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  • Title: 20/20 Insight GOLD-survey software-measure training effectiveness, leadership training, employee development, 360 feedback
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Product Overview.. Features.. Our Customers.. Tech Support.. About PSS.. For Consultants.. For Resellers.. 20/20 Insight Information:.. 3-Minute Movie.. Flash Tour.. PDF Booklet.. GET YOUR:.. FREE Sample Reports.. FREE Articles, Videos and Audios.. FREE 30-Day Trial.. Learn About ProStar Coach.. the Ultimate Virtual Coaching System for Personal and Professional Development.. Welcome to 20/20.. Insight GOLD.. Feedback Software You Can Use For ALL Your Survey Needs.. Why survey software is essential in the current business environment.. Do some of your managers and supervisors lack key leadership skills, resulting in low engagement and high turnover.. ?.. Have you invested money in training and development programs, only to find that people aren t changing their behavior back on the job?.. Are you unsure how your customers or clients feel about your company s products and services.. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let us help you.. We have a powerful, cost-effective solution.. Use our 20/20 Insight software to quickly set up customized surveys that measure the performance of a person, a team, or the entire organization.. You can collect 360-degree feedback for leaders (or.. any.. employee), measure the effectiveness of your training and development programs, conduct customer satisfaction surveys, and much more all with ONE software package.. You ll find a complete SYSTEM that includes both assessment..  ...   2 FREE Gifts for You!.. 20-page report.. , Enhance the Transfer of Training, gives strategies to make your training programs stick.. Our weekly.. e-zine,.. Golden Eggs.. ,.. helps you grow stronger for the challenges of life and work.. Just enter your email address in the box below.. Email *.. We will never sell or rent your information.. Watch a three-minute movie.. about what it.. really.. takes to change a person's behavior and measure improvements in performance.. About 20/20 Insight GOLD.. Find out why hundreds of organizations - including ADP, Canon USA, Kimberly Clark Healthcare, Ball Aerospace and Hershey Foods - have used 20/20 Insight GOLD since 1994.. More about the software.. Options for using the program.. On-site management.. - Purchase the system package and manage the assessment process in-house.. Service Bureau.. - Outsource survey administration to one of our authorized Value-Added Resellers.. 20/20 Insight GOLD was created and produced by Performance Support Systems (PSS).. At PSS,.. we're all about helping people become stronger for life and work.. More about PSS.. EMAIL US.. or call (800-488-6463 or 757-873-3700).. if you'd like one of our Value-Added Resellers to provide you with more information about 20/20 Insight GOLD.. Features Benefits.. For Consulting Firms.. For Resellers.. Site Map.. Email us.. Toll-free: 800.. 488.. 6463 Phone: 757.. 873.. 3700 Performance Support Systems All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: 20/20 Insight GOLD — Product Overview
    Descriptive info: PRODUCT OVERVIEW.. System Components.. Administration Software.. WebResponse.. 20/20 PowerUser.. FREE 30-DAY TRIAL.. Email.. Version 4.. 0 - System Components.. 20/20 Insight GOLD is an amazingly flexible automated feedback system.. The combination of locally installed administration software, web-based assessments, individual development planning tools and resources for facilitators makes it the complete feedback solution for your organization!.. ALL of these items are included in the system package that you can purchase and install in-house:.. Set up projects quickly and easily using this part of the 20/20 Insight GOLD system.. You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and aggregate report data from as many projects as desired.. The Survey Library contains more than 1,200 survey items in over 160 categories, and detailed developmental recommendations are included for all three leadership surveys.. Use them as is or customize them to fit the requirements of your organization.. You can also add your own surveys to the library.. WebResponse Software.. WebResponse is housed on  ...   This CD contains valuable resources for learning about 360-degree feedback and implementing all aspects of the survey process.. It provides case studies, articles and facilitator resources for conducting workshops for participants.. Self-Development Toolkit.. This 31-page eBook contains 10 strategies and 10 tools to help individuals improve their performance by supporting them during follow-up reinforcement and development after assessment.. When you purchase 20/20 Insight, you have permission to provide copies to all feedback recipients.. at no extra charge.. Learners have permission to print copies of the worksheets for their own self-development and access the online Performance Analysis tool, which presents an online version of several elements in the.. Toolkit.. With your purchase of the 20/20 Insight GOLD system package, you also receive:.. FREE software upgrades.. A one year subscription to our Training-on-Demand videos.. FREE technical support on an 800 number for the first year (completion of training is required to qualify).. Complete online Help system.. User's Guide.. CONTACT US..

