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    Archived pages: 556 . Archive date: 2013-05.

  • Title: Aaron's Homepage
    Descriptive info: .. Aaron's Homepage.. is the personal website of Aaron Cake.. It contains a wide variety of information related to my various interests.. You'll find a massive.. electronic circuits.. archive as well as other.. electronics information.. ,.. Mazda rotary.. (including.. my highly modified 2nd Gen RX-7.. ),.. crazy and non-crazy.. projects, antique electronics,.. potato guns.. , assorted ramblings,.. auto show pictures.. a little.. about myself.. , an active.. community forum.. and everything in between.. undergoes major updates about twice a year and has been in operation since 1995 (18 years).. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can mail me.. here.. Latest News.. Added Cosmo Restoration Video: Part 25: Turbo Manifold Fabrication - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. Saturday, April 20, 2013, 11:48:05 PM.. Part 25 of my.. 1976 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. has been posted to.. YouTube.. Episode 25 of my '76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo restoration is another long one,  ...   argon back purge.. (more).. 2011 - 2013 Auto Show Pictures Added.. Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 9:37:42 PM.. Over in the.. Miscellaneous.. section I've just added all the pictures from the auto shows I've attended from 2011 - 2013.. That's nearly 1000 pictures, so enjoy.. Added Cosmo Restoration Video: Part 24: MegaSquirt MS3-Pro Installation - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. Sunday, March 17, 2013, 4:42:09 PM.. Part 24 of my.. Part 24 of my '76 Cosmo restoration is here! And I'm going to come right out and warn you; this is a long one.. There is a lot of detail here, for you see, this episode covers in it's entirety the installation of the MegaSquirt MS3-Pro EFI system.. Like the engine build in part 12, I decided to cover the entire process in a way that would help anyone performing a similar installation.. And while t.. View All News.. Last Update: Dec.. 5th, 2010..

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  • Title: More About Aaron Cake
    Descriptive info: More About Aaron Cake.. A lot of people are surprised to find out that this website is run by an individual, not some corporation.. That individual is me; Aaron Cake.. Yes indeed, my last name is actually "cake" and it is not some sort of nickname.. I'm not big on writing about myself but it may be interesting to some who is behind this website.. Starting at the basics, I'm about 5' 11" tall with a slender build.. Skinny, perhaps.. I try to remain active as much as possible whether that is working in my shop, riding my bike or doing other outdoor activities.. My hair started life as a very light blonde (almost white), has been black, but has over the past decade or so settled to brown.. I guess very shortly I'll start to be seeing gray.. I live in London, Ontario, Canada and currently don't have any plans to go anywhere else.. Whether this changes in the future I can't say for certain.. I would be very reluctant to leave Canada where a person can enjoy a quality of life probably not rivalled anywhere in the world, but the time may come when I need a change.. If so, then I'd be heading to the other side of the world, likely to Australia.. Such a large area of land with so few people appeals to me and is an extension of the under-crowding that one finds in Canada.. It certainly doesn't help that I am a huge rotary engine enthusiast and Oz is a Mecca of rotary.. Since I graduated high school in 1999 I have been working for a local computer store.. My job includes networking, service work, programming and nearly anything else to do with computers.. It's not your typical boring computer shop, and we are not a retail store.. Mostly we service small and medium businesses with some residential work thrown in for good measure.. Much of my job consists of on-site service mainly in the London area with occasional trips out of town.. Sometimes I am up in the Toronto area, have been as far East as Kingston and as far NE as Peterborough.. I do quite enjoy my job and there are some days where I joke that I would do it for free.. However like any job, there are good days and bad days.. And in the computer field when it is a bad day, it is a.. really.. bad day (think 4AM database restores, Sunday afternoon server crashes and server room floods).. I had originally planned to take a year off from school after graduating high school but that didn't happen.. Loathing school as much as I do, it was perhaps naive to think that I would go back after a year of freedom.. My life has worked out fine so far without any post secondary education and I can't imagine going back to school now.. If for no other reason then to receive a piece of paper that says I graduated, but not necessarily any more knowledge.. I have been toying with the idea of getting some welding certifications just out of interests sake and for something to fall back on, should the unexpected happen.. My interests are fairly varied, but all come back to a basic technical theme.. I am interested in computers whether it be building them, using them, or programming them.. Programming though is not really something I do very often as I need to be in the right mood and I'm not keen on sitting behind a computer screen for hours at a time.. Oddly, at home I spend very little time with computers past surfing the Net, working on this website or answering email because I work on them day in and day out at work.. I'm sort of at the point in my life when I'm not looking towards computers as a hobby and just expect my home computers to work.. My interest in computers started in early grade 5, which as of 2010 is just about 18 years.. Starting in late elementary school and throughout highschool I was heavily involved as electronics as a hobby but have since mostly lost interest in it.. My