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  • Title: 2020Plus with Mal Fletcher
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Social Comment.. Corporate.. Civic.. Broadcasting.. Press Media.. Publishing.. About Us.. 2020Plus.. is a London-based think tank on social change and leadership innovation, helping business, communities and individuals to deal proactively with future change.. Chairman: Mal Fletcher.. , social futurist commentator, keynote speaker broadcaster.. Connect with Mal Fletcher on:.. SOCIAL.. CHANGE.. We work to make sense of change; with research comment on major social issues ranging from family youth issues, to privacy, autonomy more.. Click here for more info.. LEADERSHIP.. We offer world-class resources to equip future-minded leaders teams for long-view strategic influence.. |.. Latest social comment editorial:.. Bad For Our Health: A Culture Of Over-Prescribing Drugs.. 'Reality is just a crutch for people who can't handle drugs.. ' So said American author Robin P.. Williams.. Her remark was made with her tongue firmly filling out her cheek, but it may carry an important message for a culture that has become overly dependent on prescribed drugs.. The message is this: reality and drugs are unnatural bedfellows.. Improving one's realit.. click here to read the full editorial.. Latest leadership editorial:.. How to Build an Innovation Culture.. Bill Gates once said that, 'Microsoft is not about greed.. It's about innovation and fairness.. ' Whether or not the software behemoth has lived up to this credo, one thing is sure.. This is not a statement about the mission of a company; it is a declaration of the cultural values of the business.. You can read all the books and hear all the lectures you want abou.. Featured interview:.. Twitter Trolls: What Can Be Done?.. BBC Radio.. Sign up now to receive the latest Social Comment / Leadership Editorials from 2020Plus via email.. Twitter Trolls - What Should Be Done?.. Mal Fletcher on BBC Radio.. Manning & Snowdon - Anarchists or Activists?.. Robert Mugabe - Election Thief or Legit President?.. Is Test Cricket Dying?.. The Future of Twitter.. Will Religion Influence Future Monarchs?.. Will Prince George Be "Defender of the Faith"?.. Prince George - Defender of Faiths?.. What Exactly is a Futurist?.. Private Values vs Peformance.. Mal Fletcher on BBC World News.. Male Only Sports Clubs.. Human Trafficking: The New Slavery.. Mal Fletcher on Edges TV.. Global Poverty: The Causes.. Problems Facing World's Children.. Exaflood Education.. Mal Fletcher w/ London Community Leaders.. The Happiness Index.. Mal Fletcher on BBC Breakfast.. The Marriage Debate.. Leadership's Future - Get Ahead of the Curve.. What will change about leadership by 2020?.. How to Boost Your Communication as a Leader.. Keys to Better Communication.. How to Become a Great Leader.. Develop the Skills of the Cultural Architect.. Should People Stay in Their Jobs Longer?.. Ohio Captivity: Will This Happen More Often in Future?.. Should Britain Stay in the EU?.. Age of Consent - Should It Be Dropped to 13?.. Ohio: When Next Door Is A World Away.. Could Norwich Be Another Seattle?.. Mal Fletcher Norwich's Evening News.. Innovation Means Anticipating the Future.. Mal Fletcher Portugal's Diaro Economica.. Portugal Sees Euro Crisis As Opportunity.. Mal Fletcher Portugal's Canal Superior.. Northern Region Can Become "Hub" for Innovation.. Mal Fletcher Portugal's Vida Economica.. Are Newspapers Dead?.. How Can We Better Manage Frustration?.. Mal Fletcher, Kathy Lette BBC Breakfast.. Are Kids Preoccupied w/ Celebrity Culture? Pt2.. Are Kids Preoccupied with Celebrity Culture?.. Do Young People Appreciate Their Parents?.. Tech: New Engine for Change.. Mal Fletcher w/ Business Leaders South Africa.. Engaging 21st Century Change.. Challenges of the Digital Age.. The New Passcode to Influence.. Source of Influence in the Digital Age.. The Future of Business and Society.. Mal Fletcher on British Radio.. Creating Innovation Hubs.. Chris Huhne - Leadership Deficit.. How Does Body Language Shape our Perception of Leaders?.. Social Networking - Benefit or Distraction?.. Is Britain Failing Cyclists?.. Valentine's Day - Do Opposites Attract?.. Horse Meat in Packaged Foods.. Same Sex Marriage Bill.. Fascinating Times Radio Spot 3.. Mal Fletcher on His New Book.. Fascinating Times Radio Spot 2.. Mal Fletcher on his New Book.. Stepfamilies on the Rise: What Does this Mean?.. Internet: Addiction or Distraction?.. Tech Savvy UK?.. Internet Addiction in Britain.. These Are Fascinating Times.. Mal Fletcher Radio Spot.. Technology and Ethics.. Mal Fletcher on Australian Radio.. What Impact is Social Networking Having on Ethics?.. What Issues and Ethics Will Most Shape the Future?.. Mega-Monday - Avoiding a Christmas Overspend.. Fascinating Times Movie Trailer..  ...   the Old?.. Midsommer Murders: Racial Stereotyping?.. The Future is Y: Engaging The Millennial Generation (2).. Business & Civic Leaders Event.. The Future is Y: Engaging The Millennial Generation (1).. Become A More Articulate Leader.. Mal Fletcher - Business & Civic Leaders Event.. Motivating Your Team (Without Hype!).. The Millennials - What Makes Them Tick?.. Engaging Millennials - It's All About The Story!.. Time is the New Currency.. The Millennials & Their Expectation Gap.. The Trust Revolution - The New Economy.. Future Genetics, Medicine, Bio-Tech by 2020.. The Future of Communications in IT-Bio-Nano Age.. The Future: What or Who will Really Shape it?.. The Future of Robotics and VR.. Ecological Opportunities in IT-Bio-Nano Age.. Charles Babbage & How Great Ideas Connect.. The King's Speech - A Lesson in Innovation!.. Innovation - Passcode to Influence.. Innovation - Google's 20% Time.. Culture of Innovation - How Huge Ideas Happen.. Culture of Innovation - Divergent Thinking vs.. Luck.. Mal Fletcher - Civic Leaders Event.. Are Brits Addicted to DVDs?.. Ageism in