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  • Title: 20/20 Insight GOLD — Features & Benefits
    Descriptive info: FEATURES & BENEFITS.. Flexible.. User-friendly.. Customizable.. Economical.. 20/20 Insight GOLD offers unsurpassed flexibility.. Now you have a survey software package that can be used for 360 feedback, measuring performance improvement, organization surveys, customer feedback and more!.. Individual Surveys.. Measuring performance improvement -.. Administer customized surveys based on course objectives before and after training to determine if the skills taught in training transfer to improved performance on the job.. Leadership development -.. Diagnose skill strengths and areas for development of executives, managers and supervisors.. Managers' coaching skills -.. Find out how effective managers are at coaching their direct reports about on-the-job performance.. Individual skill development -.. Have team members give each other feedback about personal  ...   training and development programs.. Organizational climate surveys -.. Collect information about your organization's vision, values, policies, structure, communication and management support.. Post-training survey of organizational support -.. Survey participants of your training programs to find out if the current policies and systems support the application of new skills.. Customer satisfaction surveys -.. Get feedback from customers to find out what you need to change to create loyal customers.. Special Applications.. Competency development -.. Get feedback about draft competency lists.. Ask stakeholders to rate the importance of the behaviors.. Market Research -.. When you're considering a new product or service, gather input first from potential and current customers to find out what they.. want.. CONTACT US..

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  • Title: 20/20 Insight GOLD — Satisfied Customers
    Descriptive info: OUR CUSTOMERS.. Large Organizations.. Partial Client List.. International.. Customer Satisfaction Research.. Testimonials.. Case Studies.. Our Customers.. More than 2,500 organizations.. have used 20/20 Insight to gather performance feedback about individuals, teams or the entire organization since the software's release in 1994.. Among these are the following large organizations, which utlitized 20/20 Insight's flexible platform for:  ...   surveys, and customer satisfaction.. For a more comprehensive list of the diverse organizations that have invested in 20/20 Insight, check out the.. To see a more comprehensive list of the diverse organizations that have purchased 20/20 Insight, check out the.. See the results of.. our recent research survey.. measuring customer satisfaction with our technical support services..

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  • Title: 20/20 Insight GOLD — Technical Support
    Descriptive info: TECHNICAL SUPPORT.. Contact Us.. Updates.. 4.. 0 Technical Requirements.. 0 Whitelist Settings.. Online Help.. Training-On-Demand.. Supporting Documents.. Technical Support.. Technical support is available Monday through Friday.. from 8:00 a.. m.. to 6:00 p.. ET.. Performance Support Systems, Inc.. 800-488-6463 ext.. 1.. 757-873-3700 ext.. Tech@2020Insight.. net.. Performance Support Systems Technical Consulting Support Policy.. -.. Training.. A comment from one of our satisfied customers:.. T.. he past 5 years have afforded Howick Associates a remarkable opportunity to work closely with PSS using the 20/20 Insight GOLD product.. Every client I work with who participates in a 360 feedback or organization climate survey or training needs assessment finds great value from their experience.. The web application in particular  ...   easier!.. The Technical Support professionals I work with at PSS are always able and willing to coach me on fine-tuning my skills and enhancing my knowledge base about 20/20 Insight GOLD.. They both truly personify customer service to the utmost by remaining friendly, yet diligently conscientious on imparting accurate information in a timely fashion.. PSS always provides the support I need.. Because of the help from Technical Support, I have confidence in the integrity and empirical validation of 20/20 Insight GOLD.. I believe their dedication is representative of the organization as a whole, and demonstrates how PSS remains a top contender in the field of organizational and individual developmental survey tools.. Rebecca Fischer.. Howick Associates..

