vessels, used for extremely high precision work.. This involved addition of sponsons, pipe laying equipment, installations of winches for critical pipe laying operation.. FSO Conversion.. ASRY successfully lead the conversion of Knock Taggart and three other tankers from Suezmax tanker to FSO vessels.. This large-scale FSO project required installation of Helipads, Deck Cranes, Fiscal Metering system, and Bow Discharge equipment; all involving extensive pre-engineering to meet stringent quality requirements and time-bound retrofits..

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  • Title: ASRY Energy Division | ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: Energy Division.. While the flagship product of the division is the power barge, AED also has the capacity to handle other newbuild projects such as offshore vessels, workboats, and more.. The power barges integrate the latest technology and best practice construction techniques to provide the foundation for floating power generation units.. ASRY has accumulated over 35 years of vessel engineering expertise, and AED is utilising that expertise to focus on newbuild projects.. Power Barges.. The TPB125 Power Barge is a 125MWe self-contained, modular electricity generating system designed to be situated within port, river or sheltered coastal locations.. AED constructs the barge and auxiliary systems, and integrates the gas turbines.. Meanwhile a UK-based energy packaging company, Centrax, provides and supervises the installation of the generator packages, consisting of Rolls Royce Trent 60 turbines.. Transportation then takes place to the clients destination from ASRY.. Advantages of Power Barge.. Transportable power, large capacity can be  ...   in ASRY is state-of-the-art, and exemplifies AED’s newbuild capabilities.. Not only capable of in-yard duties, the tugs are also capable of coastal towage if required.. Designed with very manoeuvrable high performance Azimuth Stern Drives, 25.. 8m long with a bollard pull of 45 tonnes, the tugs also feature fire-fighting and pollution control capabilities.. Currently in operation in ASRY, the fabrication has received industry-wide praise.. Barge Specifications.. Length: 82m, Width: 28m.. Depth: 6m, Draft, 4.. 5m.. Can be moored or grounded.. Can be positioned in protected waters.. Double-skin fuel and oil tanks.. Meets all international Emission standards.. Accomodation for 10 persons (expandable).. Helideck (optional).. Power Specifications.. 2 x Rolls Royce Trent 60 gas turbines.. 125MWe total nominal output / 50 Hz and 60 Hz customisable.. Dual-fuel (gas or liquid).. Barge and Systems ABS classified.. Turbine Operation Monitoring by Rolls Royce.. Local grid connectivity.. Maximum operational reliability.. 0 to 100% load in 10 minutes..

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  • Title: Certifications | ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: ASRY is accredited with the majority of the leading standards in global ship repair, and operates a rolling upgrade system through its full-time internal auditing department.. The global standards which ASRY has achieved include:.. ISO 9001.. Certified: October 2001.. Description: Standards related to quality management systems, designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product.. ISO 14001.. Certified: May 2003.. Description: Standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations (a) minimize how their operations (processes etc.. ) negatively affect the environment (i.. e.. cause adverse changes to air, water, or land); (b) comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements, and (c) continually improve in the above.. ISO 18001.. Certified: November 2004.. Description: Standards for occupational health and safety  ...   governments, shipping companies, shipboard personnel, and port/facility personnel to detect security threats and take preventative measures against security incidents affecting ships or port facilities used in international trade.. ”.. ISO 28000.. Certified: November 2010.. Description: Standard for requirements of a security management system particularly dealing with security assurance in the supply chain.. This integrated approach to risk management is often employed to better coordinate cross functional risk management mechanisms, improve performance measurement, ensure continual improvement and reducing misalignment of risk management objectives between silos.. ISO 20858.. Description: Standards for establishing a framework to assist marine port facilities in specifying the competence of personnel to conduct a marine port facility security assessment, and to develop a security plan as required by the ISPS Code International Standard, conducting the marine port facility security assessment, and drafting/implementing a Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP)..

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  • Title: Location Benefits | ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: As one of Bahrain’s integral industrial concerns, ASRY has been granted duty-free zone status.. The industrial precinct in which ASRY is situated encompasses a host of vital services that share the benefits of custom-free operation.. As such, the yard has a full-time Customs office with national Customs officers to  ...   the national customs network, the office can process any requests and issues quickly and efficiently.. Bahrain has also carefully crafted a business-friendly trade framework that allows easy and quick import and export of parts and labour.. This enables ASRY to have region-leading timeframes for any project that requires external resources..

