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  • Title: 4B2B Business
    Descriptive info: .. B2B Business.. Business.. IT & Technology.. Business Property.. Business Travel.. Business Terms.. Other Resources.. The Business To Business Exchange.. Disability Discrimination Act Does your property comply.. The DDA was enacted in 1995, but came into force fully in October 2005 and makes it unlawful to discriminates against disabled people.. The Act has a wide range of definitions and obligations on employers and service providers.. It includes the need to make changes to commercial property to allow full access for disable people.. Find out more information in our.. introductory guide to the DDA.. Filed under:.. Commercial Real Estate.. C M March @ 12:04 pm.. Comments (0).. Property terms added.. The business glossary resource is growing with the addition of a number of property related terms, including an overview of.. business rates.. in the UK.. Business and Site News.. C M March @ 2:47 pm.. Meeting etiquette and dealing with the habitually late.. Last week, I talked about Time, and how people s understanding of time effects their daily routine, and that of others.. Today I would like to elaborate on this idea, with an example to illustrate the point.. One client we worked for was always late for meetings, regularly 30 to 45 minutes late, every time.. There was one notorious occasion when a large meeting involving several companies was held up for over an hour; when this particular client arrived she apologised saying “I am sorry I am late, I’ve just been to a time management seminar”.. Some seminar! So how can you deal with people like this, who are inherently late? Even with important clients it is vital to set ground rules.. For meetings, state in advance:.. The time the meeting is to start.. How long you have allowed for the meeting.. Send out an agenda, in advance, with an guide to the time allocated to each item.. Stick to those timings.. For longer items, or where it looks like you will overrun, particularly where there is unlikely to be a clear consensus, give a five minute warning.. Say “we will vote on this in five minutes, has anyone any closing comments” and stick to that, as far as possible.. If attendees are late, don’t wait.. Start the meeting and don’t re-cap.. Your time is important and valuable too.. If latecomers insist on going over items they missed, you need to let them know that other items will have to be cut short or that you can only stay for the original time allocated.. Whilst these guidelines work best if you are the chair of the meeting, setting out your understanding of how a meeting will run in advance, can help all participants.. Time Management.. C M March @ 5:06 pm.. How to Be Brilliant Michael Heppell.. This is a book that strives to help you excel, to be better than just good, to be brilliant.. Michael Heppell sets out a number of tools to help you focus on the various areas of your life and select those in which you are going to shine.. He starts by showing how to assess where you are now, and where you want to be, before providing tools and examples to help you to achieve a brilliant future.. This is not a book for the  ...   3%, compared with the 20.. 5% recorded in the third quarter of 2004.. Prices are not rising in all areas, however, with falls recorded in the south-west, falling 1.. 5%, and in the south-east where they were down 1.. 1%.. East Anglia showed a reduction of 0.. 8% and in the east Midlands dropped by 0.. 4%.. Uncategorized.. C M March @ 1:56 pm.. Do you keep an Ideas Diary?.. Do you regularly have an idea on how something can be improved or a problem solved, and then, some time later remember that you forgot all about it?.. Often these thoughts will come to you when you are least able to take action on them.. If you keep a small notebook with you for jotting down these thoughts you need never forget them and can implement them when you have more time.. Think of it as an Ideas Diary.. And you don’t need to limit this to ideas for improvements, add business ideas, inspiring quotes or interesting facts that you may use in the future.. Alternatively, keep a Dictaphone or small digital recorder with you so you can make a voice memo there and then, but transcribe the thought at a later time.. If these are all written down in one place you can review them at your leisure and use them when you need to.. C M March @ 11:07 am.. Glossary of Business Terms.. Today we launch our.. Ultimately we plan to add explanations for hundreds of general business, financial and legal terms but have started off with a variety of business and property related terms.. You can currently find definitions from.. Arbitrator.. to.. Zone A.. rents and much more in between.. C M March @ 11:20 am.. Paper Management.. Stop wasting time shuffling paper around.. As soon as you get a piece of paper across your desk, do one of the following:.. 1) If you can, delegate the task.. 2) If you can’t delegate it, but the job can be dealt with quickly, in a minute or two, do it, there and then and file the paper away.. 3) If it will take longer than a few minutes then add the task to your to do list, and put the paper away in a pending file until you need it.. This process can be extended to deal with emails, faxes and even voicemails, as well as traditional correspondence.. Have a productive week!.. C M March @ 1:11 pm.. A not entirely scientific approach to property selection.. If you are looking for office accommodation at the moment, your problem is probably that there is just too much choice.. Whilst this means that there are some good deals on offer to tenants willing to sign up for reasonable lease terms, with the myriad of alternative office properties it is likely your desk, or that of your surveyors or property department, will be groaning under the weight of property brochures.. So how do you whittle this selection down, beyond the initial cut?.. One way is the use of a.. Property Cost Benefit Matrix.. C M March @ 10:43 am.. Next Page.. Contact 4B2B.. Categories:.. Business Articles.. Search:.. Archives:.. December 2005.. October 2005.. September 2005.. Featured Articles.. Serviced Offices.. Hosted by.. WHIZ.. Box.. |.. Important Information..