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  • Title: 20/20 Insight GOLD — About PSS
    Descriptive info: ABOUT PSS.. Company.. Contact.. Media Kit.. About PSS.. At Performance Support Systems, we re all about.. helping people become stronger for life and work.. Our goal since 1987 has been to give individuals the resources they need to discover their strengths, identify one or two KEY areas for development, and implement strategies for achieving higher levels of performance.. Our three owners, Dennis E.. (Denny) Coates, Ph.. D.. , Meredith Bell, and Paula Schlauch, have worked together for almost 20 years and are passionate about this purpose.. What s the source of our passion?.. Denny and Meredith worked for many years as management consultants, and we delivered training programs to thousands of people in hundreds of organizations.. Our clients were delighted with our services, but we discovered something disturbing: the programs didn t seem to have long-term impact on performance back on the job.. While participants left committed to applying the skills they learned, the familiar patterns re-surfaced under the day-to-day pressures of the job and the new skills were soon discarded.. THE SOLUTION.. We concluded that two important pieces were needed, so we created them.. 1.. A way to get FEEDBACK about behavior.. To help people become more aware of the impact of their behavior on others and on their overall effectiveness we knew they needed FEEDBACK.. We created our 20/20 Insight software as a way for people to get a reality check.. 20/20 Insight makes it easy to collect input from  ...   performance.. This.. unique.. capability lets individuals compare their scores from two separate assessments (pre- and post-training/development initiatives) so they can see if performance has actually improved.. WHY PSS.. The PSS Team is dedicated to outstanding service and support.. Jake Foley, Meredith Bell, Teller Coates, Paula Schlauch, Denny Coates.. If you re looking for experts in the feedback business, you ve come to the right place.. We re.. the.. experts.. , and.. we.. deliver.. We are committed to much more than providing a flexible feedback platform that can be used for ALL your survey needs.. You ll also get the finest training and technical support that can be found anywhere.. Many of our customers and Value-Added Resellers have worked with us for.. 15 years.. since the release of version 1 in January, 1994 and they constantly tell us how much they love working with us.. But you don t have to take our word for it just because we say it.. Read the.. results of our own customer satisfaction survey.. , conducted in August, 2008, to see first-hand the ratings and comments of more than 100 of our customers.. And.. check out comments from users.. about their experience using our software.. You'll learn why it's a smart business decision to work with us and use 20/20 Insight in your organization.. To learn more about 20/20 Insight,.. contact us.. and we ll have one of our Value-Added Resellers get in touch with you right away..

