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  • Title: 51beats - an electronic experience
    Descriptive info: .. music.. events.. booking.. coming soon.. highlights.. ADRIANO CANZIAN, welcome on 51beats !!!!.. MACHO BOY FEMALE ED.. 2013 OUT in 12" and Digital.. Megaphone's XMAS Compilation "The Silly Mixes".. "Tape" by YOUAREHERE nominated at QWARTZ 9.. Cani Giganti live in Paris before the Legend Derrick May (April 2013).. news.. 30.. 04.. 2013.. BOOKING.. Robidat & Gollywop djset @ SWARM.. 18.. NEWS.. Robidat new mix !!!!.. 10.. The Swindler Beat live | Gollywop djset @ Kernel Night.. 06.. new video !!!! 51beats Youtube channel.. 05.. Plasman and  ...   Adriano Canzian.. MACHO BOY Females Reworked ed.. 2013.. 2 tracks - 2'.. next party.. 30-04-2013.. Robidat & Gollywop djset @ SWARM @ Rozzano (MI).. About.. 51beats “an electronic experience” is an independent electronic music label.. find out more.. Contact us.. If you want to send us a message or to be included in our newsletter, send an email to info[@]51beats.. net or drop a message.. here.. Links and partners.. Find out about our Partners and surf our favorite websites.. Follow us.. Facebook.. Mixcloud.. Soundcloud.. Resident Advisor..

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  • Title: 51 beats - Artists
    Descriptive info: our artists.. Acousmatik.. Paris - FR.. Milano - IT.. Auto Pilot.. Barnsley - EN.. Cani Giganti.. Milan - IT.. Chupaconcha.. Barcelona - ES.. Crabnebula.. Parma - IT.. Dikital.. Skopje - MK.. Dj Khoisan.. Cape Town - SA.. edPorth.. Rome - IT.. Errnois.. Padua - IT.. 1.. 2.. 3.. last.. our DJ.. Gollywop.. Marcio McFly.. Brianza - IT.. Robidat.. Milan - IT || Budapest - HU.. 51beats events.. 30-04-2013 - Spazio Aurora.. 10-04-2013 - Fabbrica del Vapore | Fuori Salone.. 05-04-2013 - Petit Bain.. 04-04-2013 - La Machine du Moulin Rouge.. 29-03-2013 - Spazio Ansaldo..

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  • Title: 51 beats - Music
    Descriptive info: net releases.. VV AA.. Megaphone's XMAS Compilation.. 8 tracks - 27'.. electronic music.. 51bts039.. 2012-12-23.. Micro.. World's Biggest Something.. 8 tracks - 44'.. idm.. 51bts038.. 2012-12-07.. Plasman.. Plastico.. 10 tracks - 35'.. minimal techno , analogue electronics , 8bit.. 51bts037.. 2012-07-14.. Brain Confusion.. 8 tracks  ...   As When The Fall Leaves Trees.. 9 tracks - 49'.. idm , post-rock.. 51bts035.. 2011-12-15.. cd/vinyl.. (12"|download) 51vin001.. (CD) 51bts004CD idm | post-rock.. Futuro Anteriore.. (CD) 51bts003CD techno | live.. Farsi le Foto.. (CD) 51bts002CD vanmusic.. Gravity and Quantum Mechanics.. (2CD) 51bts001CD from UP to DOWN..

