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  • Title: The Scrolls | Your Daily Proclamation at Her RealmThe Scrolls | Your Daily Proclamation at Her Realm
    Descriptive info: .. About.. I'm a 27 year-old crazy cat lady (Phantom and Goliath are my babies) who lives in Wisconsin (past homes included San Antonio and Japan).. I spend too much time playing video games on my DS or PS3, watching TV and making my loved ones laugh until they hurt.. Most of the time, I'm listening to music as I do these things.. Freelance writer by day, reviewer, blogger and sex fiend by night.. I like to think I'm well rounded, and I'm working on becoming the best me I can possibly be.. I am terrible at writing these things.. Recent Posts.. My Sister Has a Theory About Santa.. December 22, 2013.. WordPress Database: Shrinking the Database.. December 19, 2013.. WordPress Database: The Basics.. December 18, 2013.. How to Use Custom Fonts on Your Website (In ALL Browsers).. December 16, 2013.. 5 Times I d Rather Use My Kindle Than My Smartphone.. It s time to start listening to my Christmas playlist.. December 14, 2013.. Jetpack and Forms: A Quick How-To.. December 10, 2013.. Twitter.. Tweets by @anaesthetic.. Blogroll.. Angel.. Caitlin.. Cori.. Damita.. Daydreamz.. Dez.. Fruity.. Jenn.. Jennfur.. La Galerie.. Lavish.. Lyrical Musings.. Reviews by Cole.. Terri.. w3Schools.. Link Me.. The Scrolls.. Dec 22.. aaaand it is a doozy.. I ve been pestering her about her belief in Kris Kringle for a while.. She s ten.. Its expensive for Mom.. We re all surprised that she still believe in any way, but she is a naive little girl.. My pestering has led to me admitting that I do not believe in Santa and her response about how she s not sure.. I get a response like half and half or I sorta believe.. I want to tip her over to nonbelief of her own accord, so we don t have to break her heart.. I was attempting again tonight in the car and got a response that I didn t expect at least.. Sam said that Santa was just superstition and that mom wraps presents and doesn t hide them very well.. She elaborated that Santa sends mom presents in advance.. Santa and Mom meet up.. So I asked where.. Sam s reply? Rib Mountain.. I asked if they get coffee to talk it over.. She said that they go to Wal-mart where Santa doesn t give mom presents.. No, he.. orders.. them.. Then, the presents come in and Mom gets them.. She hides them (not very well!) and wraps them, placing labels from Santa on the gifts.. This is a very specific story, and it certainly derails from the classic theology of Santa.. It takes a lot of justification to find hidden Christmas presents and continue to believe in Santa in any form.. That s how most of us stop believing.. Anyway, I just thought you would all enjoy the story and if I don t post before then, Merry Christmas!.. Comment.. Posted in.. Family.. ,.. Holidays.. Humour.. Life.. Tagged.. christmas.. samantha.. santa.. sister.. Dec 19.. In the first.. post about understanding the WordPress database.. , I described the basics and how to change options and your password directly from the database.. This post will be all around shrinking your database.. The other day, I logged into mine to see that it had suddenly jumped to 70 megabytes.. I had just done some maintenance, so I began to investigate because I was moving dangerously close to my storage limit with my host.. Why is it important to shrink your database?.. Because you pay for the space you use on your host, and the database uses that space.. Because tables can become so large that you won t be able to move them if you get a new host.. Because large databases that aren t optimized may cause your site to run sluggishly.. WP Commentmeta Table full of Akismet Artifacta.. Check out Akismet s damage.. This may not affect you, especially if your blog is younger than mine.. Akismet is a decent spam blocking tool.. You probably use it.. It it is intended to keep two weeks worth of spam comment data then delete that data from your database.. Older versions didn t always delete correctly, however.. This means you could have junk entries in your database for years.. I did.. In fact, my wp_commentmenta tables were upwards of 10 megabytes.. This became an issue when I was trying to move to my new host.. I went into browse mode and quickly saw that almost all of the rows were related to Akismet.. My next step was to Google whether this was necessary data, and the answer was a resounding No! I could delete that information manually, but I had.. thousands.. of entries.. The easiest way is to run a query to look for data in that table that doesn t correlate to data in wp_comments.. So I logged into PHPMyAdmin, and clicked SQL Then, I entered this query:.. DELETE FROM wp_commentmeta WHERE comment_id NOT IN (SELECT comment_id FROM wp_comments).. You may have to edit the name of the tables if your installation uses a prefix.. Click Go.. If prompted, click Ok to continue.. This shrunk my tables by dozens of megabytes, so it was a good start.. Delete Unused Tables.. When you delete plugins, the actual files disappear, but developers rarely code plugins so that they remove unneeded tables.. The first step to remove this data is to look at the names.. As I did this for one of my blogs, some tables quickly stood out as created by plugins that I no longer use.. These include fssstats and some for YARRP, a related posts plugin that I had swapped for another.. When you see tables like this, check them and select Drop from the drop-down menu.. You ll be prompted to continue.. As long as you re no deleting the twelve tables that WordPress creates, which I talked about.. here.. , you won t do irreversible damage.. You could break something that you want but likely nothing that you ll.. need..  ...   the database name on the left.. Click Export tab.. Select any WordPress tables from the list.. Click Save as file.. Type in a database name.. Choose a compression type.. None saves as a larger SQL file.. Bzip provides the best compression.. I personally use Gzip.. Your database will download to your computer via your browser.. These are the basic processes I think all WordPress users/website owners should know when it comes to phpMyAdmin and your databases.. There s much more that you can do, which I will touch on in subsequent posts.. If you have any specific questions about the database or anything I mentioned in this post, let me know in the comments.. I ll answer them directly or add them to my upcoming posts if they fit!.. 1.. mysql.. Dec 16.. If you re a WordPress user, you may have used Cufon to make your titles appear on custom fonts.. This isn t a terrible way, but every extra plugin slows down your website.. Plus, people who don t use Cufon don t have that option.. So what can you do?.. Thanks to CSS 3, you can simply use the.. @font-face.. rule to show anything you want in a specific font as long as you have the TTF.. First, you must locate the TTF file on your computer and make an EOT copy to ensure compatibility with Internet Explorer.. You can use this.. TTF to EOT converter.. to get both files.. Then, upload the files to your server.. For my purposes, the TTF and EOT files reside in my theme directory.. However, you might make a folder such as current-theme/fonts if you use many fonts.. Secondly, you must specif the location of the file on your server and the name you ll use for the font in your CSS like the following.. @font-face.. {.. font-family: MyFont;.. src: url('My-font.. ttf'),.. url('My-font.. eot'); /* IE9 */.. }.. In this example, we re going to use the font name MyFont and the font files are calls My-font.. They re located in the same directory as the stylesheet.. The next step is to actually use the.. h1.. {font-family: MyFont;.. All my h1s will use MyFont as the face.. I can now use MyFont as the face for any element within my stylesheet.. It doesn t matter whether the viewer has the original font file on her computer.. Now, not all mobile devices support this method even when they claim to support @font-face.. This is the case with IE9 on Windows Phones, the stock browser on Android 2.. 1 and Symbian s Nokia browser.. However, Safari on iOS4 and greater, Android 2.. 2 stock browser and all browsers on Android 4.. 0 seem to be compatible.. When the browser doesn t understand @font-face, a default font will show either the system default (when you haven t specified a body font) or the default font face you use for your body.. This is still better than nothing, of course.. Let me know how this works for you!.. css.. Fonts.. web.. Cooking.. The Pinterest app looks especially good on my Kindle because of the form factor, and I save most of my recipes to Pinterest.. I prop up the Kindle on the counter and use it to follow recipes.. It s definitely easier than bringing over my laptop, which is heavy enough to kill a man and big enough to bury him under.. LOL.. Playing Angry Birds Space.. Man, I don t know why, but this game is just so much better on the larger screen.. Perhaps it s because the game has such a wide viewing angle and you have to zoom to see anything.. On my phone, I zoom but I lose.. too much.. of the background.. As soon as I bought my Kindle, I uninstalled the game on my phone.. 3.. Reading (Books).. The Kindle Fire is, first and foremost, an eReader.. With the original, which I have, the bookshelf makes this evident.. I.. love.. it.. It s a big bigger than a paperback but smaller than most hard-cover books.. You can adjust the background and font colors, bookmark and share passages and look up word definitions for actual books.. PDFs don t work quite as nicely, but it s easier to read anything with a lot of text on my Kindle than any other device I own.. I would argue it might even be easier to read than an.. actual book.. 4.. Shopping.. The Amazon app on the Kindle is especially nice.. It better be after all.. Shopping as a whole is just easier on the tablet because I can view photos up close and generally see more items on my screen than possible.. When it comes to tiny text links in navigation and drop-down menus in forms, it s hell on my phone.. The greater amount of pixel real estate on my Kindle makes this all far less painless.. 5.. Watching Movies.. I don t understand those people who watch Netflix on their phone.. Maybe they wear glasses or all carrying a magnifying glass.. All I know is that anything more than a Youtub video isn t something I m willing to watch on a 4-inch screen.. Plus, the case for my Kindle doubles as a stand, so watching something on Amazon Video or the CBS website is pretty easy.. In fact, I did it that way when my laptop was bring repaired and I was using my sister s computer, which would overheat when I watched videos.. However, I will always reach for my phone when I have to do a lot of typing because the original Kindle Fire keyboard is terrible.. Ditto if I want to take a photo (no camera) or transfer something to my phone (no Bluetooth on my version of the Kindle Fire).. So when do you grab a tablet, a phone or even the computer?.. habits.. kindle fire.. smartphones.. tech.. Next Page.. Home.. Me.. Photos.. Content.. Site.. Buttons.. Skip to toolbar.. WordPress.. org.. Documentation.. Support Forums.. Feedback..

