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  • Title: 4WebHelp - Welcome!
    Descriptive info: .. You are using a browser which is not compatible with CSS (for more information, see.. Tara's tutorial.. ).. Because of this, it is possible that our website may not appear correctly in your browser.. We apologise for the inconvenience, and recommend you upgrade your browser to one which is compatible with CSS.. For more information, please visit our.. Browser Upgrade.. page.. H.. ome.. FAQs.. F.. orums.. L.. inks.. N.. ews.. Online Tools.. phpBB.. Scripts.. T.. utorials:.. Apache.. CSS.. Databases.. Graphics.. Hosting.. HTML XHTML.. Miscellaneous.. Perl.. PHP.. A.. bout us.. C.. ontact us.. Contribute.. Credits.. Link to us.. News:.. RIP Netscape Navigator.. IP Atlas Updated.. Tutorial comment spam.. Forum problems.. phpBB Upgrades.. Search:.. Main site:.. Forums:.. Welcome!.. The.. members.. of the 4WebHelp team are pleased to welcome you to.. 4WebHelp.. , the site with resources for the budding webmaster.. Coming from a variety of web related backgrounds, our.. tutorial writers.. will endeavour to help you along your journey as a webmaster, web designer or programmer, whether you are an expert or a beginner.. If our vast variety of.. tutorials.. ,.. scripts.. links.. , and.. online tools.. do not meet your needs, our..  ...   depends on the current page's address.. For example, W3.. org's HTML validator is accessible by going to http://validator.. w3.. org/check?uri=your page's URL.. However you can also add a javascript based favourite which will validate the page you are currently viewing.. These handy favourites are called favelets.. For more information on favelets, please visit.. http://validator.. org/favelets.. html.. Active Topics from our.. Forums.. total forum members: 5452.. Forum Name.. Subject.. Time.. Advertisements.. Special Discount! 24/7 Unlimited Ticket Support for your hos.. 1 hour, 57 minutes ago.. General.. Fitted Kitchens Yorkshire.. 4 hours, 25 minutes ago.. decent Premium VPS hosting with high uptime.. 9 hours, 36 minutes ago.. Cheap Kitchens UK.. 11 hours, 14 minutes ago.. Graphics Flash.. 11 hours, 43 minutes ago.. Cheap Kitchens For Sale.. 12 hours, 21 minutes ago.. Kitchen Sale UK.. 13 hours, 4 minutes ago.. Chit Chat.. Fitted Kitchens Bristol.. 13 hours, 20 minutes ago.. ::.. go to the forums.. ::.. This page is Copyright 2002-2013, 4WebHelp.. It may not be reproduced without 4WebHelp's prior permission.. Copyright 2002-2013, 4WebHelp Team.. Disclaimer.. Privacy Statement.. UK hosting.. provided by 34SP.. com.. Page.. generation time.. : 0.. 019687 seconds 14 SQL queries executed..