Media.. Child Sexualisation Through Media.. The Future Is Y - Engaging The Millennial Generation (Pt 2).. How You can Enlist the Unique Skills of the Millennials to Boost Your Team.. The Future Is Y - Engaging The Millennial Generation.. How to Enlist the Unique Skills of the Millennials.. Royal Marriage Not Reality TV.. ABC Radio (Australia) Interview.. Royal Engagement: BBC Radio Interview.. Marriage vs.. National Pageant.. Committees or Strong Leaders.. Which is Best for Local Councils?.. Digital Media & Multi-Tasking.. BBC Breakfast TV w/ Mal Fletcher.. The Future for South Wales.. Interview with South Wales Press.. Old Age - Are You Future Proof?.. Building A Culture Of Confidence (Part 2).. Building a Winning Team in a Tough Environment.. Building A Culture Of Confidence.. The Future Is Y (2).. Engaging The Millennial Generation (Part 2).. The Future Is Y.. Engaging The Millennial Generation (Part 1).. Sex Ed In Schools.. Band Aid Solution To Teen Pregnancy?.. The Future: Human Choice, Ethics, Millennials.. ABC Australia Radio.. Social Networking: What Is Its Impact On Friendship?.. BBC Radio int/w with Mal Fletcher.. Britain's First Election Debate.. Style Over Substance?.. Religious Persecution In Britain?.. ABC Radio (Australia): Are People of Faith Persecuted in Modern Britain?.. Alcohol Abuse.. Will re-education stop it?.. Invictus: What Real Heroes Look Like.. Have we set the bar too low in public life?.. Dissent Is Not Disloyalty.. The Chilcot Inquiry re Iraq War.. Learning Mandela-Style Leadership.. Principles from a Master.. Is Politics Too Personality-Driven?.. Sexualisation of Children.. Sky News w/ Mal Fletcher.. Kids: Over-Exposed to Sex?.. Radio interview w/ Mal Fletcher.. Reviewing The Sundays.. BBC Radio: Mal Fletcher Reviews the Papers.. Why Social Commentary?.. BBC Radio Interview w/ Mal Fletcher.. National Apologies: Healthy?.. Bullying At Number Ten.. Sexualising Children.. Are We Becoming Wimps?.. Radio Interview.. More Leadership Video.. Much More To Boost Your Leadership.. The 80/20 Rule.. Maximizing The Producitivity & Passion Of Your Team.. The Churchill Factor.. Giving A Visible Lead: The Power of Identification.. The Power of Context.. Why Vision Matters in the Downturn.. The Really BIG Question.. For The Future of Your Business Or Organization!.. Providing Digital Leadership.. For The New Media.. Getting Ahead Of The Curve.. In The Age Of Impermanence.. The Surveillance Society.. Mal on YouTube.. More Comment on Current Issues.. Political Correctness.. Politeness Turned Sour? Clip from edges.. tv.. Big Changes To Our Leisure Time.. Mal Fletcher on BBC Radio.. Guardian Public.. Making The Right Connection Changing Consumer Attitudes.. BBC Radio 5 Live.. Teens and Celebrity Culture.. WebChat TV.. How Recession is Changing Consumer Attitudes.. BBC Breakfast.. Are Children Preoccupied with Celebrity?.. How Can We Manage Our Frustrations?.. Will the Web Kill Newspapers?.. more QuickLinks.. Recent Social Comments.. Posted on: Monday 9 September 2013.. Twitter Trolls, the Law and Respect.. Posted on: Tuesday 6 August 2013.. Will Prince George Become Defender of the Faith?.. Posted on: Sunday 28 July 2013.. Professional Politics - Rule by Lobby Group?.. Posted on: Saturday 13 July 2013.. more Social Comments.. Recent Leadership Editorials.. Posted on: Tuesday 3 September 2013.. Leveraging the Power of Social Media.. Posted on: Tuesday 9 July 2013.. Future Leaders: Innovation Architects.. Posted on: Wednesday 1 May 2013.. Creating An Innovation Hub.. Posted on: Thursday 14 February 2013.. more Leadership Editorials.. follow Mal on twitter.. Contact us.. bookings@2020plus.. net.. media@2020plus.. tel:.. +44 (0).. 870 766 2660.. 2020Plus Ltd..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net with Mal Fletcher : Social Comment for Press, Media, New Media
    Descriptive info: Improving one's reality is not best served by a reliance on drugs.. A few years ago, I was speaking at an event in Sydney, Australia.. Just a few miles away, a global conference of psychiatrists had just adjourned.. In its press release, this convention declared this to be the 'Age of Paranoia'.. It raised concerns about the rapid increase in the number of people suffering from anxiety, depression and various phobias.. In light of this, some developed nations are seeing alarming growth in the number of prescriptions.. Latest social comment by Mal Fletcher.. - posted on Monday 9 September 2013.. Social Comment - Press, Media, New Media.. 2020Plus is involved in ongoing research into many of the major social issues of our time and their likely impact on individuals, families and communities over the next decade.. We provide expert comment for all branches of the media and new media.. Our goal is to help individuals and communities to better engage future change.. Mal Fletcher is a respected social commentator and social futurist who is often called upon for expert views on social issues for TV, radio, the press and the 'new media' in various parts of the world.. His latest book,.. Fascinating Times.. is a social commentary.. It takes a sharp-eyed look at some of the major social issues of our time and their likely impact on social ethics.. As a social futurist, he tracks major social shifts and writes, lectures and broadcasts about their likely future impact on business, organisations and the wider society.. He has been working as a social commentator since the late 1980s.. His work features on BBC Breakfast TV, Sky News, BBC World News, BBC Radio (e.. g.. Radio 5Live regional stations), ABC Australia and many other media and press outlets in the UK and Europe.. Media Endorsements.. Mal Fletcher comments on society not only as  ...   