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  • Title: 51 beats - Robidat & Gollywop djset @ SWARM
    Descriptive info: what's next.. 30-04-2013.. Spazio Aurora.. evento.. fb.. - DETTAGLI (coso eventi):.. ENG ----------------------.. Coso Eventi with the support of Uvzeta E Venti, 51BEATS, Hardestmusic.. it, Hardforum.. it, Technomusic.. it and Zirte Style, presents the first edition of SWARM.. We offer a selection of Italian hard music DJs and a spectacular visual experience.. This is a PARTY PEOPLE, NOT a rave!.. Day by day we will update information!.. Artists info:.. http://www.. facebook.. com/notes/coso/swarm-the-artists/413274678766671.. IT ----------------------.. Coso Eventi con il supporto di Uvzeta E Venti, 51BEATS, Hardestmusic.. it e Zirte Style, presenta la prima edizione di SWARM.. Vi proponiamo una selezione dei DJ italiani specializzati in hard music e una spettacolare esperienza visiva.. NON è un rave; L'evento si svolge in un locale privato.. Giorno per giorno aggiorneremo le informazioni!.. Informazioni sugli artisti:.. ----------------------.. We are proud to announce our ultimate line-up:.. - DJ Buddha Ft.. Mistic Dream [HARDSTYLE - HARDCORE], d.. j.. e producer.. - Carletto DJ [TECHNO] (Aviogroundrecords).. - Roby Erre DJ [TECHNO DARK].. - DJ Illegal Illusion [HARDCORE] (illegal.. rec.. it).. -.. Robidat.. DJ-set [PERCUSSION OLD SCHOOL TECHNO] (51beats).. DJ-set [AMBIENT/TECHNO] (51beats).. OPENING: O.. Z.. live  ...   Rouge.. 02-03-2013.. Adriano Canzian, Anna Patrini & Yasmin Gate e Cani Giganti live.. Spazio Ansaldo.. 28-12-2012.. MEGAPHONE'S XMAS NIGHTMARE RELEASE PARTY.. Pnbox.. 20-12-2012.. 51beatsOUT ! Release Party - MICRO.. 65m2.. 28-09-2012.. CANI GIGANTI: Brain Confusion Tour.. various locations.. IoLimonoTulipani / Brain Confusion Tour.. Verve Club.. 20-04-2012.. UPPERCASE "Il Party Fuori dal Salone".. BASEMAMA.. 29-03-2012.. 51beats @ QWARTZ 8.. CENTQUATRE.. 09-03-2012.. 51beats showcase at 65m2 with Robidat and CANI GIGANTI live !!.. sessantacinque m2.. 21-01-2012.. IoLimonoTulipani 2012.. Lo Fi.. 30-12-2011.. YOUAREHERE - presentazione ALBUM !!.. 25-11-2011.. L'ALTRO BEAT # 2 – L’altro lato dell’elettronica.. Agorà.. 28-10-2011.. L'ALTRO BEAT– L’altro lato dell’elettronica.. 17-09-2011.. 51beats partner at FOREVERGREEN Festival.. Ortosonico.. 28-05-2011.. 51beats con We Love (Bpitch Control).. Spazio Concept.. 14-04-2011.. IoLimonoTulipani || A.. CANZIAN.. Toilet Club.. 01-04-2011.. QWARTZ 7.. Paris.. 19-03-2011.. VHS #02.. Q21.. 12-03-2011.. IoLimonoTulipani || Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk).. 26-02-2011.. VHS #01.. 12-02-2011.. IoLimonoTulipani.. 08-01-2011.. 09-10-2010.. 01-04-2010.. QWARTZ 6.. 20-03-2010.. 31-12-2009.. 51beats - Capodanno Zoom bar.. Zoom Bar.. 20-11-2009.. 51beats @ Cool Club (Budapest).. Cool Club.. 16-10-2009.. 03-10-2009.. 51beats netlabel party.. 25-04-2009.. 19-03-2009.. 20-02-2009.. Tunnel Club.. 23-01-2009.. 04-10-2008.. 01-12-2007.. 51beats party.. Area 51.. 26-05-2007.. it happens at 51beats..