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  • Title: My Sister Has a Theory About Santa | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: The Scrolls.. My Sister Has a Theory About Santa.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong.. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.. Previous..

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  • Title: WordPress Database: Shrinking the Database | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: WordPress Database: Shrinking the Database.. 2 comments on WordPress Database: Shrinking the Database.. Liz.. I get a ton of rows that show up, but I just get things like 0 rows deleted.. (Query took 0.. 0014 sec) every try, and I ve tried different ones now.. :/.. Posted on.. December 22, 2013 at 12:52 am.. Cole.. I need a bit more information.. Which table(s) are the rows in?.. Also, do your tables have a prefix that you need to use?.. December 22, 2013 at 4:39 am.. Next..

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  • Title: WordPress Database: The Basics | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: WordPress Database: The Basics.. One comment on WordPress Database: The Basics..

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  • Title: How to Use Custom Fonts on Your Website (In ALL Browsers) | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: How to Use Custom Fonts on Your Website (In ALL Browsers)..

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  • Title: 5 Times I'd Rather Use My Kindle Than My Smartphone | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: 5 Times I d Rather Use My Kindle Than My Smartphone.. 3 comments on 5 Times I d Rather Use My Kindle Than My Smartphone.. I m the same way, though substitute my husband s tablet or my kid s ipad , primarily for recipes.. I have a Nook SimpleTouch for reading.. Sometimes I wish I had one of the snazzy e-reader tablets, but then I d most likely wind up goofing off and  ...   I wind up playing games and such on the Kindle Fire, but it s super handy nonetheless.. December 16, 2013 at 7:29 pm.. I use my NookColor/AndroidTablet in the car for Vincent to watch episodes of Bubble Guppies.. I don t have a smartphone so I can t really compare, but I do like using my Nook for things like Fruit Ninja and reading (since I m a torrent-er).. December 18, 2013 at 12:08 am..

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  • Title: It's time to start listening to my Christmas playlist | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: It s time to start listening to my Christmas playlist.. Dec 14.. That is all.. about damn time.. music..