House Radio.. , Australia.. Contact.. Email:.. Tel:.. +44 (0)870 766 2660.. or.. +44 (0)115 827 7098.. **Both of these numbers are 24/7.. Media Samples.. The Sexualisation of Children.. Sky News(Video).. Bad News Media?.. BBC Breakfast (Video).. Do The Private Values Of Public Leaders Affect Their Performance?.. BBC World News (Video).. BBC TV Breakfast (Video).. The Great British House Cleaning of 2011 (Riots).. BBC Radio (Audio).. Teens Celebrity Culture.. BBC Radio 5 Live (Audio).. For more samples.. click here.. Areas of Expertise.. We specialize in comment on such areas as:.. the social impact of new emerging technologies.. : their influence on on ethics, values and the way we think.. the pyschological social impact of rapid change.. : the impact on people and society of rapid change in all areas of technology, ethics etc (incl.. privacy issues).. futurism, emerging trends.. : in tech society.. changes in media new media.. : especially their social impact.. family issues.. : the place of family in society, debates about the nature of family, strengthening the family.. youth issues.. : including: violence gangs, alcoholism (Mal Fletcher founded a very large youth network in Australia in the 80s-90s - 60,000 young people - and has helped found similar organisations in Europe).. leadership issues.. : values ethics of civic business leadership; the changing face of leadership in the age of social networking new media.. celebrity culture.. : especially its social impact and impact on young people.. consumer trends.. : changes in consumer habits values post-recession; the 'new frugalism' the social impact of hyper-consumerism.. generational issues.. : including the links tensions between the major generations of our time.. Sign up to receive the latest news updates.. from 2020plus straight in your inbox.. Email:.. Name:.. Why "Old" Ethics Matter to the Future.. Posted on: Tuesday 11 June 2013.. Becoming A More Articulate Leader.. Featured video.. - 29 August 2013.. more Videos from 2020plus..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net with Mal Fletcher : Leadership & Innovation Presentations
    Descriptive info: Corporate Leadership.. At 2020Plus we know that there are hundreds of companies that have a huge reputation today, but in ten years no-one will know who they are.. Why? Because they ignore the basic fact of leadership: influence is about engaging the future, while adding real value to people's lives; helping them to discover a sense of meaning and making a contribution.. The founder/chairman of 2020Plus, Mal Fletcher, says: 'If you don't shape the future of your enterprise, someone else's vision of that future will reshape you.. '.. Over more than 25 years of leadership and leadership teaching, he has established a reputation as a cultural architect, helping executive leaders to stay sharp and build strong, confident and positive cultures into their organisations.. As a social futurist, Mal tracks major social shifts and writes, lectures and broadcasts about their likely future impact on business, organisations and the wider society.. His expertise, combined with the extensive research of the 2020Plus team, offers a unique skill set to enhance your vision and strategy.. What We Offer.. We offer a range of unique services tailored to your requirements:.. Conference Keynote Presentations.. Leadership in the Digital Age:.. building a following in the age of social networking.. Building a Culture of Confidence:.. The Future is Y:.. engaging the Millennial generation.. The Pioneer Spirit:.. increasing innovation in your team.. Communicate  ...   interviews and panel sessions (.. a speciality!.. ).. Panel sessions.. Consultancy / Mentoring.. Bringing the benefits and insights born out of more than 20 years of global leadership speaking, in more than 40 nations, into your team on a long-term basis.. Note:.. All sessions involve high-end media presentations.. Each session is shaped to address your unique context.. We can help your team to:.. Negotiate the future.. with confidence.. Double.. personal productivity.. of team members at almost zero cost.. Maximize the.. generational mix.. within your team, optimizing creativity.. Establish.. stickability for your message.. , breaking through the clutter of today's data-saturated world.. Connect business or organizational goals with.. deeply felt aspirations needs.. in team members, so that they perform to their maximum ability.. Use.. digital.. new media social networking to maximum advantage.. in team development, connecting with partners, promoting your message.. Utilize the 10K Principle to.. increase team confidence.. Recognize how.. each person makes a difference.. Clips.. Watch sample clips from some Mal Fletcher presentations media interviews on leadership issues: see.. Quicklinks.. What Key Leaders Say.. What do other corporate business leaders say about our presentations? see.. Testimonials.. Booking Enquiries.. To download promotional photos.. (zip file requires any unzip programme).. *For more on Mal's leadership media experience, see the bio section - click here.. The Big Five for 2013.. Posted on: Thursday 3 January 2013..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net with Mal Fletcher : Civic & Community Leadership & Innovation
    Descriptive info: Civic Community Leadership.. At 2020Plus we believe that the future is shaped not by technology or events, but by human choices, which are influenced by community cultures - which are shaped by civic and community leaders!.. The founder/chairman of 2020Plus, Mal Fletcher, puts it this way: 'The most urgent question any leader can ask is this: What kind of city do I want to live in 10 years from now - and what will I do to set that in motion?'.. We provide world-class presentations for civic and community events, including conferences, summits, seminars and masterclasses, featuring the unique communication skills of social futurist, keynote speaker, broadcaster and author Mal Fletcher.. He is the founder of several very successful community networks, in Australia and Europe and brings  ...   of the curve with regard to social change - we can help your team do just that!.. A range of unique services tailored to your requirements:.. Social Tsunami:.. engaging the next wave of social change.. City on a Hill:.. building landmark communities amidst a storm of change.. Building a Culture of Confidence:.. shaping the future through.. proactive culture.. From 1-2 hours to full day(s), tailored to your needs:.. building a multi-generational team.. using the power of digital media social networking.. Have your PR director or advertising agency contact us!.. Bringing the benefits and insights born out of more than 30 years of community leadership into your team on a long-term basis.. Clips Photos.. Watch sample clips from some Mal Fletcher presentations media interviews on social issues: see..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net with Mal Fletcher : Broadcasting
