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  • Title: How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly | As long as this blog a live, I will quit you out!
    Descriptive info: .. How To Quit Smoking Newbies Friendly.. As long as this blog a live, I will quit you out!.. 16.. Apr 2013.. Tips to Using an eCig Kit to Quit Smoking.. admin.. 1 Comment.. The best electronic cigarette is one that is specifically designed to help people quit smoking.. This can help cut down cravings so the process of letting cigarettes go is less painful.. Even those using a premium e cigarette will need plenty of motivation to go through with the process of quitting smoking.. Finding the right.. Read More.. 02.. Natural Ways to Quit Smoking.. Leave a Comment.. Using an e cigarette can make it easier to quit smoking, but as you try to cut down on the nicotine, cravings can make it difficult to keep going.. There are a few natural tools you can use to make the process a bit easier so you do not become dependent on your new tool.. 04.. Mar 2013.. 3 Ways Flavored e Cigs Can Help With Smoking Cessation.. If you do some research, you will find that there is some controversy about whether or not an e cigarette can help with smoking cessation.. Interestingly enough, many of these studies were carried out long before electronic cigarette manufacturers started producing smoking fluids with alternative flavors.. This, in turn, creates a situation where smokers.. 14.. Jan 2013.. Vaping Marijuana Is that Legal?.. As you may be aware, e cigarette products are slowly but surely making a number of laws designed to curb smoking obsolete.. This includes public bans on smoking as well as employer driven initiatives that prevent smokers from using conventional cigarettes and cigars while on the job.. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to.. 09.. What  ...   say they are surprised by the notion that smoking is bad for your health anymore.. They are constant television and radio advertisements, billboards on the highways and warnings on every tobacco product you can buy.. Many people know of the hazards involved in smoking, they just do not feel they have.. 15.. How to Deal With Cigarette Cravings.. Clearly, trying to quit smoking is one of the most difficult things that person will ever have to face.. If you have been smoking for any length of time, you most likely already know how tough it can be to try and stop even for a short period of time without having the feelings in.. 07.. The REAL reason of smoking.. Quitting smoking is a challenge for most people who want this, and for some it even seems impossible to succeed.. Even Barack Obama has struggled a while with that and it appears that he managed to overcome it recently.. All smokers feel they are possessed by an evil spirit.. In the first stage, the problem.. 31.. Oct 2012.. Get Rid Of Your Usual Snack: Cigarettes.. Some people claim they can’t give up smoking although they tried all the possible methods: patches, nicotin gum, e-cigarette etc.. On the other hand there are people who claim they smoked for years and years and the moment they said NO to smoking, they did not lay a finger on a cigarette ever since.. Search for:.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. Martha Lowry.. on.. Archives.. April 2013.. March 2013.. January 2013.. November 2012.. October 2012.. Categories.. cigarettes addiction.. quit smoking aids.. Uncategorized.. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. Copyright 2013 -.. How To Quit Smoking - Newbies Friendly.. Contango Theme by.. DesignOrbital..

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  • Title: Tips to Using an eCig Kit to Quit Smoking | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: Finding the right motivation can make the process that much easier, paving the way for your overall success as you work to improve your health.. Find Your Reason to Quit.. Electronic cigarette reviews often list dozens of reasons why it is worthwhile to quit, but you need to find a personal drive in order to be successful with your endeavor.. Think about your own health, saving money or bettering your family as you quit smoking.. Consider making an investment in the best electronic cigarette you can find.. Do not concentrate on anything but your goal as you try to find the urge to quit.. Do not try to quit for others, but find something that will help you stay focused on the task ahead.. There is plenty of motivation for quitting smoking, but you need to find something that is personal to you.. Set specific goals for the process and use these as a reminder for why you are working through the process of giving up cigarettes.. You cannot decide to quit smoking for someone else.. You need to decide to do it for yourself so you can stay focus and fight the urge to smoke.. Work within  ...   attempts to quit.. Don’t try to suffer through withdrawals unnecessarily.. There are plenty of products on the market to help you through these tough moments.. Understand that quitting smoking is a lengthy process and you might have setbacks.. Take them in stride and adjust your plan to fit the circumstances.. Even those using the best electronic cigarette products on the market are going to have times when the cravings become tough.. Use this as a way to determine what about your anti-smoking regimen may not be working and make the necessary adjustments so you can stay on track.. Use an.. e-cigarette review.. to get a more in depth feel for how these products can help those looking to kick their smoking habit once and for all.. Posted in:.. One Thought on.. May 6, 2013 at 2:49 pm.. said:.. Hi, nice article.. I really like it!.. Reply.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong.. Post Navigation.. Previous Post..