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  • Title: 4WebHelp - CSS Basics
    Descriptive info: CSS Basics.. by.. Tara.. Last updated: 02/05/2012.. Write.. a tutorial for us.. Bookmark.. this tutorial.. Print.. Comment.. on this tutorial.. Biography:.. Tara has finished studying Indian religions and is now working as a project manager in Biel, Switzerland.. When she's not at the cinema, hanging around with friends, or throwing people around on a judo mat, you'll probably find her tinkering on her.. website.. and spending many an hour chatting with online friends all over the world.. See 1 more tutorial by Tara.. What is CSS? Why should I use it? Where can I learn more about it?.. Introduction.. his article is designed to be a quick.. introduction.. to using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).. If you are looking for information on table-less CSS layouts, my page about.. switching from tables to css for layout.. will serve you better.. his is not a complete tutorial.. It is an introduction designed to give the complete beginner some basic notions for dealing with the world of CSS and getting started.. Beyond the technical aspect, we would also like to point here to resources on the Internet which discuss the.. implications.. of using CSS (or not!), and how to use it.. OK, so what.. is.. CSS?.. stands for.. Cascading Style Sheets.. You have probably already used.. style sheets.. , with MSWord for example.. CSS is just the style sheet method to use with HTML.. We won't really discuss the cascading part too much here; you just need to know that style properties are inherited from parent element to child element, and that any later setting overrides previous settings.. And why should I use CSS?.. U.. sing CSS means adhering to the basic principle of.. separating design from content.. HTML (which stands for HyperText.. Markup.. Language.. ) was never designed to make your pages pretty.. It was designed to give.. structure.. to documents, leaving all the presentation work to the browser.. W.. ith the years however, browser companies have added "extensions" (some of which have become standards) supposed to give the designer some control over presentation.. And on their side, designers have been using "hacks" and "workarounds" to force HTML into producing a rigid layout.. David Siegel.. in the mid-nineties was a perfect example of this - though his attitude has changed since.. Indication if there is one that this "philosophy" is outdated?.. B.. ut why separate design from content? My page looks fine as it is!.. Easier maintenance.. I.. f you use style sheets in your word processing application, you will already have an idea of how style sheets can make life easier for you.. If I decide to change the font of all my headings, it is much simpler to change the rule in the style sheet which says "Headings are in WinkeyWonkey" than change each individual heading (overlooking the fact that you are bound to forget one).. ith HTML and CSS, same thing.. You can change 5.. font.. tags.. in each of the four pages of your site (though you will probably have much more!), or you can change a single line in your style sheet.. Cross-browser compatility.. oding HTML for structure allows your page to be read and its structure to be understood by any browser - even if it doesn't look as pretty.. Jakob Nielsen tells us that.. old browsers are here for a while.. , and although the.. browser push.. has good hope of making things change, there are still here.. New mediums and devices to access the web are becoming more popular every day.. Now it is palm pilots and cellphones, tomorrow it might be your wristwatch.. Accessibility issues.. allows the user to override the designer's style sheet settings with his own.. This is particularly  ...   successfully walked a few people through them, I can assure you that it is feasable - and in some respects, much simpler than battling with complicated layouts.. Step-by-step instructions.. First, write your pages in very.. plain HTML.. Do not include.. align.. attributes, or.. Do not use.. p.. or.. br.. to add extra spaces.. Simply use HTML as it was intended to be used: to indicate the.. of your document.. If you want to support both NN4.. x and IE, use.. linked.. For that, you need to enter the following line in the.. head.. /head.. part of your document:.. link rel= stylesheet href="/yourstylesheet.. css" type="text/css".. assuming "yourstylesheet.. css" is the name of the style sheet and it is placed