    Descriptive info: Members of the 2020Plus team have had more than 20 years experience in producing, presenting, researching and writing for TV and radio programmes and new media projects.. This, combined with our ongoing research into social shifts and issues, gives us a unique perspective on the social impact of media and new media.. Members of the team have worked on programmes featured on, for example, the Seven TV Network (Australia), the Nine TV Network (Australia), SABC1 TV (South Africa), TVDenmark and BBC Radio 4.. This is in addition to the extensive social futurism and social commentary work undertaken by Mal Fletcher over many years.. (See.. for more.. ).. Television.. 'The Human Face of HIV/AIDS'.. Trailer from 'Edges' TV series.. 1.. Edges.. 30 min magazine-style TV documentaries dealing with topical social issues.. Major Broadcasters have included: 7 Network (Australia), 9 Network (Australia), TV Denmark, FamilyNet (USA), SABC1 (South Africa).. 7  ...   of TV programmes featuring interviews with respected activist and campaigners who are making a difference through their drive, vision and selflessness.. 3.. Guest Appearances.. Mal Fletcher has been a featured guest on many news, current affairs and factual programmes including:.. UK.. : BBC World News, BBC Breakfast TV, Sky TV News, Press TV, etc.. Australia.. : Tonight Live, 7 Network; Good Morning - Nine Network; Open House, Sydney radio etc.. Radio.. Mal Fletcher has featured in radio programming for:.. : BBC Radio5Live, Radio 4 BBC regional radio programmes, Premier Radio and more.. : Programming on 3MP, 3AW, 3DB, 2UE, LifeFM, Sunshine FM and many others.. Over the years, Mal has written and presented scores of special Motivational Spots for radio.. These are syndicated on radio in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.. Listen to a sample now:.. Motivation Spot sample #1.. Motivation Spot sample #2..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net with Mal Fletcher : Press & Media
    Descriptive info: Recent News Releases.. Will Prince George Eventually Become "Defender of the Faith"?.. London.. , England.. : 29 July, 2013.. The future of the British monarchy is likely to be secure within the lifetime of Prince George and religion will continue play an important role in it, despite the recent growth of secularism.. The young.. click here to read the full news release.. BBC Radio Rolling Interviews Sun July 28.. On Sunday 28 July 2013, Mal Fletcher will be doing rolling interviews across BBC Radio regionals on the subject of The Future Place of Christianity in the British Monarchy.. Tune in to a station near you or, if.. Ohio: Where Next Door Is A World Away.. London, England: 8 May 2013.. The combination of rapid urbanisation and our growing engagement with the mobile internet may make situations like the one uncovered this week in Ohio, USA much more common in future.. This.. Report: 2020Plus Gains Extensive Coverage in Portuguese Press.. Mal Fletcher, Social Futurist and Chairman of 2020Plus was quoted extensively in the national Portuguese press recently.. Invited to present a keynote lecture on Future Leadership at the AEP.. Schools Should Abandon Use of Biometrics.. : 5 April 2013.. The use of biometric devices to identify pupils in some UK schools  ...   and commentator who is often called upon for expert views on social issues for TV, radio, the press and the 'new media' in various parts of the world.. His comment has featured in publications including: The Minneapolis Post (USA), Fabulous Magazine (UK), The Guardian (online - UK), Nya Dagen Newspaper (Sweden), Relevant Magazine (USA) and many more.. His feature articles have appeared in publications in the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.. Particular areas of expertise are shown below, though we have provided comment on a wide variety of other issues.. for media samples click here.. Our specialist areas of research and comment include:.. family issues:.. the place of family in society, strengthening the family.. youth issues:.. including: violence gangs, alcoholism.. the.. '.. new frugalis.. m':.. changes in consumer attitudes during recession the social impact of hyper-consumerism.. privacy issue.. s:.. e.. freedom of speech vs.. community cohesion, the security challenges of digital technologies.. celebrity culture:.. its social impact.. generational issues:.. including the links tensions between the major generations of our time.. 'life-and-death' issues.. (e.. euthanasia, assisted dying): esp.. their social impact.. : esp.. likely.. future trends in cultural values:.. in the global environment.. religion/faith/spirituality:.. the changing role of religion in the cultural conversation..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net with Mal Fletcher : Writing & Publishing
