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  • Title: 512 Pixels
    Descriptive info: .. 512 Pixels.. November 18, 2013.. On Authentication Errors With Time Machine.. Tags:.. Apple.. Time Machine Server can be great.. With enough storage, it s easy to backup multiple Macs to a single location, leaving the worry about USB drives being stolen or Thunderbolt drives not being plugged in behind.. With.. Mavericks Server.. OS X Server 3, Apple has improved the service with better disk space controls (as long as all clients are running Mavericks as well) in addition to an easy-to-use dashboard to see what clients are backing up when and how much space the backups are using.. Time Machine isn t the perfect backup tool, and Time Machine server isn t a perfect group backup solution, but it works well enough.. However, I recently came across a bug with how it authenticates that surprised me.. In short, Time Machine on the local Mac will fail to connect, even if the Mac already knows the user name and password.. When you select a Time Machine Server disk that is shared from a known server, OS X will auto-populate the window with information from Keychain Access:.. Usually, Time Machine will accept the credentials and allow the initial backup to begin after the customary 120 second wait time.. With OS X Mavericks, however, I have seen several machines accept the user name and password only to fail while connecting, showing a pop up a box with this dialogue:.. The network backup volume could not be mounted because there was a problem with the network username or password.. Open System Preferences and choose Time Machine then re-select the Time Machine backup destination to enter the correct username and password.. Of course, that s a terrible error message.. It doesn t say anything helpful about the problem, it s suggestion is to simply repeat what the user just did.. This 2012 Apple Support document.. gave me a clue what was going on, but the System Keychain entry for the Time Machine server was correct on these machines.. Deleting the entries and re-trying didn t solve the issue, either, as many in Apple s Support Communities implied.. When save a user name and password for a server is saved in Finder, the login keychain learns it and provides it when needed.. However, Time Machine requires a System keychain item, as Time Machine works across users.. When the above dialog box is shown, OS X is creating a new System keychain item from the information it was presented by the user s own login keychain.. This is where something is broken.. On some machines, this transaction won t take place, leaving Time Machine unable to connect.. To force Keychain Access to create a new entry and not attempt to copy the login keychain item, I ended up using the shortname for the users in question in Time Machine, and their standard, long name in Finder.. In our organization, the two names are the same, so I ve given Time Machine the user name in the.. firstnamelastname.. format, as users won t ever see that entry.. In Finder, however, I stuck with.. Firstname Lastname.. as that is flashed when connecting to a server.. While I came across this with Time Machine Server as my destination, using a NAS or Time Capsule may expose the same flaw.. It s crazy that this is broken in Mavericks.. While I don t know if the problem exists on other versions of OS X or OS X Server, using a different version of the username took care of it for me.. On Apple s Clean Power.. Permalink.. Katie Fehrenbacher at Gigaom breaks down the.. massive.. solar farm Apple s built in North Carolina.. This made me chuckle:.. Apple manages the grass under the panels in a variety of ways, but one of those is a little more unusual.. Apple works with a company that ropes in sheep that eat the grass on a portion of the solar farm; when the sheep finish grazing on one spot, they’re moved to the next.. RSS Sponsor: Voila The Ultimate Screen Capture Solution for Your Mac.. Sponsor.. Voila.. is the most powerful screen capturing software available for your Mac.. Voila lets you capture and record content and then easily share it with friends and co-workers or upload it to the web.. is the perfect screen recorder for your Mac.. You can easily make high-quality product demos, DIY app simulations, and tutorials.. Create interactive content by recording your Mac screen along with audio and all your click streams.. Then complete your screencast by annotating your screenshots with professional tools and features.. Record like a pro and publish your final project to FTP/SFTP, Tumblr, Dropbox, Evernote, and YouTube with Voila.. Made for Mavericks, Voila is simple and intuitive.. With Voila, keep your captures organized and within your reach while enjoying a boost in productivity.. Try Voila today.. Download Free Trial.. Sponsorship by The Syndicate.. November 17, 2013.. Hal Has a Nightmare.. Meth.. Bryan Cranston explains the link between.. Malcom in the Middle.. and.. Breaking Bad.. with a little scene from the Wilkerson bedroom.. November 15, 2013.. Review: The iPad Air.. ,.. Reviews.. I