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  • Title: Jetpack and Forms: A Quick How-To | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: Jetpack and Forms: A Quick How-To.. Dec 10.. A while back I installed JetPack on one of my blogs.. There s a lot of handy tools from the developers of WordPress in JetPack.. You have access to them by default when you re hosted but not when you host your own WordPress-powered site.. One of those tools is a contact form, which you can enable without using an additional form plug-in.. This is handy.. I ve been using Contact Form 7 for some time on many sites, but an older contact form plugin was the vulnerability that caused.. to be hacked a few months ago.. Jetpack Contact Forms.. To enable forms:.. Click on the JetPck menu.. Search for Contact Form.. Click Activate.. Once forms are enabled, you ll see a button on every post and page editor to add a form.. You can easily create a form for any page with the visual editor.. The default options are name, website and message.. Jetpack allows you to add additional text, textarea, checkbox and radio fields, among others, with the option to set each and every form field as required.. By default, the form is sent to the author of the page.. However, you can specify another email address in Notifications.. Whenever someone sends a message through the form that isn t marked as spam, you receive an email.. Stop Spam with Jetpack s Contact Form.. By default, Jetpack forms do not have a CAPTCHA or anti-spam technology.. However, you can easily emulate an anti-spam plugin that requires visitors to check a box indicating they re human.. Simply.. Click Add a field.. Type text such as Click if you re human into the Label field.. Select Checkbox.. Check Required.. Click Save the field.. Spam bots won t even be able to.. submit.. the form, which will clear up some space  ...   spam is tiresome if you just realized that Jetpack has taken over your forms.. because it uses the same shortcode as Contact Form 7.. It took few a few minutes to delete the 500+ spam messages and find the handful of legitimate messages.. However, it s all cleaned up, now.. I hope this helps you better use contact forms with Jetpack!.. contact forms.. jetpack.. spam.. 4 comments on Jetpack and Forms: A Quick How-To.. Jessica.. I ve downloaded JetPack on my domain but I could never get the forms to work.. :P I don t know if it s even worth trying again when I get my new ones.. Because for some reason, the tutorials don t work for me.. :(.. December 11, 2013 at 1:32 am.. Maria.. Like you, I always worked with Contact Form 7 (in conjunction with Sweet Captcha for spam protection), but since I m using Jetpack for a multitude of things on my domain I might as well see if I can get the contact form to work too.. Now that I think of it, it makes more sense to me to be able to eliminate at least one plugin if I can get the JP contact forms to work.. Thanks for the explanation, I ll definitely be giving this a go sometime this week! :).. December 11, 2013 at 3:20 pm.. Another benefit to using Jetpack, especially if you already have it installed, is that you know the devs will always keep up with it.. That makes it far less vulnerable than other plugins IMO.. Good luck!.. December 11, 2013 at 9:28 pm.. Hmm.. Without more info I can t tell you why it didn t work.. Like I mentioned in this post, they use the same shortcode as CF7, which meant Jetpack actually took over those forms.. Worked a little too well..

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  • Title: Family Archives | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: Family.. Category Archives:.. Oct 13.. I wish that I still had a second-story apartment.. so that motherfuckers couldn t wake me up by yelling into or banging on my bedroom window.. Not cool, guys.. Friends.. Rants.. i like my sleep.. Jul 30.. Protected: Drama Drama Drama.. This content is password protected.. To view it please enter your password below:.. Password:.. Enter your password to view comments.. misery loves company.. what do i do.. Feb 11.. I Think My Sister Likes iOS Games.. iTunes Games.. Because this is what iTunes looks like when I sign in.. The iPod Touch I gave her for Christmas still uses my account, so I can keep an eye on her.. This isn t even.. all.. of them.. Who knew that so many games had cupcake icons?.. apps.. itunes.. technology.. Sep 02.. Holy shit, it s September!.. This has been a busy couple of weeks for me.. Things have happened.. Things don t normally happen, I guess.. I sit on the computer and chat and play Facebook games and whatnot, because I ve nothing better to do.. When I disappear? It s usually because something.. is.. happening and I have no time or energy to discuss it.. I guess that s funny.. I started packing a couple weeks ago, a box or two here and there.. I cleared out all the unnecessary stuff.. I shipped things off to better homes.. I donated a few items.. I made good use of my duffle bags and luggage.. I Tetrised the shit out of life, you guys.. I was more than ready to move on Wednesay, even though none of the people  ...   more time; although, we had some trouble finding screws for furniture and the toilet paper (ha!).. As promised, I bought pizza for everyone.. Mom raided her beer fridge, and my young, male friends were happy.. Ben and David stayed to put up curtains and pictures after everyone else slowly filed out.. My apartment started feeling cozy.. I could imagine myself entertaining even though I still don t have a TV (a loaner will be forced upon me, however).. I do want to post pictures once I ve cleaned out the rest of the boxes.. Truly, there aren t so many left.. I m pretty good at this moving stuff (but I wish I weren t).. I had to return to the old apartment to clean, which was a hassle that really had nothing to do with my own planning abilities.. We re waiting to do the walk-through, about which I am slightly worried.. Despite my efforts to fix them, we wound up trying to replace the blinds in my bedroom.. However, the existing brackets are ridiculous.. Blinds are supposed to be interchangeable, but these were definitely problematic.. However, I ll be happy as long as we get most of the deposit back.. I m trying to settle into the new life, but it s difficult.. Phantom is being whiny and needy, and I m still sharing my abode.. Some unexpected heat has also caught up with my tired and sore self; although, my apartment is pretty good at cooling off at night.. I m excited for this new chapter in my life, I just wish the old one would close already.. pets.. Moving..