    Descriptive info: Publications.. Mal Fletcher's social commentary has featured in many publications, including:.. The Sunday Times (Ireland), The Guardian (Online - UK), The Minneapolis Post (USA), Fabulous Magazine (UK), Nya Dagen Newspaper (Sweden), RelevantMagazine.. com (USA) and many more.. Books.. Mal Fletcher has written 11 books to date, released by various publishers.. These are available in up to five languages.. He also writes extensively for Magazines, E-Journals and for his TV documentary programmes.. Mal's first book was published in 1991 and became a classic social commentary on the challenges facing young people of that generation..  ...   has also contributed to books by other authors.. Latest Title.. Mal Fletcher's latest title,.. , is a social commentary, which takes a sharp-eyed look at a wide range of current issues and explores their impact on social ethics.. Released in November 2012, the book covers such issues as the human impact of new technologies and shifting medical ethics, the long-term effects of recession, the future of media and the press, the changing face of consumerism, the future shape of marriage and the family and more.. For the Media Release relating to the book, please..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net with Mal Fletcher : About us
    Descriptive info: 2020Plus is the London-based think tank on social change and leadership innovation.. Our goal is to help forward-thinking leaders in Business and Civic life, as well as individuals and communities, to engage with future change.. We are involved in ongoing research into social shifts and forward-thinking leadership, with researchers working in various parts of the world to provide a well-rounded view on how change is impacting people, communities and business and other organizations.. In an age of rapid change, business enterprises, civic and community organisations and entire communities are looking for reference points for values and behaviour, as well as opportunities to invest in positive change.. Civic and corporate leaders are looking for materials that will help them shape the future more than it shapes their enterprises.. We provide:.. expert comment.. for the media, press and new media on issues of social change.. More on our social comment for media and press.. world-class speaking presentations.. for leadership events in the corporate and civic market worldwide.. More on  ...   impact on business, organisations and the wider society.. As a '.. leadership architect.. ' he regularly presents keynote sessions at major leadership events around the world and is highly regarded for his entertaining, challenging and content-rich sessions.. Mal's latest book,.. Mal has pioneered several.. major leadership networks.. in Europe and Australia, including the Strategic Leadership Consultation focusing on urban renewal in Europe.. He holds both British and Australian citizenship.. His.. social comment.. features extensively in major media and press outlets, including BBC TV and radio and others in the UK, Europe and beyond.. The TV series he wrote and hosted, Edges, has been seen in many regions of the world and his books have been translated into five languages.. Mal is married to Davina.. Originally from Australia, they lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for nine years and now live just outside London.. They have three adult children.. Downloads.. Click here to download.. promotional photos of Mal Fletcher (zip file).. a PDF of Mal Fletcher's full CV.. (pdf software required)..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net : Social Comment : Mal Fletcher - Bad For Our Health: A Culture Of Over-Prescribing Drugs
    Descriptive info: RSS available.. Printable version.. In light of this, some developed nations are seeing alarming growth in the number of prescriptions issued for quite powerful drugs.. According to a report in the Sunday Times yesterday, the number of British deaths involving tranquilisers and strong painkillers has risen by 16 percent over the past five years.. In the last decade, the number of such prescriptions per year has jumped by more than 60 percent.. This growth has featured drugs prescribed for anxiety and depression as well as those used to deal with pain.. Meanwhile, 11,000 women were hospitalised in 2011-12 with antidepressant poisoning.. Apparently this is now a bigger problem in the UK than heroin addiction.. Where does this prescription culture come from? What is feeding our apparent hunger for pharmaceuticals?.. I Got The Blues.. At least two major factors play into this.. The first is the growing number of cases in which physical ailments relate directly or indirectly to increased anxiety and mild depression.. More than one in five people in the UK live with very high levels of anxiety, according to The Office for National Statistics.. Personal Well-being in the UK.. report for 2012/13.. Dr Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, noted that: 'Symptoms of anxiety can amount to mental illness or predispose towards it and may lead to more serious problems such as depression, phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder if they are not tackled early on.. Not surprisingly, recent surveys reveal that anxiety levels have been impacted by the state of the economy and by government efforts to improve it.. Not long ago,.. a survey by the Anxiety UK charity.. found that almost 60 percent of people feel 'much' more anxious than they did before, especially in the wake of changes to welfare and housing benefits.. Almost 25 percent reported feeling 'a little more' or 'quite a lot more' anxious or stressed as a result of their economic circumstances.. Much of the anxiety problem relates to what experts call 'anticipatory anxiety', which sees many people making very negative projections into the future, about specific events or situations.. Anxiety is a challenge because it often builds up under the surface, over time.. It can remain hidden until a person suddenly faces debilitating psychological or physical symptoms, such as those associated with anxiety or 'panic' attacks.. Drug use is not an adequate solution to the most commonly experienced