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  • Title: AAISP - Home
    Descriptive info: .. aa.. net.. uk Broadband - Broadband you can work with.. Skip to Navigation.. Broadband.. Ethernet.. Telecoms.. Tel.. 03333 400 200.. Email.. info aa.. uk.. 10 years of providing IPv6.. Home.. Domains/Email.. Hosting.. Technical Support.. About.. News.. Contact.. Login.. VoIP.. for homes and businesses.. UK telephone numbers delivered by VoIP or forwarding to any numbers you like.. Outgoing VoIP calls at competitive rates.. Inbound and outbound text messaging.. Complete telephone systems.. Mobile Data.. offers unfiltered mobile data connections with routed blocks of legacy IP.. Find out more.. Fibre Ethernet.. for business.. High speed, high reliability, fibre Ethernet services from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s for internet access and site to site links.. Real fibre.. , actually to your premises not just the nearest street cabinet.. Start with 10Mb/s and add more bandwidth as you need quickly and easily.. Real unlimited.. use, no fair usage policy or usage charges or usage caps or peak rate slow downs.. Predictable costs whatever happens.. FTTC/Etherways.. New lower cost burstable services with short lead time.. Home::1..  ...   We are even.. complete.. enough not to block any web sites.. We are passionate about providing a quality service.. Our broadband speed code of practice.. Free router.. FTTC.. Constant quality monitoring.. A real, and.. uncensored.. , internet connection for home or business.. Customers can even bond multiple lines for extra speed and redundancy.. Deaf customers: We can be contacted using.. irc.. , via our web site, text and email.. Don't take our word for it.. read reviews.. Broadband Availability.. fieldset> input type='submit' value='Order Now' name='submit' class='btn' /> /fieldset> /form>" />.. To check your broadband availability, you can enter your full UK postcode, or the number of a line.. Status Updates.. No current status issues.. Knowledge Base.. All the technical information your geek heart could desire.. Account Login.. Basket.. Legal.. Complaints.. Ideas?.. Wiki.. Twitter.. E OE.. Prices include VAT at.. 20.. % so would change if VAT rate changes, unless otherwise stated ( marks VAT inclusive price which would not change if VAT rate changes).. AA.. 1997-2012 Andrews Arnold Ltd..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - Broadband Home::1 package
    Descriptive info: /.. Skip to Content.. Prices.. Services.. 3G Backup & Mobile Data.. Accessories.. Regrade/move.. Support.. Leaving us.. Domains Email.. Broadband.. Home::1 package.. ADSL.. GB download / month.. Need more?.. Want faster?.. You can top-up usage by.. GB during the month for.. 10.. 35.. 150.. and there are options for higher usage customers.. FTTC.. FTTC is capped to 40M down and 10M uplink.. See availability checker for a forecast speed.. Or go.. beyond.. with the 80/20 option for a little more.. 45.. The.. package is specially designed to meet the needs of the typical home user.. There are  ...   specifically for broadband usage.. Of course, Home::1 includes IPv6 and a WiFi broadband router.. FAQ.. Why use A A?.. Existing customers please contact sales at.. sales aa.. to change to Home::1.. Difference between Be and BT.. Bank and Public Holidays.. Bonding lines.. Congestion and contention.. Cookies.. Constant Quality Monitoring.. Viruses and Attacks.. LNS switches.. Email setup.. Fibre Broadband.. Firefox.. How broadband works.. On-line Games: Speed Latency.. All about MTU.. Real internet connection.. Resilience.. Router setup.. Server List.. Special Faults Investigation.. Traffic shaping options.. Unfiltered Internet Access.. ZyXEL Router, Disabling Wan Side DNS.. ZyXEL P660HW-T1 v2 ADSL2+ Settings..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - Broadband information
    Descriptive info: Keep it simple, with Home::1 from AAISP.. In addition to our units based pricing, we now have our new.. tariff specifically aimed at home users.. It starts with ADSL and.. GB/month download for.. but has simple add-ons for higher usage levels and faster speeds.. is an.. anytime.. tariff, but has the same high quality that makes it ideal for any family, whether you are in to games or just FaceBook and iPlayer.. Like all of our services Home::1 includes IPv6 as standard.. More.. Or build your own tariff with units based pricing.. Broadband services from Andrews Arnold Ltd are aimed at the technical and professional customer.. We cater for home users right up to large corporate users.. Most of our customers are reasonably technical or purchase via an IT consultant/dealer.. We also provide services to.. communications providers.. and other.. internet service providers.. The services we offer are not the fast food of broadband -.. is standard but we have a range of