life became so saturated with electronics related things that it blew away much of my interest by sheer overload.. I still do enjoy the occasional electronics project but at this point my electronics is fairly limited to automotive related topics such as wiring up EFI systems (the.. MegasSquirt is a good example.. ).. Electronics gave way (and at the same time lead the way) to my current hobby, the.. Mazda RX-7.. and other rotary engine vehicles.. I currently own one RX-7, purchased when I was 19 as my first car.. It is an.. '86 base model.. that at this point I have.. heavily modified.. These modifications have touched every aspect of the car, concentrating mainly around performance.. The last time I ran the car on the dyno it was putting out "only" 400 RWHP but now is just over 500 RWHP according to more boost and my calibrated butt-dyno.. The RX-7 has been an.. ongoing project.. over the past 9 years and a huge part of my life.. My next project is my.. 1976 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo.. which will be getting a restoration as well as some mile performance  ...   my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 PVR to customize my viewing experience and avoid the commercials.. As for music, my tastes vary widely but I'm very specific when I find something I like.. Generally that means I'm open to anything with the exception of Rap/Hip-hop, Country and Pop.. Normally I listen to specific tracks instead of whole albums.. I'm pretty selective in the music I listen to.. If anyone asks me what my favourite band is, my usual answer is.. Rammstein.. I seem to have more of their music than any other.. Heavy industrial and/or goth metal is just perhaps my favourite, and also happens to be perfect driving music.. I've had a few pets over the years, including various fish, a gerbil, some snakes, a whole lot of mice and random insects.. My favourite animal is the mouse.. My least favourite animal is the human.. In the great animal debate I choose dogs over cats though I don't have any sort of problem with cats.. Dogs are just more my style and far easier to form a kinship with (after all, it is nearly genetic that people seek out dogs and vice versa).. There is an ongoing joke between my friends and family that I have some mystical power with dogs because every dog in the world with the exception of two (you know who you are) seems to love me.. As more and customers are bringing their animals to work, I find myself almost always covered in dog hair and my face is often thoroughly licked.. Ironically, I don't think I could have a dog myself simply because I don't have the time necessary to take care of one.. One can say that I'm antisocial and in many ways that is quite true.. I am very selective in the people I hang out with, and thus, I have a small yet important group of friends.. Around those I know, I am charismatic, funny and a great friend (if I may say so myself).. Around strangers and the typical "normal" person I may appear awkward because in many cases, there is little common ground for an understanding to form as there is with my friends.. Many are put off by my heavy sarcasm and dark sense of humor including the ability to make a joke out of anything.. Anything.. When I go out I prefer it to be with a single friend or small group as it is not really about what you are doing, but who you are with.. Is that not the point of a friendship? I've been single for a while and will be for the foreseeable future.. Relationships in the past have been fun but right now I'm not really interested in doing that again unless something very special happens.. In the past I may have described myself as mean, but I don't necessarily think that is accurate.. What is a better description of me is "direct".. In that sense I am brutally honest, an approach which most people are not comfortable around.. My basic philosophy of life is "people are stupid", which seems to be proved again and again by the events of the world.. Not a day goes by when human ignorance does not seem to make a major negative impact upon the world, yet strangely few people even really realize the problem.. It is entirely too depressing for words and best not dwelt upon.. While this may seem to be an arrogant attitude, and indeed, I may seem like an arrogant jackass, it's only because I pride myself on knowing the facts on what I'm talking about.. Long ago I acquired the habit of keeping my mouth shut unless I actually know what I'm saying and can speak authoritatively on the subject.. This makes me seem like a know-it-all, but I wish more people would take this approach.. I believe that reporters should be fined when they make mistakes and present misinformation.. I'm not a huge food junkie in the sense that I have a fairly selective diet.. But this is only because I have tried other foods and have always been disappointed.. I'm a big fan of pasta which makes up most of what I eat.. Spaghetti, Rigatoni, La Sagna, Raviolla, etc.. are the staples of my diet.. In the past I ate a fair amount of fast food but these days only have it when necessary or convenient.. While I look like a skinny guy, I eat quite well, trying to have a big lunch and even bigger dinner every day.. I'm a meat eater without a doubt; hamburgers, pork chops, steak, ribs, etc.. are my typical choices.. My favourite restaurant is a small Italian place in London called Tony's Famous Italian restaurant.. Without question, this is the best Italian restaurant in London and indeed, probably in Ontario.. My favourite fast food restaurant is the evil empire; McDonalds.. I also tend to frequent East Side Marios, Montanna's and Swisss Chalet.. Sticking to the larger corporate chains is safer when out of town because I know I'll always get a meal I like.. My most favourite movie is.. Contact.. Other favourites include the.. Back To The Future Trilogy.. Fight Club.. (I like Marla),.. The Terminator.. series and.. The Matrix.. And that's me in a nuthsell.. Back To Home Page.. |.. Mail Me.. Search..