in the root directory of your site.. If you judge that NN4.. x and older browsers are too bad with CSS to be allowed to choke on your stylesheet (and I would agree with you on that!), use.. @import.. instead:.. style type="text/css" media="all" @import "/yourstylesheet.. css"; /style.. Create a new plain text file named "yourstylesheet.. css" (or whatever), and place in it the rules for your style sheet, like for example:.. A:link, A:visited, A:active {text-decoration: none; font-weight: bold}.. A:hover { color: red}.. P { line-height: 120% }.. STRONG {font-weight: bold}.. EM {font-style: italic }.. ADDRESS { font-style: italic; text-align: left}.. nav,.. content { background-color: #FFCCFF }.. attention { color: #FF0000, font-weight: bold }.. or whatever you want to define.. Properties applied to HTML tags (in uppercase here) are applied to each instance of that tag.. To apply a.. class.. (starting with a period, like ".. content"), you need to call it using the.. attribute.. Almost all tags support that attribute.. Examples:.. p class="content.. table class="nav".. span class="attention".. For more detailed information on using style sheets, have a look at the resources listed in the sidebar and on the.. table-less.. Word to CSS.. If you have Microsoft Word documents that need converting to HTML, I strongly encourage you to use.. W2CSS.. as it produces clean and standard code.. CSS-enhancement: basic principles.. arning.. : as I have mentioned just about everywhere I could, I do not recommend CSS-enhancement any more.. What I recommend now is to.. use only CSS.. for all presentation questions, including.. columnar layout.. irst, you need to have handy a.. reference.. which indicates which properties are supported by which browsers.. Do not believe it blindly (the ultimate test is to test yourself!) - but it can help you get a clear view of the - dismaying - situation.. he idea is to make a page which looks OK in all browsers, and which looks better the more the browser can digest CSS.. In particular, you will use CSS to do the things that only CSS can do.. f you are not ready to.. replace your layout tables with CSS.. , please keep them simple! You'll notice that the.. cellpadding.. cellspacing.. attributes will still be needed, because of the poor support for the CSS.. box model.. in.. certain browsers.. f you have questions or suggestions about this tutorial, feel free to.. email me.. : tara@climbtothestars.. 4WebHelp and.. Comments on this tutorial.. Name: Rob Miller.. ud_Miller2575.. at.. escapedemail.. dot.. com.. Name: sezer.. ascemilas.. hotmail.. CSS TEXT examples , Properties , Attribute -.. http://css-lessons.. ucoz.. com/css-text-properties.. htm.. Name: Guna.. gunasundarn.. gmail.. very excellent.. Name: Bobi.. openbsd.. openbsd-france.. org.. I like drink pivo.. Thanks.. Name: phenterminekrosavcheg1.. xvvoditel_torpedi.. dontknow.. Hi Nice Book.. Name: Josh Markham.. none.. Great tutorial! Just what I needed! I can't believe how easy CSS is to use after finishing this.. Name: Andrew Kumar.. andrewkumar2002.. EXCELLENT!!! This is a great basic introduction to CSS!!! Credits Tara.. You did a great job.. Add a new comment.. 28806 seconds 9 SQL queries executed..

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  • Title: 4WebHelp: Browser Upgrades Page
    Descriptive info: Upgrade Notice.. You probably arrived at this page because your web browser is outdated and can not handle most of the technology used on our site.. Some of these techologies, like.. , have been around since 1996 (see.. Tara s Tutorial.. for more information).. Sites like.. Wired News.. ESPN.. All The Web.. use these standards, and most people use web browsers that can handle them.. No need to worry, though.. To take full advantage of the modern Internet, including this site, all you need to do is download a modern web browser.. You can either upgrade to the  ...   handle this technology correctly:.. Mozilla.. (1.. 5 or higher).. Mozilla Firebird.. (a slimmed down version of Mozilla with fewer features).. Opera.. (for Windows, 7.. 2 or higher; for Mac, 6.. 0 or higher).. Safari.. (Mac only, 1.. Netscape.. (7.. Internet Explorer for Windows.. (6.. Internet Explorer for Mac.. (5.. If you are using AOL or Compuserve, make sure you have updated to the most recent version.. If you do not wish to upgrade your web browser, you can.. go back.. and view our site without visual style.. To learn more about web standards, visit.. The World Wide Web Consortium..