specialist options including blocks of legacy IP addresses at no extra cost, reverse DNS delegation, bonded lines with fast fallback, and much more.. We also pride ourselves in having technically competent support staff based in our UK offices.. We'll fix your line even if you are with another ISP!.. If you are migrating your service to us, even though you know you have a problem with your line, we'll take on the fault.. We'll tackle the problem and get it fixed within one month.. If we don't then you can migrate away and owe us nothing for your migration to us and your service charges for that month.. Details.. AAISP unfiltered.. We do not have, in our network, any equipment installed to filter access to any part of the public Internet for our customers as a whole.. We will give 12 months notice if we ever add any such filtering.. This claim relates to the passing or normal unicast IPv4 and IPv6 packets to and from the public Internet based on the appropriate standards and RFCs.. This means packets can be dropped because a link is full or there is a technical fault or because they are malformed in some way.. Only packets actually addressed to your IP addresses will get to you, and similarly only packets from you that are from your IP addresses will get to the Internet.. We don't control the rest of the Internet and so cannot bypass corporate or national firewalls or filtering outside of our network.. However, we aim to deal with peers and carriers that have similarly open policies where possible.. An unfiltered service  ...   where you are and your budget.. We offer services using.. ADSL2+.. where available and.. ADSL1.. in the rest of the country, though a few places are too remote.. We can offer.. in an increasing number of places, and new.. FTTP.. (Fibre to the Premises) where available (very new service).. The speed your can achieve will depend on the technology and line length and quality.. Use the availability checker to obtain a speed estimate and check your options.. We are committed to offering quality and speed of service.. Tariff choice.. Our standard broadband services have a usage based tariff.. (There are special tariffs like Home::1 which are different).. You choose how many.. units.. per month in advance and can change from month to month if you wish.. Using too little or too much is carried over to the next month within limits and using way too much means excess usage charges.. The amount of usage you get for each unit depends on the time of day and what type of line you have.. Only download counts, not upload.. A unit is at least one gigabyte (GB) of peak download.. Your usage does not have to be whole units at certain times, you can use some of a unit during the day and some in the evening, etc.. Daytime usage is 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (except.. holidays.. ) and uses units the fastest.. How it works.. Changing tariff.. Quality service for business and for fun.. The quality of our service is paramount and we work to ensure that our links to BT are not over-contended and can run with low latency.. This is important for business customers, but home users appreciate it too, especially low latency for game players.. If you like to play, some of our customers and staff are on Thunderhorn in WoW and we have an Alliance and Horde guild.. Read some independent customer reviews.. From as little as.. 1.. For our ADSL services using BT back-haul there is no minimum term, just 30 days notice, and the normal install price is.. If you are migrating from an existing provider (non LLU) to one of our BT back-haul ADSL services then the price is only.. Direct Debit, or not.. We accept payment by Direct Debit or internet banking (.. BACS.. or fast payments).. There is no difference in price.. Customers paying less than 20 a month have to pay by Direct Debit.. All other tariffs can be paid by Direct Debit, internet banking or even cheque.. We even let you pick a preferred day in the month for your DD payment..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - Ethernet services
    Descriptive info: Upgrades.. Reliability.. Our Ethernet services provide high speed, high reliability, links to the internet and between sites with a coverage of approximately 90% of UK business addresses.. Typically customers will buy 10Mb/s symmetric (both ways at once) connected via 100Mb/s fibre to allow quick upgrade to faster speeds when needed.. Because we use real fibre-optic links, we are able to offer speeds of up to 10Gb/s if required.. A 2M-10Mb/s burstable internet service starts from as little as 650/month (+VAT) and is typically around 1000/month (+VAT).. We can provide a quote based on your specific location.. Alternative copper access can provide services at a lower price such as 250/month (+VAT) for 1Mb/s symmetric which compares well with SDSL.. Unlike some.. fibre