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  • Title: Electronics
    Descriptive info: Electronics.. Home.. Electronic Circuits.. Schematic Symbol Reference.. How To Solder.. How To Desolder.. Building Tips.. Electronics Calculators.. How To Program The Parallel Port In QBasic.. How To Program The Parallel Port In Visual Basic.. Electronics Software..

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  • Title: Projects
    Descriptive info: My Projects.. I've built quite a few inventions and involved myself in quite a few projects over the years.. Listed below are a selected few that I thought might be of interest.. If I have them, pictures are included:.. My Scooter.. My Radios.. My Lawnmower.. Computerized Room.. My Spudgun.. My Mulcher.. Pager Decoder.. (for school).. Tesla Coil.. My TV.. My Go Kart.. My In-Car MP3 Player.. My Computers and Network.. My Electric Razor-Style Scooter.. Satellite Internet Demonstration Trailer.. Rotary  ...   Scooter.. Aluminum Bicycle Cart.. Mini 12V Air Compressor.. Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Upgrade: Oil-less 5 CFM To Twin Cylinder 14 CFM.. Other Stuff.. Please don't email me with questions like "How do I build your go-kart?".. These questions are extremely general, and can take quite a lot of explanation as even a simple go-kart is a rather complicated machine to explain over email.. Questions like "How do I connect the engine to the wheels?" are more specific, and are welcomed..

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  • Title: Files
    Descriptive info: Files.. Here are several files available for download.. All are written and maintained by me.. Watch for updates.. How to tune up your lawnmower.. I did this for a few years to earn some extra cash.. This file explains how.. It is actually quite simple.. I wrote this in early 1996 and have not edited it since.. However, the information is still relevant.. As I recall, it is in Windows Write/WordPad format.. 138K--Self extracting ZIP file.. Parallel Port Interface Control (DOS).. This is a generic parallel port interface control designed for the.. Parallel Port Interface.. on my circuits page.. It performs output and input functions.. This was written in QBasic then compiled, so QBasic is not required to run it.. Note that development on this is not complete, and has basically stopped.. If you wish to use it to something useful, you will need to finish it up (should be  ...   away the source code for this program.. View Screenshot.. 9.. 04K--ZIP file.. A homemade GWBASIC "Paddle and Ball" game, like Arkanoid.. This is a neat little game that I made in GWBASIC.. It is like Arkanoid, but without the fancy graphics.. In GWBASIC format so before you use it in QBasic you have to convert it to ASCII.. Made to work on a 486 DX/33 so it may be too fast on a newer machine.. 17K--Self extracting ZIP file.. A BASIC Terminal Program.. I made this little program for my laptop.. I often use a 2400 baud (stop laughing) modem to check my email.. All the other terminal programs were either too slow or too big to run on the 8088 processor without a hard drive (no really, stop laughing).. It was written in GWBASIC, but it will run in QBasic as I saved it as an ASCII file.. 1..