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  • Title: admin | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: Author Archives:.. Admin..

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  • Title: Natural Ways to Quit Smoking | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: Altering your lifestyle can make it easier to stick with your non-smoking regimen.. Giving yourself a distraction will help you cut down on the number of e cigarette cartridges you use, eliminating your need for nicotine.. Change Your Diet.. Even if you plan to use tools like an e cigarette to help you quit, changing your diet can make it easier to wean yourself off the nicotine.. Consuming foods like red meat can make cigarettes taste better.. Coffee and alcohol are also known to enhance the taste of cigarettes.. Fruits, vegetables, milk and juice are known to make cigarettes taste awful.. Many people have reported in an e-cigarette review that it is easier to take on the challenge of giving up cigarettes if they stick to a diet that makes regular tobacco taste unappealing.. Smokers also need to be careful about avoiding foods that make them gain weight, since most people will replace their cigarette habit with eating.. If you are having a lot of trouble kicking your cigarettes, eating a few pieces of candy or sucking on a glucose tablet can often help quell the craving.. Get Up and Get Moving.. People trying to quit  ...   quit smoking by using an e cigarette, you will need to find a way to cut down on your use.. Exercising has been fund to provide the necessary endorphins that can help you eliminate your cravings that make you miss your old habit.. Quit with a Friend.. If you decide to work with the cheapest e cigarette, consider picking one up for a friend as well.. Working with a non-smoking group will give you support to work on your habit.. Attending workshops give you the opportunity to share your struggles so you don’t feel alone.. As many as forty to sixty percent of people who try to quit with support wind up successful in their efforts.. Trying to quit with a friend can help you find the encouragement you need to keep going.. You can call each other when you are having a craving to provide distraction or encouragement so you can get past it.. This also provides a level of accountability so you are not as tempted to cheat.. If you are considering using an e cigarette to help you quit smoking, consider other natural tools that can make the process a bit easier.. Next Post..

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  • Title: 3 Ways Flavored e Cigs Can Help With Smoking Cessation | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: This, in turn, creates a situation where smokers can at least try using the best electronic cigarette.. ,.. paired with some basic aspects of psychology to get free of their addiction to nicotine.. How to Use Flavors You Don’t Like.. When it comes to smoking cessation, you will find it very important to reduce nicotine levels gradually.. Since e cigarette cartridges come with different nicotine concentrations, it tends to be a lot easier to control how much you use.. In this instance, you can purchase flavors that do not appeal to you in your usual nicotine concentration, and then use the dislike to help you avoid using that concentration as often.. How to Use Flavors You Do Like.. Consider a situation where you love the taste of blueberries.. If you buy electronic cigarette with blueberry flavored smoking fluid, you are bound to enjoy it.. When you want to stop smoking, you can start off by buying a concentration lower than you usually use.. Even though you may smoke a bit longer, you will still be taking in less nicotine over time than you would using your regular nicotine concentration.. Some other ways you  ...   with even lower concentrations so that you can curb both habits at the same time.. The Key to Stress Management.. As you read.. electronic cigarettes reviews.. , you are bound to notice that many people cannot quite smoking because of stress related problems.. This may include everything from social anxiety, difficult work environments, and problems at home.. If you are using nicotine to help you cope with these problems, electronic cigarettes can make it easier to obtain nicotine precisely when you need it.. This can easily help you reduce a number of problems that come up when you cannot get a nicotine fix when you need it because of smoking prohibitions.. Today, a number of websites offer a free e cigarette sample to people that have not tried specific electronic cigarettes.. Once you purchase these sample versions, you are sure to see why at least 30% of people that use them also found ways to stop smoking.. No matter whether you use avoidance or reward based techniques, at least this smoking cessation tool will also be one that supports managing other problems even as you strive to get free of your nicotine addiction..

