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  • Title: Wesley Chapel Dentist, Dentist in Wesley Chapel FL | Apex Dental
    Descriptive info: .. Apex Dental.. Emergency and Walk-In Patients Welcome!.. Schedule an Appointment Today! 813.. 994.. 4200 A.. Allan Fallah, DMD.. Welcome.. About Us.. Services.. New Patient Info.. Smile Gallery.. Special Offers.. Contact Us.. Changing the way you feel about yourself! Conveniently Located at:1207 Bruce B.. Downs Blvd.. Suite #1 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544(Next to Super Target).. Apex Dental, Wesley Chapel Dentist.. Apex Dental is your family-friendly, local Wesley Chapel dental office, conveniently located.. right next to Super Target.. in Wesley Chapel.. We are dedicated to the area of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, providing services ranging from preventative care to.. cosmetic dentistry.. and restorative services.. With the combination of our state-of-the art dental equipment and highly trained staff, you can be sure that at Apex Dental, you will receive the highest quality treatment possible.. Schedule an appointment with us today to assess your treatment needs!.. Apex Dental Online Appointments.. A.. Allan Fallah, DMD | Wesley Chapel Dental.. As a.. Wesley Chapel Dentist.. , Dr.. Fallah has been practicing General and Cosmetic Dentistry since 2005.. He is committed to both the care and comfort of his patients, and utilizes his  ...   convenient as possible for our patients to receive the best dental care possible.. Apex Dental Services | Dentist Wesley Chapel.. Dr.. Fallah provides many general, cosmetic, and restorative.. dental services.. Some of these include preventative maintenance, cosmetic services such as teeth whitening and veneers, restorative services, partials and dentures, invisible orthodontics such as ClearCorrect and.. Invisalign.. , periodontal treatment, and TMJ treatment.. The variety of services we offer make it convenient to visit the.. dentist.. Wesley Chapel.. has many dentists, but only Apex Dental offers so many services under one roof.. Don’t wait to see the dentist.. Apex Dental makes it convenient for you to receive the treatment you need.. Call today to schedule an appointment!.. Office Hours.. Monday - Thursday.. 8 am - 4pm.. Friday.. 8 am - 1pm.. Our Services.. Preventive Dentistry.. Cosmetic Dentistry.. Teeth Whitening.. Restorative Dentistry.. Dentures Partials.. Invisible Orthodonitics.. Periodontal Treatment.. Veneers.. TMJ Treatment.. Call Today!.. 813.. 4200.. Patient Referral Rewards.. |.. Copyright 2013 Apex Dental | 1207 Bruce B.. Suite #1, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 | 813.. Serving Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Lutz, Land O Lakes, and Zephyrhills.. Web Design.. by..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Apex Dental
    Descriptive info: To schedule an appointment, please contact us at.. or fill out and submit the form below.. A value is required.. Please select your preferred appointment date and time below.. *We cannot guarantee appointment times, but will do our best to accommodate you.. Date:.. Time:.. 8:00 AM.. 8:30 AM.. 9:00 AM.. 9:30 AM.. 10:00 AM.. 10:30 AM.. 11:00 AM.. 11:30 AM.. 12:00 PM.. 12:30 PM.. 1:00 PM.. 1:30 PM.. 2:00 PM.. 2:30 PM.. 3:00 PM.. Monday - Thurday..

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  • Title: About | Apex Dental
    Descriptive info: About Apex Dental Staff.. Apex Dental opened in December 2008 and is growing rapidly.. In order to provide our patients with the best dental experience possible, we have a staff that is experienced, and highly trained.. Our dental assistant, Abby, and receptionist, Teresa, will ensure that your visit to Apex Dental is pleasant and convenient.. Our dental hygienist, Mary,  ...   a brighter smile.. About Dr.. Fallah.. Fallah graduated in 2005 from the University of Florida, College of Dentistry.. He is a huge Gator fan! He is a member of the ADA (American Dental Association) and is both Invisalign and Clear Correct certified.. Fallah is the father of three young children, Yasmeen, Amani, and Naveed.. His wife, Jaleh is a veterinarian..