broadband.. services you may have seen advertised, the fibre Ethernet service we offer involves a fibre-optic link right in to your business premises.. A fibre-optic link offers several advantages over a copper link (a) it is faster allowing speeds up to 10Gb/s if you really wanted (b) it is massively more reliable, being not subject to radio interference or the weather.. At speeds of 100Mb/s, once the fibre gets to your premises the termination equipment will convert it to a normal RJ45 ethernet connector to connect to your firewall, router, or switch.. Copper alternative.. Whilst the service is normally provided on fibre, there is sometimes an alternative available using multiple copper pairs.. This can provide 1Mb/s symmetric, 2Mb/s, etc.. , up to over 10Mb/s in some cases.. Unlike ADSL it is not rate adaptive or asymmetric.. It is usually cheaper to install and run but clearly lower speed than fibre.. This can work out very cost effective compared to SDSL as well as faster and with unlimited usage.. In some cases we are able to provide a cheaper access using "Fibre To The Cabinet" (FTTC) infrastructure.. This involves a fibre to the street cabinet and copper VDSL access from there.. The result is a cheaper service, and is only available with the burstable option (see below).. FTTC also has much quicker install times.. Internet access.. The most common service we offer is  ...   We can also provide site to site access.. This means two sites that have the service are connected together at a speed of your choice.. The link between the sites is Ethernet, so allows any protocols or addressing you like.. You can have site to site access and internet access at the same time and VLANs are used to separate the traffic on the link to your premises.. We can provide multiple site to site paths at the same time if you require (perhaps for separating VoIP traffic, or multiple sites).. It does not matter how far apart the sites are, and there are no usage charges for traffic transferred.. We can also provide lower cost dedicated direct site to site links within 25Km at speeds of 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s.. All you can eat.. Within the selected speed you can transfer data as much as you like, so if you have a 10Mb/s link you can transfer 10Mb/s each way constantly 24 hours a day with no extra charges or fair usage policy coming in to play.. The links to us, or between sites, are un-contended so not shared with anyone else and so will not slow down at peak times.. This really is an unlimited usage service.. Burstable service.. We can also offer a burstable service.. This guarantees an un-contended, all you can eat, throughput as above, but allows you to burst traffic to 5 times that rate.. The additional capacity is shared with other users on our transit and over the BT core.. If you use over the guaranteed rate for several hours the speed will drop but never below the guaranteed rate.. The burstable service is ideal for normal office internet access as the nature of internet access is often bursty with quite a low average throughput.. How to order.. The service is available now - why not try the.. quick quote.. to get an idea of pricing.. If you would like to order contact our sales department who can provide a more formal quote and progress your order.. Fallback options.. Speed tests.. IP settings and BGP.. Port settings..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - Telephony
    Descriptive info: Send text.. Mobiles.. Equipment.. Andrews Arnold Ltd is a telephone service provider in the UK and offers telephone, mobile and text services.. We have OFCOM allocated number blocks in all UK land-line area codes and can allocate you real telephone numbers which can be called from anywhere in the world.. Our services connect to you using Voice over IP (VoIP).. This means you can use a VoIP telephone with the service or use it with your computer if you prefer.. You can also connect a telephone system so that a whole office of people can make and receive calls.. Mobile 07 numbers.. We now have.. mobile numbering.. , allocated by OFCOM as mobile numbers from the mobile number block in the national numbering plan.. As such we can provide mobile services on a conventional mobile number.. These are normal mobile services, not "special services" or "business services" or "personal numbers".. We assign the mobile number to one of our voice SIM cards and you can use it to make and receive calls as a normal.. residential.. user on your mobile phone using our SIM card.. However, no operators are allowing texts to these yet, and some operators are treating these in  ...   particularly well suited for financial services.. Mobile phones that act as an extension off your phone system so your call recording system is in place for every call.. VoIP with call recording,.. encrypted.. and emailed to you after every call.. Full XML call logs for easy processing.. Logs of texts sent and received on mobiles.. A A Mobile SIM card, ongoing rental.. 