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  • Title: Vaping Marijuana – Is that Legal? | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: As you may be aware,.. e cigarette products.. are slowly but surely making a number of laws designed to curb smoking obsolete.. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that some people are wondering if.. vaping marijuana.. will have a similar result.. As with so many other things surrounding the issue of legal vs illegal drugs, only time will provide any kind of reasonable answer.. Understanding Marijuana Laws.. Even though marijuana is illegal in many places, it is important to realize that lawmakers seek to prevent people from gaining access to a single compound, THC or tetra hydra cannabinol.. As you may be aware, this is the ingredient that produces hallucinatory effects.. Unfortunately, marijuana laws tend to be extremely complicated, as is public opinion on the matter.. No matter where you go, you will find people for and against the “drug war”, as well as many reasons for justifying each position.. If you truly want to understand how marijuana laws work, it is best to gain some ideas about the perspectives of people in mainstream society as well as how that affects the decisions of lawmakers.. Why Marijuana Vaping May Be Legal in Your Area.. Depending on where you  ...   cartridges become available with main ingredients found in marijuana, they will most likely be regulated as medical devices.. You should also be aware that:.. When you.. buy electronic cigarette.. for use with marijuana, you may not be able to obtain cartridges that contain THC.. Even a.. premium e cigarette manufacturer.. will most likely have to undergo all kinds of licensing and regulatory proceedings before they can produce and then sell.. marijuana vaping devices.. e cigarette kits dedicated to medical marijuana will most likely require a prescription.. As with so many other things, your insurance company may not be willing to pay for medical marijuana, even though it is clearly recognized as a superior alternative to legal medications used for pain and anxiety management.. Today, many people are fascinated by the way.. ecigs.. are revolutionizing nicotine delivery.. Others are beginning to wonder how these devices can be used to deliver the main ingredients found in marijuana.. No matter whether you have never used marijuana, need it for medical reasons, or use it for recreational purposes, rest assured this issue will be taking a spotlight as users and lawmakers seek to find a way to manage.. ecigs.. and their place in modern culture..

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  • Title: What Nobody Will Tell You– How to Quit Smoking Secrets | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: While your doctor may not say much about how to choose the best.. electronic cigarette.. , there is still plenty of information online about how to use ecigs in order to achieve smoking cessation goals.. Benefits of Ecig Flavors.. During the process of choosing e cigarette cartridges, you can enjoy the following advantages:.. e cigarette cartridges come in different flavors, which can be used as deterrents as well as rewards when breaking nicotine addiction.. Different flavors can encourage you to stay away from conventional tobacco, especially if there are other compounds in cigarette smoke that you happen to be addicted to.. A free e cigarette sample will give you some good ideas about how these flavors compare to real food as well as tobacco flavored products.. e cigarette kits can be used to help avoid weight gain during smoking cessation attempts.. You can use different flavored smoking fluids in cigarette shaped.. ecig bodies.. as well as ones shaped like cigars and hookahs.. Nicotine Dosage Control.. It is very important to realize that even the cheapest e cigarette comes with information about how much nicotine is included in the solution.. If you were not  ...   smoke translates to cleaner lungs.. Interestingly enough, many ecig manufacturers will not tell you that conventional tobacco has enough Polonium 110 in it to expose smokers to over 3000 chest xrays worth of radiation each year.. In fact, the tobacco industry has been hiding information about the presence of Polonium 110 since the 1960 s, when they realized they could not separate it from tobacco leaves.. This, in turn, has led to thousands of deaths each year from smoking that people attribute to other chemicals.. When you want to stop smoking, it is very important to know the truth about why your life is in danger from smoking tobacco.. From there, when it comes to the mechanical process of actually achieving your goal, being able to measure nicotine intake will be of immense benefit.. When it comes to maximizing psychological tendencies, there is no question that food flavored smoking fluids and nicotine dosing make ecigs an ideal smoking cessation device.. As an added bonus, you can look forward to reducing your risk of developing cancer simply because you will be exposed to less Polonium 110 and other dangerous chemicals found in conventional tobacco products..

