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    Descriptive info: .. equal rights administration.. 2004.. 2005.. 2006.. 2007.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. for updates join.. Philip Arts.. on Facebook.. fix the nation s parliaments.. If women and men achieve equality all communities comprised of women and men achieve equality, and the inequity which drives racism is removed.. Fix the nation s parliaments with the inclusion of women s legislatures and both sexism and racism are eliminated, not to mention abysmal conflict resolution and environmental and cultural vandalism.. 18 September, 2012.. time to address the cause.. After a conversation identifying the symptoms of discrimination against women spanning more than a century, surely it s about time to address the cause; a parliament with a majority of men housed in legislatures men allow women to attend with a blatantly sexist Cabinet comprising 6 women and 24 men which appoints leadership, this at the very core of power in the nation.. Where s the Sex Discrimination Act when it s needed? The only solution is the provision of women s legislatures.. C mon peoples, let s get on with the end game!.. 17 September, 2012.. man as the dominant sex is an aberration.. Man has been the dominant sex since, well, the dawn of mankind.. But for the first time in human history, that is changing and with shocking speed.. On the evidence of the world s longest lasting culture man as the dominant sex is an aberration, if it isn t equitable it wouldn t have lasted.. Justice John von Doussain in the Federal Court, for instance, recognised customary foundation law with the view he was "not satisfied on the evidence before this Court that the applicants have established on the balance of probabilities that restricted women's knowledge as revealed to Dr Fergie and Professor Saunders was not part of genuine Aboriginal tradition".. [Chapman v Luminis Pty Ltd (No 5) (21 August 2001):400].. Men who sanction secret women s business don t dominate.. 13 September, 2012.. good governance.. The problem with good governance is inequity not Ms Gillard.. Blame Cabinet if you must, 6 women and 24 men, well short of the one third representation required for critical mass, and even further from the national target (2015) of 40% inclusion of women on corporate boards of directors.. Mr Abbott is a tipping point, the tail end of tyranny decried as the end game begins, the provision of women s legislatures.. a whitewash of ethnocentricity.. Australia s Constitution is a legal document.. In order to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples a legal document must recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law.. In their.. deliberations.. , Professor Langton and her colleagues on the government s expert panel on the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution made no attempt whatsoever to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law, arguing, astonishingly, entirely from the perspective of the lopsided, misogynist law which washed up on these shores two centuries ago.. With a whitewash of ethnocentricity, the panel interpreted a problem with immigrant governance as a problem of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander assimilation into a crumbling tradition of subjugating women.. On her own account, when confronted with the evidence of an angry crowd urged on by intoxicated men in the hall at Maningrida, Professor Langton, in true whitefella fashion, condemns the entire community without a scintilla of apparent comprehension of the traditional status of women, as unremarkable and unhelpful as her solution of substituting first peoples for (first) race.. Whereas, It was ideas about racial purity, racial hygiene, the master race, the inferior races, a perverted idea about the survival of the fittest and other such nonsense that led to the incarceration of Aboriginal people in reserves in the 19th century to prevent mixing of the races and later, the segregation laws that specified where and how half castes and other castes could live , Professor Langton offers no appreciation these policies were the outcome of an entrenched imbalance of power between women and men, an absorption with male privilege the legacy of which is driving the current conversation about identity.. My dad attended Melbourne University in the 1930s, the seat of learning from which Professor Langton pontificates, when eugenics was de rigeur.. Had his Tasmanian Aboriginal ancestory be revealed he would have been treated as a freak and removed, the kind of treatment Professor Langton appears to condone for those dispossessed and facing a lifetime of incarceration.. Professor Langton s panel, a rum bunch of conscriptees unfamiliar with either male privilege or women s business, is just one more instance in the long history of fraud being perpetrated against Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, who deserve much more than the superficial analysis Professor Langton presents.. The only genuine solution to the recognition of Aboriginal and Islander peoples in the Constitution is an amendment to provide for a women s legislature, an amendment in the interests of all Australians guaranteed to achieve overwhelming public support.. Not surprisingly, the proposals brought forward by Professor Langton s panel are already being branded as dead in the water.. The Professor and her colleagues tinker with an imbalance of male power while Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, along with a sustainable, prosperous and just future for all Australians, burn.. 10 September, 2012.. finishing the job on misogyny.. The simple, single ultimate and only solution to.. is provision in the Constitution for a women's legislature, governance by agreement between women's and men's legislatures accompanied by a Cabinet comprising an equal number of women and men.. 30 August, 2012.. the collective unconscious.. Carl Jung coined the collective unconscious.. Governance with balance between women and men optimises collective intelligence and intuition.. 23 August, 2012.. most multi-billionaires are men.. The prevailing view is that "multi-billionaire" is a problem because an overwhelming majority of multi-billionaires are men.. So how do you make more women multi-billionaires? With fair inclusion laws in corporate management, smart eh!.. 21 August, 2012.. it wouldn t have lasted.. If it s not equal rights between women and men it wouldn t have lasted so it s not Aboriginal.. 12 August, 2012.. dripping with sexism.. 145 of the 170 members and honorary members of the IOC are men.. The Olympics is dripping with sexism soon to be prohibited from doing business in Australia.. 8 August, 2012.. simple as.. There'll be peace on Earth and sustainable prosperity in perpetuity because there'll be governance by agreement between women s and men s legislative assemblies, simple as.. 16 June, 2012.. a women's jurisdiction.. A constitution which doesn't recognise a women's jurisdiction can't, at customary law, recognise Aboriginal tradition.. A constitutional amendment which contains no provision  ...   