forms of anxiety.. Whilst the harsher edges of anxiety can, to some degree, be softened by treatment with drugs, the real problem is usually one of unhealthy habits of thought.. Negative responses to external stimuli are the product of wrong or unhelpful conditioning.. Drugs may help with the physical symptoms of anxiety, but the root problem most often requires other forms of treatment.. These may include professional counselling and/or self-help using the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, for example.. High anxiety levels in our society are also a product of vastly weakened support mechanisms, which traditionally helped people to deal with high levels of stress.. Families, neighbourhoods, community clubs and religious groups have all suffered as a result of changes to the social fabric.. Some of these changes have been 'forced' - such as the systemic spread of multiculturalism as a policy of previous governments.. Others have flowed naturally from changing cultural ethics - as with approaches to family life, for example.. Whatever their origin, these and other pressures - including digitisation, which has people retreating from the physical environment - have contributed to a loss of communal identity.. With that has come a perceived loss of emotional support.. Where once we may have turned to a trusted family member or close neighbour to share a problem, many of us now have to go it alone.. Until, that is, the resulting anxiety begins to manifest itself in ways that are clearly damaging to our health.. When that happens, we're often forced to rely upon arms-length care of the type offered by medicos and other professionals.. We simply haven't developed relationships of sufficient depth or strength within our immediate living environment to provide us with more hands-on solace and encouragement.. With all the goodwill in the world, medical professionals can't offer this kind of intimacy - and they shouldn't be expected to.. Drugs are offered as a way to help us to function, at least at a very basic level.. This brings me to the second factor that feeds the modern beast of over-prescribing drugs.. Science Rules, OK?.. It is, simply put, our tendency as a culture to believe that medical science - and science in general - holds the key to overcoming almost every human affliction.. Some social  ...   with all the frailties they bring to any process.. Scientists are just as prone to obsess over status or material gain as the rest of us and to use their skills for essentially self-centred ends.. Without proper accountability - not only to other scientists but to politicians, the law and a cautious wider community - science becomes a form of secular religion.. When that happens, scientists scoff at the subjectivity of other forms of belief - a la Richard Dawkins - while expecting that they will be shown a kind of priestly deference.. This reflects, in fact, what some of them are today: postmodern high priests in a religion that venerates rationalism.. In a sense, our culture encourages us to place our 'faith' in drugs in a quasi-religious way.. Ubiquitous advertising by drug companies offers us near instant cures for even the most mundane aches and pains.. In the process it oversimplifies our physical shortcomings, passes over our innermost pain and promises shortcuts to 'salvation'.. Some drug suppliers present narratives and images which suggest that our lives will improve on a wide variety of fronts, if we will use their products.. They play on human aspiration in much the same cynical way as cigarette advertisers once did (and would still do, if they were allowed).. The commercial power of the drug companies is considerable.. It is set to increase as we become more reliant on emerging biotechnologies, nanorobotics and the like.. This power lies partly, of course, in the huge profits these companies generate.. The influence of drug companies, however, is also based upon a heady sense of utopian idealism.. More than a few scientists hold to the idea that we will soon live in a world where disease is a thing of the past and even death is on its way out.. The Transhumanist school of philosophy - a serious academic study in some universities - insists that we are rapidly approaching the next stage of human evolutionary development.. Its advocates promise that advanced bio-mechanical prosthetics, microchip implants and medical advances will extend human lifetimes beyond anything we can envisage now.. Within a few generations, they say, we may even be able to live indefinitely.. This sounds exhilarating.. The fact is, though, that diseases have a habit of pushing back and fighting for their own survival.. Diseases we thought we had eradicated have a tendency to reappear in new forms, having developed immunities to current treatments.. There is also the challenge of the so-called 'law of unintended consequences'.. In futurism, there is only one certainty: nobody can definitively predict the future.. By definition, the future is unknowable.. If it we could be certain about what it holds, it would not be the future, but the past or the present.. New technologies and techniques for disease eradication may bring about unforeseen negative side effects.. This is not to say that we shouldn't invest in those techniques - far from it.. We must take advantage of every reasonable possibility to end human suffering.. But we must do so in an ethical way, keeping on eye on the difference between progress and progressiv.. ism.. The latter idolises pragmatism; it says, 'If a thing can be done it should be done.. ' It has little time for ethical debate or considered deliberation on what progress really means, in any holistic sense.. For progressivism, achieving pragmatic results in isolated, individual processes is the only measure of success.. Their consequences in other areas of life are not considered.. A culture of over-proscribing drugs, particularly for problems arising from anxiety and depression, will continue as long as we place the expedient of the immediate fix above long-term healing.. In the end, psychological and emotional wellbeing are not primarily found within the purview of the medical profession.. They are not achieved with the help of science alone.. The sooner we can wean ourselves off an overwhelming reliance on pure science, the sooner we might be able to see our way clear to other important solutions for the psyche and the soul.. Copyright 2020plus.. net with Mal Fletcher.. Article Keywords: mal fletcher malfletcher health medicine social comment commentary issues news drug dependency addiction addict addicted prescription drugs science.. Permission to reproduce this article.. 