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  • Title: 51 beats - booking
    Descriptive info: artist booking.. Rome - IT.. The Swindler Beat.. Brianza IT.. Fanciulli Goom.. Milano - IT.. dj booking.. To book one of our artists, please fill the form below choosing the artist that you want:.. name:.. your message:.. phone:.. email:.. booking date:.. artist:.. are you human?:.. 9 + 19 =.. dates.. 30/04/2013.. 10/04/2013.. 05/04/2013.. 51beats @ Qwartz Massive Night au Petit Bain | Plasman and Cani Giganti live !!!!.. Petit Bain.. 29/03/2013.. Cani Giganti live @ BYEBYTE c/o Officine OCA.. 24/01/2013.. Robidat djset @ META:DETROIT.. 29/12/2012.. YOUAREHERE live @ Youthless Club.. Youthless Club.. 27/12/2012.. ZOOM.. 01/12/2012.. YOUAREHERE live @ Circolo degli Artisti.. Circolo degli Artisti.. 24/11/2012.. CANI GIGANTI live @ COCK A DOODLE DOO (Megaphone rec.. ).. EMPORIUM DISCO (Boiler Room).. 28/09/2012.. 22/09/2012.. ROBIDAT djset at Forevergreen  ...   ROBIDAT djset with Wolfgang Flur (ex Kraftwerk) @ ELECTROPARK.. ELECTROPARK: make your sound!.. 19/05/2012.. CANI GIGANTI @ Teatro HOP Altrove (Genova, IT).. Teatro HOP Altrove.. 16/05/2012.. il LEPROTTO @ Elettrowave Challenge (Milan, IT).. Rocket.. 05/05/2012.. CANI GIGANTI @ Toolkit Festival (Venice, IT).. Venice, IT.. 20/04/2012.. CANI GIGANTI @ UPPERCASE Party.. ROBIDAT djset @ UPPERCASE Party.. YOUAREHERE live @ UPPERCASE Party.. 07/04/2012.. CANI GIGANTI @ 2020 Indie Festival: Sostanze Records Party at Init.. INIT CLUB (Rome).. ROBIDAT @ 2020 Indie Festival: Sostanze Records Party at Init.. 29/03/2012.. YOUAREHERE at The Dublin Castle (London).. The Doublin Castle.. 09/03/2012.. 03/03/2012.. il LEPROTTO @ 2020 INDIE FESTIVAL.. 25/02/2012.. edPorth @ Meet the Knobbers con ENRICO COSIMI.. Centro Musicale SOUNDY.. 21/12/2011.. Dance Different: Plasman live set.. Monkey's 3.. 17/12/2011.. robidat djset.. sessantacinque..

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  • Title: 51 beats - Adriano Canzian
    Descriptive info: our artist.. Milano - IT -.. ADRIANO CANZIAN studied sculpture and graphics, and then painting and contemporary art at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome, the city where he moved at 19.. In 1995, he began exhibiting his work at various art galleries in Rome, London, Paris and New York.. In the meantime, he moved to Paris in 2000 and started a parallel career as a music producer, working with the fashion world and experimental theatre.. In.. 2003.. , he signed his first music contract with a German label,.. DJ Hell's International DJ Gigolo Records.. , becoming the first and only Italian producer in Hell's factory.. Released in August 2003,.. his first single Macho Boy became a fashion-world instant classic.. The 12" was included in many CD compilations related to the world of style (Givenchy, Versace, Colette Paris,  ...   exhausted, and 2013 will be the year of the.. "Macho Boy Females Reworked Edition 2013 , featuring Anna Patrini, Yasmin Gate, Plasman, and Cani Giganti, released in both DIGITAL and 12 (distributed by.. vinyllabor.. ) by 51BEATS.. FULL DISCOGRAPHY.. BIO (IT).. audio preview.. 01.. 12'' VINYL exclusively available on Vinyllabor.. listen.. video.. 02.. DIGITAL available on JUNO Download.. from this artist.. releases.. 2 tracks - 02:30.. press.. ADRIANO CANZIAN Played.. live and as a dj.. in parties, clubs, and festival worldwide: Norway, Ukraina, Turkey, Mexico, Holland, Swiss, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.. ---.. FULL LIST.. HERE.. 2012-11-02.. - CANZIAN LIVE/DJ SET COCKETTE@ PLASTIC, MILAN, ITALY -.. Zero.. | Zero.. Press.. external links.. Bandcamp.. Facebook official.. next performance.. 02-03-2013.. other.. LIVE.. DJ.. SET.. INTERACTIVA @ O.. C.. A.. 02.. 03.. MILAN.. ITALY.. by.. Canzian.. on..