m no stranger to the iPad.. I ve had the.. original,.. the iPad 2, the.. iPad with Retina display.. and the.. iPad mini.. Over the years and through the generational changes, I ve used my iPads for the same core set of tasks:.. Reading.. Surfing.. Email management.. Note-taking and light writing.. Games.. When the iPad mini came out last year, I jumped on it, excited to be able to do these things with something I could put in a coat pocket.. In fact, I closed.. my iPad mini review.. this way:.. With the iPad mini, Apple has come up with something that’s as full-featured as the larger product, in a smaller package for less money.. It’s a win all the way around.. I won’t be going back to the larger iPad.. A year later, I m typing this on an iPad Air, having sold my iPad mini months ago.. So, what happened?.. In short, while the iPad mini s small size made it very portable, I found myself not using it nearly as much as my previous tablets.. While I thought I could deal with the non-Retina display, over time I came to dislike it more and more.. My biggest problem with the iPad mini, however, was the keyboard.. While many enjoy the thumb-typing that the mini affords, I find it uncomfortable at best.. Between not wanting to read on the iPad mini and not wanting to write with it, the thing just sat in my backpack most of the time.. When I ended up selling my iPad mini a couple of months ago, I was willing to wait to see what Apple had up its sleeve for this holiday season.. I m not disappointed I skipped the iPad 4.. Hardware Software.. In his review of the iPad mini,.. John Gruber writes:.. Last year’s iPad 4 and Mini were two very different iPads.. This year’s new Air and Mini are simply two sizes of the same iPad.. I cannot emphasize this point enough.. After three days of extensive use of the Mini (a review unit on loan from Apple), it works and feels exactly like the iPad Air.. Everything about it is of equivalent or identical quality: the display, the cameras (front and back), the performance, the battery life.. He s totally right.. Read the other way, the iPad Air is a big iPad mini.. The case with its flat back and rounded edges, discrete volume buttons and dual speakers is identical to the iPad mini.. Of course, all of the small details are outweighed by the fact that the iPad Air is a good bit smaller than the iPad 4.. The old iPad clocked in at 1.. 44 pounds, with the Air weighing an even pound.. As a result, it s much more comfortable to use while holding and is far less noticeable in a bag.. It  ...   who really use our devices and believe good software is worth playing for, but it s clear the larger App Store audience hasn t taken well to it.. The app currently has a two-star rating, with many of the reviews complaining about the IAPs.. I don t bring all this up to throw PlainText s developer Jesse Grosjean at Hog Bay Software under the bus.. As a user of his products, I ve been pained to see an app I once relied on get raked over the coals.. That made.. his blog post today.. all the worse to read:.. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not the right developer for PlainText.. I’m now looking for another developer take over the project.. With all of Hog Bay Software’s different apps I have found out the hard way that I don’t have time to make it great.. I’ve come a little late to realizing that Hog Bay Software has expanded to do too many things without enough focus.. I’m now in the process of scaling back so I can focus better on a few and make them great.. I always thought it strange that Grosjean wrote.. Writeroom.. as well, instead of focusing on just one text editor, but his closing paragraphs show he cares about PlainText s future:.. Even with this recent disaster of a release I think it’s in position to do better, if given the right attention.. I just spent 4+ months rewriting the app.. It now has modern iOS 7 foundation.. It supports iCloud.. It uses the official Dropbox sync framework.. And it has three new features as in-app purchases in addition to the original “Remove Ads” purchase.. It needs a few rounds of interface updates, but the foundation is solid and ready for the future.. My goal is to get this done soon so development of the app will continue without pause.. So, can PlainText be saved? While it s current IAP-based business model clearly is the wrong one, the app isn t as bad-off as it the App Store reviews portray.. Grosjean writes that ad revenue and the old single IAP brought in $30,000 with 450,000 downloads.. I think PlainText can survive to see another day, but the lessons learned here about the use of in-app purchases can be applied more broadly.. In all the chatter of paid apps being dead, it s important to realize that many customers will quickly become unhappy if they are presented with several IAPs at once.. It s important to remember that PlainText s users aren t average consumers, as most people aren t shopping for Dropbox-powered, Markdown text editors.. It s all about balance, and it s clear to me that PlainText was tipped too far in the wrong direction.. November 