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  • Title: Business
    Descriptive info: Recent Articles.. Remote Email Solutions - Internet Roaming.. Todays busy mobile executive expects to be i.. Business Hub.. Day to Day advice on running your business more efficiently with tools, guides and resources to help get an improved return on expenditure.. This section also covers:.. Legal matters.. Tax issues.. Business Administration.. Resources.. Forming a New UK Company.. The procedure for forming a UK company is  ...   House.. (more.. ).. Business Plans.. "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.. " - Benjamin Franklin (more.. Financial Plan.. Your financial budgets should, where possible, be based on information that you can corroborate.. A Beginner's Guide To Better Time Management.. (Or how to do more, in less time and ask the Boss for a raise!) (more.. Working at Home.. Does your company allow home working? (more..

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  • Title: Business IT | Business Technology
    Descriptive info: Business IT And Technology.. IT and technology should have great impact on how a business runs and this impact should be wholly positive.. If not properly implemented however an IT infrastructure can be seen as a liability rather than an asset.. The resources you can find here will help in saving money on equipment and services as well as advice on how new technology can be best implemented.. Netwoking Solutions:..  ...   20,000 products and excellent prices.. Todays busy mobile executive expects to be in contact with their office wherever they may be.. That means they want remote email and intenet facilities.. Business Broadband.. The price and availability of Broadband in the UK is continuing to improve; is it time to look at your business connectivity again? (more.. Camera Phones.. Are the additional features, notably the built in camera really necessary? (more..

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  • Title: Business Property
    Descriptive info: Recent studies have shown that business do not use their business property to it's maximum potential.. (1).. This was quantified for UK business as up to £18 billion every year, a sum that could represent an increase in trading profits of 13%.. Despite these statistics and the fact that business property usually represents the second largest cost to an organisation after wages many businesses do not have any form of accurate assessment as to their real estate costs.. But all is not lost.. There are some simple steps that can save considerable sums including making a better use of space, hot desking and reducing facilities management costs.. (1)"Waste of Space" - RICS.. Why should you choose serviced office space over a traditional office lease? Serviced offices seem expensive, compared on a per sq.. ft/ sq.. m basis but they include a lot of services for the extra cost.. Key Real Estate Cost Indicators.. What should a business measure to assess the performance of a property portfolio?(more.. How can a  ...   space it needs differently in each location it occupies as very few have a written space standard.. How much office space.. Whilst there are no legal standards for how much space a workstation requires, there are some useful benchmark figures.. (more.. Calculating the true cost of office space.. The costs associated with office space are often significantly more than just the monthly or quarterly rent.. Comparing alternative properties: The Property Cost and Benefit Matrix.. So you are looking for new office accommodation? You probably know how much space you need, at least roughly, based on the number of staff who will be based in the office, desk share policies, densities and other facilities you need.. Disability Discrimination Act 1995-DDA.. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 is an overriding piece of UK legislation, designed to prevent discrimination against disabled people.. Whilst Part II of the DDA gives disabled employees rights against their employers, Part III of the DDA gives disabled members of the public access rights to goods, facilities and services..

