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  • Title: Acumed | Innovative Solutions
    Descriptive info: .. Search this site:.. Solutions.. Biologics.. Bone Graft Harvesting System.. Callos.. ProModel.. OPT Croutons.. Elbow.. Anatomic Radial Head System.. Elbow Plating System.. Coronoid Plates.. Distal Humerus Plates.. Olecranon Plates.. Locking Radial Head Plate.. Hand Wrist.. Acu-Loc 2 VDR Plating System.. Extension Plates.. Frag-Loc Compression Screw.. Proximal VDR Plates.. Standard VDR Plates.. Variable Angle Locking Screw System.. Distal Radius Fragment Specific Plating System.. Acu-Loc Wrist Plating System.. Acu-Loc VDR Plate.. Acu-Loc Dorsal Plate.. Acu-Loc EX Plates.. Acu-Loc VDU Plates.. Anatomic Midshaft Forearm Plates.. Arc Wrist Tower.. External Fixation System.. Small Bone Fixation.. Stableloc.. Forearm Rod System.. Modular Hand System.. Osteotomy System.. Foot Ankle.. Calcaneal Plating System.. Fibula Rod System.. Forefoot/Midfoot Plate System.. Hammertoe Fusion Set.. Locking Ankle Plate System.. Locking Anterior Tibia Plates.. Locking Lateral Fibula Plates.. Locking Medial Tibia Plates.. Lower Extremity Modular System.. Osteo-Clage.. Small Joint Reamer System.. Screw/Pin.. Acutrak 2.. Acutrak  ...   Pins.. Shoulder.. Acu-Sinch Repair System.. Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw.. Locking Clavicle Plate System.. Locking Anterior Clavicle Plates.. Locking Superior Distal Clavicle Plates.. Locking Superior Midshaft Clavicle Plates.. Locking Scapula Plate System.. Polarus Locking Humeral Rod.. Polarus Modular Shoulder System.. Polarus PHP System.. Polarus Plus Humeral Rod.. Resources.. Instructions for Use.. Literature Library.. Video Library.. Company.. Careers.. Contact Us.. Global Compliance.. Legal Policy.. Privacy Policy.. Social Responsibility.. Terms of Use.. Events Education.. Events Calendar.. Press.. Press Releases.. Login.. Upcoming Events.. Advanced Upper Extremity Surgical Skills Course.. 10/01/13.. -.. 10/02/13.. ASSH.. 10/03/13.. 10/05/13.. Advanced Foot and Ankle Surgical Skills Course - Halifax, Nova Scotia.. Featured Literature.. Clavicle Plating System Acu-Sinch Repair System Surgical Technique.. Acumed's Global Compliance Reporting Site.. AdvaMed Code of Ethics.. Copyright 2013 Acumed LLC All rights reserved.. U.. S.. Customer Service (888) 627-9957.. Site Map.. Acumed User Login.. Username:.. *.. Password:.. Request new password..

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  • Title: Innovative Solutions | Acumed
    Descriptive info: Home.. | Solutions.. Innovative.. Orthopaedic surgeons are continually developing improved methods of fracture fixation and rehabilitation.. Acumed recognizes that often these new fixation methods require changes and advancements in orthopaedic implants and technology.. Our goal is to design implants and instrumentation that address new fixation techniques, solve issues with current fixation methods and provide the  ...   solutions to the demanding situations facing orthopaedic surgeons, hospitals and their patients.. Our strategy has been to know the indication, design a solution to fit, and deliver quality products and instruments.. Acumed currently offers orthopaedic solutions in the following areas:.. Biologic Solutions.. Elbow Solutions.. Hand & Wrist Solutions.. Foot Ankle Solutions.. Screw/Pin Solutions.. Shoulder Solutions..

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  • Title: Biologic Solutions | Acumed
    Descriptive info: |.. | Biologics.. Biologic.. Acumed s Biologic Solutions offer innovative tools that complement Acumed s other product lines for improved fracture fixation and support the healing and regeneration of bone.. Callos Impact and Callos Inject are the first of what will be an extensive line of forward-thinking Biologic Solutions from Acumed.. Upper Extremity Surgeon Bioskills Course : Boston, MA.. 10/18/13.. 10/19/13.. Literature.. OPT Croutons Brochure.. 3D Interactive Models.. Visit a product page for a 3D interactive tour..