13, 2013.. Day One Updated for iOS 7.. One of my favorite iOS apps just got a nice overhaul for iOS 7.. The Prompt 22: The Barter System.. Podcasts.. Joined by Matthew Alexander, Myke and I wade through a mountain of follow-up, discuss the iPad mini with Retina display, Netflix, fitness trackers and the means of payment used in Tennessee, Hawaii and parts of Europe.. Sponsored by.. Squarespace.. (use code TALLYHO11 for 10% off) and.. Omnifocus 2 for iPhone.. November 12, 2013.. RSS Sponsor: Lootback.. If you re a web designer, you know how paying full price for resources like stock photos and fonts can have a negative effect on your bottom line.. Now there s a new service that can increase your profits by giving you cash back on these important design components.. Lootback.. com.. has found a way to work with merchants such as Thinkstock, iStock, and Envato to help you save money.. Lootback s featured merchants pay the company a small commission for sending customers their way.. Instead of keeping it all, Lootback splits its commission with you.. The merchant gets a sale, Lootback gets a commission, and you get a great discount on your purchase; everyone wins.. Not only does it offer effortless savings,.. makes searching for your creative assets easier.. All your favorite merchants products are aggregated into one convenient search feature, so you spend less time looking for that perfect file.. Apple to Use Magic and Science in Building Future iPhones.. Matthew Panzarino breaks down the sapphire story.. November 11, 2013.. AppleCare Site Boasts Representative Screen Sharing.. Mike Beasley:.. Customers have always been able to request screen sharing, at which point the AppleCare representative would instruct them to download an application from Apple’s site that facilitates the connection.. Now the download is listed directly on the support page.. If a customer opts to use screen sharing, the AppleCare rep must comply with their request whether they think it will help or not.. I wasn t aware this could be done with AppleCare.. Putting the feature in front of more users puts AppleCare more in line with what.. Amazon is doing on the new Kindle Fires.. Anyone who has worked in IT knows how helpful this can be, and I think it s a great change to Apple s support system.. Analysts: Rumored Apple Product Will Miss Made-Up Deadline.. Has anyone checked on Gene Munster today? Also, how do I get a job as an analyst?.. John McCain Says NSA Chief Should Be Fired Updated.. Politics.. When I saw this headline, I thought Oh, cool, McCain thinks the NSA has over-stepped its bounds and was excited.. Then I read this:.. The senator for Arizona, a former Republican presidential candidate, said [head of the NSA Keith] Alexander should be held accountable for the leaks of thousands of documents by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, which revealed NSA surveillance and spying on a massive scale.. McCain said Snowden, who worked for the NSA as a contractor, should never have had access to classified information.. And now we have a contractor employee, not a government employee, who has access to information which is, when revealed, most damaging to the standing prestige of the United States and our relations with some of our best friends, McCain said.. Why did Edward Snowden have that information? And what are we doing as far as screening people who have access to this information? It s outrageous, and someone ought to be held accountable.. According to the Senator, Alexander should be canned for the access Edward Snowden gained while a contractor, not for the things Snowden s reported on that have made the world more aware of how the NSA works.. I guess it was foolish to be hopeful for anything different.. According to.. The Atlantic.. ,.. the Senator has backed away from his statement.. So, that s cool, I guess.. Wait.. Worse Than Regression.. Rob McGinley Myers, discussing iMovie 08 and Final Cut Pro X, in response to.. my post from Friday about iWork:.. You can argue about whether either of these redesigns was actually successful.. In my opinion, iMovie 08 was a mess when it first came out, but Final Cut Pro X was actually amazing for a first time user.. But what you can t argue is that each was a bold, radical departure from the past that laid a new foundation for the app s future.. iWork has none of that boldness.. All it does is clip the wings of the desktop versions so as not to embarrass the iPad s feature set.. The radical new paradigm is that you ll be able to the same things on your iPad as you do on your desktop, even if this means ruining the experience you used to have on the desktop.. This is a great point — with its video editing software, Apple set out to make a statement about how users should work.. With the new iWork, the only given reason is cross-platform compatibility.. Mr.. Myers and I are in agreement: that s not a big enough reason to have bludgeoned iWork for the Mac with an iOS-shaped club.. Older posts.. by Stephen Hackett.. About Contact.. How To Support.. The Prompt.. Archives.. Search..