0 Comments.. - Hide.. + Show.. Leave a comment.. Enter your name, email address (which will not be published) and comment below.. Please note: comments are moderated however should you find an offensive comment please click on the.. report abuse.. button.. Please no link dropping, do not spam, and do not advertise!.. Name.. *.. Email.. Comment.. Posted on: Wednesday 8 May 2013.. Bookmark with:.. or click here to send this page to a friend..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net with Mal Fletcher : Leadership Editorial : How to Build an Innovation Culture
    Descriptive info: How to Build an Innovation Culture.. Turning Your Team Culture Around.. Whether or not the software behemoth has lived up to this credo, one thing is sure.. This is not a statement about the mission of a company; it is a declaration of the.. cultural values.. of the business.. You can read all the books and hear all the lectures you want about the skills involved in leadership.. Unless they're talking about establishing and maintaining cultures, they're often a waste of time.. A healthy culture produces identity and a sense of value within the team.. Innovation culture promotes a commitment to new approaches that push the boundaries and open new opportunities for growth and influence.. Culture, not structure, is the key to engaging the future.. Studies have shown that it takes at least two to three years for an entrepreneurial leader to develop an innovation culture within his or her team.. Having worked hard to establish, or at least encourage, innovation culture it is vital that a leader remains vigilant.. If you're not watchful and engaged, cultural entropy will set in.. In the world of physics, entropy describes the process by which any natural system, if left to itself, will eventually run out of energy.. That is, unless energy is applied from outside the system, any organism or natural system will wind down and die.. In a similar way, cultural entropy can destroy an organisation.. Unless there is.. constant reinforcement of a new culture,.. people will invariably revert to the dominant culture of their past, or to the culture within their wider environment, industry or sector.. Cultures do not growth systematically or in straight lines; they develop organically, through viral networks.. Cultures grow or spread within an organisation by a process of contagion, in much the same way as do diseases.. When it comes to building innovative cultures, four important 'cultural carriers' must be in place.. Language.. Throughout history, new and innovative language groups have usurped older language groups for one reason: they have offered a better way of expressing powerful concepts and ideals.. Language provides the entire structure for human communication.. Culture is redefined when people learn to communicate in new ways, expressing themselves via a different conceptual framework.. Psychologists talk much about the concept of.. gestalt.. In simple terms, this refers to the brain's capacity to interpret new data on the basis of existing patterns.. Over time, we each build up an internal picture of reality, which is based upon and reinforced by repeated experiences.. This perception of reality is heavily influenced by language, among other things.. If you want to produce a culture of innovation in your enterprise, you must work to impact thelanguage of the group.. You need, for example, to constantly reinforce new thought patterns through carefully chosen words.. This begins with what I call.. corporate language.. - the terms we use to define the work we do.. A friend of mine was lunching with a group of high-level bankers during a break at a business conference.. Being a guest from outside the banking sector, he wanted to better understand the industry.. He asked each person around the table what were their individual responsibilities.. The last person in the chain gave a long-winded and somewhat confusing response.. My friend, trying to get his head around banking jargon, said: I don't really understand what you've said.. Can anyone else help me with this?.. Every leader at the table held a top-tier banking position, yet none of them could shed any light on what their companion had said.. In the end, the gentleman in question confessed: 'Actually, I don't understand my role either!'.. It's little wonder our banking system has had such problems of late.. How can we expect the banks to adequately regulate themselves, if they can't understand their own jargon?.. Of course, the banking industry isn't alone in its use convoluted language.. Lawyers, for example, are often guilty of using 'legalese'.. They employ complex language which, at times, seems intended not so much to reflect the intricacies of law as to protect the priesthood of their professional.. They express themselves in sometimes needlessly convoluted language, to keep the uninitiated (their clients) out of the hallowed inner sanctum - and in a state of dependence on lawyers.. Convoluted language is a weak reinforcer of cultural values, because it is incapable of viral transmission.. Most corporations and civic authorities - and many smaller businesses - have developed a Mission Statement.. Relatively few, however, have written a Culture Statement.. This is a summation, in a series of short, succinct and clear sentences, of the desired culture within the organisation.. It is a reflection of what is considered good, normal and right within the group.. Community and religious organisations have used Culture Statements with good effect.. The business  ...   