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  • Title: Wesley Chapel Dental Services, Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign, Teeth Whitening, Veneers | Serving Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Lutz, Land O Lakes, and Zephyrhills
    Descriptive info: Invisible Orthodontics.. Preventing.. dental.. issues such as tooth decay and gum disease is the best and least expensive way to keep your mouth healthy.. In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, visit the.. routinely for checkups and cleanings.. This ensures great oral hygiene, and dramatically reduces the chance you will develop serious oral health issues in the future.. Apex Dental offers a number of preventive services such as oral examinations, professional cleanings, composite fillings, and digital x-rays.. Contact Apex Dental today to schedule an oral examination or cleaning!.. If you feel that your smile needs some work, you are not alone.. The cosmetic dentistry services at Apex Dental offer a number of solutions for people who wish to improve their smile.. Apex Dental offers cosmetic dentistry services that range from simple procedures such as teeth whitening to complete smile makeovers utilizing veneers.. Apex Dental also offers, bridges, caps crowns, and teeth implants.. Learn more about:.. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, and teeth stained by coffee, tea, foods and smoking quickly ruins that vital first impression.. Professional Wesley Chapel teeth whitening at Apex Dental erases this natural discoloration, brightens your teeth and gives you the confidence of a beautiful smile.. What You Should Know.. If you have teeth that are missing, injured, or are causing you pain, you may need restorative services.. Restorative dentistry involves the repair and maintenance of the teeth and mouth.. Restorative dentistry includes the repair of broken or loose fillings, placement and maintenance of crowns and bridges, installation of implants, realignment of the teeth and bite, bonding or veneers and the fitting of full and partial dentures.. Decayed, damaged or lost teeth can be restored to full function and appearance through restorative services.. So, whether you need a complete mouth restoration to restore  ...   let Dr.. Fallah and the staff at Apex Dental help you decide if invisible orthodontics is the right solution for you.. Invisalign and ClearCorrect are currently approved to correct a variety of dental alignment problems including overly crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, overbite, crossbite and simple bite irregularities.. Invisible Orthodontics.. How Invisible Orthodontics Work.. Invisalign ClearCorrect Treatment.. Invisalign ClearCorrect Teen Treatment.. Periodontal treatment includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the gums and surrounding bones and tissues.. Many people have gum disease and do not even know it.. Often, there is no pain or symptoms until the disease has progressed to a serious stage.. For this reason, it is important to get regular checkups and see your dentist at the first sign of red, swollen or tender gums, chronic bad breath, bleeding when brushing or flossing, gums that don’t adhere to the teeth, loose teeth, tooth movement and change in your bite or the fit of dental appliances.. Periodontal Treatment and Gum Disease.. What is Periodontal Disease?.. Causes of Periodontal Disease.. Who is Susceptible to Periodontal Disease.. Periodontal Treatments.. Dental veneers quickly and dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile.. Veneers give the appearance of completely natural and beautifully aligned teeth.. They are ideal for severely chipped, cracked, worn, uneven, gapped, or discolored teeth.. Apex Dental custom designs veneers for each patient.. Teeth Whitening or Veneers?.. The Veneers Process.. Fallah and the staff at Apex Dental offer a variety of TMJ treatments.. He will examine the structure and working of the jaw to determine the source of pain or discomfort and determine which TMJ treatment might be best for you.. Once Dr.. Fallah determines the source of the pain, he will create a treatment plan to correct the injury that's causing it.. Types of TMJ.. TMJ Treatments.. Temporary TMJ Pain Relief..

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  • Title: New Patient Information | Apex Dental
    Descriptive info: If you are a new patient, please feel free to complete the below forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.. Smile Analysis.. Medical History.. New Patient Registration.. Financial Agreements.. Download Adobe Reader..

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  • Title: Smile Gallery | Apex Dental
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  • Title: Special Offers | Apex Dental
    Descriptive info: New Patient Offer..

