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    Archived pages: 6 . Archive date: 2013-10.

  • Title: 2600 News | 2600
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. The Hacker Quarterly.. NOW ON STANDS!.. Current issue:.. AUTUMN 2013.. Digital Editions.. Now On Sale!.. Magazine.. Cover Gallery.. Submissions.. Code.. Radio.. Off The Hook.. Off The Wall.. Brain Damage.. Shadow Over Li.. Ministry of Truth.. VOLI.. Chatterbox.. Features.. Payphone Image Gallery.. Channel 2600.. The Hacker Calendar.. Special Features.. Freedom Downtime.. RNC 2004.. Around the World.. Cuba.. Events.. 2600 Meetings.. HOPE 94.. Beyond HOPE.. H2K.. H2K2.. The Fifth HOPE.. HOPE Number 6.. The Last HOPE.. The Next HOPE.. HOPE Number 9.. HOPE Videos.. 2600 Store.. Visit The Store.. Subscriptions.. Back Issues.. Clothing.. Club-Mate.. Search.. Enter your keywords.. View the results at Google.. , or enable JavaScript to view them here.. 2600 News.. MM.. DD.. YY.. UTC.. DISPATCH.. 10.. 24.. 13.. 0058.. NEW Off The Hook ONLINE.. 22.. 2210.. NEW Off The Wall ONLINE.. 10.. 1441.. 2600 NOW AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY.. 08.. 1013.. AUTUMN ISSUE OF 2600 RELEASED.. 09.. 26.. 0001.. RADIO SHOWS NOW AVAILABLE AS TORRENTS.. 05.. 1041.. 2014 HACKER CALENDAR RELEASED.. 04.. 2248.. NEW 2600 WEBSITE LAUNCHED.. 07.. 11.. 0412.. DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO 2600  ...   ISSUE OF 2600 RELEASED.. 0307.. VOLUME TWO OF 2600 NOW ONLINE - DRM FREE - IN KINDLE, NOOK, AND PDF FORMATS.. 11.. 12.. 0507.. AN OPEN LETTER TO OUR LISTENERS FROM THE STAFF OF OFF THE HOOK.. 0606.. THE FIFTH HOPE VIDEO ARCHIVE NOW ONLINE.. 09.. 0525.. 25.. 1432.. HELP US ELIMINATE ON-AIR FUNDRAISING IN OCTOBER.. 06.. 0424.. H2K2 VIDEO ARCHIVE NOW ONLINE.. 08.. 27.. 0322.. 2013 HACKER CALENDARS ARE OUT.. 21.. 0517.. NEW PHONE PHREAK SWEATSHIRTS RELEASED TO THE WORLD.. 07.. 0541.. HOPE NUMBER NINE CLEARANCE.. 02.. 0441.. VOLUME 28 OF 2600 NOW ONLINE - DRM FREE - IN KINDLE, NOOK, AND PDF FORMATS.. 0617.. HOPE NUMBER NINE AUDIO NOW ONLINE.. 19.. 1346.. HOPE NUMBER NINE DVDS AVAILABLE.. 1430.. [.. News Archive.. ].. (.. What's this?.. ).. TUESDAY:.. WEDNESDAY:.. Listen live to WBAI.. Now Available:.. The Best of 2600.. Dear Hacker.. 2600 Archive.. Comments:.. webmaster@2600.. com.. For subscription and merchandise info check.. this page.. first.. Copyright © 1995-2013 2600 Enterprises, Inc.. All rights reserved.. 2600 Magazine.. P.. O.. Box 752.. Middle Island, NY 11953 USA.. Telephone/Fax: +1 631 751 2600..

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  • Title: NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE | 2600
    Descriptive info: NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE.. Posted 24 Oct, 2013 0:58:18 EDT.. The new edition of Off The Hook from 23/10/2013 has been archived and is now available online.. "Off The Hook" - 23/10/2013.. Download the torrent here!!!!..

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  • Title: NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE | 2600
    Descriptive info: NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE.. Posted 22 Oct, 2013 22:10:34 EDT.. The new edition of Off The Wall from 22/10/2013 has been archived and is now available online.. "Off The Wall" - 22/10/2013..

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  • Title: 2600 NOW AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY | 2600
    Descriptive info: We're happy to announce yet another method of obtaining 2600 digitally.. You can now subscribe via Google Play.. This means that readers in the.. United States,.. Canada,.. the.. United Kingdom,.. and.. Australia.. can sign up for an entire year at a discounted price or obtain individual issues.. As Google Play expands its magazine service to other countries, we'll be available there as well..  ...   more immediately.. ) Please let us know how this service works for you and send us your ideas by writing to.. letters@2600.. Be assured that we're continuing to expand our digital selections while continuing to offer our traditional.. paper version.. Google Play - United States.. Google Play - Canada.. Google Play - United Kingdom.. Google Play - Australia.. Other Digital Platforms and Issues..

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  • Title: AUTUMN ISSUE OF 2600 RELEASED | 2600
    Descriptive info: The leaves have begun to turn and so have the pages of our.. Autumn issue.. as they fall into the hands of subscribers and casual readers alike.. If you're a subscriber and haven't gotten your issue yet, it will soon be time to panic.. But if you're not yet a subscriber, all you have to do is click.. here.. to become one!.. If you want something more immediate, we have a whole host of.. digital options.. that can get you the latest issue within seconds.. Subscribe!.. Get the current issue!!.. Explore the DIGITAL editions!!!..

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    Descriptive info: We recently made available our entire library of radio shows in high fidelity (128kbps) in addition to all new editions of "Off The Hook" and "Off The Wall.. " The response has been staggering.. So staggering that our bandwidth charges have soared.. Yes, it's bitterly ironic that we've provided something for free and the immediate result is that we must pay more in order to do this.. But we have a possible solution which we believe will work - with your help.. Many in the mainstream consider BitTorrent to be a tool used only for downloading movies and music, often without the permission of the copyright holder.. But it's so much more than that and here we have a perfect example.. By making our radio shows a part of the peer-to-peer file sharing universe, the bandwidth is distributed throughout the globe, our shows reside in many more places, and we're saved from having to shoulder the entire burden ourselves.. In many cases, downloading in this method will be even faster than it is from our  ...   as.. This can be scary to anyone who fears change or perceives this as a loss of control.. Here is the proof that these advances can solve a lot of problems and make access so much easier and better.. Here's how it works.. You can continue to download the new shows as 128kbps mp3s from our website or you can download the torrents files available on the same pages (and eventually on all of our radio show pages).. Once you have the torrents file, you must open it with a torrent client to start downloading the actual files contained withion the torrent.. You can find a list comparing different torrent clients on.. Wikipedia.. To ensure everything goes smoothly, we are only making the most recent shows available until everything is working smoothly.. You can download the torrent for the most recent Off The Hook.. Please seed the torrent awhile after downloading it and if the torrent refuses to start, please send us an e-mail (.. ) with information about your OS and your torrent client..

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    Archived pages: 6