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  • Title: Bone Graft Harvesting System | Acumed
    Descriptive info: | Bone Graft Harvesting System.. Bone.. Graft Harvesting System.. LEFT.. RIGHT.. Hover over the icons to the left for more media choices.. Overview.. Acumed's Bone Graft System is a compact, easy to use solution for removing morsellized bone graft from the iliac crest and other appropriate areas — though a small incision site with minimal morbidity.. Our Bone Graft System can be use in conjunction with Acumed’s Callos Impact and Callos Inject calcium phosphate bone void filler, to backfill the void created when the graft is harvested, for a complete bone graft harvesting solution.. Approved Indications.. Approved Indications.. Fusions.. Fracture malunions and nonunions.. Bone repair in cases of trauma, infections or tumors.. Revisions of joint surgeries.. Bone graft harvesting from the iliac crest.. Key Features.. Key Features.. Ease of use: The drill has a unique and  ...   fitting, starting punch, bone graft extractor and removal key.. Graft Volume: At full depth - 3cm - each drill contains the following amount of morsellized material:.. 6.. 0mm = approx.. 48cc.. 8.. 92cc.. 10.. 1.. 64cc.. 12.. 2.. 51cc.. Drill sizes: 6.. 0mm, 8.. 0mm, 10.. 0mm and 12.. 0mm.. iPad Images:.. Click here to request more information about Bone Graft Harvesting System.. Name.. Name field is required.. NPI#.. NPI field is required.. Hospital/Institution.. Field required.. City/State/Country.. City/State field is required.. Email.. Email field is required.. Phone.. Phone field is required.. Request updates by email.. Your request for more information has been sent.. We'll be in contact with you shortly.. Related Products.. ProModel - Bone Void Filler.. Callos - Calcium Phosphate Cement.. Brochure / Surgical Technique.. Bone Graft Harvesting System Surgical Technique.. Callos Brochure and Surgical Technique..

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  • Title: Callos - Calcium Phosphate Cement | Acumed
    Descriptive info: | Callos.. Backed by more than 15 years of scientific development, Callos is Acumed's next-generation calcium phosphate bone void filler cement.. For bony voids and defects in cancellous bone, our unique biologic cement provides immediate, high-compressive support where host bone is compromised.. Fractures with metaphyseal comminution.. Tibial plateau fractures.. Distal radius fractures.. Calcaneal fractures.. Pilon fractures.. Proximal humerus fractures.. Tumors and cysts.. Synthetic backfill after bone graft.. Long term strength: Callos remodels at the same rate as natural bone and provides a synthetic osteoconductive scaffold to promote bony ingrowth.. When paired with adjacent Acumed hardware, Callos delivers both immediate and continuous strength.. Hardware insertion: Callos features improved tensile and flexural  ...   warm, aqueous environment and Callos can be manipulated post-implantation to help refine bone reconstruction.. Callos is easy to mix and can be molded or injected.. Excellent compressive strength: Callos is more than twice as strong as cancellous bone.. Callos Impact Mixing Instructions.. http://www.. acumed.. net/sites/default/files/videos/flv/callos-impact-mixing.. flv.. Callos Inject Mixing Instructions.. net/sites/default/files/videos/flv/callos-inject-mixing.. Click here to request more information about Callos.. Locking Calcaneal Plates.. Acu-Loc Volar Distal Radius Plate.. Technical Monograph.. Callos - X-ray Reference Guide.. Other Literature.. Callos Impact Callos Inject Pocket Timing Charts.. Callos Mixing System Timing Chart.. Case Study.. Case Series: Calcaneal Fracture Solutions.. Case Study: Callos and Acu-Loc 2.. Case Study: Distal Radius Fracture Treated with Callos and.. Video..

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  • Title: ProModel - Bone Void Filler | Acumed
    Descriptive info: | ProModel.. Providing accelerated remodeling time, and compressive strength greater than cancellous bone itself, ProModel is a synthetic bone graft made from a proprietary composite of calcium phosphate, and pore-generating fillers.. Unlike hydroxyapatite bone graft substitutes which remodel between 3 to 5 years, ProModel may fully remodel into natural bone within 12 to 24 months, depending on volume of material, vascularity of the graft site, patient’s metabolism, and compressive load.. ProModel is available in both injectable and putty form, and offers superior wet handling capabilities.. ProModel provides the surgeon a bone void filler with an ideal combination of biological and mechanical properties, including:.. Accelerated Remodeling Rate: ProModel provides the surgeon a bone void filler with a remodeling rate of 12 to 24 months.. In comparison, currently available hydroxyapatite bone graft substitutes  ...   50% calcium sulfate.. Upon implantation, the calcium sulfate component dissolves within 60 days, leaving the calcium phosphate highly porous, providing a larger surface area for remodeling to occur.. Calcium sulfate also provides the advantage of temperature insensitivity during mixing in the operating room.. Choice of Handling: ProModel is available in two forms: Impact and Inject (supplied with an improved paddle mixing system) to give surgeons more choice in handling.. The handling properties of ProModel are similar to those of currently available bone void fillers.. ProModel was not designed to be drillable, but can be injected after hardware has been placed in a fracture indication.. Superior Wet Handling: Insolubility of ProModel resists washing out of bleeding bone, or washing away with irrigation.. Click here to request more information about ProModel.. ProModel Surgical Technique..