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  • Title: Apple — 512 Pixels
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. With Mavericks Server OS X Server 3, Apple has improved the service with better disk space controls (as long as [ ].. Katie Fehrenbacher at Gigaom breaks down the massive solar farm Apple s built in North Carolina.. This made me chuckle: Apple manages the grass under the panels in a variety of ways, but one of those is a little more unusual.. Apple works with a company that ropes in sheep that eat the grass on a [ ].. I ve had the original, the iPad 2, the iPad with Retina display and the iPad mini.. Over the years and through the generational changes, I ve used my iPads for the same core set of tasks: Reading Surfing Email management Note-taking and light writing Games When the iPad mini came [ ].. Update: Over on Twitter, Dave Chartier writes: FWIW, I think Apple subscribes to the traditional definition of “beta.. ” Things are busted, features [ ].. Mike Beasley: Customers have always been able to request screen sharing, at which point the AppleCare representative would instruct them to download an application from Apple’s site that facilitates the connection.. If a customer opts to use screen sharing, the AppleCare rep must comply with [ ].. Has anyone checked on Gene Munster today? Also, how do I get a job as an analyst?.. Rob McGinley Myers, discussing iMovie 08 and Final Cut Pro X, in response to my post from Friday about iWork: You can argue about whether either of these redesigns was actually successful.. In my opinion, iMovie 08 was a mess when it first came out, but Final Cut Pro X was actually amazing for a [ ].. More on the new iWork.. Jean-Louis Gassée, closing out a  ...   Stream over time, but iCloud limits the number of photos that can be uploaded within a given hour, day, or month to prevent unintended or excessive use.. Update: This might not be so new after all.. I think this [ ].. Mail Update for Mavericks.. Apple: Mail Update for Mavericks includes improvements to general stability and compatibility with Gmail, including the following: Fixes an issue that prevents deleting, moving, and archiving messages for users with custom Gmail settings Addresses an issue that may cause unread counts to be inaccurate Includes additional fixes that improve the compatibility and stability of Mail [ ].. Apple Addresses iWork for Mac Features.. Apple: The new iWork applications — Pages, Numbers, and Keynote — were released for Mac on October 22nd.. These applications were rewritten from the ground up to be fully 64-bit and to support a unified file format between OS X and iOS 7 versions, as well as iWork for iCloud beta.. These apps feature an [ ].. Apple Publishes Report on Government Information Requests.. Apple: We believe that our customers have a right to understand how their personal information is handled, and we consider it our responsibility to provide them with the best privacy protections available.. Apple has prepared this report on the requests we receive from governments seeking information about individual users or devices in the interest of [ ].. On the iPad 2 and Education.. Elia Freedman: The basics of educational buying are pretty straight forward.. Will the technology provide an appropriate educational environment for students? Can schools control the devices as much or as little as they’d like? Is the cost within the budget of the grant or purchasing agent who will spend the money? (I say this oddly [ ]..

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  • Title: On Apple’s Clean Power — 512 Pixels
    Descriptive info: On Authentication Errors With Time Machine..

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    Descriptive info: Voila is the most powerful screen capturing software available for your Mac.. Voila is the perfect screen recorder for your Mac.. [ ].. com has found a way to work with [ ].. RSS Sponsor: Techi — All the Tech News in ONE Place.. Techi.. com is a site dedicated to all things tech.. From updates on Sony s PS4 to reports on Google s latest acquisition; whether you re looking for the latest Apple product or looking for views on mobile web, Techi is the site to visit.. com s news is sourced from thousands of sites from across the Internet, then curated [ ].. RSS Sponsor: Tonx Coffee.. Tonx is a small team of coffee experts who believe it s easy to make a better cup in your kitchen than you ll get at the best cafes and for a fraction of the cost.. By sourcing the finest coffees in the world and roasting them 24-hours before shipping, you ll have the freshest coffee delivered [ ].. RSS Sponsor: Squarespace.. What do you want people to see when they find you online? Whether you re growing a business, starting a blog, or are ready to sell online, you need to make a great impression.. Squarespace is the best way to create a modern and professional website, with all the features you need integrated into one platform.. RSS Sponsor: MailChimp.. The new generation of MailChimp adapts to your workflow, regardless of the device you re using and size of your team.. A cohesive experience across desktop and mobile devices means you can create, send, and track email campaigns in any context.. Check out MailChimp today.. RSS Sponsor: The Theme Foundry.. The Theme Foundry has been building premium WordPress themes since 2008.. They recently released Collections ? a unique and beautiful WordPress theme for sharing designed by Veerle Pieters.. Visit the live demo of Collections to see it in action or purchase it now for $79.. What makes The Theme Foundry special? A focus on quality [ ].. RSS Sponsor: Igloo..  ...   You ll work at our head office in central Amsterdam which is sandwiched in-between canals, museums and the occasional statue of an [ ].. RSS Sponsor: Encoding.. Still encoding video with on-premise hardware? Encoding.. com is the world s fastest cloud encoding service.. We ve made proprietary optimizations for ingest, queue times, processing, and egress of your source content that rivals the fastest on-premise equipment, with infinite scalability.. We support nearly every video format imaginable, including a few that only we offer.. We can accommodate [ ].. RSS Sponsor: PDFpen for iPad from Smile.. Sign and return documents without printing or faxing, directly from your iPad.. Fix typos and correct price lists immediately while an issue is foremost in your mind.. Take PDF documents with you, and add notes, highlighting, and other markup during your mobile downtime.. Sync with your Mac via iCloud or Dropbox.. Retrieve and save documents [ ].. RSS Sponsor: Igloo, an Intranet You ll Actually Like.. Igloo is now free to use with up to ten people, making it easier to work with your whole team, your customers or your partners.. Your Igloo is built around apps you already know and love: blogs, calendars, file sharing, forums, microblog and wikis.. Start building your Igloo instantly (no credit card required), or check [ ].. RSS Sponsor: TextExpander touch 2.. 0.. Type faster on your iPhone or iPad using short abbreviations that expand into long snippets, such as email addresses, URLs, and standard replies.. Tap in your abbreviation and it automatically expands to the full snippet.. You can even insert today s date automatically with the default abbreviation ddate ! Use Dropbox to sync your snippets to all [ ].. RSS Sponsor: HostGator.. Web hosting is many things to many people.. Grandma wants to start a knitting blog? WordPress.. New tech start-up needs a server to present their minimum viable product? Ruby on Rails, PHP, and MySQL.. HostGator has you covered, and with one-click installs via the proprietary QuickInstall application, free with every hosting plan.. HostGator is with [ ]..

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    Descriptive info: On Apple s Clean Power..

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  • Title: Meth — 512 Pixels
    Descriptive info: Bryan Cranston explains the link between Malcom in the Middle and Breaking Bad with a little scene from the Wilkerson bedroom.. Ozymandias Air.. In honor of Bryan Cranston voicing the new iPad Air commercial, I made a little something for you guys.. Working Bad.. Forbes Allen St.. John has published an interview with Michael Slovis, the cinematographer behind Breaking Bad.. If you re a fan of the show, it s well worth the time to read.. If Breaking Bad Had Been Set in The U.. K.. Silly America.. Blood Money.. (Obviously, this post contains spoilers.. ) At the end of the last first half of the season, we are left with Hank discovering a copy of Leaves of Grass, a gift to Walt, signed by Gale Boetticher while using Walter and Skyler s bathroom.. While he doesn t say anything, the look on his face shows that it s [ ].. Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical.. I am the one who knocks.. I used to be Kenny G; now I m hard rock.. LEGO Breaking Bad.. Lego.. I mean, how was I not going to  ...   on [ ].. Vince Gilligan, on the Breaking Bad Finale.. At Vulture: We’re not gonna please everyone, we’re not gonna please everyone … This is what I keep telling myself so I can sleep at night.. I recently re-watched the entire show, and man, I can t wait to see where it goes in these last episodes.. Colbert Interviews Breaking Bad s Vince Gilligan.. Great piece.. My Affinity for Hank.. This week on the 512 Podcast, Myke and I talk about the rumored iPad mini and Breaking Bad.. Sail Me Down Your Chocolatey River of Meth!.. Well, that s going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.. Fact-Checking Breaking Bad.. If there’s one thing constantly running through the heads of nerds watching Breaking Bad, it’s that Walter White might be the most badass chemist of all time.. Most of the badass part comes from the skills of Bryan Cranston, who plays the chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cooker, but the chemist part comes from the diligent work of researchers Gordon [ ].. The Breaking Bad Season 5 Trailer.. How is it not 9 p.. m.. yet?..