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  • Title: Layout & Facilities | ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: Layout.. Alongside Berths.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="8,245,15,252,17,260,23,260,90,241,147,220,165,203,160,198,153,200,147,195,138,195,130,197,123,192,119,201,114,202,111,196,108,203,100,204,85,210,77,210,71,215,66,211,64,218,56,220,52,217,48,222,42,222,37,220,31,226,18,230" href="berths" alt="area1" />.. Graving Dock.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="92,177,91,165,101,159,103,149,214,121,231,126,319,103,355,109,233,144,108,183" href="#" alt="area2" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="54,326,51,321,57,312,53,306,48,303,59,293,56,290,60,287,63,292,128,266,129,257,133,262,149,255,152,255,191,238,197,240,203,237,203,234,204,228,208,222,212,219,217,220,218,214,224,211,239,215,248,219,250,224,249,240,258,240,259,256,237,264,237,275,197,294,184,292,176,295,163,288,95,317,73,323" href="berths" alt="area3" />.. Workshops and Services.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="270,210,214,186,215,176,288,148,302,153,301,161,309,166,316,166,326,173,328,180,304,191,306,198,275,210" href="workshops-services" alt="area4" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="316,152,315,143,324,140,331,140,391,155,393,162,376,170" href="workshops-services" alt="area5" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="353,138,350,131,357,129,365,129,424,141,424,149,413,154,358,140" href="workshops-services" alt="area6" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="379,128,378,121,394,117,400,116,458,127,460,132,437,142,386,131" href="workshops-services" alt="area7" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="413,118,412,113,439,104,445,107,460,107,471,113,472,118,450,125" href="workshops-services" alt="area8" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="472,116,472,112,463,110,485,100,491,99,496,102,503,101,511,104,512,108,489,119" href="workshops-services" alt="area9" />.. Administration.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="405,107,410,98,405,90,403,79,540,91,526,103,511,103,479,98,463,105,441,104,423,107" href="#" alt="area10" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="462,191,462,186,478,177,491,177,503,184,483,197" href="#" alt="area11" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="500,197,499,192,505,190,509,190,509,185,515,184,540,190,540,197,531,206" href="#" alt="area12" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="461,166,483,155,666,194,652,208" href="#" alt="area13" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="655,231,670,216,763,236,751,254" href="berths" alt="area14" />.. Quay Walls.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="880,62,795,202,830,209,903,66" href="berths" alt="area15" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="353,302,374,290,383,282,387,279,382,274,384,273,390,279,398,273,403,274,407,271,406,269,413,262,420,264,424,261,409,239,412,237,428,256,444,246,458,238,462,231,459,228,475,224,482,223,484,230,487,230,489,232,494,235,496,237,490,250,493,254,395,321,377,329,362,332,357,330,358,322,353,310" href="berths" alt="area16" />.. Floating Docks.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="391,323,494,252,499,252,504,248,509,249,510,260,526,258,539,262,546,258,556,259,559,255,564,264,565,271,588,274,600,279,606,275,610,277,611,287,622,293,512,407,482,406,465,405,449,404,439,397,433,384,428,360,409,362,394,356,391,341" href="#" alt="area17" />.. Click for details" shape="poly" coords="259,239,377,185,378,200,401,208,280,267,259,255" href="berths" alt="area18" />.. ASRY Consultancy Services.. Click for details" shape="rect" coords="365,101,386,114" href="#" alt="area19" />.. ASRY offers 15 alongside repair jetties and berths, with a total length of approximately 4,000m.. The berths range in continuous lengths up to 1,380m, which is the maximum berth length, available at the Quay Wall.. With one of the largest berth lengths in the Middle East, ASRY offers a unique flexibility in its docking schedules, capable of accommodating any client requirements and schedules.. Click here to download a high res specification document.. Close.. ASRY’s Graving Dock is capable of docking ships up to 500,000 tons dwt.. It is equipped with 4 dockside arms (2 each on both sides) to give proper access to the entire surface of a vessel to carry out all repair works, mainly the blasting and painting of ships sides.. 2 cranes are also fitted on both sides of the Dock with a capacity of  ...   its people which is now one of the hallmarks of doing business with ASRY.. One of the most frequent feedback responses ASRY receives is that working with ASRY, is like working with a family.. ASRY’s Human Resources are its most unique asset, with up to 5,000 employees lead by a management team that comprises some of the most experienced names in Ship Repair from across the Middle East and Europe.. The yard is certified in a host of areas by the global quality manager Det Norske Veritas, including environmental (ISO 14001), quality management systems (ISO 9001), occupational health and saftey (ISO 18001) and security management systems (28000).. For more information on our certifications, please.. click here.. ASRY Offshore Services is a dedicated offshore oil and gas division.. Specialising in offshore rig repair and fabrication work, ASRY Offshore Services (AOS) is now an integral part of the yard’s capabilities.. As well as jack-up drilling rigs, AOS can accommodate drill ships, cable and pipe laying vessels, semi-submersibles, offshore support and construction vessels, for either repairs, component construction, mobilising a skilled ‘riding squad’ or surveying.. ASRY’s twin slipways, each with a dry berth length of 255 metres are ideal for accommodating offshore service boats, large tugs and supply vessels.. Their vertical curve design also facilitates new building activities at its upper end.. Vessels up to approximately 15,000 dwt, and with drafts up to 4.. 5 meters can be easily slipped up under normal daily tidal conditions.. The slipways are equipped with all required shore facilities and are serviced by two 80-tonne crawler cranes with ample reach.. Floating Docks.. ASRY has two floating docks to extend the dry repair capabilities of the yard.. Designated Docks 2 and 3, they have the following specifications:.. 252m.. Clear Width:.. 44m.. Lifting capacity:.. 33,000 tonnes.. Max Vessel size:.. 120,000dwt.. 227m.. 40m.. 30,000 tonnes.. 80,000dwt..

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  • Title: Dock 1 | ASRY Bahrain
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  • Title: Dock 2 | ASRY Bahrain
    Descriptive info: ASRY’s Dock #2, the first of two floating docks is capable of docking ships up to 120,000 dwt.. It is equipped with all auxiliary services and 3 cranes of 12 tonnes each..

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