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  • Title: Using Nicotine Gum to Stop Smoking | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: Some people cannot handle the cravings and withdrawals that their bodies go through and need something to help them along the way.. The nicotine patch has proven effective for many, but some people just do not like the idea of wearing one all day long.. There are other options available to you, such as using nicotine gum to stop smoking.. Nicotine gum, much in the same way the patch works, serves as a replacement for the nicotine that cigarettes were supplying to your body.. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and can be very difficult to break away from, which is why many people need the gum to help them through the cravings they have.. It can help you along as it replaces your smoking of cigarettes, still supplying you with a small of nicotine, but not any of the other toxins and chemicals that go along with smoking that can be so harmful.. When you opt to use the gum, you need to have some kind of plan in place for eventually not relying on any nicotine at all.. The gum is not designed to be used long-term as a permanent replacement for cigarettes.. It is really just  ...   able to stop using it altogether with more ease if you are at a lower dosage.. Be sure to follow the directions on the package closely.. You need to remember that there is nicotine in the gum and you do not want to ingest more than the recommended amount each day.. This will also make it easier for you to follow the directed course and eventually quit using the gum.. When you are thinking of quitting smoking by any method, it is always best to consult your doctor before you start.. Your doctor can then help you monitor your progress and see how well you are doing by using the gum.. If after a few months of using it you do not feel it has been effective, than you may want to try a different course of action.. Using nicotine gum to stop smoking is a good place to start for many people.. It will take willpower and the support of your family and friends to go along with the gum, but with determination you can make it through.. The gum can help provide you with the stepping stones you need to reach the goal of quitting smoking altogether..

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  • Title: Help is On the Way: Using the Nicotine Patch | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: Many people know of the hazards involved in smoking, they just do not feel they have the willpower to go through the process of quitting, no matter the benefits.. Thankfully, the medical world has found ways that can be of a great help to people when trying to quit smoking.. Over the recent years, the use of the nicotine patch has become an ideal for many people to finally kick the habit.. The patch itself has been on the market for several years now and has a proven success rate.. Many physicians the world over have prescribed it for their patients to help them quit smoking.. They work through the process of applying the patch to your skin.. A small amount of nicotine is then slowly released into your body over the course of the day as a replacement for smoking.. The nicotine is just enough to satisfy craving but a decrease from what your body has been exposed to.. Typically, a course of treatment lasts about twelve weeks.. The patches come in varying strengths and the patient will usually start off with the higher dose and then begin to work down in dosage, giving you less and less nicotine in your body over the course..  ...   the quitting process.. The patches cannot prevent you from picking up cigarettes at the store.. Nor can than stop you from being in places where others smoke or places you normally associate with smoking.. You will need to adjust your behavior if you really want to make this work.. Also, smoking while using the patch can be lethal and cause an overdose, so it should be avoided at all costs.. There can be some side effects that occur to people who use the patch.. Side effects are possible for anyone who uses any type of medication, and the percentages are very small of people who have an adverse reaction to the patch.. The most common side effect is some sort of skin rash in the location the patch is placed.. If the rash lingers more than a few days, you should see your doctor.. As with any medical process, using the nicotine patch should only be done under the care of a doctor.. They can properly monitor you to make sure you are not having any issues and track your health the entire time.. You can make it through the course of treatment and come out the other side a whole new person, feeling better about yourself..