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  • Title: The Starch Abuser's Homepage
    Descriptive info: The Starch Abuser's Homepage.. Spudguns.. Many years ago at Scout camp, a leader brought a strange looking contraption made out of white PVC pipe.. Later, after the campfire, a small crowd had gathered around that leader.. I made my way over to see what all the fuss was about.. I found out pretty quickly when I was nearly scared to death by a loud "BOOM!".. This guy whas shooting apples halfway accross the campground.. After a while, I talked to the guy and found out that he usually shoots potatos, but since the apples grew on many of the trees in the campground, he didn't bring any spuds.. I thought that this was very neat, so I took a quick look at his spudgun to see how it was built.. Once I got home from camp, I started my own version.. I built mine with ABS pipe, as it is  ...   The aim of this page is to provide a resource for spudgun makers and designers, and those who would like to build their first spudgun.. But first: These pages deal with potentially harmful information.. I am not responsible for what you do with the information presented on these pages.. I am also not responsible for any injury caused due to anything on these pages.. How To Build A Basic Spudgun.. How To Build An Econo Spudgun.. How To Build A Big Spudgun.. How To Build A "Noisy Cricket" Spudgun.. Things To Shoot.. Spudgun Survey.. Propellants To Try.. Spudgun Pictures.. Spudgun Physics.. Modifications And Improvements.. Spudgun Links.. Spudgun Articles.. Spudgun Forum.. This.. Spud Cannons Of The Internet.. site is owned by.. Aaron Cake.. Want to join the.. Spud Cannons Of The Internet.. ?.. [.. Prev.. ] [.. Skip Prev.. Random.. Next 5.. List Sites.. Skip Next.. Next.. ].. Back to Homepage..

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  • Title: The Second Generation Mazda RX-7
    Descriptive info: The Second Generation Mazda RX-7.. RX-7.. For three generations, the Mazda RX-7 has brought pure sports car performance to the masses.. The first generation of RX-7 was a concept car experiment, sold to the public because of the enormous reaction it generated.. The second generation was a continuation of the legend the previous cars began.. The third and final generation was and is a true supercar.. Since 1979, the RX-7 has been one of the best performing and most unique cars on the road.. Subject to misunderstanding and  ...   To drive an RX-7 is like driving no other car.. Sure, it may not be the most expensive, quickest and rarest car, but until you have driven one there is no way you can understand how these cars feel and perform.. This page was created out of the passion I have for my car, a trait shared among all RX-7 owners.. I hope you find it useful.. My RX-7.. Why Buy an RX-7?.. Technical Information and Modifications.. RX-7 and Rotary Engine Facts.. RX-7 Meet Pictures.. RX-7 Media.. RX-7 Links..

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  • Title: My 1976 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration
    Descriptive info: My 1976 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. Go Directly To The Videos!.. In September 2007, I was driving past a local wrecking yard on the way to a customers place when I noticed what at first appared to be an old Datsun sitting out front, ready to be crushed.. As I circled around I realized that it wasn't a Datsun at all, as in the trunk I could see a distinct baby blue "Mazda Rotary Engine" air cleaner.. What was it? An RX-3? An RX-4? No, not quite.. It was an RX-5 Cosmo!.. Immediately I went into the office and started asking about the car.. They were amazed that someone was interested in "that old Mazda", and were happy to sell it to me as long as I understood the sale was "as is".. "As is" was an apt description becuase the car appeared to be halfway through an a paint job, in primer, with much of the trim and exterior components removed.. It took about a week for them to track down the registration but soon enough the car was in my posession.. At the time I had several other projects on the go (not the least of which was.. Project Tina.. ) so the car sat in storage, waiting.. Almost exactly three years later, in September 2010, it was towed to my shop and I begain work.. My vision for the car is both restoration and modernization, known to some as "restomodding".. The idea is modernize and modify the car, but at the same time, not destroy the originality and feel of the vehicle.. To accomplish that, my goals are to smooth out the body lines, remove the excessive trim (and there is a lot of it), fix any of the mechanical issues, convert many of the manual functions to power and upgrade the 13B 4 port rotary to a 13B 6 port fuel injected and turbocharged rotary.. The paint decision has not quite been finalized though I am looking towards a dark metallic blue with a complimentary dark marron interior, and of course a nice set of wheels in the 18" to 19" range.. Additionally, I'll be improving both the ride and handling with an air suspension.. While