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  • Title: 4WebHelp Forums :: Index
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. Search.. User Groups.. Forum Admins.. Smilies List.. Statistics.. Rules.. Login.. Register.. utorials.. Mailing list.. Please consider registering:.. registration.. is fast, easy and free!.. Benefits of registration:.. Free advertising for your website: Every post in our forums goes towards a credit of ads, which are displayed on most pages of our forums.. Each post gives you 400 ad impressions.. To submit your ad,.. edit your profile.. Discount at TemplateMonster: All our members enjoy a 10% discount at TemplateMonster.. com!.. Private Messages: Exchange private messages with other members of the forums.. Message Tracking/Subscription: phpBB enables you to subscribe to threads which interest you, and will then email you when a reply is posted.. phpBB also remembers which posts registered users have read during a session, which means you can keep track of which posts you have already looked at.. Latest News.. Register now: All our forum members enjoy a 10% discount at TemplateMonster.. Forum Index.. Forum.. Topics.. Posts.. Last Post.. 4WebHelp:.. Everything related to 4WebHelp.. Announcements.. Announcements made by the 4WebHelp Team will be posted in here.. This forum is set to.. read-only.. mode.. 50.. 64.. 3 years, 11 months ago.. Daniel.. Our Site: Feedback & Questions.. Talk about matters related to 4WebHelp in this forum.. 165.. 1318.. 1 day, 11 hours ago.. New.. General:.. Talk about general matters in these forums.. Anything that doesn't fit into the other forums goes in here.. Posts made in this forum will not contribute towards your post count.. 387.. 1378.. 13 hours, 21 minutes ago.. doraemon.. Freedom2Surf.. Forum for current or past.. customers.. 112.. 730.. 16 hours, 34 minutes ago.. adeliasari.. Forum for companies' advertisements (.. limited to  ...   koroskaman.. Server-Side Coding.. Discuss and get help with all server side coding languages, such as PHP, Perl, Python.. 1991.. Pozycjonowanie pagin WWW.. 1 month, 1 week ago.. Slowlrori.. Discuss and get help with databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Access.. 106.. 478.. Can anyone recommend a shopp.. 3 months, 2 weeks ago.. Surrogate.. Web Servers.. Discuss and get help with web servers such as the popular Apache, IIS, Xitami, Zeus.. 108.. 415.. Fitted Kitchens Plymouth.. 1 week, 1 day ago.. romansa.. Hosting & Domain Names.. Find a host and discuss web hosting, domain names, control panels, billing software, etc.. 282.. 1908.. Fully Managed cPanel Servers.. 4 weeks ago.. pacifich.. Graphics & Flash.. Discuss and get help with graphics and Flash, using software such as Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash.. 69.. 341.. 11 hours, 44 minutes ago.. Board Information.. Who's Online?.. In total there are.. 26.. users online :: 0 Registered, 0 Hidden and 26 Guests [.. 4WebHelp Team Member.. ] [.. Forum Moderator.. ].. Most users ever online was.. 2283.. on Thu Dec 30, 2004 5:51 pm.. Registered Users Online: None.. Users who visited during the last 24 hours:.. arumita.. dianeka.. edelweis5.. gempol.. gingerbread.. halimah09.. jayalost.. kimochi10.. mayfie123.. meilana.. miftaqun.. Santrex.. success.. tolelot.. unTRAnsParent.. wakawaka.. yvetale.. Our users have posted a total of.. 14797.. posts within.. 4816.. topics.. We have.. 5452.. registered users.. The newest registered user is.. Username:.. Password:.. Remember me.. New posts.. No new posts.. Forum is locked.. Page generation time: 0.. 09848 seconds :: 13 queries executed :: All Times are GMT.. Powered by.. 2.. 0 2001, 2002 phpBB Group :: Based on an FI Theme..

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  • Title: 4WebHelp - Links
    Descriptive info: Links.. On this page you will find a collection of links to sites which we find useful or interesting, and we hope they will be of some help to you.. The links have been categorised for your convenience.. Bulletin Boards.. Cookies.. MySQL.. Hosts.. 021402 seconds 5 SQL queries executed..

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  • Title: 4WebHelp - In the news
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  • Title: 4WebHelp - Online Tools
    Descriptive info: On this page you will find a collection of tools or utilities which we hope you will find useful.. These tools are to be used directly on our website, so you do not need to install them yourself.. Link to our Scripts section.. htpasswd Encryption Tool.. Encrypt your passwords for use with Apache's password protection system.. by Bill Daniel.. Domain Lookup Tool.. Find out if a domain name is available, and if it isn't, find out who owns it.. by Daniel.. HTML Character Codes.. Find out the codes for special characters in HTML.. IP Atlas.. Find the approximate location of an IP.. Meta Tag Generator.. Generate meta tags to add to your web pages - the essential step to get into search engines.. Password Generator.. Need a secure password, which doesn't mean anything? Use our random password generator.. phpBB IP Converter.. To save on database space, phpBB encodes IPs  ...   on the scrollbar; we have it all explained.. Only works for IE 5.. 5+ users.. Traffic Calculator.. This tool will convert your monthly traffic (or.. bandwidth.. ) allowance into different units (Bytes, KB, MB, GB.. ), and divide it up into a daily traffic allowance, so thay you know how much traffic you can use every day.. Lastly, you can choose the accuracy of the calculations (number of decimal places).. by Adam.. Unix Timestamp Converter.. Many scripts these days use Unix timestamps to store times of various events.. However, even though this format takes up less space in your database, it is almost impossible to convert without using a converter.. Web Glossary.. Find out the explanation of all those technical terms which you don't understand.. Web Safe Colors.. The 256 colors which you should use to maintain compatibility with older computers.. Back to Top.. 035838 seconds 6 SQL queries executed..