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  • Title: 20/20 Insight GOLD for Consulting Firms
    Descriptive info: FOR CONSULTING FIRMS.. Consultant's Resource Center.. Do you want to take your consulting business to the next level?.. Our highly flexible feedback software, 20/20 Insight GOLD, could be the vehicle to take you there!.. Watch this brief introductory video.. (11 min.. ), created exclusively for consulting firms like YOURS!.. People need timely information about their performance in order to improve it.. Now you can use an economical, customizable system to help them get this critical feedback.. 20/20 Insight GOLD can collect virtually.. any.. type of feedback ideas, opinions, ratings, facts or surveys from any number of people about the performance of a product, service, individual, team or even an entire organization.. You can use the program to:.. Expand your consulting business and add a major new revenue stream.. Assist your clients in gathering feedback about individual, team and organization performance.. Help your clients measure results from their training programs.. Enjoy a supportive business alliance with PSS.. We ve just come off a very successful team-building with a construction firm in Northern California, where we used the 20/20 Insight 360 feedback program.. We were especially pleased with the advanced reporting features of the program.. We had done a 360 with that client a year ago so providing the comparative data from that time proved very helpful for them.. We have used the program for almost 10 years as a mainstay of our team-building efforts.. We can t even visualize conducting any serious team-building without it.. The wide-ranging reporting capabilities combined with a high level of confidentiality has ensured maximum candor by all participants.. The  ...   now for two years and it has been an invaluable addition to my consulting practice.. I now have a tool that allows me to provide valuable feedback to my clients though 360-degree feedback surveys, organizational climate surveys, and customer surveys.. I ve seen the transformative impact that the feedback from an organization survey has had on one of my clients.. The results of a climate survey indicated that one s individual management style was rough and insensitive.. It was creating a disengaged workforce.. The survey results, as difficult as they were to see, forced this manager to see how he was perceived by his employees.. He was crushed.. However, after some self-reflection, he realized that he needed to make some changes to his leadership style in order to create a more positive and engaging work place.. The results were extraordinary.. This transformation would not have been possible without the survey results.. 20/20 Insight is not only a great tool: the training, technical support, and marketing support are also superb.. The PSS team is always there to help and support you in any way possible.. I would recommend 20/20 Insight to any organization.. They are world-class.. Bonnie Reiner.. , BHR Training, Inc.. Hanover, Massachusetts.. Read what dozens of other consultants have to say.. about how 20/20 Insight has helped them build their business.. To learn more, contact your 20/20 Insight Value-Added Reseller.. If you haven't been talking with a VAR yet,.. email Meredith Bell.. , President of PSS,.. and she'll connect you with one of them.. Or call her at:.. 1-800-488-6463, ext.. 201.. 757-873-3700, ext..

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  • Title: 20/20 Insight GOLD for Consulting Firms
    Descriptive info: FOR VALUE-ADDED RESELLERS.. VAR Login.. Do you enjoy selling?.. Organizations are looking for leading-edge tools that will help them improve employee performance.. If you'd like to satisfy this need while increasing your profits, our.. 20/20 Insight.. Value-Added Reseller.. program may be a perfect fit with your business.. Key Benefits.. Add a major revenue stream with generous wholesale/retail pricing structure.. Access marketing tools prepared exclusively for VARs.. Earn ongoing sponsor bonuses when you sign up other VARs.. Earn additional quarterly sales bonuses up to 15% each quarter on your wholesale purchases.. AND your sign-up fee includes one day of marketing/sales training at our corporate office in Newport News, VA.. The Possibilities.. The market for this technology is HUGE because most companies don't do a very effective job of assessing and measuring performance.. 20/20 Insight can collect virtually.. They simply need YOUR help in understanding how they can use our software to assess and measure improvements in performance!.. What Our Value-Added Resellers Say.. Many of our VARs have worked with us since Version 1 of 20/20 Insight was released in 1994.. Here are comments from a few.. I ve had the pleasure of working with Performance Support Systems for 10 years.. I feel like they are my true partners.. They offer support, cutting edge marketing materials, and whatever it takes to ensure my business and customers needs are met.. The research and marketing materials I ve received recently have allowed me to.. double my sales.. , and Meredith (their president) and Denny (their CEO) continue to surprise me with new, innovative ideas and strategies that contribute to my success.. Their support and training team (Paula and Jake) never disappoint.. My clients have repeatedly told me that the tech team has exceeded their expectations; and on the rare occasion when I need technical help, they ve resolved my issues quickly.. I am so very proud to be associated with the PSS team.. They care, they re there when I need them, and they operate with the highest of integrity.. They are my vendor of choice  ...   disappointed me.. When we make successful sales, they are there as cheerleaders; when we lose a sale which had looked good, they share our pain.. Even when we have had serious family health issues.. they are there to provide the real, solid support that we expect from long-time friends, not our vendors.. They have, indeed, become very valued friends who share a common goal of providing world-class service to those we serve.. Performance Support Systems is the epitome of the client-centered, high-integrity, high-support company with world-class products.. You could look for a lifetime and not find its equal.. Bud Cummings.. , Professional Development Associates, Abilene, Texas.. My top reasons I am a VAR and why I am spending more and more time building my business around 20/20 Insight and PSS:.. I make money the margins, the quarterly bonus opportunities and the ability to create recurring revenue are great! All have added a very nice boost to my bottom line.. Robust marketing collateral make selling so much easier from my branded Impact video, to the customizable brochures, online demos and links to oh, the list goes on and on there are wonderful and plenty of marketing tools and resources.. 3.. I see PSS support as a true partner.. I ve called PSS with no advance planning and confidently put them on the speaker phone in my Fortune 100 corporate client s office to discuss questions, ideas and information related to the customer s need.. They are truly knowledge partners in the sales process.. My Survey System sales have led to longer-term relationships with large corporate clients.. In addition to making great money on the sale of the System, this tool has helped me deepen relationships and springboard into other development and training areas with clients.. Suzie Price.. , Priceless Professional Development, Marietta, Georgia.. Read what dozens of other VARs have to say.. If you like what you've read.. and you like to sell.. and you're comfortable with an annual production goal, contact your 20/20 Insight Value-Added Reseller.. Or call Meredith at:.. 800-488-6463, ext..