this is far from my first automotive project, it is my first restoration project involving everything from mechanicals, to sheet metal, to upholstry.. Additionally it has become a bit of a scavenger hunt as there were very few of these vehicles sold in North America.. Some estimates are as low as about 60 Cosmos from 1976-1978, but more realistically it is probably a few hundred.. I have decided that instead of creating lengthy writeups full of pictures like I did with.. my RX-7.. , I will document this project by making a series of videos covering the process.. I am releasing these videos and posting them to.. regularily as the project progresses.. If you want to follow the project you can subscribe to my YouTube channel or check back here often to view new videos as they are posted below.. The Restoration Videos.. Monday, September 20, 2010.. Part 1: My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Initial Cleanup.. This is part 1 of a series of videos detailing the resto-modding of my 1976 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo project car.. Purchased from a local wrecking yard in Sept.. 2007 and stored until Sept.. 2010, the car was someone else's abandoned project.. I got it with body work half complete and in primer, with much of the interior and exterior disassembled.. I'm resto-modding the car with some modern touches while remaining true to the original car.. In this video, the car is cleaned out after being brought to my shop (yeah, there's like 5 minutes of vacuuming, but it's entertaining).. There were approximately 60 of these cars sold in North America!.. View On YouTube.. View In Popup.. Monday, September 27, 2010.. Part 2: My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Engine Removal.. This is the 2nd set in a series of videos covering the restomodding of my 1976 Mazda Cosmo.. In this video, the engine is stripped down and removed from the car along with the transmission.. There isn't really anything wrong with this 4 port 13B, but the car needs a little more power (stock is about 120HP) so I will be using this engine to build a 6 port 13B turbo using the Cosmo housings and GSL-SE end plates.. Tuesday, October 05, 2010.. Part 3: My 76 RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Rotary Engine Disassembly And Cleaning.. Part 3 of my Cosmo restoration shows disassembly of the 4 port 13B rotary engine and the beginning of the long process of cleaning the internal engine parts.. At first I was quite worried about the condition of the engine after looking through the exhaust ports, but as soon as I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised.. Monday, October 11, 2010.. Part 4: My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Engine Cleaning Continued.. In part 4 of my Cosmo restoration, I continue cleaning the engine components, a task which was started in the last video.. It is actually quite involved to clean and inspect the internal engine parts and it can easily take more time then it does to disassemble and build the engine.. While I did clean all the parts from the 4 port Cosmo 13B, I will only be using the housings, oil pan and a few other components.. The rest of the engine will be the irons and rotating assembly from a GSL-SE 13B.. Sunday, October 24, 2010.. Part 5: My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Shaving Holes and Minor Floor Repair.. I'm taking a little break from engine work, so part 5 of my 76 RX-5 Cosmo restoration deals with some minor body work.. In this video I shave the antenna and sill trim holes, then repair a small hole in the floor.. At the end, there is a rather unpleasant surprise.. Monday, November 08, 2010.. Part 6: My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Floor Repair Prep and Blasting.. After discovery of the large hole in the drivers side floor, it became clear that the sheet metal needed some major repairs.. So part 6 deals with stripping down the floor to get a clear view of what needs to be repaired and to prep for the actual repairs.. In this episode I strip out the sound deadening tar using dry ice, clean up the residue, and then sand blast the floor pan.. Saturday, December 04, 2010.. Part 7: My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Intake and Exhaust Porting.. Has it been nearly a month since my last episode? Wow, time does indeed fly.. I've been quite busy preparing to build the engine.. So in part 7, I cover the intake and exhaust porting.. The engine is being built with GSL-SE 6 port plates and the Cosmo rotor housings as the basis for a 6 port turbo setup.. This port job is fairly conservative, only opening up the primary ports a little and bringing the exhaust ports close to 2nd gen RX-7 specs.. The goal is to maintain fuel economy, low and midrange torque, and idle quality.. This episode covers everything involved in porting including: marking out the new ports, grinding the port shape, smoothing the bowls, smoothing port to runner transitions, smoothing the runners, grinding and blending the exhaust ports.. Thursday, December 23, 2010.. Part 8: My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Engine Hole Tapping and Painting.. It's a Festivus miracle that I now present Episode 8 of my Cosmo restoration.. Now that the engine is fully ported, episode 8 deals with the final prep of those engine parts before engine assembly.. In this episode the rear iron and water pump housing are tapped for sensors and fittings, and then all the engine parts are glass bead blasted and then painted with POR-15's engine enamel.. Also included: adapting S4 water pump housing to older 13B, tapping rear iron for turbo coolant feed, masking the parts for blasting and painting, final soap and water wash, watching paint dry.. Friday, January 14, 2011.. Part 9: My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Shaving The Door Handles.. I've been doing a lot of engine work lately, so for episode 9 I change gears a little and move onto a random task: shaving the door handles.. This involves installing a solenoid into the door which will now electrically activate the door latch, and then removing the exterior handle holes from the door.. What I thought was a quick task turned out to be more time consuming than I thought due to the difficulty of working inside the door and my lack of sheet metal talent.. Included in this episode: installing AutoLoc 50LBs shaved door solenoids, modifying solenoid bracket to fit doors, setting up a pulley mechanism, modifying stock door latches for shaved doors, door window removal, wiring the solenoids, cutting out sheet metal patches for the  ...   damage in part 16, I decided it was time to do a little more sheet metal work.. This turned out to take longer than I thought and was a rather tedious area to work in.. Included in this episode: cutting out rusty sheet metal, cleaning up rust, prepping the areas for repair, fabricating patch panels, media blasting, hand forming patch panels, welding in new metal patch panels, recreating factory beads without a bead roller, corpse removal.. Monday, September 05, 2011.. Part 18: Floor, Frame, Firewall - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. It's time finally for part 18 of my Mazda RX-5 Cosmo restoration.. In episode 19 I continue repairing the rear floor pan, this time dealing with the drivers rear seat area as well as some of the bulkhead and frame below it.. Once tired of messing about with floor pans, I move onto some easy sheet metal work involving filling some of the unnecessary holes in the firewall.. Included in this episode: cutting out rusty sheet metal, cleaning up rust, prepping the areas for repair, fabricating patch panels, hand forming patch panels, welding in new metal patch panels, smoothing a firewall, fixing sheet metal weld distortion, a tornado.. Monday, December 05, 2011.. Part 19: Front Inner Fender Removal, POR-15, Rear Sill Repair - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. Part 19 of my '76 RX-5 Cosmo restoration continues with sheet metal repairs, but hopefully in a less boring format.. First off I totally remove the rotted out front inner fenders by drilling out about a billion spot welds.. Then we move onto the very complicated rear inner sill repair.. This brings the introduction of POR-15, the first time I have used it on this project and by far, not the last.. Included are many tips on working with this product.. I promised less sheet metal, but wanted to show the rear inner sill repair because it was by far the most complicated sheet metal repair I have yet done on this car, and likely will remain as such.. Included in this episode: drilling out spot welds, air hammering off panels, using MetalReady to prep for POR-15, applying POR-15, POR-15 usage tips, cutting out floor to access rear inner sill, fabricating a new rear inner sill panel, welding it all back into place, nudity of me.. Sunday, December 25, 2011.. Part 20: Media Blasting The Front End - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. Merry Christmas everyone! It's about that time in the day where one starts to get tired of their crazy extended family, so to brighten the mood with a distraction, here's Episode 20 of my '76 Cosmo Restoration.. In part 20, I media blast the front end and engine bay, removing 35 years of rust, gunk and dirt.. Then POR-15's MetalReady is used to preserve the freshly blasted sheet metal and prevent surface rust from forming while the repairs are performed.. So grab that new tablet or laptop, sit down with an adult beverage and enjoy.. Included in this episode: making a blasting tent to contain the mess, info about media blasting, blasting the front end including inner fenders, wheel wells, frame and engine bay, and using MetalReady to prevent flash rust on the fresh metal.. Thursday, April 05, 2012.. Part 21: Front Sheet Metal Extravaganza 1 - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. Part 21 is finally here! It's been quite a while since the last episode, and a lot has been accomplished.. Not quite as much as I would have expected due to a busy time of year.. After a trip to Jamaica at the beginning of February kept me out of the shop for two