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  • Title: 4WebHelp - phpBB
    Descriptive info: phpBB Mods.. These mods should not be used in a live environment until the word final appears next to the mod's name.. Censoring turned off for admins/mods.. (final).. Include sender's name in private message notification.. phpBB Images.. Welcome to the phpBB Images page.. Here we have a selection of images, all based on images from ForumImages.. Please report any problems (especially missing zip files) to.. If you would like one of the sets in a different colour, feel free to.. contact Daniel.. , however there is no guarantee that it will be done, as the colour variations we can make are limited.. Image Sets.. Folder Images.. Mini Icons.. Online/Offline Images.. phpBB Logos.. Smilie Avatars.. Comments.. Name: kevinp2012.. kevin.. goodwin2012.. I think the PhpBB3 is not compatible with the Interent Explorer 8 in Windows 8??.. Can someone have any clue about this?? any patch or something??.. Kevin Peterson.. http://www.. schoolanduniversity.. Name: khan.. I like Ben games and I think Ben 10 is been a great game for last couple of years.. I like this game al lot.. http://ben10games.. zuhu.. com/.. Its the best game downloading site for couple of years.. You should check this out.. Name: Nahim.. Ben 10 games is the best game as I know.. I know this game for last 2 years.. Its totally virus free.. I recommend this site to visit and find some games.. Name: BetteMorton18.. saraward.. mail333.. I guess that to get the a href=.. http://bestfinance-blog.. com.. loan /a from creditors you should present a firm reason.. But, one time I have got a car loan, just because I wanted to buy a car.. Name: Nomi.. HA HA! Who would have thought that my quest for hosting knowledge would lead me to find a solution for my back acne! lol! Thanks Anna! And I love the design of your forum! Fun, funky, but still serious! Nice!.. Name: Anna.. anna.. acne-forum.. sorry, I forgot: the avatar is the problem.. Hi,.. please take a look at my forum (.. acne-forum.. ), I messed arround somehow.. thanks.. Name: XRumakTheBest.. iigxxixxiiix.. xrumer is the best program for promotion!.. It's have CAPTCHA recognizer, email verificator, and a lot of other functions.. But.. I forgot link to it.. Can you give me link to the xrumer description? screenshots, etc.. Name: Fred.. Works well, thankyou for the freebies!!!.. Name: Cappa Darwing.. darwing.. aol.. Congratulations on a great web site.. I am a new computer user and finding you was like coming home.. Continued success.. Name: Harlamp Hurrik.. hurrik.. I would like to wish you much luck.. And a lot of  ...   me what font you use on the red images? i know i have it.. i just can't think of the name of it lol.. Thanks for letting me know.. This is now fixed.. It was due to a PHP upgrade which required a change of code.. Name: X.. pcxpert.. mail.. ru.. You've got problems at your phpBB section, i get errors like: Quote:.. Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/4webhelp.. net/httpdocs/phpbb/folder/index.. Anonymous: Thanks for letting us know, but there were actually only two errors, both identical.. There were two /h1 tags which should have been /h2 tags.. Name: Anonymous.. anonymous.. Hello 4WebHelp Admins,.. Just quickly looking around and ive noticed that your index page in.. com/phpbb/ is nowhere near being valid xhtml 1.. 