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  • Title: 20/20 Insight GOLD Showcase
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  • Title: 20/20 Insight - Free reports for 360 degree feedback, customer satisfaction survey, organizational climate survey
    Descriptive info: FREE SAMPLES REQUEST FOR INFORMATION.. We appreciate your interest in learning more about 20/20 Insight GOLD!.. You can request any of these samples.. Sample Reports.. We have three reports that help you see examples of the valuable information that feedback recipients get: Individual 360 feedback, Customer Satisfaction, and Organizational Climate.. Sample Web Assessment.. If you d like to view what your respondents will see when they need to complete a web-based survey, check out this sample.. Contact information.. Please take a  ...   used by Performance Support Systems, Inc.. First Name *.. Last Name *.. Title.. Company *.. City *.. State *.. Country *.. Phone *.. How did you find us?.. (Please include the name of the person who referred you.. ).. Would you like more information about 20/20 Insight GOLD products?.. Please enter the Security Code shown below:.. Please type the characters exactly as you see them.. Characters are case sensitive, no spaces.. Having trouble reading them?.. Click here to see a new image..

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  • Title: 20/20 Insight Free Business Resources - measure training effectiveness, best ways to use 360 degree feedback, performance improvement
    Descriptive info: Free Business Resources.. If you've got questions about the best ways to use 360-degree feedback, make permanment improvements in performance, and measure the effectiveness of your training and development programs, you'll find solid, practical answers in the resources provided here.. ARTICLES - The Truth about Using 360-Degree Feedback.. Articles by PSS CEO Denny Coates.. The Most Powerful Way to Use 360-Degree Feedback (It May Not Be What You Think).. People Skills Training: Are You Getting a Return on Your Investment?.. Process and Results: The Twin Challenges of Performance Management.. WEBINAR - Feedback Wisdom from Marshall Goldsmith.. Marshall Goldsmith's latest book,.. What Got You Here Won't Get You There.. , is a must-read for leaders and coaches.. Enjoy this brief webinar (12:16 min..  ...   How 20/20 Can Help.. Learn how to:.. Measure improvements in individual performance.. (4:43 min.. Calculate the dollar return on your investment in training.. (9:47 min.. ).. Look inside 20/20 Insight:.. Why Organizations Prefer 20/20 Insight Feedback.. (7:45 min.. The Power of 20/20 PowerUser.. (8:02 min.. The Self-Development Toolkit.. (6:30 min.. AUDIOS - Discover What It Really Takes to Change Behavior.. Meredith Bell Interviews Denny.. Listen to an interview that PSS President Meredith Bell conducted with Dr.. Coates about what's needed to ENHANCE THE TRANSFER OF TRAINING.. (22 minutes, allow a few minutes to download).. Five-Part Audio Series.. The Shocking Secret about Leader and Team Development.. if you'd like one of our.. Value-Added.. Resellers to provide you with more information about 20/20 Insight GOLD..

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    Archived pages: 163