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  • Title: Holidays Archives | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: Holidays.. Jun 20.. I m Okay.. You re Okay.. Etc.. Father s Day has been over for a few hours.. I suppose I could feel relieved but I don t, not really.. Lately, not having a father has weighed on me more heavily than it has in the past.. Certainly, as Father s Day looms in the horizon and the commercials are all about loving fatherly relationships and the gifts that show your thanks, I have time to wonder what it would be like if I had ever had the opportunity to celebrate Father s Day and if I ever will.. Will there be a day when I have children of my own and I craft presents from infants to a man that I love? As they grow will we create home-made gifts together?.. I can t blame the people I love for taking their dads for granted because it.. should.. be something that you can take for granted.. No one should be missing something so critical to development, to happiness, to life.. Yet, here I am, lacking a father and more-or-less okay without one.. It perhaps took some extra hard work on my part and I fight my tendencies to be sexist (after all, I.. could.. easily say that almost every male I have ever trusted has hurt me somehow) on a daily basis but I make the effort and I come out on top in spite of it.. Perhaps that s all there is to it.. To survive this, I control myself because I certainly can t tell people to stop having fathers or companies to stop posting Father s Day commercials.. Some things just are what they are and, in the meantime, I m okay.. Thoughts.. Jan 18.. Turn the Page.. In the book that is Cole s life, this chapter would start with something stereotypical such as I never expected to return home and part of me dreaded it,  ...   t able to be as positive as I d have liked and that in itself was bringing me down a bit.. I have been so positive these last few weeks, however.. I ve been dealing with, if not managing to overcome my anxieties and, at the end of the day, I am most surprised yet pleased with myself.. As confident as I might sometimes appear, I guess I never knew I had it in me.. I am so fucking glad to be exactly where I am.. people.. Raves.. happiness.. introspection.. Jun 05.. Small Victories.. May didn t go out with a bang, big or otherwise.. It did end on a high note if only because I have been working on being more grateful for what I do have.. I hit up the mall on Saturday and got a new pair of jeans, a new game for my DS (Galactrix) and a bunch of soap from Bath and Body Works.. Rather than being stressful, the trip to the mall was quite enjoyable despite the influx of shoppers for Memorial Day sales.. To add to that, I walked into a dressing room with 2 sizes of jeans and only had to try on the smaller one.. May was my first full month working for Demand Studios and I got a good feel for it.. I ve definitely improved and have a better feel for the site.. I got a lovely birthday call, shortly after midnight, from.. and Ryan and I hit up iHop in the wee morning hours of my birthday.. My Facebook was full of well wishes and I got cards in the mail, unexpectedly.. I honestly don t even expect cards anymore so it s always nice!.. I feel like May was a perfect example of lowing your standards a bit and being pleasantly surprised by the world.. In fact, it was the best month this year.. Ryan.. Work.. attitude.. demand studios.. may.. recap..