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  • Title: How to Deal With Cigarette Cravings | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: If you have been smoking for any length of time, you most likely already know how tough it can be to try and stop even for a short period of time without having the feelings in your body that tell you to start again.. Even though you know how much it will benefit your health, the feeling inside that you “need” to have a cigarette can be overwhelming.. When you are giving up smoking, there are some things you can do to learn how to deal with cigarette cravings.. One thing many people try to do is to substitute for the cigarette by having something else in your mouth.. It may sound silly, but your body becomes accustomed to the idea of having a cigarette in your mouth all the time.. By simply replacing the cigarette with something else, like a lollipop or a toothpick, people have been known to curb some the cravings they have.. It keeps something with them so they do not feel the urge to put a cigarette in there.. Finding distractions for yourself can be a big help in taking care of these urges.. Many people find it is when they are idle or bored  ...   healthy snack to eat instead of smoking.. Many people try chewing gum or sunflower seeds as a healthy replacement.. They are also many low calorie, low sugar mints or candies that you could try instead of a cigarette.. You want to try and eat things that are healthier for you so you do not find yourself putting on a lot of weight while you try to quit smoking.. If you think that dealing with all of this is too difficult for you to do alone, try to find a support group in your area.. Many local churches or hospitals have groups that you can join with fellow smokers trying to quit.. You can all talk about strategies that work best for you and sometimes it is better to get another point of view to help you out.. When learning how to deal with cigarette cravings, always try to keep in mind how much better off you are not smoking.. Even though the cravings may be tough to cope with at times, keep telling yourself you need to work through it.. It will be difficult, but the cravings will pass and you will be further down the road to a healthier you..

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  • Title: The REAL reason of smoking | How To Quit Smoking – Newbies Friendly
    Descriptive info: In the first stage, the problem is put in terms like: “I ll quit smoking, but not today, tomorrow”.. Eventually we reach the stage where we either don’t possess the willpower, or there is something intrinsic to cigarettes, something that we need in order to enjoy life.. This whole thing with smoking is a mystery.. The only reason why we start smoking is that for which millions of people already have started, and yet each of them wants to haven’t had done it in the first place and everyone will say it s a waste of time and money.. We associate smoking with adulthood and strive hard to become addicted too.. Then we spend the rest of our life telling our children not to smoke and trying to get rid ourselves of this habit.. Typically, we start smoking to prove that we have grown and have become adults.. Some believe that smoking gives a sense of macho.. Some say: “I have what to do with my hands!” Okay, but why light up the cigarette? “It s about the feeling of smoke inhaled into the lungs.. ” Well this is a terrible feeling – it’s called suffocation.. Many people believe that smoking relieves boredom.. This is another aberration.. Boredom is a state of mind.. A cigarette has nothing interesting.. The reason why people smoke  ...   nice.. It’s just that we are undergoing some sort of a brain wash and we are inoculated the idea that smoking is just a habit and habits are hard to overcome.. The truth is that we form habits and get rid of them every day.. And then why does it seem so difficult to get rid of a habit that tastes horrible, kills us, costs a fortune, and of which we’ll be excited to get rid of anyway, and the only thing we have to do is to no longer practice it? The answer is simple: smoking is not a habit.. It’s addiction to nicotine.. That’s why it seems hard to give up smoking.. This explains why most smokers find it hard to quit smoking, because they don’t understand the drug addiction.. And they don’t understand it because they think that smoking gives them real pleasure and / or support and that they would make a real sacrifice if they gave up smoking.. Once you understand addiction to nicotine and the real reasons of smoking, you will stop smoking – as simple as that and in three weeks the only mystery that will remain to be untied would be this: how come you smoked for so long and why can’t you persuade other smokers about how nice it is to be a non smoker?..

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