2.. 40 pcm.. A A Voice SIM card (service ends 30th APRIL 2013).. Andrews Arnold SIM card allowing A A mobile services to be used.. This card allows voice, SMS and internet access.. Mobile services have an ongoing cost.. **SERVICE ENDING 30th APRIL 2013**.. See the mobile section for technical details of the service features and limitations.. 6.. 00.. A A Data SIM card.. Andrews Arnold data SIM card allowing mobile data services to used.. This only allows data and does not allow calls.. 12.. Send a text.. Equipment/phones.. 03 UK Wide numbers.. 055 UK corporate numbers.. Caller ID.. Call-gate setup.. A A SIP Special codes/numbers.. DDI setup.. Faxtext SMS/email gateway.. Mobile data L2TP handover.. A A SIP / VoIP / mobile technical details.. SIP2SIM Mobile phone as SIP extension.. SIP and NAT.. Handling text messages.. Voicemail setup.. VoIP setup..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - Domain information
    Descriptive info: Registration.. DNS.. Email.. Webspace.. Domains and Email services.. Below is an overview of our domain services.. For more details please choose an option from the sub-menu on the left, and the articles in the Knowledge Base to the right.. Domain Registration.. We can register a domain name for you, typically a.. uk,.. com,.. net or.. org, we can register some others, do.. contact us for more information.. Note that we do not currently provide on-line management of name servers or.. DNSSEC.. , changes for which have to go via our sales or support staff.. As domains are getting more and more complex we expect to offer this soon for UK domains.. DNS & Domain Management.. From our.. Control Pages.. , you can manage the DNS entries for your domain, we are also happy for you to run your own DNS server(s), and we can be a secondary if you  ...   can send email through us and collect email by POP3 or IMAP (and.. webmail.. ).. We are also happy for customers to run their own servers.. We can provide a backup mail relay to queue your email if you go offline.. We can host your web pages on our webserver, you can upload by FTP or by rsync.. Again, you can run your own webserver if you wish, our broadband services come with public IP addresses and we don't block any ports.. For an overview of our domain services please choose an option from the sub-menu on the left.. For more information please see the Knowledge Base articles on the right.. Choosing a UK domain.. Email - Archiving.. Email - Auto Responder.. Email - Mailing Lists.. Email - Rejecting Null Senders.. International domain names.. PGP Keys.. Reverse DNS.. Secondary DNS.. Tertiary-mx.. co.. Thunderbird.. Web Space Information.. Web Space Technical..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - Hosting
    Descriptive info: Servers.. We offer server hosting.. This is where we will connect your server to power and internet in a data centre with air conditioning and security so that it can operate 24 hours a day.. The server could be a web server, mail server, application server or anything (that is legal).. We also rent and sell servers ready to use if you do not have your own.. Price List.. Buying servers.. Hosted servers..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - Support
    Descriptive info: Training courses.. Knowledge base.. MSO.. Status/PEW.. BT incidents.. Technical support.. We pride ourselves in a high level of technical competence within our support team.. We have a policy of no bullsh*t and will not fob you off with a convenient but unhelpful answer.. Technical expertise is at the core of the company - with the director taking an active part in all aspects of the company's systems and R D.. We welcome your.. feedback.. on any aspect of our support and services.. Online IRC Client.. You can use this web-based IRC client to join IRC, enter a nickname, and click Login.. Nickname.. Please note we don't run this channel, and it a public channel.. It is mostly A A customers.. Staff are on the channel, but please use private messages or otherwise to communicate to staff any personal information.. Getting our attention.. Staff do take part in the irc channel, but it can be quite lively from time to time.. If you want to get the attention of a member of staff then use the word.. staff.. which the staff.. stalk.. Staff generally have names starting  ...   reply immediately.. Please ensure the ticket number is quoted in any replies you send.. irc://irc.. z.. je/A A.. Interactive text chat -.. how to use irc.. You can use.. irc://6.. irc.. instead if you have IPv6 connectivity.. usenet.. uk.. providers.. aaisp.. Support staff often read the newsgroup if you have a more general query that is not urgent, especially if of interest to other readers of the newsgroup.. iMessage.. Office hours only.. Cheaper than using a text message.. No automated ticketing system though.. FaceTime.. Useful if you need to show us something, e.. g.. lights on router, socket, etc.. Limited availability (we only have the one iPad).. Don't expect people in suits :-).. Opening hours.. 