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  • Title: 51 beats - MACHO BOY Females Reworked ed. 2013
    Descriptive info: Adriano Canzian.. 2013-01-28.. 2 tracks - 02'.. techno , acid , minimal , electro.. OUT 28 January 2013---- IN BOTH.. VINYL 12".. AND.. DIGITAL.. Back to the future!!! With the crispy voices by.. Anna Patrini.. and.. Yasmin Gate.. , Adriano Canzian transforms the Macho Boy in pure acid techno 12 sensuality.. Containing 4 tracks (BLACK, GOLD, RED and PURPLE reworks),.. Macho Boy Females Reworked Edition 2013.. deflowers 51beats - at its first vinyl printing - with the.. new and modern dancefloor killer.. , available in both.. and.. 12 VINYL (distributed by.. ).. Four reworks for a new chromatic scale representing the different tracks moods.. BLACK,.. subterranean techno statement, it s an acid dialogue between cheeky vocal and thumping compressed percussions.. Pure sexual obsessions in minimal-key for.. GOLD.. , the second dancefloor killer track reworked by Canzian and.. , with 8bit sounds.. That is perfect for dawning after parties.. The.. RED.. rework holds the electro techno pushing by.. and their analogue synthesizers.. The Arabic music incursions are just to stop breathing for a while, and then it s time for the prodigiously dance chase, again.. It all ends with.. PURPLE.. , hypnotic minimal suspance with increasing vocal and breathtaking percussions.. De pequeña era viciada y de grande soy viciosa.. says everything about this release.. Oops!.. 12" VINYL.. : EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION BY.. VINYLLABOR.. COM.. :.. JUNO Download.. and other stores soon !!!.. A1.. BLACK version Canzian (feat Anna Patrini) -.. 7 34.. A2.. GOLD version Canzian Plasman (feat Anna Patrini) -.. 5 56.. B1..  ...   Boy Red e Macho Boy Purple , affidate vocalmente ad Anna Patrini (le prime due) e a Yasmin Gate (le restanti).. In ognuna delle rivisitazioni sussistono gli elementi riconducibili all originale (linee vocali dal contenuto erotico, riferimenti Dark ed Industrial), ma vengono piacevolmente variati nelle sinergie strette con Plasman e i Cani Giganti:.. ".. Sounds Behind the Corner.. Erotismo.. clubber.. quindi, un poker ad alto coefficiente seduttivo tramite due vocalist in gara per chi nella voce custodisce la giusta malizia necessaria a far diventare un brano di ottima acid-house in un piccolo plagio mentale.. EVENTS.. Killerrr:.. Review and Release party !!.. Release Party.. ZERO.. LINKED/DISCUSSED.. Killerrr.. Maccheroni Elettronici.. Discogs.. Nupharmic.. SUPPORTED BY.. Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk), Richie Hawtin (Minus), Giorgio Valletta (DJ Mag), Giusuè Impellizzeri (DJ Mag), Robert Grand (Additan radio/Recordings), Eddy Romero aka Sysknob (Expmental Records/Soundvision), Giuliano A.. L.. (Hotel Es Vive' Ibiza Cafe Del Mar Ibiza Kama Sushi Ibiza), Das Fachpersonal (Cubetribe Records), Datamatrix (Cosa Nostra, Unbrokenbeat, Carmarage, fnoob), Dj Slam (Soma rec.. ), Bart van Rijn (xt3radio.. Stug Music), Alexander Bien (electrosound.. tv), Marcel Sareyka (Partysan Nord / Feierei.. de), Fraulein Z, Nicola Guiducci.. Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk): "love the GOLD version because of its sounds and brilliant vocal/vocoder work.. Mag - Tsugi (Tsugi magazine): "cool EP!".. Das Fachpersonal: "Black and Gold: we will spin that shit! - Thanks!".. Dj Deadswan: You can't go wrong with Adriano Canzian.. Solid work!.. Fraulein Z: I love it!.. Richie Hawitin: Downloaded for richie Hawitin !.. Nicola Guiducci: Very Good!!!.. USED.. Additan radio..