weeks, we entered auto show season with an auto show every weekend until mid March.. Now that's over with, I've been able to get back down to the oh-so-fun sheet metal work.. This episode focuses on the mass amount of front end sheet metal repairs in the fender and passenger foot well/sill area.. Episode 21 is actually only the first part to this set of repairs, which we will finish off in part 22.. And after that, no more sheet metal for a while! I promise! Included in this episode: cutting out rusted metal, drilling spot welds, loads of patch panel fabrication, welding it all together, weld through primer, POR-15, grinding.. Monday, June 04, 2012.. Part 22 - Front Sheet Metal Extravaganza 2 - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. Part 22 of my '76 Mazda RX-7 Cosmo restoration finishes up the passenger side front sheet metal.. In this episode I reconstruct the passenger front inner and outer sill, floor and kick panel.. And the great thing is that as promised, this is the last sheet metal episode for a long, long time! While I have the same set of repairs to do on the driver side, that will all be done off camera so that the next episode gets to the good stuff.. Included in this episode: making templates, fabricating patch panels, POR-15, cutting, grinding, welding, floor pan repair.. Wednesday, November 21, 2012.. Part 22.. 5: Updates, Q and A, Misc - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. June, July, August, September, October and November; Hey, I wasn't kidding when I said in episode 22 that it would be a bit of a wait for the next one! In that time I've been as hard at work on the Cosmo as I could manage, which unfortunately is not as much as I would have liked.. It's been a busy summer with plenty taking me out of the shop.. Even still, I've been working as much as I can and have picked up the pace over the last two months to the point where the driver side sheet metal is almost done.. So what's in this episode, strangely titled as "Part 22.. 5"? Well, with the help of my special guest Rose Cora Perry, I answer some of the most common questions about the project.. And along the way, there are a few tips and tricks thrown in, as well as a little bit of why the driver side repairs have taken so long.. This episode is a little different, so I hope you enjoy.. Sunday, February 03, 2013.. Part 23: Middle Intake Manifold Fabrication - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. After part 22.. 5 was posted, it took the remainder of November and December to finish the driver side sheet metal.. I worked my butt off to get it done before January 1st, and indeed, accomplished that task so I was able to start the new year sheet metal free! So I am happy to say that episode 23 is sheet metal free! In this episode I fabricate the parts necessary for my unique combination of intake manifolds, combining an FD RX-7 upper intake with an GSL-SE RX-7 lower intake.. Doing so requires the fabrication of a custom middle intake manifold out of aluminium, complete with provisions for secondary fuel injectors.. You'll see me build flanges from scratch (using my new drill press), measure and cut intake runners, TIG weld it all together, port match the flanges to the gaskets and runners, install injector bungs, curse at the difficult welding I caused, add -6 AN bungs to a stock RX-7 primary fuel rail, and build a fuel rail for the newly fabricated manifold.. I'd like to thank.. DIYAutoTune.. for supporting this project and providing some of the parts used in this episode.. Sunday, March 17, 2013.. Part 24: MegaSquirt MS3-Pro Installation - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. And while this specifically covers the MS3-Pro, all the information is valid for any MegaSquirt installation and indeed, any other brand of standalone as well.. In this episode you'll see from scratch the MS3-Pro installation from bare engine bay to fully wired and functional EFI system.. Included is detailed coverage of making an ECU mounting panel, wiring in all the injectors and sensors, wiring up the 2nd gen RX-7 CAS and coils, boost solenoid, e-fan relays and other EFI related accessories.. So pour yourself a big drink, get comfortable, and enjoy.. A huge thanks goes out to.. for providing the MS3-Pro and other parts used in this installation.. Saturday, April 20, 2013.. Part 25: Turbo Manifold Fabrication - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration.. Yes, this is another long episode because I wanted to show the manifold fabrication process in glorious detail so that this video would be a useful resource for anyone wanting to build a custom turbo manifold.. So as I say, grab your favourite adult beverage, sit back, and enjoy.. Included in this episode: fabricating a 13B exhaust flange, fabbing a merge collector, positioning a turbo in the engine bay, measuring, cutting and fitting stainless pipe and els, tacking in position, setting up a back purge, final welding, port matching, custom heat shields.. A huge thank you to.. ATP Turbo.. for helping out with some of the parts used in this episode..