persona and a core attribute when it comes to our sense of cultural heritage and aspiration.. Whatever the enterprise you lead, this much is true: t.. he people you elevate reflect the values you celebrate.. And.. what you.. applaud will shape your team's aspirations.. Heroes always reflect and reinforce cultural values.. What heroes do you celebrate in your group? Who do you talk up - either from history, or in contemporary times, whether world famous or not?.. Actually, there are heroes right before you - people who are doing extraordinary things in a very ordinary world.. Whom do you promote within the organisation? Are they elevated merely on the basis of metrics, performance targets and the like, or because they also carry the cultural DNA you re trying to encourage?.. Who do you bring in to inspire or train your team? Are they invited purely on the basis of their professional skills or because also carry values and traits you want within the culture of your group?.. Events.. A few years ago, I was visiting my hometown of Melbourne for a keynote speaking engagement.. I was walking through the city with a friend when suddenly we heard the sound of a bugle.. Cars pulled to the side of the busy road; pedestrians stopped in their tracks.. Young and old stood silent as the bugler sounded.. The Last Post.. The date was November 11, Remembrance Day.. As with ANZAC Day, this is not only a time for remembering the debt we owe to fallen warriors; by extension, it is also a time to reflect on the qualities that led them to make the ultimate sacrifice.. Personal tenacity, combined with a shared commitment to the defense of freedom and the overthrow of tyranny helped to impassion young men - they were mainly men - for a cause larger than themselves.. What is true of a nation is true of an organization.. Whenever we take time to commemorate an important event, we inject new energy into our sense of culture and keep cultural entropy at bay.. What are the key markers in your team's calendar? What do those markers say about the culture you want to build and encourage?.. Over years of speaking to leadership conferences worldwide, I've noted that so many events take people away from their partners and families.. Often this is unavoidable.. But few companies place as much emphasis - and spend as much money - on providing an annual workforce event for the entire family.. Most of our lives are spent outside of the office.. A healthy professional culture recognizes this and affirms that family commitment is of value to the company - not least because it promotes psychological wellbeing.. Tools.. When archeologists and anthropologists delve into the cultures of past tribes and societies, they investigate the technologies used.. Tools reflect the values and the culture of a people group.. Your team uses certain tools.. Do the tools help or hinder the creation of innovation culture?.. Marshall McLuhan was right when he said: '[In the age of TV] the medium is become the message.. The technologies we use to communicate and promote our ideas reflect something about the products and services we offer.. If your communication tools are out of date - if, for example, you're not.. leveraging the power of social media.. - people may unconsciously assume that your ideas and services are also anachronistic.. Within your enterprise, your tools also reflect and reinforce team culture.. Technology is changing so rapidly that it is basically impossible for us to keep up with the latest tools in any field.. Your computer is already out of date when you take it out of the store! (If, that is, you still bother with clunky technologies like personal computers.. You won't build an innovation culture, however, if your overall approach to technology says, 'If it was good enough for my father; it's good enough for me.. '.. As a leader, you need to ensure that you have at least one technology maven on your core team; someone who enjoys gathering information on the latest tools simply for the pleasure of it.. A tech maven will become your walking database when it comes to technological questions - and, if you let them, they will make you look good.. Innovation culture is not the result of accidental or random processes.. It must be actively encouraged, by leaders who see themselves as cultural architects.. Language, heroes, events and technologies are all important to keeping cultural entropy at bay.. Article Keywords: mal fletcher malfletcher business corporate sme enterprise local authority civics managemr management leadership leader culture cultural team future futurism keynote speaker conference creativity innovate create creative innovation.. Anticipation, Concentration, Imagination.. Posted on: Tuesday 25 September 2012.. World's Most Innovative Building!.. - 18 January 2012..

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  • Title: 2020Plus.net with Mal Fletcher : Twitter Trolls - What Should Be Done?
    Descriptive info: Twitter Trolls - What Should Be Done?.. You need Adobe Flash Player for this to work.. Click here.. to get it.. The Twittersphere has been under attack for the freedom it offers so-called trolls - people (mainly men) who send threatening messages to others, especially women.. What can be done about this growing problem? Is introducing new laws the answer?.. Social commentator and futurist Mal Fletcher provides an interesting insight in this BBC Radio interview with presenter Will Gompertz and script writer Ed Allen..

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