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  • Title: 51 beats - news
    Descriptive info: 51beats news.. QWARTZ 9 | party with Cani Giganti and Derrick May.. MACHO BOY Females REVIEWED on sounds behind.. YOUAREHERE enters the Drakkar-Dragster Roster.. MACHO BOY FEMALE EDITION OUT (12" & digital).. Brain Confusion (Cani Giganti) in the best of 2012 here !!.. XMAS COMPILATION RELEASE PARTY with MEGAPHONE !!.. "Megaphone's Xmas Nightmare", compilation.. 51beatsOUT ! - Release Party - MICRO.. MICRO: "World's Biggest Something" net-release out!.. YOUAREHERE new live dates !!!.. Wellcome ADRIANOCANZIAN !!!!!!.. 51beats on INDIE-ROCCIA (ex INDIE ROCK).. CANI GIGANTI in The TECHNO PODCAST !!!!.. PLASMAN in the A.. CANZIAN 2012 Summer Podcast!!!.. CANI GIGANTI in the Milanoize Compilation #4.. Nino NK Lo Bue interviewed@Percezioni Festival.. CRABNEBULA : New Review on "Sounds Behind.. "!!!!.. Campane by CANI GIGANTI mixed in Stra Radio.. robidat djset @ EVERYBODY OUT with  ...   remix ADRIANO CANZIAN.. CANI GIGANTI: "BRAIN CONFUSION" is out !!!!!!!.. YOUAREHERE: As When The Fall Leaves Trees (CD) is OUT!!!!.. Leprottophobia by Il Leprotto NOMINATED AT QWARTZ 8!.. 'Brain Confusion Tour' launched !!!.. 51beats showcase at 65m2.. YOUAREHERE Recensiti su Rumore - voto 8 :).. Robidat new mixtape: "From Old School to High School".. YOUAREHERE interview on Rockerilla, Feb.. 2012.. YOUAREHERE: As When the Fall Leaves Trees rated 7/10.. IoLimonoTulipani 2012 !.. 2 51beats live sets uploaded on our Mixcloud channel.. edPorth: "Key Black" in the best 10 of 2011 !!.. PRESENTAZIONE ALBUM YOUAREHERE.. Plasman live set @ Dance Different.. YOUAREHERE: "As When The Fall Leaves Trees" is OUT!!.. Tape (YOUAREHERE) - official videoclip.. YOUAREHERE is REVIEWED on Rockerilla.. release out 15 of December!.. New release: The Swindler Beat: Nabu'.. calendar.. Jannuary..