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  • Title: Business Travel
    Descriptive info: Travel is a necessity for many businesses, particularly where your company has regional and international locations or Group companies.. Whilst the cost of the travel is often not insignificant, it is other indirect costs that can be overlooked, such as staff welfare and 'lost' working time caused through delays, fatigue and the time away from the office.. Business Travel Tips.. Business travel is a necessity for some professions and can range from being on the road day in and day out to more infrequent but longer trips away from your office..

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  • Title: Glossary of Business Terms
    Descriptive info: You searched for.. glossary.. Sorry, but that is not a term in our glossary.. Search Alphabetically.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z..

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  • Title: 4 B2B Resources
    Descriptive info: 4B2B Useful Resources.. These sites are not associated in anyway to 4B2B, but we have included links to them as you might find the content on their sites of value.. Business Issues.. >>.. General Business.. 2.. Legal.. Finance and Tax.. Investors and Investment.. Working From Home.. Business Opportunities.. Business for sale listings.. Real Estate.. US Real Estate.. General Real Estate.. Brokers and Agents.. Property Listings.. Property Investment.. IT and Communications.. General IT Resources.. Business communication.. Web site development.. Business Mobile Phones.. Broadband suppliers.. Conference  ...   Travel.. Hotels and accommodation.. Conference Centres.. Car Hire.. Services 2 Business.. Office moves furniture and fitout.. Business Software.. If you would like to add your link the please firstly link to 4b2b.. net and then send details of where we can find the link and how you would like us to link back.. You can email to:.. You can use the following format for your link to us:.. URL: http://www.. 4b2b.. net.. Title: 4 B2B Business.. Description: Business Resource, tools and information.. A.. WHIZbox.. resource..

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  • Title: 4B2B Business » Disability Discrimination Act – Does your property comply
    Descriptive info: No Comments.. No comments yet.. RSS.. feed for comments on this post.. TrackBack.. URI.. Leave a comment.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website..

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  • Title: Disability Discrimination Act 1995-DDA from the Business to Business website
    Descriptive info: The Act makes it unlawful for people and companies who provide goods, facilities or services to the public to discriminate against disabled people which includes a wide range of mental, physical and sensory disabilities.. Those covered embrace wheelchairs users, blind and partially sighted people, the deaf and hard of hearing, people with arthritis, people with long-term illnesses and people with learning disabilities.. Fully in force since October 2004, the Act requires that service providers consider making reasonable adjustments to their premises in order to overcome physical barriers to access.. As such all service providers need  ...   someone who is not disabled and where that treatment can not be justified.. Failure to make alterations to a property or facility or to change the way in which a service is offered which makes it impossible, or unreasonably difficult, for a disabled person could amount to unlawful discrimination.. If this feature cannot be changed, the service provider must find an alternative way of providing the service, where this is reasonable.. This is similar to the provisions affecting the duties of employers to their employees which are already in force.. Next>>.. Disability Discrimination Act 1995-Reasonable Adjustments..

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  • Title: 4B2B Business » Commercial Real Estate
    Descriptive info: The cost of office space.. Following on from our article on assessing the right amount of accommodation required, in.. The True Cost of Office Space.. we look at how the cost of this space can be assessed.. These criteria can also be used to benchmark existing offices and can help in locating cost anomalies across a portfolio.. C M March @ 10:24 am.. Focus on Property.. September is a time when many executives,  ...   existing accommodation or as part of an expansion drive.. Whilst most property decisions are still event driven, that is to say only become active because of a lease end or break opportunity, general changes in the business can also have these indirect impact on property.. With this in mind our guide to.. is required might give you the impetus to replan your existing office or look for more.. C M March @ 4:56 pm..

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  • Title: 4B2B Business » Property terms added
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