boardroom of parliament, is achieved with the appointment of an equal number of women and men.. Balance in representation, the Houses of Parliament which appoint Cabinet members, is achieved with dedicated women s and men s legislatures, the women s elected by women and the men s by men.. Constitutional reform is all that s required, a referendum one Saturday on the question do you support equal rights between women and men in the Constitution.. The way forward is perfectly clear and self evident to any clear minded citizen, although obviously not to those who continue to engage in lateral violence against women.. 12 May, 2012.. constitutional bicameral parliamentary democracy.. A big thanks to all those brave and courageous men and women who over the years established constitutional bicameral parliamentary democracy so equilibrium in the reproduction of culture can be achieved easily, inarguably and globally at the source of power in the modern world with governance by agreement between women s and men s legislative assemblies.. 3 May, 2012.. sexism unconscionable.. Fifteen of the sixteen members of the board of directors of News Corporation are men.. Until News Corporation introduces equity in governance it may be assumed any adverse coverage the corporation issues of Australia s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is blatantly sexist, unconscionable and in contravention of corporate sex discrimination laws.. 1 May, 2012.. gender matters.. Nothing else but gender matters in politics right now and won't until there's women's legislatures.. 24 April, 2012.. Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.. What to do about the tragedy of Aboriginal Deaths in Custody? Why not do the numbers like Elizabeth Broderick and the Australian Stock Exchange are doing with warnings to delist corporations from trading that fail to address the absurd underrepresentation of women on boards of directors, which will eventually spill over into the governance of the tertiary sector and every other organisation in the nation; or like the US Congress did in it's first proactive response to the Global Financial Crisis with the enactment of fair inclusion laws for women in the finance sector; or like the First Peoples Congress has done with equal representation of women and men throughout it's organisation, inclusive of leadership?.. What, numerically, is the representation of women in the governance of prisons, public and private (the blatantly sexist and discriminatory board of directors of Serco [global], for instance, is comprised of six men and one women and don't get me started on the mining companies!), and in the delivery of government services to Aboriginal peoples? Start from the top down if you like, the seventeen men and a paltry five women who comprise the Federal Cabinet; or the bottom up, survey the inmates and recipients of government services about their perception of equity between women and men (and therefore, common decency) from providers.. An appreciation of some of the nuances of the equity push would be helpful, like that it's an entrenched male culture not qualification or ability that's been preventing women's advancement, or that equity in senior management is now widely accepted to improve corporate performance and sustainable productivity (as Kate Ellis, for instance, will confirm), but the mere presentation of the basic numerical facts of gender inequity in the administration of prisons and the delivery of services to Aboriginal peoples would provoke much more concern that yet another account of what the many victims of misogyny have to deal with.. (I've long since tried the pursuit of justice through male privilege approach; got bashed in custody in Melbourne in 1980, travelled to Sweden and applied for political asylum, held in solitary for a month, returned to Sydney in custody (business class BA - they figured everything was ok for Aborigines after the 1967 referendum) then warned off returning permanently to Melbourne, sparked the 1987 deaths in custody inquiry; and the outcome saw heaps of money thrown around to support an industry of activists to little, if any, effect.. ).. After all, if the administration of the justice system and the provision of services to Aboriginal peoples is inequitable with regard to the reproduction of culture, you can bet your bottom dollar the services themselves will be delivered inequitably, and there's much more to be done than simply documenting the consequences of inequity and maintaining the rage, in particular, documenting, and focusing on the source of inequity, as many others are doing, and as a consequence achieving favourable outcomes.. 22 March, 2012.. leaders.. Listen up! Ms Gillard and Messrs Rudd, Abbott, Shorten, Turnbull et al:.. Aborigines sorted conflict between male and female leaders a long time ago with a tradition of joint leadership.. Clearly the empowerment of women has left the Parliament of Australia adrift in unchartered waters.. When will you deign to listen to those with experience?.. Canberra needs to get ready for a new way of doing things.. The experiment with women in power worked.. Joint leaders, women's and men's legislatures.. 23 February, 2012.. treaty with women.. My blood is Palawa and I was brought up with the late Bruce McGuinness, Lionel Rose, and the Melbourne mob, the fighting Gunditjamara.. Six years before the 1987 Deaths in Custody Inquiry I applied for political asylum in Sweden after I was near bashed to death in custody following a police raid on a community financed entertainment centre in St Kilda I managed, so I know more than most about cause and affect (cause an international stir and you wind up with an inquiry with heaps of money thrown around to little effect).. And I would like to know why the sovereignty mob wants to treaty with a government that's got no jurisdiction to treaty with women, not part of any black tradition I've ever come across, best wishes.. 10 February, 2012.. blindsided.. The Federal Court recognised Aboriginal women's business during the Hindmarsh Island Bridge controversy yet the.. final report.. of the Expert Panel on the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution makes no mention of women's business, or equality between women and men at foundation of the Aboriginal tradition, or male privilege which informs the Constitution.. Experts on Aborigines indifferent to women's business, and on the Constitution incognisant of male privilege, are laughable.. There's an industry of men blindsided by their own ambition who can't seem to summon the courage to participate in a conversation about privilege.. The upside is they've had their say so the rest of us can get on with the work at hand, provision of a women's legislature.. 20 January, 2012.. *Anne Moir David Jessel: 'Brainsex - The Real Difference Between Men and Women'.. [1989:5 Mandarin].. copyright brigitte unicorn and philip mckeon 2004-11..

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