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  • Title: OPT Croutons | Acumed
    Descriptive info: | OPT Croutons.. OPT.. Croutons.. OPT Croutons are a synthetic bone substitute made of pure beta-TCP which is a calcium phosphate molecule similar to the mineral phase of natural bone.. OPT Croutons are designed to fill bone voids or defects of the skeletal system (such as the extremities and pelvis) that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure.. These defects  ...   injury to the bone.. OPT Croutons are a bone graft substitute that remodel into bone during the healing process.. OPT stands for osteoconductive, porous, tricalcium phosphate.. Biocompatible.. Interconnected porosity: Encourages a quick and proper osseointegration.. Synthetic alternative to cancellous bone chips.. Granules: Fill irregularly shaped cavities completely.. Click here to request more information about OPT Croutons.. OPT Croutons 510K.. OPT Croutons Instructions for Use..

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  • Title: Elbow Solutions | Acumed
    Descriptive info: | Elbow.. The Acumed Elbow Solutions feature unique, innovative fracture fixation devices ranging from the midshaft forearm to the midshaft humerus.. Our focus is to provide multiple fixation options for the indication, providing a comprehensive line of products for injuries in and around the elbow region.. The Acumed Elbow Plating System offers the most comprehensive selection of precontoured, anatomic plates for the distal humerus, olecranon and coronoid that utilizes an improved Hexalobe Screw System.. Designed in conjunction with Shawn W.. O’Driscoll,  ...   patient’s native radial head, while offering 200 head/stem combinations to accommodate each anatomy.. The Locking Radial Head Plate System and the Acutrak 2® Mini and Micro instruments are included in the base of the tray as well to present a solution for a wide variety of fractures.. In addition to a wide breadth of solutions for the elbow, Acumed offers innovative solutions for diaphyseal forearm fractures: the Anatomic Midshaft Forearm Plate System and the Forearm Rod System.. Anatomic Forearm Fracture Solutions Brochure..

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  • Title: Anatomic Radial Head System | Acumed
    Descriptive info: | Anatomic Radial Head System.. Anatomic.. Radial Head System.. O Driscoll, Ph.. , M.. , at the Mayo Clinic, Acumed s Anatomic Radial Head System provides a comprehensive solution for radial head replacement including advanced instrumentation, an innovative insertion and placement procedure and a precise anatomical implant.. With improved biomechanics, an anatomical prosthesis theoretically reduces wear on the capitellum and carries a reduced chance of long-term prosthesis loosening and means less pain for the patient.. Radial head fractures that indicate joint replacement.. Anatomic design: The system replicates natural radial head geometry, provides improved articulation with the capitellum, prevents loosening and maintains the proper relationship between  ...   of the radius.. Color-coded broaches, trial heads and stems allow quick distinction between components and sizes.. Collar reamers create a perpendicular neck surface for the stem collar.. Versatility: 200 standard head and stem combinations ten left and ten right stem options in five diameters and four collar height options accommodate different patient sizes and provide proper restoration of the overall length of the radius.. iPad Slider IDs:.. AnatomicRadialHeadSystem.. Anatomic Radial Head System - Animated Surgical Technique.. net/sites/default/files/videos/flv/Radial_Head.. Click here to request more information about Anatomic Radial Head System.. Anatomic Radial Head System Brochure Surgical.. Radial Head Fractures - Case Series.. Anatomic Radial Head System - Animated..