0 transitional.. Just thought id let you know.. Have a nice day.. Name: luchtzak.. Like this, thanks !!.. Quote:.. Is there any way to have a meta tag on a forum?.. Sure, just edit the templates/subSilver/overall_header.. tpl file.. Name: someone.. Name: Jack.. thanks for the proposal.. I was just wondering if you were thinking about extending your set of pictures to other languages.. I've anyway try harder with PSP and eventually got something a little better.. Regards,.. Hi,.. I enjoy very much your brown imageset.. I'm wondering how I can get them in French for my site.. http://opl-foca.. j-weber.. I've found the french set in silver, green, red but not brawn.. I've seen you've used FI sets and just change the color.. I've tried to do so with PantShopPro, but I'm not happy with the result.. Can you let me know what fucntion/parameter you've used to change it to your brawn version (starting from the red set I guess?).. Even better would be to have other languages available on your great website.. Unfortunately I do not have the time nor the will to go into translations, as Daz (Darren) has done.. However if you send me a link to the images you want converting to brown I can try to get them done for you.. For the time being, all I am doing is making different coloured images from the ones at.. forumimages.. I don't see how I can change the colour on black images!.. Same goes for the report and buddy list buttons.. If Daz from ForumImages does them, I can make them in different colours.. Name: Antony.. tmwstw.. slackslash.. net.. Can you please make some images for subBlack, for the hacks such as Buddy List and report this post? Please, thanks.. Original Images: 2013, Darren Burnhill, ForumImages.. 034984 seconds 8 SQL queries executed..

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  • Title: 4WebHelp - Scripts
    Descriptive info: On this page you will find a collection of scripts which we hope you will find useful.. They have been categorised for your convenience.. phpinfo();.. Date.. Find your base directory/document root.. Your IP.. PHPCounter.. by eKstreme.. Used Space.. Random Quote.. by Justin.. PHPTraK.. (PHP link tracker).. Server Uptime.. egbook.. (PHP guestbook).. phpBB MODifications.. 005361 seconds 5 SQL queries executed..

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  • Title: 4WebHelp - Tutorials
    Descriptive info: Need a little help? Need an introductory guide to PHP or CSS? Look no further, you've come to the right place.. Below you will find some tutorials which we hope you will find useful and instructive.. Find all tutorials by.. Adam.. Amadeus.. Bill.. Boris.. Ciaran.. Darren.. Dave.. eKstreme.. Jeremy.. Jos.. Justin.. Peter.. Rod.. SfCommand.. Tutorial.. Author.. Control File Defaults in Apache.. Creating Custom Error Messages in Apache.. Rewriting URLs with mod_rewrite.. March 28th, 2003.. Using your own Local Test Server with the works!.. Layout and Presentation Tricks.. April 11th, 2003.. The Basics.. Anatomy of a SQL Statement: Part 1.. March 29th, 2003.. Backing up your MySQL Database.. Installing phpPgAdmin.. Creating scan lines in Photoshop.. May 1st, 2004.. Rounded corners  ...   started with cPanel: Part 3.. February 26th, 2004.. Using ZoneEdit for DNS Management.. January 2nd, 2004.. XHTML Basics.. October 11th, 2002.. Five Questions about Favicons.. Java Applets: Making them work.. Permissions and CHMODing.. September 21st, 2002.. Using cron to automate tasks.. March 4th, 2003.. Making Perl Warnings and Errors appear where you want them.. September 11th, 2002.. Using Environment Variables in Perl.. Coding Tips.. January 7th, 2003.. Configuring PHP in a shared hosting environment.. February 11th, 2003.. PHPLib Database Abstraction.. The Extreme Basics.. October 1st, 2002.. To echo or not to echo.. Troubles with form variables.. January 6th, 2003.. What is PHP?.. We currently have a collection of 33 tutorials separated into 9 categories.. 242235 seconds 7 SQL queries executed..

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  • Title: 4WebHelp - Tutorials
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