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  • Title: Cosmetic Dentist Wesley Chapel, Wesley Chapel Cosmetic Dentist, Cosmetic Dentistry Wesley Chapel | Serving Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Lutz, Land O Lakes, and Zephyrhills
    Descriptive info: Wesley Chapel Cosmetic Dentistry at Apex Dental.. If you feel that your smile needs some work, you're not alone.. Wesley Chapel cosmetic dentistry.. services at Apex Dental offer a number of solutions for people who wish to improve their smile.. Sometimes, a simple procedure such as.. teeth whitening.. is all that is needed.. For others, a complete smile makeover may be required.. Fallah and the staff at Apex Dental are ready to work with you to decide which cosmetic dentistry procedures are right for you.. Choosing a Wesley Chapel Cosmetic Dentist.. It is a very personal decision to pursue cosmetic dentistry.. Wesley Chapel offers many options when it comes to deciding where to have cosmetic procedures performed.. So, you should find a cosmetic dentist in Wesley Chapel who shares your vision and has the skill to achieve the results you desire.. The results will change your appearance, improve your self-esteem and enhance your smile.. Apex Dental appreciates the opportunity to discuss our services with you, and to be part of your cosmetic dentistry team.. Advances in Cosmetic Dentistry.. A number of new cosmetic dentistry technologies such as advanced imaging techniques  ...   resulting tooth is sculpted to look natural and blend into the surrounding teeth to restore a natural looking smile.. Badly decayed or missing teeth are replaced with dental implants,.. partials.. or.. dentures.. Replacing missing teeth restores the smile and improves the facial contour.. Fallah is an expert Wesley Chapel cosmetic dentist who can fix your broken, decayed, or missing teeth and restore your smile.. Fallah offers quick and effective teeth whitening.. Many times, a simple.. procedure is all that is needed to brighten the smile and illuminate the face.. For badly discolored teeth or misshapen teeth, dental veneers can permanently fill cracks, chips, resurface the tooth and improve the appearance.. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, stop in and discuss your needs with Dr.. Complete Smile Makeover | Cosmetic Dentist Wesley Chapel.. A complete smile makeover combines these cosmetic dentistry techniques and others to restore the teeth and improve the structure of the mouth and the overall appearance of your smile.. Whatever your cosmetic dentistry needs, Dr.. Fallah and the team at Apex Dental are ready to partner with you in achieving your most beautiful and healthy smile..

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  • Title: Wesley Chapel Dentist, Dentist Wesley Chapel | Apex Dental
    Descriptive info: Prevent Oral Infections With Routine Visits to Your Local Wesley Chapel Dentist, Apex Dental.. Your mouth is a host to many different types of bacteria.. Although mostly harmless, some of the bacteria in your mouth can cause oral infections such as tooth decay and gum disease.. Routine checkups with your Wesley Chapel dentist can help prevent and even detect early signs of oral infections and disease.. If left untreated, oral infections like gingivitis can lead to an inflammatory gum disease known as periodontitis.. Periodontitis is an inflammation and infection of the gums and the bone that supports and holds teeth in place.. Periodontitis can cause.. bad breath.. , infection of the soft tissue and jaw bone, tooth loss, and more.. Although periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease, it can easily be treated by a qualified professional.. Wesley Chapel dentist.. Fallah and his staff are very knowledgeable and experienced in treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis.. Please call today for more  ...   strokes.. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, people that suffer from periodontitis are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease as people without periodontitis.. It is believed by some researchers that the bacteria in the mouth caused by periodontitis enters the blood stream and cause infections in other parts of the body like the inner lining of the heart.. This type of infection is known as endocarditis.. Other researchers believe that the inflammation caused by periodontitis causes blood vessels to become inflamed, which then constricts the blood flow between the heart and the rest of the body.. This inflammation increases the risk of built up plaque along the walls of the blood vessels to break off and then travel to the heart or the brain, potentially triggering a heart attack or stroke.. Periodontitis can easily be prevented with.. proper oral hygiene.. and routine checkups with your Wesley Chapel dentist.. Call today to schedule an appointment with Wesley Chapel dentist, Dr..