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri.. Except English bank and public holidays and some days around Christmas.. Out of hours support.. Informal.. Staff are often available on irc during evenings and weekends.. Staff are also on-call for any major outages or emergencies affecting all customers.. We also have status pages:.. AAISP Status Page.. BT Planned Work.. There are also specific support pages for various services.. Broadband and internet.. Telephony and texting.. Server Hosting..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - About us
    Descriptive info: Testimonials.. About.. us.. We aim to provide top quality leading edge telecommunications solutions for technical and professional customers.. The company was formed in 1997 and has grown over the years into the thriving company it is now.. We have two offices in Bracknell as well as equipment racks in many UK data centres.. Andrews Arnold Internet service (called AAISP) was launched in 1998, and provided dialup ISDN and analogue with fixed IP and SMTP mail delivery.. Now AAISP provides a range of services including a premium business.. permanent internet connection with fixed IPv4 and IPv6.. We aim to be at the leading edge of technology, taking part in advance trials of services wherever possible.. We have our own research and development team allowing us to use leading edge custom manufactured routers and equipment as  ...   and are happy to receive PGP encrypted emails.. We also sign electronic documents that we email using PGP.. Please see our.. PGP keys.. for more details.. Building a business relationship.. We aim to build good business relationships with our customers and suppliers.. Whilst we are not ISO 9000 accredited we understand the principles of quality, and are always striving to improve our business processes.. We welcome constructive comments.. Our key company goals are :-.. Constant improvement.. Providing quality goods and services at a fair price.. Providing good technical support and understanding.. Being prompt and efficient.. Being frank and honest.. In return we do expect our customers to be honest with us, and to pay their bills on time.. If you are not happy with any aspect of the services we provide, please contact us..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - News
    Descriptive info: Reduced Mobile VoIP rates.. Launch Home::1.. Christmas 2012.. Bank and public holidays - we listened to you.. 10 years of IPv6.. Rural broadband woes.. Moving to aa.. Price changes.. Our.. status pages.. cover day to day announcements and news.. We also have news announcements on a number of ongoing topics..

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  • Title: Andrews & Arnold Ltd - Contact Details
    Descriptive info: Live Chat.. Contact us.. You can contact us in many ways.. The simplest is using a web based form to send an email to us (click on the email address below) or just emailing us.. You can also contact us by phone, or.. , twitter, SMS, or via.. news.. Email uses a ticketing system so you get a response email automatically and the conversation is logged.. Please ensure you include the reference in the subject when replying to ensure we can track your enquiry.. Contact numbers.. Dept.. Sales.. 033 33 400 222.. 01344 400222.. Accounts.. accounts aa.. 033 33 400 666.. 01344 400666.. 01344 400999.. Ideas and Suggestions.. We welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers.. We have a separate website where you can suggest ideas regarding our products and services.. You can also comment on other ideas that are there.. For  ...   or new knowledge base pages, please email.. webmaster aa.. Postal address.. Andrews Arnold Ltd.. Enterprise Court.. Downmill Road.. BRACKNELL.. RG12 1QS.. If you need to contact us out of office hours we suggest email or.. as staff monitor email and irc on an informal basis evenings and weekends.. Note that we record calls.. Strange numbers.. 33340 and.. 055.. 5540 numbers are not premium rate or revenue making numbers.. are corporate numbers belonging to Andrews Arnold Ltd.. are new UK wide numbers.. You should be able to call them from any line, but if you have problems please do let us know, and you can call Bracknell (01344) followed by the last 6 digits for any of our numbers.. OFCOM dictate that UK wide.. numbers must be charged at the same price and included in the same call packages as 01 and 02 numbers..

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  • Archived pages: 229