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  • Title: Humour Archives | The ScrollsThe Scrolls
    Descriptive info: Humour.. Nov 26.. Ode to UPS.. Oh UPS! Wretched UPS!.. You are not the best.. Not by a little, not by far.. You re barely better than railway car.. First you knock.. but do you wait?.. Who d have thought.. this was a race.. It always seems to fail.. that our paths should intertwine.. Your drivers like to bail.. with packages of mine.. When you leave a box.. It gets even worse.. It always winds up lost.. Could it be a curse?.. How many times now.. Have I expressed rage.. I don t know how.. You keep ruining my day!.. So UPS, my mortal enemy.. I d appreciate if you.. could deliver things to me.. Or else you ll go kaboom!.. can you tell how I feel?.. Lyrics.. Nov 06.. How to Get Cole to Clean Your House.. in a handful of easy, peasy steps.. Once you read this guide, you ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner! It will change your life!*.. Step 1.. This is the hard part.. You have to somehow spark the idea that.. I.. want to host a party but that.. your.. house is the perfect place to do it.. If you can accomplish this one, the rest is downhill from here.. Step 2.. Work long hours so that your house isn t quite up to my expectations when it comes time to clean and decorate.. Step 3.. Plan a day for said decoration.. Let me into your home.. Extra points if I show up without your knowledge.. Allow me to view the carnage.. Step 4.. I clean your house.. **Results may vary.. Oct 11.. I made this thing.. So, you see, I won this giveaway a while back.. It was for $20 worth of stuff from Tmart.. I had a hell of a time picking things out because there are thousands of things, and all the variations of an item are listed separately, and it looks like this is more of a marketplace with many vendors than a single retailer, so on and so forth.. I did finally settle on a couple things, not the least of which was.. this lamp.. that I really liked.. You see, the thing about Tmart is that prices are cheap because stuff is made in Asia and you have to do all the assembly yourself.. Now, if you re wondering this, Cole, do you put stuff together? Do you have any idea how to do this? , then you re not alone.. No, I don t put stuff together.. No, I don t do things.. I m not very patient with stuff that requires intricate steps, and my long-ish (they ve since broken) nails make it even more difficult.. So when this lamp showed up in a box with every single piece separate, I was cautiously determined to put it together.. Also annoyed.. Okay,.. mostly.. annoyed.. I really should have taken a picture of the tiny box that this lamp came in.. The box was no more than 2 inches high.. How does a lamp fit in there? Pretty easily when every god damned piece is separate.. Thus began the journey of putting together the lamp.. Fortunately, the instructions  ...   is an.. idiot.. I mean, it s the cheapest and simplest way to do this, but it s also fucking.. difficult.. Two hours later, and I was finally done.. I had nearly given up once, when it came to inserting tiny screws into holes that didn t quite line up, but I stuck it out.. The biggest issue you ll see when you look at this lamp in a well-lit room is that those angles just don t match up.. As Ashe said, it looks.. crappy.. Not because of the job I did, but could I couldn t do a.. better.. job given the materials.. I guess that s what you get for a $10 lamp that you got for free.. However, when you turn off the lights, it looks.. amazing.. !**.. Turn off the lights and turn on the stars.. **This photo doesn t do it justice.. i am not good at these things.. lamp.. projector.. shit from asia.. tmart.. Sep 11.. You Learn A Lot About Your Friends.. when the cops show up at your door.. So, last night I had went to bed sometime between 5 and 6 PM.. I had been up for 24 hours, so I hit the hay after my best friend left.. I wasn t asleep for more than an hour when someone began banging on my window.. I figured it was some drunk asshole who was locked out.. I am not the doorman, so I was going to yell at him through the window when he identified him as Wausau PD and asked if I could open the door, which I did.. Upon opening the door, I saw a young officer who didn t look all that different from Glenn from The Walking Dead.. As I am letting him in, he asks for apartment number 2.. That s me, and I am thoroughly perplexed and not quite awake.. He tells me to get my keys and step outside.. I do and I inquire as to WTF is going on.. Two other cops come around, and the whole lot of them was really quite good looking.. Office Glenn-from-the-walking-dead tells me that they got a call from a woman whose niece, Brenda, called her saying that her mom was going to hurt herself.. Obviously, this doesn t pertain to me.. They asked to see my apartment, and I showed them.. It was all over in less than 5 minutes and they were leaving.. It had disturbed my sleep, though, I just.. had.. to tell everyone.. The story only gets better based on the replies that I received from my friends.. One friend said I should have told the hot cops I was hiding drugs but you have to find them to get frisked.. Another thought that the story was leading to stripping cops.. A third said at least I got a good story about it.. I mean, it s true.. It s an interesting story.. Weird enough to blog about.. Sadly, there was no stripping or frisking.. But here s a photo of Channing Tatum.. No Stripper Cops HEre.. Also, yesterday was Suicide Prevention Day, so I.. really.. hope that Brenda s mom is okay.. cops..

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