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  • Title: 51 beats - The Swindler Beat live | Gollywop djset @ Kernel Night
    Descriptive info: 10-04-2013.. DETTAGLI EVENTO:.. E tempo di Kernel Nights, è tempo di Fuorisalone.. Con la terza edizione del festival ormai alle porte, Kernel riapre i battenti e lo fa nella settimana più movimentata e ricca di iniziative per la città di Milano.. Dal 9 al 14 aprile, il nucleo operativo del Kernel si troverà alla.. Fabbrica del Vapore.. , poliedrico laboratorio di idee e di esperienze creative, perfetto teatro per le Kernel Nights.. DAY by DAY:.. //Da martedì 9 a Domenica 14 h.. 10.. 00 21.. 00.. OSCILLA by A.. Santini.. (Interactive sound installation).. POP-UP MAPPING.. (Video Scenografia by AreaOdeon + Kernelfestival).. //Martedì 9 dalle 19.. 00 alle 24.. Aperitivo by Mastrofisso.. CUMINO (Live) 21.. HELZAPOP (Dj-Set) 19.. 00 - 21.. 00 // 22.. 00 - 24.. //Mercoledì 10 19.. Aperitivo by Bloom.. GOLLYWOP.. _51Beats (.. Dj-Set.. ) 20.. 00 - 22.. 00.. THE SWINDLER BEAT.. Live.. ) 22.. //Giovedì 11 19.. Aperitivo by Il Milanese Imbruttito.. Carl Ewart + Mattafunk (Dj-Set) 19.. Fana (A/V Live Show) 23.. //Venerdì 12 21.. 00 alle 3.. Special Guest tbd.. //Sabato 13 21.. cura di CLUB NATION.. Broke One (Dj-Set).. Nathan Fake (Live).. //Domenica 14 19..  ...   Si tratta di un installazione sonora, di uno strumento audiovisivo disegnato e sviluppato da Andrea Santini, artista audiovisuale indipendente, che permette un interazione musicale tra più utenti all interno di un ambiente visivo reattivo.. - POP UP-MAPPING.. Formula che sviluppa soluzioni scenografiche innovative adattabili a differenti spazi.. La scenografia modulare componibile POP-UP MAPPING attiva una profonda interazione con il pubblico attraverso spettacolari esperienze che modificano la percezione dello spazio fisico definendo nuovi paesaggi emozionali.. - Kernel Corner, gadget e merchandising.. Nella settimana milanese più ambita e invidiata a livello internazionale e in una cornice unica come la Fabbrica, Kernel Nights si staglia come un evento imperdibile.. Luci, suoni, musica, arte contemporanea e interazione tra le persone si fonderanno tra di loro creando la classica atmosfera avanguardista e altamente suggestiva che ha reso celebre Kernel e il suo universo in tutto il mondo.. Tra una mostra di design e un aperitivo offerto in Tortona, non passare da qui sarebbe imperdonabile.. Kernel al Fuorisalone è una collaborazione tra FDVLAB, AreaOdeon e Shining Production.. / Get in Contact.. https://www.. com/.. KernelFestival.. lafabbricadelvapore.. http://.. www.. shiningproduction.. it/.. The Swindler Beat Live.. Gollywop:.. mappa.. Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa..

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  • Title: 51 beats - 51beats @ Qwartz Massive Night au Petit Bain | Plasman and Cani Giganti live !!!!
    Descriptive info: 05-04-2013.. 05 avril 2013.. Qwartz Massive Night au.. dDamage.. (Tsunami addiction/France).. live.. ZoiD dj.. (Diatribe records/Irlande).. Dj set.. sylvgheist maëlstrom.. (Hands/France).. Live act.. (51 beats/Italie).. live act.. (51 beats/Italie).. Petit Bain 10.. 7 Port de la Gare.. 75013 Paris.. Au pied de la BnF, à côté de la Piscine Joséphine Baker.. M 6 : Quai de la Gare /M 14 / RER C : Bibliothèque François Mitterrand /Bus 62 arrêt BnF /Stations Vélib à proximité.. TECHNOPOL.. PETIT BAIN..