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  • Title: Hal Has a Nightmare — 512 Pixels
    Descriptive info: RSS Sponsor: Voila The Ultimate Screen Capture Solution for Your Mac..

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  • Title: Review: The iPad Air — 512 Pixels
    Descriptive info: Hal Has a Nightmare..

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  • Title: Reviews — 512 Pixels
    Descriptive info: OS X Mavericks: The Review.. WWDC 2013 was crazy: iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and a new, magical insane Mac Pro were all unveiled on stage, after one of the weirdest keynote moments I can remember seeing in a long time.. I was fortunate enough to be in San Francisco this year for the event.. As one might imagine, iOS [ ].. Jobs: A Review.. As a long-time Apple nerd, I was more than a little nervous when I heard about the Jobs movie for the first time.. It wasn t just that I was afraid it d be some sort of Kelso Builds Computers, either.. While everyone knows who Steve Jobs was, the true nerd heroes — guys like Woz, Jef [ ].. On the 2013 Nexus 7.. Google.. The screen s really nice My iPad mini s looks bad Android: still subpar.. On Ember for Mac.. There are lots of ways to gather and organize files and information on the Mac.. For photos and images, however, there s not a great option.. Dropbox is great for files, but Finder is Dropbox s UI, which isn t always the best option.. Evernote is well-liked, but can be overkill for some.. Now there s Ember.. Ember is [ ].. A Look at the BlackBerry Z10.. While I spoke on Bionic this week at great length about it, I wanted to share some photos and thoughts about the BlackBerry Z10 here, too.. It s important to note that I ve never been a BlackBerry user.. While I know of the company s history and deep ties in the enterprise, I ve approached this phone like [ ].. The Pebble: Is the Time Right for a Smartwatch?.. Just shy of a year ago, a Kickstarter project was launched that would take the nerd world by storm.. In five weeks, the group raised $10,266,845, even though they needed only $100,000 to launch.. The Pebble was born.. A year later, I’m sitting at my dining room table, with the smartwatch next to my MacBook [ ].. App Review: Check  ...   we know it, someone s assembled a product that hasn t been announced.. Then, Apple [ ].. Review: The Nike+ FuelBand.. I m in pretty decent shape.. Like most nerds who spend all day in front of a computer, I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I try my best to stay active.. Back in July, I ordered a Nike+ FuelBand.. after reading several reviews online.. I thought that if I could gamify being active, [ ].. Review: The Kindle Paperwhite.. Amazon.. A year ago, I reviewed the $79 Kindle.. Here s what I said: The $79 Kindle is very much a contender in the e-ink reader space.. While it might not be as fancy as the new Kindle Touch or as large as the Kindle DX, its low price and high build-quality are a tough combination to [ ].. Some quick thoughts on Apple s new EarPods.. I’m an over-the-ear kinda guy — my Sennheiser HD 280 PRO headphones are never far away.. The older Apple earbuds simply don’t fit well in my ears, leaving me with a distaste for earbuds in general.. When I do use earbuds, I use a pair of the original high-end Apple ones, with the smallest fitting.. I might [ ].. Mountain Lion: The Next Big Cat From Apple.. Intro The new version of OS X from Apple — dubbed Mountain Lion — is now ready for download from the Mac App Store for $19.. Lion, the OS it replaces, was in many ways a new chapter when it comes to OS X versions.. Lion was the first version to be available as a [ ].. On the Nexus 7: My Nerd Life Has Never Been More Confusing.. Overview With rumors of a 7.. 85-inch iPad circulating, Google s announcement of the Nexus 7 has perhaps suffered a little.. That said, the Google-branded, Asus-built tablet has many nerds intrigued.. Offering a stock Android experience on a $200 device, Google is trying to set the bar when it comes to smaller tablets.. Have they done it? [ ]..