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  • Title: My Favourite Web Sites
    Descriptive info: My Favourite Web Sites.. Below you will find a list of my favourite and most visited websites.. Please let me know if you find any broken links.. The QBasic Page.. This is a great page for QBasic programmers.. There is lots of source code to download, and a discussion forum, and a great QBasic help section.. You can also submit your own programs via email.. The Hardware Book.. "Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions.. " A very informative site.. You will find the pinout for almost every connector imaginable.. There is also a section on building adapters, such as a 9 pin to 25 pin serial cable.. Also, if you don't see it on the site, but have the pinout at home, you can email it to the author.. A must see.. Craig Van Doren's Web Page.. I helped Craig design the page.. He told me to make the description say "This page contains photos of the greatest classic rock musicians who have paved the way for music today.. Such artists as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, CCR, Cream, etc.. Enjoy!".. Brent's (New) High Voltage Page.. A great page! This page contains some of the most amazing high voltage and Tesla coil photos I have ever seen.. There is lots of information about Tesla coils and the neat tricks you can do with them.. Also included are Tesla links and references.. This page is a must see for any high voltage lover.. Download.. com.. After WINFILES.. COM was absorbed by DOWNLOAD.. COM, I had no choice but to use this site for shareware and freeware downloads.. I don't necessarily like the layout, but there's a tonne of software, and you will probably find what you are looking for if you are willing to put in some time searching.. The Forever Knight Episode Guide.. This is by far the best Forever Knight episode guide on the Net.. It is very well organized and presented in a visually appealing way.. Also, the home page it belongs to is not bad, and includes all sorts of Forever Knight info.. Visual Basic Accelerator.. A great site on Visual Basic.. A lot of info has been put into this site, and it is cleanly organized.. It includes code samples, downloadable controls (with source), a few articles and even a bunch of icons! Very useful for anyone interested in VB.. RX-7 Forum.. Probably the most useful Mazda RX-7 site on the Internet.. This is the largest RX-7 community you will find, and if you are interested in the RX-7, the only site you need to know about.. Has generational forums, general discussion, standalone info, and much, much more.. I help out with moderation.. MP3CAR.. COM.. This is the premier resource for in-car MP3 players and in-car computing.. There are quite a lot of links, some info and a directory of MP3 Cars.. Perhaps the most useful feature is the forum.. Come and discuss all your car computing viewpoints!.. The Register.. This site is the new home of The Bastard Operator From Hell.. The Bastard is the story of Simon, a mentally disturbed, sadistic network operator.. Read all about the Bastard as he wreaks havoc in the IT department, turns workers into drooling vegetables and continually  ...   and has a great forum.. An excellent resource for the new Insight owner and anyone else who wants to learn about this unique car.. The EV Discussion List Photo Album.. This is an.. unofficial.. photo album for the members of the.. EV Discussion List,.. an email based forum on electric vehicles.. This site showcases some of the fascinating cars (and not cars) owned by some of the members of the EV list.. A worthwhile read for anyone, whether they are interested in electric vehicles or not.. Be prepared to spend several hours browsing.. Weld Talk Message Boards.. For anyone interested in welding (such as myself), this is an essential site.. You would be hard pressed to find a more concentrated source of welding knowledge anywhere else.. The forums cover welding processes, products and projects.. The Chronicles Of George.. COG is a site that should be required reading for every computer tech.. The site covers the tale of the creator's dealings with George, an inept and incompetent co-worker that is so poor at his job it is laughable.. COG provides many hours of entertaining reading and when you are done with the main content, there is a forum that will continue to amuse for years to come.. The most entertaining forum area is "War Stories and Other Tickets" in which other techs can post and rant about their own Georgean experiences.. I do not participate in this forum since I have a policy of always registering for forums under my own name and do not want to alienate my customers.. Simple Digital Systems (SDS) EFI.. While I am not too thrilled about their fuel injection systems, SDS EFI has probably one of the best.. technical references.. for those interested in fuel injection that I have seen.. Includes everything from manifold fabrication to overviews of various injector types.. The useful links are at the top of the tech page.. MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo.. The Megasquirt is the first and only open source fuel injection system.. Originally created by Bowling and Grippo, the 'Squirt now has a huge following of both users and contributors and has really turned into a useful and world class system.. The.. Megasquirt EFI Forum.. is another massively useful resource for anyone interested in the Megasquirt and is required reading for anyone doing a project including any version of the 'Squirt.. YouTube is the most popular and easy to use video sharing site on the Internet.. Whether you are looking for videos of a.. Singing Tesla Coil.. or a.. Border Collie Attacking a Pumpkin.. , you will find it on YouTube.. Just be aware that this site is also an incredible time hole.. Just writing this description took 20 minutes because I kept getting sidetracked.. Also make sure to.. check out my videos.. while you are there.. The Daily WTF.. Showcasing curious perversions in information technology, the Daily WTF brings humorous and unbelievable stories relating to computers, programming and corporate failure.. With archives going back many years, it's the perfect read when you are stuck in the office dishing out phone support.. Along with each article the readers are invited to comment, which can often bring amusement, disgust, empathy or a combination of the three in various percentages..

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    Descriptive info: Guestbook.. View The Guestbook.. Sign The Guestbook..

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    Descriptive info: Search The Site.. Search The Site Using Google.. The Google index is probably the best way to search this site for almost anything.. Custom Search..

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