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  • Title: Elbow Plating System | Acumed
    Descriptive info: | Elbow Plating System.. Plating System.. Acumed Elbow Plating System.. The Acumed Elbow Plating System has revolutionized the way orthopaedic surgeons treat and manage elbow fractures.. Designed in conjunction with Shawn O Driscoll, Ph.. , these precontoured, indication-specific plates feature variable angle Tap-Loc Technology and address fractures of the distal humerus, olecranon and coronoid.. Fractures of the distal humerus, olecranon and coronoid.. Osteotomies of the olecranon.. Precontoured plates: Plates are precontoured to match the patient s anatomy and act as a template to restore the natural anatomic geometry of the distal humerus.. Parallel plate placement: Biomechanical data shows parallel plate placement (vs.. 90.. orientation) has greater strength and stability.. Dr.. O Driscoll s experience shows parallel placement promotes early rehabilitation and preservation of elbow function and motion.. Tap-Loc Technology: Surgeons can choose the optimal locking screw trajectory up to 20.. in each direction maximizing fixation in the distal fragments and providing the best possible patient outcome.. A customized tap creates threads in the plate hole.. Color-coded: Plates are available in a range of sizes and are color-coded for quick identification.. The Hexalobe Screw System has been created specifically for the Acumed Elbow Plating System for increased strength and performance.. Hexalobe Screw.. Hexalobe Screw.. The Elbow Plating System features the Hexalobe Screw System.. The Hexalobe Screws were designed specifically with elbow fractures in mind.. These screws have maximized strength and a Hexalobe Drive interface to optimize performance in dense bone, especially when longer length screws are necessary.. Sleeveless Stick Fit Screw/Driver Interface.. The addition of Santoprene, a rubber-like material on the driver, allows the driver to stick in the screw, obviating the need for a screw sleeve and reducing OR time.. Modified Screw Root and Taper.. Additional material on the screw root diameter and a larger wall thickness around the screw head gives the modified driver/screw interface additional strength to reduce breakage.. Type II Anodize.. Material properties may aid implant removal.. Additional Cutting Flutes.. Acumed Hex Screws only have one cutting flute to aid insertion.. The Hexalobe System provides three cutting flutes on our longer screws (34mm and up) to help ease screw insertion.. Biomechanics.. Biomechanics.. Parallel Plating.. 90 plate orientation was supported  ...   in torsional loads.. 90 Plating Displaced:.. Anterior/Posterior: 53% more.. Medial/Lateral: 5% less.. Torsion: 80% more.. Tap-Loc Technology.. Results showed that a Hexalobe Screw installed using Tap-Loc Technology at 20 can sustain a load up to 90% of the failure load of a screw installed in a pre-threaded hole and Hexalobe Screws installed using Tap-Loc Technology at 0 were equal in strength to the pre-threaded holes.. Sources:.. Internal Fixation of the Distal Humerus: A Biomechanical Comparison of Methods, Helfet and Hotchkiss, Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, 1990.. Biomechanical Evaluation of Methods of Internal Fixation of the Distal Humerus, Schemitsch, Tencer and Henley, Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, 1994.. CoronoidPlateNewest.. LateralDistalHumerousPlate.. MedialDistalHumerusPlate.. OlecranonPlate.. HexalobeScrew.. Elbow Plating System Animated Surgical Technique.. net/sites/default/files/videos/flv/eps_surg_tech_new_v2.. Click here to request more information about Elbow Plating System.. Discover more about the Acumed Elbow Plating System by exploring the special features listed below.. Technical Objectives.. Plate Selection Tool.. Exposure.. Features.. Questions and Answers.. Explore This System.. Literature.. Case Study: Fixation of Open Olecranon Fracture.. Elbow Plating System Brochure.. Elbow Plating System Surgical Technique.. Hex vs Hexalobe Screw Brochure.. Mayo Clinic Congruent Elbow Plate System.. Video.. Elbow Plating System Animated Surgical.. User login.. Terms.. of Use.. Content of the Site is provided for medical educational purposes only, for use by medical professionals.. It should not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat.. It is not intended as, nor should it be, a substitute for independent professional medical care.. We recommend that you consult your own physician regarding any diagnosis, imaging interpretation or course of treatment.. Medical practitioners must make their own independent assessment before suggesting a diagnosis or recommending or instituting a course of treatment.. The Site in no way should be seen as a replacement for consultation with colleagues and/or other sources, nor as a substitute for conventional training and study.. If you are not medically qualified and are using the Site as a lay person, you further acknowledge that the content on the Site is provided for educational purposes only, and is provided for use by medical professionals.. You agree to use the information solely for your own private educational purposes and further agree not to rely on the information in any way..

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  • Title: Coronoid Plates | Acumed
    Descriptive info: | Coronoid Plates.. Coronoid.. Plates.. Designed for fractures of the anteromedial facet of the coronoid, the Acumed Coronoid Plates are intended to act as a buttress to the coronoid and aid in counteracting the tendency of the elbow to subluxate.. With a user-friendly design, the Coronoid Plates and Elbow Plating System instruments help ease insertion while providing more treatment options for the fracture pattern.. The plates are  ...   plate, as well as an offset screw hole, are designed to help capture fractures of the sublime tubercle.. Offered in both left-specific (blue) and right-specific (green), these implants are available in a small and standard size.. They range in width from 20 mm to 21 mm and in length from 31 mm to 35 mm.. Click here to request more information about Coronoid Plates.. Screw Removal Brochure..

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