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  • Title: Aluminum and Glass: My Review of the iPad — 512 Pixels
    Descriptive info: Jobs Weighs in on Section 3.. 3.. 1.. The Bottom Line.. April 11, 2010.. Aluminum and Glass: My Review of the iPad.. After Apple unveiled the iPad back in January, almost everyone I know asked me if I was going to buy one.. My answer was usually a jumbled thought about not needing a third device to complaining about it not running a touch-powered Snow Leopard.. Not wanting a device and not being excited about it are two different things.. In the months leading up the its release, I was.. excited.. about it.. More so, I was excited about seeing what app developers were going to do with extra screen size and power.. As the release day drew to an end and I read more reviews of the device I caved, drove to the Apple Store and plunked down some money for the 16GB Wi-Fi model.. (Major props to my forgiving wife.. ) Here are my thoughts on Apple s newest creation.. Hardware.. The iPhone and the Mid 2007 iMac kicked off Apple s current love affair with smooth, slick aluminum coupled with glass-covered panels with thick black borders.. The design language they introduced with those products can now be found on Apple s notebooks, and it s embodied in the iPad.. In many ways, the iPad reminds me of an iMac — both machines are defined by their large glass-covered displays.. What lives behind the screen is easily forgotten.. The glass gets.. pretty greasy.. after just a few minutes of use, and the reflections at certain angles are blinding.. However, the super-bright display can cut through even the nastiest of fingerprints and reflections.. In fact, it s the brightest display I think I ve ever used.. I m using it at about 4 clicks above the darkest setting, and in some situations, that s even too bright for my taste.. The only time I ve cranked it all the way up was while using it outside in pretty direct sunlight.. There is no up or down on the iPad.. No wrong way or right way to hold it.. The OS and most of the apps don t care how it s oriented.. It s a clean break from the desktop computer that is always the same, no matter what the content requires.. Unlike other devices I ve owned (including iPhones), I use a case with my iPad.. I opted for the.. Incase Convertible Book Jacket.. It offers protection, can double as a stand and stays shut with a Moleskine-esque band.. It isn t perfect, but carrying a sheet of glass in my backpack makes me nervous.. Additionally, the case makes it easier to use it while laying on the couch, as it keeps the device from sliding on my jeans.. Even in the case, it never gets hot.. After playing a racing game for 30 minutes, it was barely.. warm.. It s pretty incredible.. I d almost like my iPad to get warm more often so I know it s actually working.. That, coupled with the complete lack of noise or humming, makes the iPad seem even mure futuristic.. Like most groundbreaking Apple  ...   iPad.. A lot of third-party apps (and apps like Contacts and Calendars) are designed to look like the real objects they replace.. It s an odd trend, and I m not sure I am in love with it.. Virtual bookcases and sticky notes just aren t as effective as their physical inspirations.. Text Input.. I m a keyboard guy.. I have an Apple Extended II keyboard setup at home.. and.. at work.. As awesome as my Magic Mouse is, my goal is to touch it as little as possible while working.. That said, I really like the keyboard on the iPad.. But only in landscape mode.. In portrait, the keys are too small for me comfortably use, but the landscape keyboard is just right.. When you toss in auto-correction, it s really quite fast.. I haven t paired my iPad to a bluetooth keyboard, but it seems like a good solution for long typing sessions.. I just don t see the need at this point.. Even typing this review on the iPad wasn t bad enough for me to go grab a keyboard.. Granted, I ve been working on over the course of a week, not all at once.. How I Use It.. Apple s biggest problem with selling the iPad isn t the device itself — it s the fact that the iPad doesn t fill any holes in the product line.. There s not much of a gap between the iPhone and the MacBook, purpose-wise.. I find myself using my iPad in two primary ways: taking notes in meetings, and reading web and email content at home.. In both cases, the iPad is lighter and more accessible than my 15-inch MacBook Pro.. I do most of my heavy-duty tasks at work at my desk, so if I go out to take care of something, my iPad usually goes with me, not my notebook.. Netflix has also been pretty sweet on the device.. The Future.. With OS 4 coming in the fall, it s obvious the iPad s future is exciting.. As more developers rework their apps for the device, it s usefulness will continue to improve.. The biggest question of all when it comes to the iPad is this — can it revolutionize the computer industry? I m not sure it can.. I think it can replace the desktop for some users who just surf, email and look at photos, the iPad is a compelling alternative.. Of course, since the iPad is dependent on iTunes, it makes it more difficult to think of it as a stand-alone machine.. For another class of users, the desktop computer cannot be replaced at this point.. People who use computers to create will see their iPads as secondary devices for light tasks, note taking and media playback.. That s where I am with it.. All in all, it s a great device with lots of promise, but it s far from being as revolutionary as the Macintosh was in 1984.. No matter what Apple says.. Check out my thoughts after.. traveling with Apple s tablet device in my bag.. — without a laptop along for the ride..

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