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  • Title: Wesley Chapel Dental Services, Wesley Chapel Dentist, Dental Wesley Chapel, Dentistry Wesley Chapel, Dentists Wesley Chapel | Serving Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Lutz, Land O Lakes, and Zephyrhills
    Descriptive info: Wesley Chapel Dental Services.. Your dentist in Wesley Chapel, Dr.. Fallah at Apex Dental, is your partner in protecting your oral health and beautiful smile.. He provides a variety of preventative services, cosmetic treatments and restorative care to protect your teeth, gums and jaw.. Call Apex Dental today!.. Choosing a Wesley Chapel Dentist, Wesley Chapel Dentistry.. When choosing a Wesley Chapel dentist for preventative care, restorative dentistry, or cosmetic procedures it is important to consider the training and certifications he/she holds and the services you need.. Wesley Chapel dentists are constantly updating their training and certifications.. Verify that the dentist you choose is certified and has experience in the specific dental procedures that you need and that he/she keeps up with current research and techniques.. Cosmetic Dentists in Wesley Chapel.. When searching for cosmetic dentists in Wesley Chapel, you should ask to see before-and-after photos of actual patients.. Inquire about expected results and work with your dentist to set reasonable expectations for your situation.. The Apex Dental, Wesley Chapel office stands ready to answer all your questions.. Available 24-Hour Emergency Treatment.. Make sure that care will be available when you need it.. Apex Dental is available for emergencies with  ...   to fit your needs.. General dentist Wesley Chapel services include dental fillings to repair damaged teeth and the application of bonding materials to repair chipped and cracked teeth.. Preventative Dentistry, Wesley Chapel Dentists Specializing in Preventative Services.. Good Wesley Chapel dentistry includes preventative care.. Fallah will work with you to develop a dental plan to prevent, diagnose and treat problems.. Regular checkups and cleanings ensure good oral hygiene and resolve problems before they become serious.. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends checkups every six months to promote excellent dental health.. Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry.. Repairing the effects of accidental damage, tooth decay, and disease requires restorative dentistry Wesley Chapel procedures.. Dr Fallah and the staff at Apex Dental are skilled in restorative techniques including fillings, bondings, oral and maxillofacial procedures, and periodontal treatment.. Fallah and his team perform the latest cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures such as.. ,.. and.. , and.. invisible orthodontics.. to rebuild and protect your smile.. Therapies for TMJ and other conditions causing myofacial pain are available as well.. Fallah and staff at Apex Dental will work with you to decide which treatments are best for you.. So, be sure to call and schedule an appointment today!..

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  • Title: Invisalign Wesley Chapel, Wesley Chapel Invisalign, Invisible Orthodontics | Serving Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Lutz, Land O Lakes, and Zephyrhills
    Descriptive info: Invisalign ClearCorrect | Invisible Orthodontics for a Natural Look.. Starting at Just $3295!.. At Apex Dental in Wesley Chapel, Invisalign and ClearCorrect invisible orthodontics are offered as the perfect solution if the idea of a mouthful of metal braces does not appeal to you.. While not appropriate for all orthodontic problems, Invisalign and ClearCorrect are becoming popular alternatives to conventional braces.. Call today and learn if invisible orthodontics are right for you!.. The Invisalign and ClearCorrect techniques incorporate a series of clear orthodontic aligners that fit over your teeth and disappear.. A 3-D computer representation of the mouth is made and the computer projects a series of small movements to be made that will result in the final desired teeth alignment.. Invisible aligners are made for each step in the process.. At each appointment, new aligners are provided to move the teeth incrementally toward the final goal.. Each aligner tray is worn for approximately two weeks.. Treatment time depends on your specific alignment problem, but most adults  ...   least 20 hours per day, and removed only for eating and dental care.. It is recommended that patients drink only water while wearing the aligners to avoid staining the tray.. Invisalign and ClearCorrect are approved for both teen and adult orthodontic treatments.. Treatment with invisible orthodontics helps teenagers avoid the self-consciousness that often accompanies wearing braces.. Teens can continue to play sports and participate fully in their active lifestyle with both ClearCorrect and Invisalign.. Wesley Chapel has a number of providers who offer invisible orthodontics, but only Apex Dental gives patients two options to choose from, ClearCorrect or Invisalign.. If you are not happy with your smile, let Dr.. Straightening your teeth through invisible orthodontics can result in a healthy smile that tells the world you value your appearance.. Call Apex Dental today to schedule an appointment in order to determine if Invisalign or ClearCorrect is right for you!.. Apex Dental provides Invisalign Wesley Chapel to patients in Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land O Lakes, New Tampa, and Zephyrhills..

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