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  • Title: 51 beats - about
    Descriptive info: about 51beats.. 51beats an electronic experience.. is an independent electronic music label having the mission to promote high quality, non-commercial, innovative, and emotional sounds without distinctions among genres.. The label supports all the different flavours of electronic music, ranging from ambient to techno passing through electrofunk, electroacustic, minimal and idm.. Born as a.. netlabel.. in 2008, 51beats published since then about 40 high quality electronic music net-releases, all available for the free download with.. Creative Commons.. (CC) licences.. The label has been internationally recognized with a range of nominations at the.. QWARTZ 'Electronic and New Music Awards'.. Editions 6 (.. discovery.. category), 7 (.. dancelfoor.. compilation.. categories), 8 (.. dancefloor.. category), and 9 (.. track.. category), where 51beats and its artists competed with labels like Raster Noton, Shitkatapult, Anti-Zen, Kompakt, Minus,.. and with worldwide-recognized artists such as Boys Noize, Tim Raumschmiere, Hobo, Erol Alkan,.. In 2010, 51beats starts publishing limited editions CDs and, in 2013, the.. first 12.. dancefloor-oriented vinyl.. To discover and promote new and talented artists which are far from standard commercial channels is a 51beats major objective, and our 'electronic experience' currently comprehends events organization and booking support/management for some of the label artists.. LICENSING -.. Since 2012, 51beats is registered as a Publisher at the Danish Collecting Rights Society.. Koda.. , which has a modern approach to the copyright rights managing, administering and collecting royalties also for artists/publishers who licence their works with.. 51beats is now applying a flexible releasing approach, on one hand by publishing works under non-commercial.. BY-NC-ND 3.. 0 CC licence.. with artists not necessarily belonging to any collecting right society; on the other hand using a more traditional all rights reserved approach, especially directed toward exploitation of commercial uses of musical works.. 51beats encourages artists at the beginning of their professional career, to join societies administering also CC-licensed works (i.. e.. ), so to be able still to freely/legally share the works, at the same time collecting royalties when works are used in commercial contexts.. DEMO POLICY.. - SUBMIT your music to.. submit[@]51beats[dot]net.. or (preferred) send us a link to your files.. Usually we try to listen and give comments to all  ...   51BEATS is.. : Roberto Mantovan, Carlo Decristofano, Carlo Vergani, Marcello Martin, Filippo Falco, Stefano Grippia, Maracuja, Davide "Debe" Debenedetti.. Italian.. REVIEWS.. SOUNDS BEHIND THE CORNER.. "51 Beats è alle prime luci produttive nell agone delle piccole label ma in tre anni ha già manifestato la propensione ad investire crediti ed energie su act in grado di proporre elettronica non fine a se stessa, cercando l anima nel gelo dei synth,.. ROCKERILLA.. bisogna scandagliare i sotterranei delle scene musicali, affacciarsi su bandcamp o seguire le illuminate netlabel che continuano a pubblicare dischi incredibili.. Proprio sul portale della 51Beats, poco prima della fine del 2011,.. BEATBEAR.. La.. 51beats.. si sta pro po nendo con autorev olezza nel panorama elet tron ico ital iano con una serie di lavori tra.. techno.. e.. ambi ent.. carat ter iz zati da un ottima qual ità sonora e dall occhio striz zato a dance floor esi genti.. INTRUDERS TV.. Milan s.. strives to develop a vibrant selection of dynamic, non-commercial, innovative, and emotional artists by using the enormous potentiality of the web for promoting their work.. 51Beats, una delle più rinomate net label italiane,.. " ".. la vitalità del nuovo corso sonico nasce in rete ed è da lì che oramai gran parte del suono innovativo arriva.. NETMUSIC LIFE.. 51Beats continua il suo cammino promuovendo ottimi album.. e diversi eventi nella provincia di Milano.. per noi è fondamentale la qualità e 51 Beats è ampiamente riconosciuta come etichetta che cresce nella rete progetti peculiari ed affascinanti.. 51beats, che ha la capacità di dedicarsi alla musica elettronica con un'ampia veduta fa centro con un album profondo e immaginifico, buio ma speranzoso.. " (riferito a.. edPorth: Key Black.. 51 Beats è una nicchia nel mondo elettronico che si alterna tra produzioni dance ed altre che lo sono meno ma, in entrambi i contesti, privilegiando la qualità degli artisti,.. ONDAROCK.. la.. benemerita netlabel.. lode v ole.. , label indipen dente di musica elet tron ica che sup porta i più dif fer enti generi musi cali, pro po nendo nuove leve tramite licenze Cre ative Com mons.. INTERVIEWS.. INDIE-ROCCIA.. 51beats @.. QWARTZ7.. for.. QWARTZ GLOBAL MEDIA.. MISCELLANEA.. QWARTZ Market..

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